The Place chats (August 2020)

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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

This page contains chats from the Watchmen Discord server The Place during August 2020. Chris's messages (while roleplaying as Sonichu) are color-coded yellow and the Watchmen in various colors.

First Layer chats

Chris and the Watchmen's untrusted guests chatted in this layer.

Chris and CWCki Server

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Discord Q&A 2

22 August 2020

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Discord Q&A 3

27 August 2020

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Complaining about Dillin, encouraging Kyle to role-play

28 August 2020

Chris continues to pause his role-play of Sonichu, though role-plays instead that he is an alternate dimension Chris. He complains about a Dillin Thomas video. He also encourages Kyle to link with an alt-dimension Kyle, believing this will help Kyle create a dimensional portal device.

Later in the day Chris resumes the Sonichu role-play and requests several server members join him in Google Hangouts for a chat.

Chris (as Dimension 1214 Chris)
1214 Christine:


Chris (as Dimension 1214 Chris)
Sonichu and I are feeling okay and well; I had to take the wheel, as the events were making this body was feeling unstable.

Evening? It’s afternoon, here. And shouldn’t it be a half hour after Noon for you as well, Kyle?


Ya, I just like being colloquial.
Chris (as Dimension 1214 Chris)
We’re pretty much chillin’ here with Rosey and the others.

Irony and word play; always remains a valid combination.

I noticed Dillion’s latest video upload a little while ago.

Obviously, he’s been reading my recent commentary and rebuttals.

His title is misleading, though.

He does that.
Chris (as Dimension 1214 Chris)
I have thought of commenting under his video to set the record straight, but my hubby agreed with me in foresight that it was not a good idea to do so in this timeline.
Kind of resent all the low-effort garbage that makes someone an influencer, but the wannabes are worse.
Chris (as Dimension 1214 Chris)
For all that jerk can comprehend with his flaccid opinions and outright garbage and hate, he sees me as the Chris Chan of this timeline. Although, he was partly right on me being back from C-197, but in the wrong body, although my body and my Magi-Chan are here in 1218, fully, safe and well.

Oh, the freaking paradoxes that prevent me from physically returning to this temple.

My hubby is still hard at work with his share of the remaining set up and prep work for when Sonichu with this OG body finally arrive in Cwcville.

Anything that can be better planned with mathematical logic? At least in terms of knowing the constraints?
Chris (as Dimension 1214 Chris)
Actually, there may be on your part, Kyle, and I will elaborate a bit on that.

Your self-counterpart in my timeline had figured out all of the math and logic in all of this as well (minor tweaks would need to be made to equate for this timeline and pair of Dimensions), but if you psychically linked with yourself in 1214, you will get the math logic, or at least the basic details for you to expand from, for this timeline.

More experienced in set theory, really useful for gambling. Although it was good enough for me to read circuit diagrams to impress someone.

Sounds more complicated than unified field theory.

Chris (as Dimension 1214 Chris)
In part, he also managed to help assemble a functional and tangible dimensional portal device.

He had said the same thing before he started manifesting his equations and variations on logic.

He had throw some of his old logic out the window as well.

But you can do it, too, Kyle.

Well just thinking about the things that would be working, there's a lot of high energy phenomena that would accidentally cause something like that, if that was the only thing to it.
Chris (as Dimension 1214 Chris)
With that, you are on the right track. But, I do recommend mentally linking with your self-counterpart and collaborating.

Meditation and focus is the key in doing so.

Astral projection is optional.

Like some of the fusion device prototypes operate on billions of kelvin, even if it's a z pinch device.

Hmm, I guess I could learn a thing or two.

Chris (as Dimension 1214 Chris)
Take your time in your own way of meditation; all foreseen signs in your direction in this timeline results in the most positive outcomes. You go, Kyle. 🙂
What kind of things would be good signs?

Consequently, bad signs? (edited)

Dillin isn't funny and his commentary is dumb

Hope you're well

[Three hours later]

Chris (as Sonichu)
Sonichu: Hey, @ภคยﻮђՇ, @Nova, @Deleted User, y’all wanna chat in Hangouts in about an hour and a half from now?

Bismuth, please send me a link via text if you start a room up.

And if we can get Spunky and Meghan in, that would be good, too.



Second Layer chats

The section covers chats from the second layer of the Watchmen's Discord server The Place.

Chris and the Watchmen's untrusted guests did not have permissions to view this layer.

Last Will Beneficiary

9 August 2020

Deleted User
@MKR hey, why did cwc mention your name in that leaked video
No, no you're not.
What leaked video?
The will and testament

Yes probably

Chris might feel lonely. Simple as.
Cwc was going to leave all his stuff to me so I suggested mkr
I was chosen to maintain his belongings in the event of his death.


It's sad that he's even thinking like this but I hope he'll get out of this funk soon