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This page lists MySpace messages exchanged by Chris with two boyfriend-free girls, Jalena and Lindsay Kaye between 9 August and 17 September, 2005.


9 August 2005

CWC: Hello, Jalena. I've noticed that you have recently joined my group. I would like to thank you for contributing your time.

I wanted to ask you, just out of curiosity, would you be interested in a guy like me? Please reply as soon as possible with a "yes" or "no," and give a detailed explanation why if "no."

Thank you again for your time.

C. Chan.

11 August 2005

CWC: Hey, Hey. I've just updated my profile with information of where I'll be as of August 29, 2005.

Also, my car is out of the shop, and it looks good as new.

And for a reminder...

*Only girls/ladies may read/respond to this bulliten.*

If you are interested in me, Christian Chandler (Please check out my profile before responding), please repost this bulliten and type in "I think you're (insert your positive adjective)" for the subject. And be sure to send me a message later, please.

If you are not interested in me, please repost this bulliten and type in "Sorry, I'm not interested" for the subject.

Also, please note that you should be a girl/lady of at least the underlined qualities listed below; all the other qualities are optional.

18-23-years old, lives in, or around, the Charlottesville or Ruckersville areas, has a happy, positive personality, young at heart, very pretty, Average income, smoke-free, non-alcholoic, datable (not a Morman), white and does not already have a Boyfriend.

13 August 2005

Jalena: I'm not sure since I don't know you that well but I guess I would,just out of curiosity how did you find my profile and why you wanted to become friends?

CWC: I suggest that you take your time while thinking about your answer. You may wish to read over my profile again. But most importantly, I feel that I need to know if you're serious with your answer (if it is "yes); I do not want to feel that I was to fall victim to a prank. That would hurt.

Thank you.

Jalena: I am serious with my answer. I would never play a prank like that on anyone ;)!
Jalena: hey! I wanted to know what you thought of my profile and my pics?
13 August 2005

CWC: Hey, Jannea. Thank you for replying. In response to your question about how I found your profile, I "Browsed" for 18-23-year old "Single" women within 20 miles of my zip code, and your profile came up as one out of over 30 results. I chose you as a friend, because as you may have read in my profile, blog and my group info, I have been in the market for a Boyfriend-Free Girl to make into a girlfriend from the ground-up for over two years now. When choosing my friends, I carefully read their profiles verbatem first. When reading your profile, I found that you were a very good person, you are caring when it comes to friends and family, I was quite astounded by your interests in physical activities and royalty, and I felt that you were a sweet (having a sweet personality and wit) choice for a friend. Also, when I saw you in your photo (you could use at least one photo of just yourself in your profile), I thought that you were cute the way you were hugging Becky. That was a fun combination of zebra stripes and jeans on you BTW.

If you are interested in getting to know me better, I'll be happy to treat you for a soda sometime. And so you know, you are a very interesting person yourself. 8)

Have a great day (or night);

Chris Chan.

14 August 2005

Jalena: aww thanks you are sweet too!

CWC: So, uh... would you like to meet me for a soda soon?

I can meet you any day of the week, any time of that day, I'll let you decide. But I'd like to meet you at a McDonalds in CVille (maybe the one across from the Fashion Square mall), or you could meet me after the Pokemon League, Friday night (check my profile for times and where it is).



21 August 2005

Jalena: Sorry it took so long, I'm so busy!!

Hey! Look I'm really sorry but I only talked to you and joined your group because I felt really bad for you.....

CWC: I see...

So, does that mean that you're not interested in me, that you're not in the market for a boyfriend or something like that? Please, don't tell me that you found someone else to be your siginificant other!

22 August 2005

CWC: Ummm...

Jalena, I appologize for how I replied to your latest message; I was feeling a bit distraught.

Let me veer the subject a bit; I've read that you were very interested in royalty. My mother is a decendant from Anne Bolyn (the woman who married King Henry VIII, and gave birth to Queen Elizabeth). Anne had a blood link to the Westons who led the migration to America from England on the "Mayflower." So my mother is a Weston; me too, which is why my middle name is Weston.

Also, I am 1/16 Cherokee (which I've picked up from my father).

I just felt like bringing that up.

I can tell you more about that if you would allow me to meet you for a soda sometime. I can meet you any day of the week, but considering my upcoming semester schedule, I can meet you in the early afternoon.

