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Idea Guy Manipulation Disclosure:

The views Chris expresses are extremely unlikely to be his own. This video was orchestrated behind the scenes by the Idea Guys putting ideas in his head or goading him to act out; not all of these interactions were released to the public.
I convinced Chris that the ancient Cherokeans wore tracksuits, drank vodka, and shouted "Cheeki breeki" as a war cry.
Idea Guy Wise.[1]

Cherokean Chant is a video Chris uploaded on 11 December 2017 under the direction of original Idea Guy Wise, where he purports to recite an anchuent Cherokee chant with a bottle of vodka by his side.

The "Cherokean chant" is in fact Russian, consisting of the phrases "А ну, чики-брики" ("a nu chiki briki", from "А ну, чики-брики и в дамки", lit. "Come on – you're on top (used figuratively to mean 'everything's OK'"; an internet meme from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. video game series) and "давай" ("davai", lit. "come on" or "let's go"). He delivers the chant while squatting and wearing a striped tracksuit jacket (with his usual ugly skirt) and cap, with a bottle of vodka, portraying a stereotypical "gopnik" – all clearly at the behest of an Idea Guy. He would later wear the same outfit to MAGfest.

An accurate translation of this phrase into the Cherokee language would be "ᏌᏊᎢ, ᏔᎵ - ᎭᏩ" (pronounced: [sakʰwu.u tali haɰa]). "Let's go!" is "ᎢᏁᎾ!" (pronounced: [inena]) when referring to two people or "ᎢᏕᎾ!" (pronounced: [idena]) when referring to three or more people in Cherokee.

Chris appears physically uncomfortable during the recording and makes semi-intelligible comments at the beginning and end that seem to voice displeasure. This could be because of the Idea Guy's influence, or it could simply be a result of Chris being heavily drunk on vodka.

The video was taken down on 19 December for "violating YouTube's Community Guidelines."[2]


Cherokean Chant
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Stardate 11 December 2017
Subject Matter RacismRacism Racism, Video gamesVideo games Video Games
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga Idea GuyIdea Guy Idea Guys
Shirt Gopnik OutfitGopnik Outfit Gopnik Outfit
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MAGfest footage


This is a traditional Anchuent garb, and the shouts I speak are of your Cherokean ancestors. I took five swigs beforehand!


[whispered] I'll just edit this later.

[Chris takes several seconds getting into a squat position while breathing heavily. He holds the bottle of vodka up to the camera.]

A nu cheeki breeki! [chanting rapidly] A nu cheeki breeki, a nu cheeki breeki, a nu cheeki breeki, a nu cheeki breeki, a nu cheeki breeki, davai, davai! A nu cheeki breeki, a nu cheeki breeki, a nu cheeki breeki, davai, davai, davai! A nu cheeki breeki, davai davai! A nu cheeki breeki, davai, davai! A nu cheeki breeki, davai, davai! A nu cheeki breeki, davai, davai! A nu cheeki breeki, davai, davai, davai, davai! A nu cheeki breeki davai, davai, davai! A nu cheeki breeki, davaaaiii!

[whispered] God... (?)

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