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Trollll.PNG Troll disclosure: This persona was created, appropriated, or otherwise used by trolls to manipulate Chris.
Though this identity is contrived, the CWCki may treat it as if it were a real identity because it was to Chris. (It's also funnier that way.)
She could have fed me! She could have Watched My Belly Grow!
Chris lamenting what could have been.[1]

Jessica Quinn
Name Jessica Quinn
Also known as Jessie
Little Miss Jessie
Lovely Weather
Diamond Melody
The Quinnish Troll
Gender Female
Race White
Nationality American
Saga Second Exile, Quinn

Jessica Quinn was a white knight, turned troll, who played a role of being Chris's sweetheart from 7 September 2017 until 5 October. The pair experienced a brief breakup on 26 September 2017 after Chris used a sockpuppet account to follow women who had blocked him on Twitter. Subsequently, she broke up with Chris a second time on 5 October 2017, after claiming that Chris having collaborated with Kiwi Farms to make a Q&A video had caused her Facebook account to be hacked by trolls. She had been friends with Chris on Facebook since 2015 until the second breakup. Afterwards, she tried to get back on his good side, in an apparent attempt to troll him again, but was thwarted by the Idea Guys, who were in the midst of wreaking their own havoc on Chris's psyche at the time, and drove a wedge between her and Chris.


Reasonable doubt has been cast on Quinn's true identity. It is all but confirmed that "Quinn" is not her real surname and that the account is at most a secondary one.

  • Quinn's Facebook profile states that she lives in Orange, Virginia,[3] a 25-minute drive from Chris's location in Ruckersville. However, a public records search has not turned up anyone with her name living there. Furthermore, her Facebook friends are generally in other cities or countries. The name Quinn may be an alias – a reference to DC Comics' Harley Quinn character, of which Jessica has mentioned being a fan.
  • In a Facebook comment from 23 September 2017, Quinn posted an image of a private conversation between herself and Chris to provide context for why she called him adorable.[4] Chris is shown messaging Quinn, "Jessica (insert last name here), I Love You!!!" Quinn might have declined to give Chris her "real" last name, to prevent him from looking her up and discovering her lies.
  • On 5 October, after their second breakup, Chris revealed a conversation he had with her that culminated in the breakup. In it, she mentions that her "real Facebook" had been hacked, casting doubt on her entire identity, and making it likely that Chris is oblivious of her actual name and Facebook account. In addition, due to the fact that she had only been using this account instead of her "real" one to converse with Chris, it is likely that she was never serious about their relationship.
  • The same day, an anon from 4chan texted Chris:

Meaning she was not communicating with you on her real page, if it even was hacked. She's just using it as an excuse to end things. She's just like the rest

I had already known that. She had one profile for her personal and business life, and the other for socializing. Plus she sent me a lot of selfies; These you would never find anywhere online. Also, how did you get that screen cap of when she said all that?

Scratch that question; I forgot I had posted that cap.

  • Quinn's photos not being available on reverse image searches is not an indicator of how real she could be. Not every image on the internet will turn up in such searches, due to many sites using robots.txt to block search engines. It is speculated that the troll running the Jessica Quinn account could have found camgirl pictures somewhere on the internet where reverse image searches would not be effective, in a similar method previous sweethearts like Jackie used.

On 18 October 2017, he posted an image to Twitter thanking everyone who donated to his Patreon, with a special mention to Jessica, striking out her last name:

An Honorable Mention to Miss Jessica Quinn for her continued support that helped me push out more pages in a week than before.
  • In mid-2018, the troll behind the Jessica Quinn persona gave up on Chris, sending him a link to the Instagram account of a woman from Boston, who he stated was the real identity of the woman whose photos were used on the Quinn account, and an apology for trolling him.

Before Chris

Jessica had way over one million fans before going online in 2014.

