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You brought so much fucking joy to this world and you continue to do so. That's why [...] you need to remain safe.
Naught, one of the Watchmen, to Chris.[1]
Something going further wrong in the group once again?
Chris, showing awareness of the group's tendency for internal drama.[2]

Name Watchmen
Saga Watchmen

The Watchmen were a clique of fanatical enablers whose members served as gatekeepers and white knights for Chris. Their goal was to keep away malicious individuals trying to troll or scam Chris. In practice, however, for much of its history the clique was highly aggressive towards outside people coming into contact with Chris whether they had demonstrated malice or not. Watchmen members tracked and collected information on anyone involved with - or attempting to get involved with - Chris, and had little hesitation in regards to doxing any potential weens, trolls, and A-logs.[3] Hostilities were occasionally shown in the form of feuds, with rumors and disinformation spread by members MKRNightVee, Naught, The WCT, and XIII on their perceived enemies, or raids by various Watchmen members. Infighting also ran rampant, with the group splintering into a few iterations over internal conflicts. With Chris currently jailed for incest, their purpose has become moot.

Their approach was rather controversial, as they gained Chris's favor by means of enabling his delusions by pretending to be fellow CPU goddesses and encouraging his beliefs in magical thinking and the Dimensional Merge. They have also made use of the OC Lainchu, played by at least four members of the group.

As a faction, the Watchmen were involved in several events over the course of late 2019 onwards, such as attempting to dismantle Jacob Sockness’s influence over Chris and drive him off. They also shut down the Arbitarch CWC Alliance Discord server from Naught's allegation that the server was being used to gather content.[4] Chris had contact with the Watchmen, including chatting with them on Google Hangouts and over Discord. The Watchmen were also behind the Discord leaks in August 2020, and the Discord Q&As.

The group existed in various forms from 2019-2021 and was given its current name on August 2020 by one of its members, as a reference to the 1986/1987 DC Comics limited series by Alan Moore, David Gibbons, and John Higgins.[5] However, the Watchmen themselves did not model their online personas after characters from the DC franchise, in contrast to how The Miscreants presented themselves as a shadowy cabal like the Patriots from Metal Gear Solid, their inspiration.


Christian Weston Manhattan

What eventually became the Watchmen group had its roots in the CWC Rebellion Discord server. There, Owls met Meghan (aka MKRNightVee or MKR), and Talia (whom Owls described as "a person exploiting and egging MKR on to talk to Chris").[6]

MKR got into contact with Chris through a friend looking up his phone number.[7] Owls tried to coach MKR[8] and avoid problems, though he admits he didn't do well at it.[6]

After MKR had been in contact with Chris for some time, Owls came up with the idea to try to manipulate Chris's beliefs away from the Dimensional Merge through telling him that the CPU goddesses had relocated to Earth. MKR recruited her friends to role-play as CPUs to Chris over Discord; Owls acted as a gatekeeper between MKR's friends and Chris.[8]

time passed talking with Meghan for about a month or so there came an idea from me in the most autistic way possible "convince Chris that merge wasn't happening and that CPU had decided to be on earth and act like normal people in society". foolishly believing this would work Meghan gathered some people from different servers she said we could trust and we made a server. this idea failed and when the first person decided to brag about it on a different discord I shut down the idea.

According to Naught, Owls acted as liaison between the CPU group and Marvin of the Guard Dogs group (the latter also being gatekeepers to Chris at the time) but Naught claimed that Owls wasn't reporting back to Marvin. Owls later left the group.[9]


The Watchmen group revealed its presence in August 2020. The reveal was seemingly spurred by a video Chris secretly produced on 6 August, Chris's Last Will and Testament, which he decided to share with the Watchman member Naught.[10] Concerned over the contents of the video, a CWCki account was made by Naught and the video leaked to the public. Days later, on 10 August, Naught entered the Official CWCki Server Discord and leaked a large amount of material Chris had shared with the group over the past year. He then invited Chris into the server to take fan questions (though moderators decided to remove Chris from the server four days later).[11]

The Players


Owls IRL.

