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Heart100.jpg Health disclosure: This article contains in-depth discussion of Chris's physical and/or mental health. This page is not to be construed as a substitute for medical advice or a professional diagnosis. All diagnoses are either taken from outside documentation or based on amateur analysis.
A soft shell taco topped with tortilla chips. Straight out of Kim Possible.

Food is both a biological imperative and a cultural medium for humans. The human body is meant to run on a wide variety of foodstuffs for a balanced diet, and cultures around the world have created a multitude of dishes using available ingredients, mostly from animal and plant sources. But more recently, food has become industrialized, and this industrial process makes food cheaper and tastier, to the love of our hero Chris. Unfortunately, this industrial Western diet doesn't always carry the best nutrition.

Cooking abilities

Chris claims that he cooks for himself 4 or 5 days a week,[1] making his cooking a major source of his nutrition. He has said that he took Home Ec. classes in school and that he owns cookbooks.[2] However, when Jackie asked him to cook spaghetti (an incredibly basic dish, mind you) in a YouTube video, he dodged responsibility by claiming that Barbara had blocked the kitchen up with junk, so he instead mimed the act and microwaved some canned spaghetti and meatballs.[3] It can be deduced from this that Chris can't or doesn't cook, and simply buys microwaveable meals every time he claims to be eating at home.

In a letter written to Kelly Sheridan that was posted to Twitter, Chris claimed to have taken up basic cooking skills as a way to keep his mind more active.

In addition, Barb no longer cooks for Chris after he and Bob had turned down a spaghetti meal she had offered them[4], a turn-down he claimed to have "deeply apologized" for, making it even less likely that Chris eats anything that requires to be cooked, let alone anything that requires time and preparation to be made.

Fast Food

Main article: List of restaurants

As a result of his minimal cooking skills, and due to how even the simplest of tasks tire him out, Chris often prefers to eat out over making food by himself. He is an infamous fast food lover, eating at either McDonald's, Burger King or some other fast food restaurant at least once a day. He has been known to dine out up to 4 times a day. The fact that he's merely fat and not morbidly obese with such an awe-inspiring calorific intake and inactive lifestyle suggests a fairly high metabolism, one which will almost certainly not last indefinitely. The frequency of his fast food trips was confirmed in 2015 when a Kiwi Farms user sent him $500 to see what he would do with it.

Some places where Chris likes to eat

Consumption of food

Chris visited McDonald's 10 times in 13 days. It's not even the only fast-food place on the list.
Chris wants to use subliminal hypnosis to make his belly slimmer but his ass fatter.

Many, many times, Chris has been shown to be a glutton for all kinds of food, eating excessively in public places and during parties. His complexion also gives insight into his daily nutrition, often showing various signs of acne and acne scarring. His most probable nutritional intake is as follows:

  • Breakfast: Often nothing because he usually sleeps from 6 a.m. to noon, but when he doesn't do that, he travels to McDonald's or another fast food restaurant with a breakfast menu.
  • Lunch: Something quick at home or fast food.
  • Dinner: Dine out at a fast food place with family, or have a poorly-cooked microwave meal.

According to Chris, he eats more vegetables than any other food group.[5] The veracity of this statement is dubious, given what is known about Chris's medical history and health in general (as well as his tendency to lie).

During the Father Call, Chris told Kacey's father that he was prescribed Lipitor for his high cholesterol. He claimed he stopped taking the drug in fall 2009, but whether he was being honest (especially given the number of obvious lies he told about his health in the course of the rest of the call) is uncertain.

In 2016, he began listening to Subliminal Frequency Hypnosis videos under the false believe that they would improve his health. He liked videos such as "Lose Weight Super Fast!", "Eliminate Armpit Odor Permanently Fast!", "Lower Your Blood Pressure Fast! Hypertension Treatment", and "Produce Odorless Farts Fast!". There is no sort of scientific and medical evidence that proves listening to binaural beats can do these things.