Jessica's profile on Facebook, before she added Chris, makes her out to be very similar to him in character. Some people think she may have been a camgirl, based on the risqué photos she posted and her constant whining about guys throwing themselves at her. One thing that may have attracted her to him is the fact that they are, in their own words, "world famous", and she have wanted to be more well known by riding on his infamy.

Facebook friends

Chris and Jessica became Facebook friends on 2 July 2015.[5] According to Jessica, she was aware of Chris' existence for some time prior, before reaching out to him.[6]

Initially, Jessica was known for her frequent comments on Chris's Facebook statuses, attempting to offer him life advice which he rarely, if ever, followed. Quinn was friends with Chris on Facebook during the self-inflicted taint wound episode, when she expressed her discomfort upon seeing Chris publicly share an image of his sliced-open taint.

Relationship with Kiwi Farms

There is evidence which suggests she lurks on the Kiwi Farms troll forum.

In April 2016, a Kiwi Farms user commented on Chris exclaiming "Totes Swag!" in a status update, saying "We should introduce Chris to urbandictionary or other sources of hep lingo the kids are using nowadays. I want Chris to start calling everything hella." The next day, Quinn commented on Chris's update with "That's hella cool!"[7]

In September 2017, after Kiwi Farms user "Moonman's Son" leaked a private conversation between himself and Quinn, she messaged him once more, addressing him with his username on the Farms and saying that she was done talking to him.[8]

There was an account created on the forum under the same name, but it was subsequently edited, with the username changed and every post deleted by moderators.

As a sweetheart

It begins.

On 7 September 2017, a few hours after Chris had complained about being depressed over still being single,[9] Quinn commented, "We need to talk." Later that day, she posted on her Facebook, "Things change", followed by "Jessica Quinn is with Christine Weston Chandler",[10] subsequently updating her relationship status to "It's been complicated with Christine Weston Chandler". Chris also updated his status to "It's been complicated with Jessica Quinn". A commentator asked Quinn if she and Chris were a couple, to which she answered "We're testing the waters."

On 8 September, Chris released a video in which he claimed that he had started a relationship with Jessica.

Also on the 8th, Chris sent out a tweet asking trolls to respect their relationship. In the same tweet he tagged Quinn's Facebook account.

On the 9th of September Chris posted that "Jessica Quinn = Lovely Weather; My prediction came true!" He also drew a picture of her.[11]

Although Chris's enthusiasm for his newfound relationship started high, the following day, based on their Facebook interaction on 10 September 2017, this had evaporated. Reading their messages reveals that Jessica seemed to be a bit controlling over him, having gotten passive-aggressive about him posting that he likes a voice actress's voice, replying "I'm not upset. Just remember... you're mine. ♥️", along with a photo of her with popped eyes and a general insane-looking visage. Chris immediately jumped to the defensive and made excuses, signifying that this jealousy might have already been a regular occurrence.

According to Quinn, they planned to meet up on 6 October 2017.[12] It is speculated that the date was chosen to coincide with the premier of a My Little Pony movie.

On 16 September, Chris drew another picture of Quinn, saying that she would appear in the Sonichu comic.[13] The following day, he drew Quinn as a My Little Pony OC named Diamond Melody.[14]

Second thing for right now: my Sweetheart and I, both have an MLP OC; we are shipped for real. I'm getting the ball rolling with this fresh piece of the two of us; I would like to see us in other lovingly done art styles. I have seen a LOT of MLP ship art that is Just Amazing. I'm a unicorn with Levitation and other powers; she's a pegasus; Please, Bronies and Pegasisters: Make us look as great as y'all can.

Quinn responded to this, "This is so sweet. Thank you for including me hon, I absolutely love it!"

In October 2017, Chris invited Quinn to attend a MLP party - one intended for children - with him on the 7th, which she accepted.[15]

Advice for Chris

Since becoming a sweetheart, Jessica has dispensed valuable advice to Chris, on topics such as how to handle the trolls.

