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As a matter of fact, among my, uh, mother's side in the uh, ancestral traits *sighs* we have uh, we have been traced down to Daniel Weston, who was on the main--Mayflower voyage.
Captain's Log, Stardate November 7th, 2007
Portrait of Daniel Weston, c. 1623. Note the blank stare... Doesn't it remind you of a certain someone?

Daniel Weston is one of the people who Chris claims to be one of his illustrious ancestors, through whom he is descended from Anne Boleyn,[1] whose only daughter died childless. According to Chris, Daniel Weston's ancestor was Richard Weston, 1st Earl of Portland, who was in turn related to Anne Boleyn.[2]

In 2007, Chris claimed that Daniel Weston was aboard the Mayflower, the ship that carried the Pilgrim Fathers to America in 1620;[1] however, according to all known passenger lists of the Mayflower, there was never a man named Weston aboard.[3]

Some fans suspect that Chris actually meant to say Thomas Weston, an English merchant who funded the Mayflower, although this makes no more sense than the prior account.

Chris later revised his theory, saying that Daniel Weston was actually not on the Mayflower, although "he made his voyage later on".[4] This was essentially the story he related to Catherine in 2014, although he could provide no clear details. This highly nebulous revision is no more persuasive than the original version, and neither version of the story accounts for Chris being descended from Anne Boleyn, who had no descendants whatsoever.

These flatly impossible notions were probably spoonfed to Chris by his mother to make him feel special. Indeed, he credits her with doing the historical research. In reality, Chris's earliest known maternal ancestor was a hick named William Wynn, who had a grandson named Robert (Barb's grandfather) claimed to be a lecherous alcoholic.[5]


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