The original founder of the organization went by Ryan Winger, more commonly referred to as Owls, in his interactions with the Watchmen, and as GhostBird50 on the Kiwi Farms,[6] and as CpuTurquoiseHeart to Chris,[8].[9] Initially, Owls advised MKRNightVee in interacting with Chris and founded the Watchmen's Discord server. Owls also acted as a liaison between Watchmen and Guard Dogs member Marvin, though fellow Watchman Naught alleged that he hadn't been reporting back to Marvin.[9] Owls eventually left the group, stating he wanted no more part in Chris's situation or in Internet drama,[12] and was succeeded by Naught. This seems to have come when he got involved in a feud[3] with several other obscure Chris orbiters.


Main article: Naught
Naught's Kiwi Farms profile picture

Naught, also known as Bismuth and CPU Bismuth Heart to Chris was the second leader of the Watchmen, taking over the group after Owls left.[9] He monitored and doxed potential weens or outside enablers. In June 2020, Naught posted fellow Watchmen The WCT's dox onto Kiwi Farms in retaliation for WCT declining to share his Kiwi Farms account with him after Naught had been banned from the site,[13] which lead to WCT ousting Naught and two others who had sided with Naught from the group.


Main article: The WCT

Sean Walker, also known as The WCT, and primarily known in the context of the Watchmen as Conner or neko, was the third and last leader of the Watchmen, taking over after a conflict with Naught. He also archived calls involving Chris and occasionally gave interviews to observers. In November 2020, Chris took an interest in mass shooter Randy Stair, whose belief system regarding cartoons and alternative universes bears more than a passing relationship with Chris's, after watching a YouTube documentary on Stair produced by Sean.[14] In February 2021, Sean attempted to become the fourth person behind the role of Lainchu but Chris rejected his attempt. In June 2021, Naught doxed Sean for declining to share his Kiwi Farms account after Naught had been banned from the site;[13] Sean responded by convincing Chris to leave the Watchmen's then-current Discord server The Place.[15] Sean then founded The Knights of CWC, a Watchmen splinter Discord server, where eventually in July 2021 Chris invited Isabella Loretta Janke. Prior to Chris's arrest for incest, Sean reached out to Bella again asking for her side of the story, who was able to manipulate Sean into attempting to shift blame from Isabella to the Suitress.


An admin in The Place Discord server, Kyle, also known as Nova[16] and Spade, was present in the Google Hangout chats. Kyle was also the inspiration for Chris's Kylechu OC. Kyle has mentioned working at a suicide hotline, though he has mentioned that at least one caller had gone through with taking their own lives,[17] something which was revealed in Discord leaks, both audio and text.

Chris had mixed feelings on Kyle. In a 26 June 2021 text to Null, Chris said on Kyle that he "talks soo damn much, boasting his smart-talk, interrogating my intentions and present mentalities. Damn, he's seriously tiring."[18] Kyle was one of the first people that Chris had told his plans of shocking his crystals with electricity to, believing that he could help explain piezoelectricity to him, while citing a click-baity article about using the phenomenon to open up portals. Kyle would, however, attempt to reason with Chris regarding this, questioning his findings, to which Chris acted flustered.


Main article: MKRNightVee

Meghan K. Ringo, also known as MKRNightVee, CPUMagentaHeart and thepixietailartist, and sometimes referred to as Maker by Chris, appeared in early 2019. She got into contact with Chris through a friend looking up Chris's phone number for her.[7] She presented herself to Chris as being the CPU goddess of the Nintendo Switch, offering him validation on his fantasies of having magic powers.[19] She has stated that her goal isn't to feed into Chris's delusions so much as to offer advice and help.[20] Chris offered her several of his possessions in his Last Will and Testament.

The "Lainchu" role

Main article: Lainchu

Lainchu, also known as Lainchu the Chronicler, is an OC created by Chris, whose purpose is to document Chris's activities (and unofficially, to provide Christorians with first hand information), based on the protagonist of the anime, Serial Experiments Lain, in which a teenage girl finds herself engaging with a virtual world network, reminiscent of the internet.

Minor Watchmen

Main article: Minor Watchmen Members

Untrusted Guests

The WCT discusses in the Second Layer about allowing Bella into the Knights of CWC server.

The Watchmen hosted various untrusted guests such as Jacob Sockness, Praetor, the Suitress, and Bella in their Discord servers, assigning them to the First Layer of channels which Chris and themselves could view, and blocking them from viewing the Second Layer, where the Watchmen could discuss them in private.

Sockness and Praetor were untrusted guests in The Place, and Bella and the Suitress were untrusted guests in Knights of CWC.


Toxic trio

The "toxic trio" is Chris's term for former members Naught, Kyle, and MKRNightVee.[21]


The Watchmen group was prone to infighting.