Defending Chris

On many occasions, Jessica has defended Chris against criticism on social media.

On 11 September 2017, Chris tweeted an image of text written by Quinn as a Facebook comment three days earlier,[16] to VimHomeless,[17] in the hopes that Doopie and the rest of the Planet Dolan crew would somehow change their opinions of him.

There was nothing serious going on between Christine and Doopie. She's upset that people blew things out of proportion and assisted in ruining nothing more than a relationship with a fellow artist that she would realistically never meet in real life. She isn't hung up on someone she's never met.

After Chris revealed his new diet involving soy sauce and prunes, Quinn dissuaded Kim Wilson from giving useful health advice to Chris, arguing that he should not be discouraged from trying it, as "she's a big girl and can make these decisions on her own".

Fat fetishism

Many of Quinn's Facebook likes indicate that she has a fat fetish. She appeared to be influencing Chris with it. While Jessica was his sweetheart, Chris drew a storyline for Sonichu #12 in which Rosechu gets fat. In his first Q&A video and on Facebook,[18] he confirmed that the storyline was influenced by Quinn; after their second breakup, Chris made a bizarre series of posts on Facebook that revealed the extent to which he was influenced by this fetish.

Quinn encouraged Chris on his method for growing larger breasts, which consists of flavoring his already sodium-enriched food with soy sauce. The extra sodium simply adds water weight to a person's figure, giving the appearance of being fatter. She was also allegedly "turned on" by pictures of Layla being fed.

First breakup

Chris makes excuses for his stalking of other women on Twitter.

On 26 September, Quinn broke up with Chris, changing her Facebook profile to say that she was single.[19] Chris changed his to "It's complicated", dropping Quinn's name.[20]

Chris posted on his profile,

Why did I lie? To protect from a truth?Why did I sneak? To hide from the bullies? NOT worth it when your hearts are on the line.

He then photographed and filmed himself crying, but not before briefly looking at the camera to make sure it was recording properly before he shed his crocodile tears. Chris uploaded the video in place of his Facebook display picture. In it, he whines:

Jessica, I'm so sorry. I don't want to lose you.

This video was used once more for the same purpose during their second breakup. Chris later uploaded an image of himself genuinely crying, which can be seen below the video.

Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 26 September 2017
Subject Matter GalpalsGalpals Gal Pals
Performance Style TragedyTragedy Tragedy
Saga TomgirlTomgirl Tomgirl QuinnQuinn Quinn
I am with Sweetheart; Please Respect Us
CLog 10042017 - Q&A 1

Quinn commented,

"You lied because you thought you could get away with it! You can't blame "bullies" or anyone else but yourself for this. I trusted you. 😡"

Back together

Chris notes that he will stop listening to LazyCast.

Five hours later, Chris and Quinn each changed their relationship statuses back to "It's been complicated" with the other. Chris then linked to LazyCast episode 10 (a podcast series with DoopieDoOver as a member) and claimed that he would no longer watch it, to which Quinn approved.

With due respect, this one was the last @LazyCastPodcast I'll hear; cutting my ties. I'm sorry for unsubscribing.
Thank you. You made the right choice.

Later, Chris unfollowed Doopie and Nowacking from his TwiSparLicious sockpuppet account and LazyCast from his Patreon.

It can be assumed that Quinn temporarily broke up with Chris because he had continued to creep on voice actresses over Twitter using the TwiSparLicious account. Quinn claiming to have screenshots of something, saying "it's someone who has been very clearly lying to me," and Chris and Quinn's commentary after getting back together, suggests this to be the case.

Second breakup

Chris's screencap of a conversation between himself and Quinn shortly prior to the breakup.

On 5 October 2017, Quinn broke up with Chris again after claiming trolls from the Kiwi Farms forum hacked into her main Facebook account. This was allegedly as a direct result of Chris making his Kiwi Farms Q&A video.

