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  • Kacey prepared a list of questions for Chris for an essay she's writing.
  • Chris struggles to remember the most basic facts about his family members including hair color, height and age.
  • Above Chris's "left breast", he has a scar from a bike accident.
  • Chris thinks that Gregg Mays is Clyde Cash under a new name. He doesn't believe that Ryan Cash killed himself.
  • Chris says the real reason that Clyde Cash trolls him is because Clyde is a homosexual.
  • The idea that Clyde is straight makes Chris stress sigh.
  • Chris says that his last password was: "J04nE1de4R08i2on", which is an author's name (incidentally, one with aspergers). Kacey says this is leet speak, and Chris says that he's never heard that term before.
  • Chris talked to Clyde earlier in the day. Clyde claimed that he tampered with Chris's PS3.
  • Kacey says that Chris should just break his PS3 so Clyde will stop bothering him. Chris claims that he can't break his PS3 because he has a PSP and that would break his PSP too.
  • Chris says that video games are not the most important thing in his life, as finding a sweetheart in real life is.
  • Chris has an interview next week at Target.
  • Chris says that he has tricked Clyde into not hacking him anymore by telling him that he doesn't care about his PS3 anymore; Kacey suggests making a video of pretending to give away his PS3 or throwing it in the trash. This idea makes Chris stress sigh.
  • Clyde told Chris to unscrew the system and to take out a battery so he can't be hacked anymore. Kacey eventually gets Chris to say he will do this.
  • Chris made an appointment with the doctor to talk about heart pains.


Kacey Call 18
Stardate ???
Featuring Chris; Kacey
Saga LiquidLiquid Liquid Saga
Audio Recordings
Kacey Call 17
Kacey Call 19

[Recording Begins]

Chris: Hello?

Kacey: Hey it's Kacey, how are you?

Chris: Hi Kacey, I'm OK, how are you?

Kacey: I'm OK, just, you know, a little tired.

Chris: Yeah, a little tired from the day.

Kacey: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah. [laughs] We both said yeah at the same time.

Kacey: Mmhmm.

Chris: Yeah, anyway I got you survey printed out. I can answer your questions for you now if you want me to. Or would you rather I send that back to you in text over the emails.

Kacey: You can do both, it doesn't matter. If you want to do that I can get them.

Chris: Yeah, plus you can write down the answers as I tell them to you right now, right?

Kacey: Yeah, go ahead.

Chris: OK, alright well, I'm 27 years old.

Kacey: OK. [sound of typing]

Chris: I was born on February 24th, 1992.

Kacey: You said 1992, you mean 82 right?

Chris: Yeah, 1982.

Kacey: [pause] OK.

Chris: Alright, and I live in the United States and my state-area-prefecture of birth would be Charlottesville, Virginia.

Kacey: OK, [typing] so you've been there all your life.

Chris: Yeah, I've been in Virginia all my life. Ah so-

Kacey: Yeah, that's all I need, that's fine.

Chris: Yeah, OK, I have two half-brothers and one half-sister.

Kacey: [typing] Their ages?

Chris: Last time I checked, I think my half-brother is Allan is like 42.

Kacey: Mmhmm.

Chris: I think Cole, I think my half-brother Cole is like, uh, I don't know, 38 or 40, and I think Carol is like 37. I'm just guessing off the top of my head.

Kacey: OK that's fine. [computer tone]

Chris: Yeah, and uh let's see, you know, my father's 82 so take away 27 from his age, um, 62… He was like 55 and my mother will be 58 this year so, let's see, take away 20… um… Yeah take away 20… 48, and she was 41, so 55 and 41 respectively for my father and mother.

Kacey: OK.

Chris: Yeah and I'm currently 5'10”.

Kacey: Mmhmm.

Chris: Mmmm, I'm not sure if I'm the shortest or the tallest. I think Cole and Allan are a little bit taller than me the last time I was, you know, last time I was with them I was a little bit shorter than them. Mmm, and Carol might be shorter than me I'm not sure.

Kacey: OK, I'll put middle then.

Chris: Yeah, mm'kay. And you know my eye color, one green and one blue, though they were originally blue, both of them.

Kacey: Okay then, I'm going to put blue because it has to be genetic.

Chris: Yeah, OK. I'm not sure about siblings sharing the same eye color.

Kacey: OK.

Chris: Ah, yeah I'm right handed, and I'm pretty sure my siblings are right handed too.

Kacey: OK.

Chris: I'm brown haired so are Cole and Allan, and I believe Carol was a blonde.

Kacey: OK. [typing]

Chris: Alright, and the fine markings... [long pause]

Kacey: Also before you get into that, were your half-brothers and your half-sisters on your mom's side or your dad's side, because that's important.

Chris: OK, Allan and Carol were on my father's side. Joseph Cole Smithey was on my mother's side.

Kacey: Okay, and no defining markings? OK then that's all I need.

Chris: No wait a minute, I do have a defining marking.

Kacey: OK. [breathing sound]

Chris: Yeah, on my chest above my left breast [laughs] above my left breast. There's this oval-shaped, badge-like scar that I got from a bicycle accident when I was like five to seven years old.

