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Race is a thing that Chris has shown a variety of feelings for; unfortunately, they are not always in a positive light.

However, certain other factors seem to imply that the rest of his worldview on race comes from stereotypes depicted by popular culture. In some cases, however, Chris seems to be completely unfamiliar with even the stereotypes.


Chris approved of this pic, and said he liked it.[1]

Chris has been widely considered to be racist against black people since it was learned that his highly specific criteria for a sweetheart include whiteness and specifically excludes blackness.[2][3] Chris tells this not only to trolls, but to black boyfriend-free girls in real life, that they do not "meet his standard criteria for a female companion." To their faces.[4] Trolls quickly coined the phrase "No darkies" as a quick summary of Chris's criteria for a Boyfriend free girl, much to his chagrin – even though he previously approved of a notable piece of fan art with the phrase included prominently. This is essentially accurate; for example, on Chris's profile at The HooK Café he says that "smokers, overweights, blacks, and liars need not apply."

Some may ask whether or not excluding "darkies" from the list of Chris's potential heartsweets is actually an act of racism and discrimination against black women. Whatever the case, white women are also victims, as they are specifically selected as the manchild's targets of stalking and harassment, while women of color were thankfully spared of such unremitting horror. On the less-discriminatory side, Chris also has stated that he doesn't hate men who have black girlfriends, and doesn't consider them JERKS, so Chris may think it'll increase his chances of finding a white boyfriend-free girl.

Chris's stated reason for not being interested in black women is that his dream-prophecy of Crystal shows her to be white, which means her mother must be white as well. However, a hole was punched in this defense when Chris's dating site profiles made it clear that while all he wanted was sex, black women were still personae non grata. This justification for his blatant racism was further proven to be a lie when he was specifically asked to describe all the races he would date and he answered, "all but black."[5]

Black people in Chris's life


Some teenaged black kids frequented The GAMe PLACe. Chris picked on them and acted like they wanted to steal from him, hiding his stuff when they were nearby.[6] The official reason Chris got banned permanently from The GAMe PLACe was getting into a shouting match with one of these children.

Chris also once argued with a huge black guy named TJ while playing Yu-Gi-Oh. When they started talking about how Chris would never get laid, Chris yelled, "I'm going to smack your effing face down!" As TJ stood up like he was going to beat Chris's ass, Chris shrunk and whimpered "I mean your face down monster...."[7]

When Chris talked on the phone to Jackie's boyfriend Lars, he tried to bridge the gap between their different races by speaking in Ebonics, including referring to himself as a "nigga" (although not as a "niggo") and making statements like, "I enjoy the TV shows I get from the, from the black man, including The Jeffersons, and Bill Cosby, and Sanford and Son, all a' them."[8]

On 27 June 2012, Chris posted in Facebook a photo of a black woman at McDonald's who he said discriminated against him, and demanded people not go there, and if they do to "throw newspaper in the damn old bitchy, black woman's face!!!"[9]

In 2014, when Chris was infatuated with Catherine, he had a romantic rival by the name of Colin. Needless to say, Chris's intolerance towards niggos hadn't changed over the years, as he sent a message describing the light shining off of Colin's head in a photo as "poo light."[10]


In the comics, Chris portrays Punchy Sonichu as a kung fu master with slanty eyes, raised in a dojo. When a fan criticized this stereotyping, Chris claimed that Punchy was "NOT of Asian origin".[11] Outside of the comic, Chris also misattributes the origin of kung fu to Japan, when in actuality it comes from China. He does a racist impression of a Chinese person, and claims Japanese and Chinese people sound the same.[12] In a leaked series of e-mails, it is shown that Chris simply does not seem to know that China and Japan are not the same, as he calls the Japanese account Chinese, failing to realize that they are separate countries with different languages, writing systems and currencies.

In his real-life dealings, Chris seems to have a positive or at least a neutral view toward Asians. He has stated that he would not exclude Asian women from his Love Quest, and at one point believed Emily to be part-Asian.

"Turdijerk" from "Off-Target" has a vaguely South Asian appearance and the name may also be based on a stereotype of an Indian accent.

In the Captain's Log, Stardate April 28th, 2009, Chris presents us sincere apologies for having scared a small Chinese girl that Ivy tutored in art. The child, known only as Ching Chong (程鍾 Chéng Zhong), is now traumatized due to her witnessing a video of Chris drinking his own "navy" while innocently browsing Encyclopedia Dramatica. Chris never made a follow-up on the girl and never asked why her name was a known racial slur towards ethnic Asian communities. Chris also never questioned how a young child could make it all the way to the Christian Weston Chandler pages on Encyclopedia Dramatica without encountering something else as scarring, if not more so along the way. In the Wedding Comic, Ching Chong is seen as a flower girl.