Jessica then deactivated her Facebook page, to which Chris made two videos in response. In the first, he pleaded with Jessica to text him and explain what had happened, giving out his phone number. The second, directed to the trolls he believes to be responsible for the breakup, is largely an incoherent, anger-fueled tirade. In addition, a post was made on the Farms, in which Chris angrily lambasts the same trolls. Unbeknownst to him, members of the Farms were not responsible for the hack, and evidence is lacking to show that the hack did, in fact, actually happen.

Quinn angrily reacts to IMG 5424.

Subsequently, Quinn's account was briefly reactivated, in order for her to explain her reasons for ending the relationship, before being deleted once again. Chris's relationship status on Facebook remains "It's complicated".

Chris later posted a conversation between him and Quinn shortly before the breakup, showing that Quinn had instructed him not to interact with the Farms, in the fear that the trolls would in the process be given "an open invite to ruin [their] lives" and affect her reputation personally and professionally. He captioned the image:

You have the rest of your life to think about it. Goodbye 😠 - Jessica

He revealed that he thought he could trust the trolls in a post:

You think you can trust Some People, after some time has past, and they’re forgiven. But then, they Back Stab You Again!!!
Chris rages at Kim.

Upon receiving consolation by Kim Wilson, Chris lashed out against her in a series of Facebook comments.

Chris then went to his mother for consolation, posting her response.

Jessica Quinn, if you read this message, from my mother, Barbara Anne Weston Chandler, she offers this wisdom unto you:

“Things Can be fixed, but broken hearts suffer, please, give Christine another chance.”

In his typical fashion, William Elliott Waterman made a completely irrelevant comment on a plush toy in the background.

Look at the pikachu. I used to have one of those.

This was proceeded by even more Facebook rants:

When your heart gets broken, you feel like you have only 24 hours left to live. You have More than That to live for!
Past the Assertive Phase; Now I am in the Aggressive phase. I wanna Beat a Frigging Internet Troll Up!!!

Chris then linked a video, "J. Geils Band - Centerfold", with the caption:

I am the Infamous Centerfold That EVERY STALKER FOLLOWS; Soo Intimidating to Everyone! Nobody wants to be around me, because of those bloody fans of mine. AAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He then added on in another post.

To Add to my Previous Post: This Is Celebrity Infamy Discrimination!!!

Finally, before retiring for the night, he changed his profile picture to the same video he used during the first breakup.

Just friends

The first post by the fake account.

The next day, on 6 October, a ween made fake Jessica Quinn profile emerged,[21] shared Chris's profile video and commented,

I'm so sorry Chris :( I'll take you back

After the post was discussed on Kiwi Farms, Jessica Quinn reactivated her Facebook profile in order to issue a response.

She then removed most of the content from it, possibly for the narrative of "damage control" from the "hack". Her status was changed to "single", however.[22]

Chris then posted,

How I am feeling right now... Yep; I’m window-staring into the cosmos, and praying, pondering. My heart...

Chris pondering.jpg

Quinn replied,

Christine, I'm sorry for all the madness this has caused. I want you to know that I do care about you which is why I reached out to you earlier through messenger. Anyone else like that person who posted under a fake account earlier is just trying to further mess this up. You know how to reach me and I'll be leaving this account up solely for you if you need to talk. I'm still here for you as a friend but I don't know how to deal with all of this.

Not long after the above comment, the fake account said,

I know I said we'd just be friends but I changed my mind. Chris, Id like to be your girl again :)

The real Quinn deactivated her account again shortly after. The fake one also followed suit.

She's missing out

Diabetes in a cup.

The next day, Chris visited an ice cream joint in town, posting incrementally ridiculous pictures of the food, his own stomach, and panels of Sonichu while whining that Quinn was missing out on all he had. Interestingly, Chris points out that Quinn was "turned on" by his drawings of an obese Rosechu. Also notable is the fact that the unicorn cosplay was donned once again by Chris on his day out, likely in a bid to relive good memories of days past.