Kacey: Oh that's not genetic so I don't need that, but thank you. [coughs]

Chris: Yeah, I mean you said, you know if it's scarring or marking related to include that-

Kacey: But it has to be genetically related. A bicycle accident isn't genetic, but thank you.

Chris: OK, that pretty much covers it then.

Kacey: OK, thank you. [laughs] I appreciate it. I need to get a lot more.

Chris: Yeah, I mean that was all the questions you had in the email so far.

Kacey: Yeah, but I need to get a lot more people to do it, I need like forty people per time zone.

Chris: Forty people per time zone?

Kacey: Yeah.

Chris: Wow, there are a lot of time zones.

Kacey: Yeah for America, everything else you have to do by country. But, if you had an accident doing a bike before maybe you should ride bikes instead of jogging. That would help a lot and get your heart rate up.

Chris: Mmm, OK.

Kacey: By the way, did you get those emails about heart rate?

Chris: Yeah I got your email about heart rate. I haven't listened to that yet but I will look into it.

Kacey: OK.

Chris: Yeah, I was kind of busy between today and yesterday, because this fella who calls himself Gregg Mays, but I'm pretty sure it's also Clyde Cash because he called me-

Kacey: I thought he was dead.

Chris: Yeah, I thought so too, but he decided to come back by a different name of Gregg Mays, I also recognized him as such-

Kacey: How could someone come back from the dead Chris? What, is he like a zombie or something?

Chris: It's like, you know, this guy was assuming a different, this guy was... [pause] OK, it's like this, aside from his original name, whatever it was, he was going by a different name.

Kacey: But he was dead, so he's a zombie.

Chris: No, I mean this guy was pretending to be Clyde Cash, it's like he could kill the pretend person and still be alive himself. Like say-

Kacey: Wait, so you thinking this guy killed the guy and is pretended to be him, who would be a zombie?

Chris: Okay, let me give you an example. Let's say I was going around pretending to be Christopher, okay?

Kacey: You mean my Chris? You couldn't do that, no way. [laughs]

Chris: No, no, no, no. Anyway I'm just doing this by a name basis only. But anyway, let's say I was going around the internet picking on this guy who, and I keep telling them my name is Christopher.

Kacey: But you do tell everyone that your name is Christopher.

Chris: OK, let me change, let me start over then. OK, let's pretend that I was going around the internet calling myself Dick, alright? Dick. And I was bugging on this guy, bullying him, and then he decides to stand up against me and take down my source of anger against him, and then it's like, “Oh my God OK, I'm going to go kill myself.” So Dick kills himself, and is dead. But that doesn't mean that I, Christian am dead. It's just the character of Dick is dead.

Kacey: So the guy kills himself, and he's dead, and he comes back as a zombie. Okay I got it, he must have like, the T-virus or something.

Chris: No, no, no he did not really kill himself, he just killed the character.

Kacey: Well, how did he kill the character? That's just crazy! So it's a character-zombie, OK!

Chris: [sigh] It's a, OK, you know characters are made up. It's not necessarily the person that did it-

Kacey: OK, how could the character be dead if it's made up?

Chris: OK, you know the guy that plays House on House? His name is not really-

Kacey: That's an actor.

Chris: Yeah, I know that's an actor, yeah. That's what I've been talking about, this guy was an actor.

Kacey: Why would an actor be doing this, that doesn't make sense. Was he getting paid or something?

Chris: No, he's not a real actor. He was just acting in his self-proclaimed role as Clyde Cash. And then, it's like in the show he kills, it's like the character Clyde Cash is dead, but the actor for real is still alive.

Kacey: But why would an actor be messing with you? So you think this Clyde Cash person is not Clyde Cash. But he made Clyde Cash dead, and now Clyde Cash is back, therefore the character-zombie. And now he works on House, I got it.

Chris: [sigh] No, no, no. The guy who was Clyde Cash, is now pretending to be Gregg Mays. I also recognized the email address. The very same email address that Clyde Cash used those months ago.

Kacey: Well if it's still the same email address then he's pretending to be the same person right? Therefore [sound break] a zombie! [laughs] I mean, just tell him he's a zombie. Be like, “No, you're not a zombie.”

Chris: Uh no, he's-

Kacey: People don't come back from the dead, they just don't.

Chris: Yeah I mean- [stress sigh] Jeez. I mean, come on, in reality this guy is by a whole different name. We're not sure what his real identity is. And he's been fooling around chasing me, and he was chasing me around the internet claiming to be going by the name Clyde Cash. And then, he claims that he's going to kill, he claims that Clyde Cash is going to kill himself. So the character dies, but the actor is still alive, and now the actor returns and goes by a different character of Gregg Mays.

Kacey: Oh so he's like Carmen Sandiego he goes everywhere and he has disguises.

Chris: Yeah aliases, yeah.

Kacey: I mean, why would you think he would come back if he killed himself, or the character-zombie off. That doesn't make sense, why would he come back? And why would you think he's a character anyway? Maybe this guy is real…and undead.