In 2017, Chris had a brief online relationship with Jessica Quinn, who has a fat fetish and influenced Chris with it. The Sonichu comic features an obese Rosechu in issue 12. After their breakup, Chris consumed a large bowl of ice cream, then took a side photo of his gut, saying, "THIS!!! Right Here was ALLLLL HERS!!!!!!"[6]

In 2019, Chris showed us his idea of a "salad", mostly made with unhealthy ingredients like bacon bits and croutons.[7]

In 2020, Chris claimed to make breakfast omelettes/scrambled eggs with ghost pepper sauce or spinach.[8]

Hydration and water consumption

Chris tends to drink large amounts of soft drinks daily. Occasionally, he mixes them with a special ingredient.
Chris’s water bottle with a Dasani bottle
What Chris actually believes manisfests his "powers" in our world

Before 2020, Chris rarely drank water and focused a lot more on carbonated drinks and energy drinks (which have been proven to increase erratic behavior).[9] This was such that an entire page of the CWCki was partly dedicated to just how much Coca-Cola he drank over the span of two years.

Said article reveals that on many of the days between March 6, 2007 and September 4, 2009, Chris drank about 1.8 liters (over 3 pints) of Coke every day (assuming that none of it was drank by his equally obese parents). This represents a grotesque 195 grams (nearly 7 ounces) of sugar per day from Coke alone, representing almost 800 calories (1/3 of his daily calorie intake). To put that in perspective, Chris drank enough Coke to fill 10 oil barrels in order to achieve said amount of points. Needless to say, the effects are staggering. On record, he apparently consumed a whopping 120 cans of cola on April 9, 2008; March 24, 2009; and August 15, 2009.

Now, Chris drinks tons of water from a Glacee water bottle with amethyst crystal on the bottom. He believes that there are many health problems that drinking water in this fashion alone can cure. He believes that doing so cures conditions such as food poisoning. While this is not actually true, it's at least far healthier than drinking tons of soft drinks. Ever since the discovery of himself being Goddess CPU Blue Heart he has used this bottle constantly as a way to charge up his "powers" in order to help further the merge into its future stages. The reason he went with the amethyst crystal is most likely the same reason that he uses his High school amethyst ring is in the comics as his main source of power. So, therefore, Chris now uses this bottle as a way to inadvertently makes his powers stronger.

Results of Chris's Diet


Main article: Obesity
Chris showing off his gut in October 2017, as an attempt to make Jessica Quinn regret breaking up with him.

Dental Hygiene

Chris's teeth have obviously suffered greatly during the decades of constant sugary abuse. Several videos which he exposes his teeth have revealed that his molars are extremely rotten and full of cavities while his frontal teeth are yellowish at best and an olive colour at worst. This combined with his infamous lack of hygienic prowess means that it's flat out a miracle that all his teeth haven't fallen out at this point.

Behavioral Issues

Caffeine is a well known irritant and also well known to decrease ability to sleep his drinks all have an amount of caffeine in them, from Fanta to coffee Chris is undoubtedly addicted to both, even going as far to burning his own house down by accident while he was attempting to make coffee at 3:00 am with a faulty coffee maker.

Faecal Incontinence


It is believed that Chris's diet is one of the causes for his fecal incontinence (the other one being ramming stuff in his rectum), as chronic constipation can be one cause of faecal incontinence.[10] Chris's diet of McDonald's, microwaveable food, and little or no fruit or vegetables is very likely ridiculously low on fiber and thus a sure-fire way of causing constipation, and Chris has been going on with this diet for who knows how many years. Irritable bowel syndrome may be another reason for Chris's problems with controlling his bowels. The cause of IBS is not known, but two major triggers are stress and diet related- wheat, dairy, and carbonated drinks among those food-based triggers (sound like any fast-food chains you know?).[11] Chris has given testament to fast-food not agreeing with him,[12] but being raised on a poor diet, it's unlikely he'll stop eating junk anytime soon.

Denial of poor diet

Chris often denies his diet is doing more harm to him than good. In the Father Call, Chris constantly lies about his poor eating habits to an unimpressed Matthew Devoria.


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