The first post was of a photo showing a cup of ice cream, topped with gummies, strawberries, cream, and chocolate sprinkles.

Tell you what, She's Missing Out!!! We could have Shared This!!!

He described his meal as:

Good!!! Like a Fruity Top with Chocolate Sandwiched between Strawberry Tart, Kiwi flavored, And Birthday Cake on the Bottom!!!

Chris then posted two bizarre panels of his comic, showing Sonichu feeding Rosechu, who ballooned to a size rivaling that of Barb. This post is notable for being the first direct confirmation of Quinn's feeder fetish.

Chris's belly used to be all Quinn's.
And NOW! I am Having All This To MYSELF! She could have fed me! She could have Watched My Belly Grow! For her thing, like Kip enjoys for herself in Her Awesome and Fun Stories! "Breakfast With Sister" and "No Lunch Break"! Really Good and Funny!!! We Shared That, Jessie and I!!!!

Another shot of Sonichu was posted, this time of Layla being fed by Punchy Sonichu. The panels shown originate from Sonichu #9, and Quinn was allegedly aroused by it. If this is true, it would mean that on top of having a feeder fetish, she is also a furry.

She was Turned On with This from "Sonichu #9!!! I Like this Couple-Sharing Idea!!!!!
Brain freeze, ft. unicorn cosplay.

Chris then decided to broadcast his enormous girth to the world, commenting:

THIS!!! Right Here was ALLLLL HERS!!!!!!

The final photo of the series was one of Chris himself with his palm on his forehead, captioned:

This Brain Freeze, Right Here!!! Is On Her Conscious!!!

All posts, except for the last, were accompanied with "feeling discorded". Chris removed all the feeder posts from his Facebook timeline a while later.[23]

Screenshots of Chris's posts

He then took to Twitter:

Waiting for my FRIENDS to watch the MLP Movie With! My Girlfriend is unsurprisingly Absent! She Broke Up With Me, because of my Fan Base!!![24]

Not quite over her

On 12 October, 2017, Chris posted on Twitter and Facebook:


I miss her... — feeling melancholy

It was initially unclear who he missed, seeing as how he was still stalking Doopie and had recently tried contacting Megan.

A day later he clarified who he meant, by posting:

I Miss My Sweetheart! You Bullying People Scared Her Off!!! Night Star and Diamond Melody are Still a Loving Couple!
Should ANYONE’s Fan Base Have to be intimidating about that person to Anyone Else?!!! Is My Fan Base That God-Awful? 😭 God, Help Us.
By the way, Please Do Not Message me pretending to be her; I will not respond; I am not falling for it. — feeling melancholy

Later, he said,

Ugh! Now I’m jealous of @pewdiepie. He met his Sweerheart Through Facebook, talked a long while, and then met up. Unlike My Sweetie’s feelings about My Fan Base, His Sweetie was Not Intimated by His Fan Base! Ugh!!!

On 15 October:

I miss Jessica. You Trolls Scared Her Off by either Hacking or Reporting her Facebook. You Uncouth Cads!

On 16 October:

Realized Something! If She was a Troll, then Everything we had talked and shared about Would Have Been “Leaked” By now! HA! ❤️😊
Dunk That into Pickle Brine and Eat It!

A ween questioned how he would know about any leaks:

what if we leaked it without informing you. you have no leads.

Chris retorted:

I would have found something on Kiwi.

Guess What! I haven’t! Ha!

Unfortunately, this means Chris has learned nothing, not realizing an online girlfriend is a troll, blaming other people for his misfortunes, and thinking that fictional characters actually exist in another dimension.