I understand and appreciate your sympathy, but I'd really would like to get to know you better. I find you very interesting in what I've read about you so far.

Please reply.

Chris Chan

25 August 2005

Jalena: sorry ur just sorrta desperate.......

Jalena: no that's ok...


25 August 2005

Lindsay: Hey Chris...

I see you live in Virginia.. Me too! So why did you sendme a friend request? Just curious.. hope to talk to you again soon...

~Lindsay Kaye~

26 August 2005

CWC: Hey, Lindsay. First off, a friend of mine started the "Chris" Profile for me, just as an example of how I could improve my Prime Profile, "SonichuCWC." She invited you as a friend, because she thought you were cool. And after reading your profile, I can more than agree with her.

My life has been like a roller coaster as well; mostly going down. You can read how down it was in my "SonichuCWC" Profile.

Have a great day.

Chris Chan

27 August 2005

Lindsay: Chris,

Lately my rollercoster has been more down than up but I do see little glimmers of hope here and there. Don't get me wrong though, I don't walk around all mopey and depressed. I understand that life throws you a curveball every once and a while that can make all of the most important things in your life seem so unimportant. So for now, I am just taking it one day at a time. It seems to be working out all right! ;-)

I read on your profile that you go to PVCC. I go there as well. I am hoping to eventually get to UVa, but that will take some time I'm sure. Actually, I just joined the UVa Drumline which has been one of those little glimmers of hope that I get from time to time.

Hope to talk again soon.

~Lindsay Kaye

28 August 2005

CWC: That's good for you that you've joined the UVA Drumline; at least you have your foot in the door. I see that you're majoring in Business Administration. I'm working towards a Computer Aided Drafting and Design degree. What kind of job do you hope to get with your major? My father has the idea of what job I can get with my degree, but I'm not sure if that's the direction I'd like to go.

Although I do like to work with computers, and I play video games a lot. I've also built a city out of Lego pieces.

Anyway, if you'd like to meet me personally in the PVCC Lounge, before one of my classes, I could share some of my art, and I'd be interested in looking at some of your marvelous photographs.

Hope to see you at PVCC.

Have a great day,

Chris Chan.

Lindsay: Dear Chris,

I would love to show you my pictures... Don't have too many new pics in my portfolio, but i could show you what I have! I would also love to see some of your Artwork! I am very into art, and in fact I hope to one day be a fine art photographer rather than commercial or advertising. What kind of art do you do? And when do you have classes? I would love to meet you and talk face to face rather than through a keyboard and monitor. let me know.. nice chatting...

~ Lindsay Kaye

CWC: Hey, Lindsay. As for when you can meet me. You can catch me in the lounge less than an hour before 4:15 PM on Mondays and Wednesdays, before 6:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Also, I have a tennis Class Saturdays by the Dickenson Building 8 AM-11:15 AM. And you can also catch me at the Pokemon League and Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament at the game and hobby place (check under interests for the times and dates).

You can see some of my art on my website at

I will look forward to meeting you, sharing art/photos and conversing with you.

See You Soon,

Chris Chan

29 August 2005

CWC: My Thursday class is at the Dickenson Building too. So that's in main Mon-Wed, in/around Dickenson Thursday and Saturday. Also, make that about half an hour to an hour before when my class starts.

Hope to meet you soon,

Chris Chan.

31 August 2005

CWC: Have you seen me in the PVCC lobby lately? I haven't seen you, and I'd like to meet you. I'll have some of my artwork on me. Please let me know when you will be there.

Hope to meet you soon,

Chris Chan

Lindsay: Hey Chris, No I haven't seen you there. I have my classes from 8 am until about 2:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and then I have drumline at 5:30. So I think I will have to work out a time to meet up with you. During game weeks, like this one, I have practice every night except for Wednesday. Today, I had to work on my only day off! lol. But I wanted you to know all this because I didn't want you to think that I was avoiding you or anything. Cause that is not the case. Maybe we could just meet up sometime when we are both free. I don't know, but we will have to work it out because I would like to meet you also. Let me know.

