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In the early hours of 27 August 2020, a question-and-answer session was held with Chris by Lainchu of the Watchmen. The chat took place in the Watchmen's Discord group. Lainchu's posts are color-coded in green and Chris's in blue.

Notably, Chris has taken a break from his phase of being possessed by Sonichu, identifying as Christine Chandler again.

Only a few questions were answered before Chris tired out and ended the chat.

Dimension 1214 vs 1218

Okay, but first off: please, pay attention, because this is Christine Chandler from Dimension 1214 who has been talking for the while now.
Can you tell us what the major difference between 1214 and 1218 are?[1]
Michael Jackson lived a few more years and put out two more albums, talking about old age and the feeling of veering on death and not wanting to be old while feeling young. He still OD’d at his time of death.

And I’ve had to put up with Ben Saint’s Slime Nonsense from his “Beta Timeline” into my “Alpha Timeline”.

This one, here is the Omega Timeline.[2]

Signature meaning

What does ⚡️💙⚡️ mean?[3]
That’s our symbol for CPU Blue Heart, as thought up by your Chris Chan, the OG that brought up every single other Chris Chan in all other dimensions and timelines.

It’s our emoji signature.[4]

Who's faster?

Who is faster, Sonic or Sonichu?
Equal in speed, really, with slight difference.[4]

The ability that Sonichu has by default is his electric abilities that could trip up Sonic, if he wanted to play unfair in the foot race.[5]


Who are your favourite youtubers? or What are your favourite youtube channels?
Lainchu, now is not a good time for Q&A, because this brain is fatigued after a very active day.
Ah sure.[5]
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