Main article: Japanophilia

Native Americans

Main article: Cherokian Clan
This has something to do with Native Americans. No, really. (Note the typo.)

As stated in the main article, despite claiming to have at least one Cherokee ancestor, Chris is completely ignorant of Native American culture. However, unlike other minorities, Chris's opinions and representation of Native Americans are a misguided expression of "pride" for his "heritage".

In Sonichu #2: Episode 7, Chris tries to tie in his "Cherokian" heritage with Sonichu lore. He depicts Cherokee characters in his work as white-skinned and blue-eyed, and wearing Ancient Roman-style armor (Joseph Smith would be proud). The Wasabi Clan unsurprisingly also bear no resemblance to Native Americans.

Chris has also embodied his ignorance of Native American culture in a physical form. For a brief time, Chris blurred his gender roles and began to collect and customize My Little Pony dolls. One of the dolls he crafted was the infamous "Cheroki-Chan", a Native American pony clearly based upon himself. While there is nothing overtly racist about this abomination, it is probably not how Native Americans want to be represented. In the end Cheroki-Chan is just another Mary Sue for Chris, and pales in comparison to Chris's most infamous portrayal of Native Americans.

In a shocking display of ignorance, Chris attempted to emulate what he perceives as "Native American culture" in a War Paint Video. In this video Chris wears water-washable paint (and a "muscle bra") and wields a plastic gun in an attempt to frighten trolls into submission. True Cherokee historically wore breechcloths and leggings most of the time prior to adopting modern styles, and there is little evidence to suggest they owned muscle bras. They also notably did not go to war with toy guns, but instead with bows and arrows, which Chris lacks the strength to use.


I hope that God will forgive you for being so heartless and cruel Michael Snyder!... JEW!
Chris, demonstrating his boundless empathy for religious minorities

Chris displays open antisemitic tendencies, many of which are believed by Christorians to stem from his fondness for South Park. A similarly fat, privileged, entitled character in the show displays similar tendencies, and given Chris's tendency to copy mannerisms from things he's watched, it's entirely possible that this is the original source (Chris has shown before that he has never been able to comprehend the satire and pro-tolerance undertones of shows like South Park and Family Guy, even using quotes from Family Guy in an attempt to justify his homophobia).

In "A Sonichu and Rosechu Christmas", Chris describes how Jews living in CWCville celebrate Hanukkah. On December 12, members of the CWCville Jewish diaspora set up "Menorah candles" (the "Haunaka" Menorah candelabrum has seven candles in it, while the traditional menorah used on Hanukkah in real life, called a Hanukkiah, has nine) instead of Christmas Trees, with dreidels lying under them. Since the candle-related symbolism is very much present in real-life Hanukkah rituals, it's in good taste to give CWCville Jews anything candle-related as a gift. e.g., when Sonichu's daughter Cerah Rosey baked cookies for her friends, she decided to make her Jewish friend Kevin a candle-shaped one.

On 25 November 2009, Chris was presented in the Mailbag with a drawing of a fan made Jewish Sonichu character named Harvey Bulbastein. The character had a large nose and seemed to show a liking for money, evident by him holding a bill in his hand and being the owner of the CWCville bank.[13] Chris thanked the mailer for sending him the drawing and said he would consider incorporating the character into his comics, suggesting that the anti-Semitic tone evident in the drawing went over Chris's head. On 18 February 2009, while conversing with Julie, Chris was asked by her to imitate a Jewish person. Chris decided to imitate Mort Goldman,[14] a stereotypical Jewish character from Family Guy.

Near the beginning of Chris's latest (unsuccessful) attempt to be unbanned from the The GAMe PLACe, he casually pointed out that Michael Snyder was probably Jewish, using his last name as a point of reference ("Snyder" is a very common German last name, meaning "to cut"). Of course with Chris being the idiot he is, it ended with him angrily calling Snyder a Jew. Given the use of the word as an insult, and Chris using it in context with other words denoting a type of sin it shows just how tolerant he is of other religions. In a later video (100 2178), Chris appears to restrain himself from calling Snyder a "greedy Jew".

If Chris's antisemitism was veiled before, it becomes extremely apparent in an email he sent to Katie Bay while impersonating Samantha Thaddeus. While talking about Michael Snyder, he refers to him as a "son of a bitch Jew" and a "pigheaded, stubborn Jew".

Chris finally apologized for insulting Michael on 31 March 2018, after a 23andMe test confirmed that he himself has Ashkenazi ancestry. He characterized this as a "surprise."[15]


Espanolic and Vegaton, the only Pokémon lazier than Snorlax.