~Lindsay Kaye

1 September 2005

CWC: Hey, Lindsay. You could meet me after my Pokemon League Friday evening (about 7 PM), or after the Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament Saturday afternoon (about 1-2 PM), both of which are at the Comic Game and Hobby Place (Next to the C-Ville Ice Park).

Please let me know as soon as possible if you can meet me at either time.

By the way, you have pretty brown eyes. ;8)

Chris Chan

Thank you Chris! That is so sweet!

Sadly i have to report neither time is good for me. Both Friday and Saturday I have Band! Saturday is our first game! Go hoos! But... Sunday I work 1-4 and then I am free... What are you up to?
let me know..
~Lindsay Kaye

CWC: I have an empty plate on Sundays. 8) I could meet you at the McDonalds across from Fashion Square at about 4:30 (or sooner), or you may pick a location where I can meet you. Either way, I'll vouch for lunch (or just a drink), and I'll bring my artwork. And we could just have a friendly chat to get to know each other better. 8)

Please let me know what you'd like to do.

Chris Chan.

3 September 2005

CWC:I need to know if we are on for meeting each other tomorrow at the McDonalds across from Fashion Square at about 4:30.

Please reply.

Hope to see you then,

Chris Chan.

4 September 2005

Lindsay: hey Chris!

Just got your message and I don't think I can! I wish I would have gotten it yesterday! My cousin is having a party down at Lake Monticello, and I told her I would go. I'm sorry! I really would like to meet you! What is your scheadule [sic] like this week? If you tell me exactly what it is like, I will pick a day and keep it reserved! I'm sorry again Chris! Hope to talk to you again soon!

Lindsay Kaye

CWC: Hey, Lindsay. I hope you had a good time at your cousin's party.

As for my schedule, I'll have a FREE DAY tomorrow, Sept. 5.

I have my court date on Tuesday morning for what happened at Target in July (I have a Blog entry that explains what happened then), and depending on how it goes, I may or may not make it to my class at PVCC at 6:15.

I have my 4:15 PM class at PVCC on Wednesday.

Thursday, I'll be at Golden Corral with my family from 3:30-4:45, then I have to go to my PVCC class at 6:00.

Then Friday, I go to my Pokemon League from 5:00-7:00 (I suggested earlier that we could meet during or after that).

And Saturday I have tennis from 9:00-11:15 AM, then the Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament from 11:45-1 or 2:00 PM.

That's it in a nutshell (though to me it felt like a bit of a headache). Just let me know which day you pick and where you'd like to meet.

Hope to chat with you I-2-I soon. 8)

Best Wishes,
Chris Chan.

5 September 2005

Lindsay: Hey Christian... Wow! I read your blog! Thats terrible! I hope all goes well on tuesday, not only because I think it is wrong what they did to you, but because I would like to meet you on Wednesday! Maybe meet for lunch somewhere before you have to go to class. And then we can share artwork.. you let me know if that is good for you assuming all goes well on Tuesday! talk to you soon...

~Lindsay Kaye

CWC: Lindsay, thank you for your praise for the better on my behalf; it made me feel better. 8) Assuming all goes well, I'll meet you at the previously mentioned McDonalds at about 2:00 PM on Wednesday.

Send me a reply to let me know if this works for you; it would work for me. I'll send a following message Tuesday evening that things went well in court.

If things don't go well in court, I may or may not send a following message.

But my family and I are praying that it will go well. But in a mature sense, this is a turning point that I had expected to be completed at an earlier date, then I learned that I would have to wait longer. So I've been looking forward to it, for it would be the pointer to either the end, or the continuation, of my 2-Year old Love Quest. Then again, that's just me. Thank you for listening to me about my turn of events.

I do hope to meet you. In the meantime, it's nice to know that you hope to meet me as well. :8)

Best Wishes,

Chris Chan.

Lindsay: that sounds good.. I'll bring my portfolio. good luck on tuesday..
~Lindsay Kaye

6 September 2005

Lindsay: Hey,

I know you have court today, but I haven't heard back from you about Tomorrow... So I am assuming no? ~Lindsay Kaye

CWC: Lindsay, I've just got out of the court room. It was postponed for a month due to absence of my lawer [sic].

But YES, I will be able to meet you tomorrow. Please reply ASAP to let me know that you got this message.

See you tomorrow at McDonalds across from Fashion Square at 2:00 PM.

Chris Chan

7 September 2005

Lindsay: Hey Christian...