On 28 June 2021, in the wake of more infighting between Naught and The WCT, which stemmed from Naught posting The WCT's dox for declining to share his Kiwi Farms account,[13] the former Watchmen member Spunky wrote an account on the website alleging that Naught had used her Kiwi Farms account for his own purposes and that she was consistently belittled by both Naught and MKR in their server.[22]

Rationalizations for Enabling

Some Watchmen have come to rationalize why they enable Chris.

In a 9 March 2021 Discord Chat; MKR, Kyle, and an unknown Watchman were discussing that they needed to enable Chris with his delusions for his own safety, as they believed that "he wouldn't last long".[23]

Interactions with others

Midnight Moonflower

Midnight Moonflower is a former friend of Chris who met him at a BronyCon. The Watchmen raided her Discord server to intimidate its members over Chris being a member of the server.[24][25]

Joseph Draft

Joseph Draft planned a documentary project titled Chris Chan VS. The Internet. He made arrangements and filmed footage with Chris before the documentary was cancelled. According to Naught, Draft destroyed the drive with the footage over stress from Megan changing her mind about being included and other YouTubers trying to monetize it,[26] and that Naught had "a 4 hour conversation" with Draft in which he got him "to face dox himself once he destroyed his drive with chris vs the internet."[27]

Ben Saint

Ben Saint is an enabler who exploited Chris's infamy to boost his own webcomic series by inserting Chris's Night Star OC, which led to conflict with Chris.

On 23 September 2019, Watchmen members raided a Twitch stream of Ben's to call him out.[28]


Praetor is a group of enablers appearing in the fall of 2020 who produced and sold Sonichu-themed products with Chris's permission on Etsy and gave him a portion of the profits in exchange.

In February 2021, Chris wanted to borrow Praetor's taser in order to tase his Gate Crystal and Celestial Key quartz crystals, believing this would open an interdimensional portal and bring about the Dimensional Merge.[29] The Watchmen objected to this plan, to which Praetor member Caden claimed they would supervise Chris and that he would not be at risk.[30]

Talks between the two groups quickly disintegrated.[31] Watchmen members Naught and MKR took to spreading rumors about Praetor, each using out-of-context snippets from the discussions.

Naught made a Kiwi Farms post in which he posted a clip from the Taser Discussion voice chat.[32] In the clip, Watchmen member Val states, "Can you put, 'Can CWC- uh, like, tase himself on video for lulz'." Chris then responds, "I'll do it," to which Val bursts out laughing. Praetor member Caden then objects, saying, "Look, are you sure- There- they- like, we had a whole discussion about why it's a bad idea."

In Naught's Kiwi Farms post, he alleged that "Caden and cwc as Sonichu prime discuss the tazer and who will be tazed", omitting that Watchmen member Val had brought up the subject and that Caden had objected.

MKR posted on Twitter to spread a rumor that Praetor wanted to get Chris to use a stun gun on himself. She gave no proof of the allegation, instead posting an out-of-context screenshot[33] from Watchmen-Praetor talks.[34]

The Christuber GiBi believed the Watchmen's spin, creating a video in which he erroneously attributed the members in Naught's clip to Praetor - including the Watchmen Val - as well as reading from MKR's tweet.[35] Chris viewed the video and claimed the taser to have been his own idea, defending Praetor.[36]

Later, Chris criticized The Place members for their aggressive behavior, though Watchmen members Kyle and MKR immediately resumed hostile remarks towards Praetor, leaving Chris disappointed.[37]


The WCT had hosted the Regarding Chris chats, where he and a few minor Watchmen had interviewed Bella in order to get an understanding of the Incest Call leaks.


The Watchmen's primary platform for reaching out to Chris and people that they suspected as being weens was Discord.

Server Structure

Watchmen server The Place. Second layer channels are visible in this image under "2nd Layer".
Watchmen server The Knights of CWC. Second layer channels are visible in this image under "Private".

Both The Place and The Knights of CWC Discord servers were structured to have two layers of channels. The Watchmen assigned roles to server members to allow them to view certain layers.

The First Layer included a General channel for Chris to chat in. Chris and the Watchmen's Untrusted Guests could view and post only in the First Layer.

The Second Layer included a channel for discussion of Chris. The layer was hidden from Chris and Untrusted Guests to enable the Watchmen to hold discussions.