Aside from his rather tenuous grasp on the Spanish language, Chris has created a somewhat racist caricature in the form of Espanolic. It's a Grass-type Pokémon that resembles an anthropomorphized sombrero in front of what appears to be the flag of Bolivia or Ghana, and its main attack is confusing its enemies with its "strange language". Its evolved form, Vegaton, has an attack called "Spanish Fly", that puts its enemies to sleep.

Hilariously enough, Nintendo would later create similar Pokémon named Lombre and Ludicolo, which, despite being obvious stereotypes, were handled far more tactfully than Chris could hope to do.

So far, the only Hispanic character in the comics is Heather Iglesias, the lesbian nanny of Sonichu and Rosechu's children, and then Chris's self-cest children. Chris is probably trying to be inclusive here, but he isn't creative or intelligent enough to think of anything besides a stereotypical occupation for Hispanic women. It also does not help her sentences are random mixes of Spanish and English – and no, not by throwing in a random word or two of Spanish into her sentences, but switching from English phrases to Spanish midway in her sentences (which appear to be Google-Translated).

It may also be notable that oftentimes, Chris refers to Hispanic people as being "Spanish". While not totally inaccurate, the word "Spanish" is usually reserved for people actually from Spain, whereas "Hispanic" is used for peoples from countries that predominantly speak Spanish (a good comparison would be referring to people from the USA as "English").

Chris has shown in the past a willingness to befriend and date Hispanics.

Other white ethnicities/cultures

Chris has not shown outright malevolence towards other white cultures, but is often ignorant of their customs and nations. In Tito Got No Luck Against We Brits, Irish and Scots!, Chris plays an Irish song while wearing a kilt and pretending to be Scottish, then mentions a shillelagh.

Chris's ethnic background

The Idea Guys were here.

Chris was brainwashed into believing that he is part black and part Jewish.[16]

Influenced by his parent's claims, Chris has long asserted that he is of primarily English descent, with some Cherokee heritage on Bob's side. However, in March 2018, the Idea Guys had Chris apply for a DNA test from 23andMe to determine his ancestry[17], which showed that he was of 100% European genetic background, with slightly over half of this being British and most of the rest from across northwestern Europe. While these results are certainly not completely accurate, it is unlikely that any legitimate DNA test would fail to detect any Native American genetic background in someone who is even 1/16 or 1/32 (as Chris has claimed at various points) Cherokee.

The test also indicated that Chris had less than 0.1% Ashkenazi ("ash-KEN-azi") Jewish ancestry. Bizarrely, despite this being the smallest amount that the test considered worth reporting (equivalent to less than a single Jewish ancestor ten generations ago), Chris was fascinated by this result and declared that he was "Fully Observant of [his] Jewish ancestry". This discovery about himself also led Chris to apologize for his past anti-Semitic remarks. However, he also felt the need to publicly declare that he did not intend to convert to the Jewish faith.

Even more strangely, Chris later commented that "[his] report links [his] Ancestry to Africa", despite the fact that the actual report says that he has zero current African ancestry. Chris was led to believe this via a section on his paternal haplogroup lineage, which does indeed begin in Africa. But that doesn't make him special; all humans can trace their ancestry back to Africa in prehistoric times, but this is probably beyond Chris's wit.

Chris and stereotypes

Chris's views of cultures besides Southern white Christians can also be traced to the television he watches. The typical Adult Swim cartoon includes gratuitous use of stereotype-based humor. Chris takes The Boondocks' satire of black stereotypes at face value. He also portrays nearly every person of African descent that appears in Sonichu with bald heads and either round, bulging eyes or glasses that resemble such. Finally, he does an impression of the stereotypical black accent, which he apparently confuses with the Jamaican accent, in Mumble 4.

His exposure to anime fuels his misguided views on East Asians. Asians, in his views, excel at random-access humor and martial arts.

Chris, despite claiming Cherokee ancestry, doesn't seem to know what a Native American even looks like, as he portrays the Ancient leader of the Cherokee Clan as an overtly European person wearing Greco-Roman garb. He also tramples all over their actual rituals and culture simply to implement the Anchuent Prophecy into his comic. Chris most likely has no idea what kind of rituals took place in Native American culture. If he did, he would know that some tribes slit their cocks to please their gods.

Not a racist?

Chris being a wiggo.
And I am NOT racist, and I like Jews.
Chris, in response to a rejected mailbag email
Blacks...are good people too.
Chris, in the disclaimer for his Mr. Popo video

Chris does not want to be considered a racist. He claims to respect blacks as equals, saying that in CWCville "they can even vote". Or if they can help him get his inane and idiotic video game made. He also genuinely likes two black people: Kenan & Kel.

He did mention more than once that the reason he doesn't want black girls (but any other race is okay) is because he thinks God told him that his future daughter Crystal must be white, too. In an IRC, Chris said he has no problem with dating an Asian. Later, in Mailbag 35, he wrote he would date "Asian, Native or Hispanic women, as well as women of all other countries" (except the ones being black).

