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Ah, yeah. Big price items. PLEEEEASE PLEASE buy those now so I can (bangs fist on the dashboard for extra emphasis) get. This. Car. Worked. On. Right. Now. ToDAYYYYYYYY
Chris, after going well over a full year without an oil change[1]

Merriam-Webster defines negligence as "failure to exercise the care that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in like circumstances". A negligent person frequently finds themselves in trouble caused by their own inability to identify a problem and deal with it properly. Chris is in no short supply of negligence, and it frequently leads to him trolling himself.

Examples of Chris's Negligence

Chris's room, October 2016

There are several examples of Chris's negligence that have negatively impacted himself, his family, his community, and his fans. The effects of his negligence have ranged from letting his room go, to getting his eBay banned, to even possibly burning down his house. Chris's failure to properly deal with problems often leads him into tricky situations that bring humorous responses. A significant portion of interesting Chris content can be attributed either directly or indirectly to his negligence.

Chris has a long history of struggles in regards to his vehicles. Chris's first vehicle, the original Son-Chu, went through horror as it was revealed in October of 2010 that he went well over a year without changing the oil. Unsurprisingly, the original Son-Chu didn't make it much longer. Fast-forwarding to July 2018, it became clear that Chris failed to learn his lesson. In a begging video, Chris reveals that his 2010 Ford Focus was heating up and wouldn't start. Despite fans sending him money to get the car fixed, it was revealed that the car died in November of 2018. It was reported by The Captain that the car's engine was permanently broken. Being that the car had only 110,000 miles on it, it's most likely that neglect was the cause of the car's failure.

A Fan posing with Chris's Ford Focus, June 2018. One month before the failure. (Note the parking job)

Since 2014, Chris has taken to eBay as a means to supplement his tugboat. Capitalizing on his internet legacy, Chris began producing Sonichu Medallions, custom Amiibo, commissions, autographed photos, family heirlooms, Relics of Fail, and several other things. Almost as soon as Chris started ramping up his eBay presence, buyers started complaining. On eBay, feedback is incredibly important. Anything short of 99% positive feedback is considered very poor, and if enough complaints are levied against a seller, eBay will take action. Chris has struggled to maintain an 85% positive feedback percentage. Many buyers complained that Chris was taking too long to ship items, of items coming in broken due to faulty packaging, or of outright not receiving purchased items altogether. One buyer even reported being sent "an empty envelope" after purchasing a bootleg Pokemon game from Chris in March of 2018.

These complaints levied against Chris frequently caused his PayPal to become frozen, preventing him from pulling funds out. This enraged Chris, and resulted in him getting into scuffles with various buyers. In the Mr. Smith incident, a buyer opened up a dispute after Chris failed to make and ship a Sonichu Medallion and commission within the specified two-week period, resulting in Chris' PayPal getting frozen. In response, Chris doxxed the buyer on Facebook. Chris then proceeded to send an art of an exasperated Sonichu along with an angry-eyed Sonichu medallion. The buyer, refusing to lift the dispute until Chris sent the item described in the listing, eventually received a proper Sonichu medallion along with a full refund from eBay. Chris's eBay exploits eventually came to an end in June 2019, as eBay finally restricted his account after years of complaints.

Perhaps among the most consequential events in Christory, many have speculated that the fire at the Chandler residence may have been caused indirectly by Chris. According to the person who leaked the fire report, the fire appears to have been caused by a spark from an extension cord running through the bathroom door, of which the plastic coating had been rubbed away. The report seems to corroborate this claim, indicating that the fire started from the downstairs bathroom. Chris then later admitted to Catherine that he had run an extension cord from the bathroom to power a Keurig machine in an adjacent room, which was plugged in at the time of the fire. How much of the blame that Barb shares for allowing the fire hazard to exist, along with the hoards role in the fire, however, is up for debate.

The box Chris shipped the Sonic Totem in, in all its scotch-taped glory

Causes of Chris's Negligence

There are several potential causes of Chris's negligence. Perhaps the most apparent cause is Barb's own negligence. Several house tours of the Chandler residence shine a light on just how large the hoard has become. Barb seems to have little regard for the squalor that she, and Chris, live in. The hoard seems to have started long ago, but absolutely exploded after the death of Bob. This would suggest that Bob had his own part to play in just how bad the Chandler residence got. Bob even commented on this during the infamous THAT IS MY HOUSE video from August 2009.

Another contributing factor could possibly be Chris' ego. Chris tends to see himself, and everything he creates, as flawless. In recent years, he has begun developing an outright god complex. It is entirely possible that this perceived flawlessness prevents Chris from being able to acknowledge any mistake he may make, causing problems for him down the road. These problems he encounters only further fuel his victim complex.


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