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Jessica Quinn

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The things described in this article are still happening, so it may be subject to frequent change.

Jessica Quinn
Name Jessica Quinn
Also known as Jessie
Little Miss Jessie
Lovely Weather
Diamond Melody
Gender Female
Nationality American
Race White

Jessica Quinn is a white knight and Chris's current sweetheart.

Before Chris

Jessica had way over one million fans before going online in 2014.

Jessica's profile on Facebook, before she added Chris, makes her out to be very similar to him in character. Some people think she may have been a camgirl, based on the risque photos she would post and her constant whining about guys throwing themselves at her. One thing that may have attracted her to him is the fact that they are, in their own words, "world famous", and she have wanted to be more well known by riding on his infamy.

Facebook friends

Chris and Jessica became Facebook friends on 2 July 2015.[1] According to Jessica, she was aware of Chris' existence for some time prior, before reaching out to him.[2]

Initially, Jessica was known for her frequent comments on Chris's Facebook statuses, attempting to offer him life advice which he rarely, if ever, follows. Quinn was friends with Chris on Facebook during the Un-clit 2.0 episode, when she expressed her discomfort upon seeing Chris publicly share an image of his sliced-open taint.

Her Facebook profile states that she lives in Orange, Virginia,[3] a 25-minute drive from Chris's location in Ruckersville. However, a public records search has not turned up anyone with her name living there. Furthermore, her Facebook friends are generally in other cities or countries. The name Quinn may be an alias - a reference to DC Comics' Harley Quinn character, of which Jessica has mentioned being a fan.

As a sweetheart

It begins.

On 7 September 2017, a few hours after Chris had complained about being depressed over still being single,[4] Quinn commented, "We need to talk." Later that day, she posted on her Facebook, "Things change", followed by "Jessica Quinn is with Christine Weston Chandler",[5] subsequently updating her relationship status to "It's been complicated with Christine Weston Chandler". Chris also updated his status to "It's been complicated with Jessica Quinn". A commentator asked Quinn if she and Chris were a couple, to which she answered "We're testing the waters."

On 8 September, Chris released a video in which he claimed that he had started a relationship with Jessica.

Also on the 8th, Chris sent out a tweet asking trolls to respect their relationship. In the same tweet he tagged Quinn's Facebook account.

On the 9th of September Chris posted that "Jessica Quinn = Lovely Weather; My prediction came true!" He also drew a picture of her.[6] One wonders what will happen should this relationship deteriorate.

Based on their Facebook interaction on 10 September 2017, Chris appears to be less than enthusiastic about finally getting his sweetheart. Jessica seems to be a bit controlling over him, having gotten passive-aggressive about him posting that he likes a voice actress's voice, replying "I'm not upset. Just remember... you're mine. ♥️", along with a photo of her with popped eyes and a general insane-looking visage. Chris immediately jumped to the defensive and made excuses, signifying that this jealousy may be a regular occurrence.

According to Quinn, they will meet up on 6 October 2017.[7] It is speculated that the date was chosen to coincide with the premier of a My Little Pony movie.

On 16 September, Chris drew another picture of Quinn, saying that she would appear in the Sonichu comic.[8] The following day, he drew Quinn as a My Little Pony OC named Diamond Melody.[9]

Second thing for right now: my Sweetheart and I, both have an MLP OC; we are shipped for real. I'm getting the ball rolling with this fresh piece of the two of us; I would like to see us in other lovingly done art styles. I have seen a LOT of MLP ship art that is Just Amazing. I'm a unicorn with Levitation and other powers; she's a pegasus; Please, Bronies and Pegasisters: Make us look as great as y'all can.

Quinn responded to this, "This is so sweet. Thank you for including me hon, I absolutely love it!"

Defense of Chris

Chris tweeted an image of text likely written by Quinn to VimHomeless on 13 September 2017, in the hopes that Doopie and the rest of the Planet Dolan crew would somehow change their opinions of him.

There was nothing serious going on between Christine and Doopie. She's upset that people blew things out of proportion and assisted in ruining nothing more than a relationship with a fellow artist that she would realistically never meet in real life. She isn't hung up on someone she's never met.

Quinn's last name


In a Facebook comment from 23 September 2017, Quinn posted an image of a private conversation between herself and Chris to provide context for why she called him adorable[10]. In it, Chris says, "Jessica (insert last name here), I Love You!!!"

  • Chris and Quinn might be putting on an act of pretending they are in a relationship, with Chris's comment either a joke or a clumsy attempt at concealing her identity.
  • Quinn might have declined to give Chris her "real" last name, to prevent him from looking er up and discovering she is fake.
  • It might be a bit of random access humor from Chris.

Relationship with Kiwi Farms

There is evidence which suggests she lurks on the Kiwi Farms troll forum.

In April 2016, a Kiwi Farms user commented on Chris exclaiming "Totes Swag!" in a status update, saying "We should introduce Chris to urbandictionary or other sources of hep lingo the kids are using nowadays. I want Chris to start calling everything hella." The next day, Quinn commented on Chris's update with "That's hella cool!"[11]

In September 2017, after Kiwi Farms user Moonman's Son leaked a private conversation between himself and Quinn, she messaged him once more, addressing him with his username on the Farms and saying that she was done talking to him.[12]

There was an account created on the forum under the same name, but it was subsequently edited, with the username changed and every post deleted.



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