Minority characters in Sonichu

Chris attempts to add in characters of various races and religions with decidedly mixed results. Many of his non-white characters are one-dimensional or barely relevant but then again so is every white one who isn't Chris in his world full of rainbow hedgehogs. Virtually all black characters are depicted as criminals, villains, or undesirables. The ones that aren't so lucky are treated like crap by the other characters or used in race-related jokes.

  • Kevin (Jewish, good but immature)
  • Ancient leader of the Cherokee Clan (Paleface Native American, lawful good)
  • Wasabi Rival (Caucasian Native American, evil)
  • Queen of the Cherokian Clan - (white-washed Native American, good, probably the whitest of all Native American characters in the comics as she's not only blue-eyed but also blonde)
  • B-Manajerk (black, evil). A villain based off a real-life encounter. The B most likely stands for Black; the name was coined so that Chris could distinguish him from other Manajerks. This is quite similar to the way American black superheroes were named in the 1950-60s.
  • Barack Obama (half-black, half-arab). A cameo for the sake of a race-related joke. Bob told Chris a racist joke about then-senator Obama, which Chris believed as being a real rumor, and illustrated within the pages of Sonichu #8. Oh, and just in case you didn't think Chris was racist enough, he also drew Obama wearing a strange exotic dress and headgear, which probably was meant to imply that he is a Muslim, just because his middle name is "Hussein." Chris removed the joke after Obama won the election, but he probably only did that because he respects Obama now.
  • Blake (black, evil turned good). A villain turned positive-aligned "bad boy". Black Sonichu/Blachu (whose name was later changed to Blake) was originally a villain, but switched sides because he's a recolor of Shadow the Hedgehog. Note that Chris doesn't give him a creative name, like Shadow, but thinks that noting his "blackness" would be enough (see B-Manajerk). Black Sonichu's story is quite stereotypical. He is brought into the CWCverse against his will, and the white Reldnahc quickly states that he is Blachu's master. Blachu then proceeds to steal a pink woman (Rosechu) and later a precious stone under his instruction. Black Sonichu, compared to his yellow original, is considered inferior, and is all brawn and aggression while unable to defend properly. Before his name change, several characters made several ambiguous remarks when referring to him which could be interpreted as racist. For example, Wild remarks, "I was following this black guy on a board." To Chris's credit, Blake eventually becomes a positive character, and even scores an interracial relationship with Bubbles Rosechu. Still, the couple is forced to hide that fact from the intolerant society of CWCville, and other characters do nothing to stop this travesty. Both Blake and Chris showed their true colors (no pun intended) in Sonichu #11: when approached by a stereotypical Rastafari man who wished him a happy Kwanzaa, Blake was outright offended to be equated with black people. In the six-year hiatus of Sonichu comics, Chris' sensitivity has not improved.
In Sonichu #11 which were uploaded in 2015 Blake is mistaken as black, being wished a "happy Kwanza, brother" from an African American, and goes on an angry rant about how his skin in not "sunburn color", he is black because of a mutation.
  • CADD Chef (black, evil)
  • Florance Fisher (black, good). A girl whose sole purpose in the comic is to be rejected by Reginald.
  • Jerkhief (black, lawful evil). The Big Cheese of the Jerkops. Apparently, not every black person in the story has to be a racist caricature.
    • Occasionally other Jerkops are shown to be black as well. No other minorities are apparent.
  • Punchy (East Asian, good)
  • Silvana (black, evil [said to turn good])
  • Turdijerk (Indian?, drawn with tan skin, evil)
  • Constable Louis Perez (black, TRUE and HONEST police officers who talk entirely in stereotypical "black slang."
  • Inos (black, tobacky smoker). A homeless, intoxicated, diseased, drug-pushing, expectorating Jamaican with filthy dreadlocks.
  • Heather Iglesias (Hispanic, lesbian, good, never seen debuts in Sonichu #12)
  • Bill Schwartz (possibly Jewish, worked for Giovanni but later on changed sides)
  • Ching Chong (Asian, appeared in the Wedding Comic as a flower girl)
  • PHI Spring Break reporter (Black, appears in Sonichu #8) - despite only appearing in one panel, Chris manages to make her into a stereotype, addressing the audience as "sistas and brothas".

In the Mailbag, when Chris is confronted about the lack of minorities in his comic he claims that all of his Electric Hedgehog Pokémon are considered "minorities" in CWCville, implying that he completely missed the point of the question. Despite being minorities, the Electric Hedgehog Pokémon group never experiences discrimination nor prejudices in the comic; that's saved for another minority in CWCville. Chris would probably not tolerate human versions of these characters being anything but white. , Chris tolerated a Niggo Bubbles and Indian Magi-chan renditions in July 2020.


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