Moving on

On 18 October, 2017, Chris posted on Twitter, proving he may be getting over their breakup:

she ditched me from Facebook; haven’t seen her account reactivated in over a week. I’m slowly moving on.[25]

A day later, he posted:

On a final note: Someone who isn't prepared for my trolls might not be right for me, and it's for the best she left if it wasn't right for her. And I do not need a significant other to define myself. I am fully capable of being happy with and for myself.[26]

However, this may be a case of Chris simply saying what he thinks everyone wants him to say, but time will tell if he goes back to focusing on his Love Quest.

Brief return

On 8 November 2017, Quinn's original Facebook account was reactivated, and she commented on Chris's Hyperdimension Neptunia post.


A screenshot of a conversation between Chris and Quinn was uncovered.

cutoff letting me know it is you, with a fresh selfie with a piece of paper with today's date written on it sent via Text, Not Facebook Messenger. And you and I MUST meet up in person ASAP.

And, I will not reupdate my Relationship Status on Facebook Before we have met in person. I'll consider reupdating it only after.

Wow... ok. Christine, I'm just reaching out in friendship. I agreed with what you said a little while ago and you're right: I don't think I can handle the drama and trolls that follow you. I'm proud however that

you've realized you can find happiness within yourself though.

Well I thought you want to try again after relationship, but it's cool just friends all right. I'm glad you're feeling better.

Versus the Idea Guys

Chris believed this to be Quinn.

In December 2017, the status quo briefly returned to Quinn being a regular commentator on Facebook updates.[27] However, around that time, Chris discussed the situation with Quinn to the first Idea Guy (Joshua Wise) – who at the time was in the midst of tightening his grip around Chris – wanting to verify whether Quinn was in fact a troll or not. To that end, Chris sent Wise lewds of Quinn, as well as a nude of Jackie, to analyze, and he confirmed that they were trolls, with Quinn being a villain named Arfoire from Hyperdimension Neptunia.[2]

Chris thinks I have Sailor Mercury’s special computer to analyze pics he sends (he sent me lewds of Jessica to analyze too).
she has a nice ass.
Idea Guy

Chris gave Wise his Facebook login credentials and permitted him to talk to Quinn in his place, so he didn't have to. Wise, as Chris, flirted with Quinn, made Chris sound fatter, and Quinn sent more lewds in response, possibly hoping for another shot at trolling Chris.

Chris thinks Quinn is trying to hurt him again. I dunno...the moment I told Quinn I put on a few extra pounds, I asked her to show me what it would look like if she sat on my face. She took off her pants and took a pic of her ass.
Idea Guy

As a result of the Idea Guys' influence, Chris was more terse when replying to Quinn on public Facebook updates.[28] Quinn reacted with making wisecracks about him.[29] Ultimately, Quinn was unable to get back on good terms with Chris and subsequently deactivated her account once again.

Another attempted return

On 18 May 2018, Quinn again tried to add Chris back on Facebook. However, as he was especially wary of trolls at the time, Chris refused it, on the basis that she is a troll, and told her to add Mitch Fox instead.[30]

Throwing in the towel

At some point between 18 May 2018 and 11 July 2018, Quinn gave up on trying to troll Chris. The Captain reported:[31]

They did eventually "out herself" by linking Chris to the name of the person they were stealing their photos from.

I'm not sure who was behind Jessica Quinn, but we do have the entirely of the chat he had with her (including fat fetish photos and some lewds of "Quinn" herself).

The last couple of messages they sent to Chris was along the lines of "Sorry, here's the real girl in Massachusetts" along with a link to the Instagram.

In November 2020, Chris referred to Jessica as a "freaking fat-fetish troll" on Twitter and stated she was his last sweetheart.[32]

Lukas's cover-up attempt

In January 2019, after being doxed on Kiwi Farms for being a member of the Teen Troon Squad, Lukas tried to use Jessica Quinn and Arfoire as cover, claiming in a /cow/ post:[33]

I’m not even the one who started the merge thing I just tricked my moms sugar daddy into buying Chris’s porn shit here’s screenshots Chris sent to me of texts from Jessica Quinn pretty sure she’s the one



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