Discord servers

Below are a list of several of the Discord Servers that were created for the iniative of the Watchmen.

Arbitarch CWC Alliance

From before the Watchmen had fully come out to the public, the server was eventually shut down.

The Place

The Place server.

The Place is the server Chris was in from approximately September 2019[note 1]-June 2021. In August 2020, the Watchmen announced the presence of the group publicly via the 2020 Discord leaks. It was during this time the Watchmen name was adopted to describe the group.

Signs of the group collapsing began appearing around late June 2021. Earlier in the month, The WCT had been doxed on Kiwi Farms by an account named Nightmare, and signs pointed to fellow Watchman and group leader Naught as the person behind the account.[39] When The WCT confronted Naught in a voice chat during the group’s movie night on 21 June, Naught denied the allegation, then threatened to further dox The WCT in an attempt to silence him. Kyle and MKRNightVee took Bismuth’s side in the dispute.[40]

On 25 June, The WCT informed Chris about the infighting. He showed Chris screenshots of Nightmare's Kiwi Farms posts and the voice chat in which he had confronted the group over Naught being Nightmare. According to The WCT, Chris gradually processed the information, in particular picking up on red flags from Bismuth in the chat - noticing his defensiveness and hostility towards The WCT. Ultimately, Chris believed The WCT's evidence and apparently cut ties with Bismuth over it.[41] A leaked voice clip of Chris saying “Fuck Bismuth!”[42] (a pseudonym of Naught's) was posted to a thread made about Naught the following day.[39]

Kyle banned The WCT from the Watchmen's Discord server. In response, Chris then decided to leave their server. As The WCT explained, "he saw my banning as a signal to him that my suspicions about Bismuth and the others were correct." The Praetor group, who had also been in the server, left it as well following Chris's departure.[41]

On 29 June, MKRNightVee made multiple tweets that suggested Chris had cut communications with her. She tagged Chris’s Twitter and posted, “Your obviously good at using people and then moving on to the next. Have fun getting fucked over by WCT and Praetor.”[43] She then followed up with accusations against The WCT, believing him to be messing with Chris and having sinister motives.[44]

The Knights of CWC

The Knights of CWC server.

The Knights of CWC was the server Chris was in from 25 June 2021[45] until his August 2021 arrest for incest. It was founded by The WCT following his fallout with Naught, Kyle and MKR over Naught's doxing of WCT leading to bad blood between them. WCT was unsure of calling his group by the Watchmen moniker. He also stated he wanted the group be kept secret as the earlier iteration of the Watchmen once had been.[46] He modeled the structure of the Knights server after The Place.[47]

Notable were disagreements between the two groups on how best to handle enablers and weens. The Knights aimed to take a less aggressive approach,[48] planning only to intervene in cases of malicious intentions.[49] such as Jacob Sockness's plot to attend Everfree Northwest in disguise to meet with Chris.[50]

On 19 July 2021, Chris introduced Bella to the group. As she had not demonstrated malicious intentions to them, The WCT said, "as long as your intentions are good, you'll be fine."[49] According to The Fool, a longtime but now-banned Kiwi Farms user and minor member of both The Place and The Knights:

Neither naught or WCT were friends with bella, bella was in her own little white knight group controlling chris. WCT tried to be friendly with her so he could keep a short leash on her, bella was very defensive about it. WCT said naught actively tried to push bella away which might be why bella was defensive about WCT trying to interact with her, but that's just from what WCT said, I didn't witness anything the Watchmen ever did myself.

both naught and WCT knew bella was a ween but they couldn't get chris to not interact with her, or the praetor crew in general for that matter. naught tried to outright demonize them while WCT tried to pretend to be friendly with them to facilitate open communication so they could know exactly what praetor was planning next. Neither plan worked, but, it's Chris, what can you do.[51]

Regarding Chris

Main article: Regarding Chris chats

Regarding Chris was a group chat created by The WCT with some of the other Watchmen members from The Knights of CWC server on 30 July 2021. Its purpose was to question Bella about her role in the Incest Call leak, since she had been named by Null as a person involved. However, the move backfired as during the chat, Bella made claims that were later deemed disinformation by observers, such as framing the Suitress for being the voice in the call[note 2] and alleging her fabricated BDSM texts to be legitimate and goading WCT to disseminating the material and naming the Suitress as his source.

The full chat was later leaked.[53]

See also


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