So it is 2:37 right now, and I just got your messages. I don't know whats going on. We keep just missing our oppurtunities [sic] to meet. So I don't know what to do.. I am going to Florida for the weekend so maybe we can work something out for when I get back. I understand if you feel it's not a good idea. Let me know.. I apologize for today.

~Lindsay Kaye

CWC: I wasn't sure if you had got the message, but I did go to the McDonalds anyway. I'm sorry for the mix-up. We can try again. I'm going to be at PVCC tomorrow by about 2-2:30, because I have a meeting with Marshal P. Stoll at 3:00. I could meet you in the lounge then.

Please reply.

Hope to meet you soon,

Chris Chan

8 September 2005

CWC: Hey, Lindsay. You may disregard that last message, because I didn't get there till after 2:30 anyway.

We can talk about trying to meet again after you get back from your weekend trip to Flordia.

I hope you have a good time. ;8)

Hope to hear from you soon,

Chris Chan.

12 September 2005

CWC: "How was your trip?" I hope you had a good time in Florida, because I hear that it's usually nice down there.

By the way, it turns out that I didn't need one of my classes, so I dropped it; I no longer have a class on Thursdays. So I'm free that day.

We could meet sometime between your class and Drumline practice. I could meet you at the McDonalds in Barracks Road Shopping Center,[1] or at the Alderman Library. Just let me know which would be better for you, and what time is best.

Please reply. Talk to ya again soon.

Chris Chan.

14 September 2005

CWC: "Hey." Have you received the message I sent you? Please reply.

Chris Chan

15 September 2005

CWC: Have you been too busy to reply and set up the meeting time and date? I would have felt better if I had received a reply to the message I sent you informing me that you were busy or whatever.

I've checked my messages early this afternoon, and it made me feel sad that since you didn't reply to my messgae [sic] that I had to assume "No" on this attempt for us to meet, chat and share artworks.

I am still interested in meeting you personally, but I'm getting the feeling that you may have lost interest in meeting me (from not replying to my messages). So, I'd like to know if you still want to meet me or not.

I feel that I'm putting the most effort in this, and I'm not getting anything back.

I can blame that stupid Jerkop for that darn court date that really messed our first chance. And I can understand that your PVCC classes and UVA Drumline are keeping you in line. But that court date is behind me, and I'm letting you pick the meeting date, time and place.

I don't know. I just feel miserable from not having met you yet after all that.

Please reply ASAP.

Christian Chandler.

16 September 2005

Lindsay: Christian,

I have been extremely busy and there have been some things going on in my life that have affected our meeting! I apologize for not being able to meet you so far. Drumline and school and work do keep me very busy. I also have a very very close friend who has just gotten home from iraq, and my boss at my job in florida just passed away so now has not been a very good time for me. I'm sorry.

Lindsay Kaye

17 September 2005

CWC: Oh my. I'm sorry for your loss and stress. And I also apologize if I have sounded emotionally offensive in my previous message.

As you know, my life hasn't been a "Bowl Full of Cherries" either; I won't go into that now.

Last I heard, Iraq wasn't in much shape, but I'll bet that your friend learned a great deal while he/she was there. And I sense that you must have been very happy to see your friend again. I know I would be too if he/she was my friend. 8)

So, was your boss a good person? I sense that you may have been at least somewhat close to him/her. I hope that you get a better, or equally-good, boss.

So, what is your job? I can guess right-off the bat that you may have been a photographer (since you love to take photographs); my second guess, I would say, would be a salesperson. If I was wrong, well what do I know about you?

I've learned some nices things about you, and I feel that you are a pretty, caring, one-of-a-kind gal. 8)

If you get an open spot in the future for our meeting, just let me know the date, time and location; I'll wait as long as necessary.

Best wishes to you and yours,

Chris Chan.

5 October 2005

Lindsay: Hey

Were you in the library today around 3ish? If you were then I think I saw you reading. If not, There is someone at pvcc who looks exactly like you! Do you have a twin? lol.. later

Lindsay Kaye

CWC: No, I was not in the library on that day, and I do not have a twin. It strikes me as wierd [sic] that someone else could be mistaken as me.

Let me know if you find some free time to meet me at a McDonalds to share artworks.


Chris Chan.