Chris: I know the person, the guy is real. But he was pretending to be-

Kacey: But maybe he really is this Clyde Cash though, that's what I don't get. People don't just do that, they don't pretend to be different people. Why is he after you anyway? What did you do to him?

Chris: I have done nothing to him. I did not know him, until a whole big number of months, like a number of months ago, and then he hacked into my web-hosting site starting with my original Tripod site and then-

Kacey: Okay, there has to be a reason. What happened? He's got to be a reason for this vendetta.

Chris: I have no idea. I never knew the guy personally.

Kacey: Nothing happened to him that would make him angry at you? I mean-

Chris: I don't-

Kacey: That doesn't sound right. Did you ever hurt his feelings, or maybe it was through somebody else that knows him that you know?

Chris: [sigh] He's-

Kacey: There's no way a random person would just pretend this.

Chris: Yeah I know, I know. OK, yeah. Supposedly Clyde Cash's story for him trolling me was that supposedly his quote-unquote brother, Ryan Cash, committed suicide, after the one-time threat, after I found the ED Page, and I was like, “That's it, I'm not drawing anymore comics.” Then supposedly Ryan killed himself, suicide, because of my little hint there. But then, I did continue on into the comics.

Kacey: Well, but then you have to own up to those consequences of your actions. This guy is probably real then. I know I'd be really upset if one of my siblings killed themselves.

Chris: Yeah. [stress sigh] I did apologize, and I felt sorry for-

Kacey: Was it a very heartfelt apology?

Chris: Yeah. But he still trolls me-

Kacey: Well maybe it wasn't enough if he's still after you. I don't think this is an act, or something-

Kacey: It's not a game, there's no zombies.

Chris: The only other instinct that he might have against me is because he's an obvious homosexual.

Kacey: [laughs] OK, what does that have to do with anything?

Chris: I'm not particularly fond of homosexual dudes. I think we've been over that.

Kacey: OK but how do you think he's gay? How is it obvious? Has he hit on you? Have you seen him having gay sex?

Chris: [stress sigh] No, I don't have visual proof, but he just sounds-

Kacey: Then he's probably not gay.

Chris: Hmm, OK well-

Kacey: I mean, unless he's come on to you, or you've seen him, he's not gay.

Chris: Well actually I can tell you this. In his recent threat, after he stole my Playstation Network account the first time, day before yesterday, he wanted me to make a video of my Sonic and Tails plush dolls going on a homosexual date and having homosexual sex.

Kacey: I think he would just be doing that to bother you because he knows how much you hate gay people. I don't think a gay person would do that, in fact that sounds like something a straight guy would do because they think it's funny.

Chris: [stress sigh] Well anyway.

Kacey: A gay person wouldn't think that's funny because it's too close to them. That's really proof he's not gay.

Chris: [sigh]

Kacey: Gay people don't act like that.

Chris: Well, whatever.

Kacey: He's probably 100% straight...

Chris: [sigh] Well.

Kacey: ...and a T-virus zombie.

Chris: Look forget the word zombie right now, OK?

Kacey: [Laughs] But, that's what it sounds like. I mean, I'm sorry, it's a joke.

Chris: That's what it may sound like but that is not the case, I mean, yeah, Kim can tell you a lot more about Clyde Cash/Gregg Mays when y'all talk next time. Mmm but anyway, yeah, I did not follow up on his, like, as if I'm going to do that. Anyway, then I called Sony and got my account back, 5:30 pm. Thursday? Wednesday? It's Friday now, yeah, Wednesday. I got it back 5:30 Wednesday. I changed the password and the email address. But then, somehow, and I had not even told anybody my new email address and the password [voice gets high-pitched] and at 11:30 he get's into my main Playstation account again!

Kacey: Well if he's done it before, he's probably really good at it. He probably doesn't need anything to go on, he's probably just some super-hacker. I mean-

Chris: [Stress sigh] Anyway, yesterday afternoon I called Sony and told them about this guy hacking into my account again and they're like, “OK well, since you backed up will changed your Sonichu ID back and get you a temporary password and put your account on hold, on suspension, and our crack team will investigate this guy further, and see how he was able to get into your account."

Kacey: Well, do you make it an easy password and login?

Chris: What?

Kacey: Do you make it easy for someone to figure out? Some people say never make your passwords birthdates or the word “God” or something. Is it easy? Do you use the same password over and over?

Chris: Actually no, my password is very complicated. Okay, well I'll tell it to you since it's already used up at this point. The last password I used was capital J, zero, four, lower case N, capital E, one, lower case D, E, four, capital R, zero-eight, lower case I, two, lower case O, N. [J04nE1de4R08i2on]

Kacey: Oh, OK, um. So that's just a random string of words, how do you remember that?

Chris: Actually in this case, this was an author's name. I take his name and change some of his letters to numbers. You know, three can look like M, or N's, E or W.

Kacey: Uh, well. Maybe he's cracked that code. If you use that a lot he knows what it is. I hate leet speak, it's so stupid.

Chris: Leet speak?

Kacey: Leet speak, that's what it's called when you change letters into numbers like that.

Chris: Leet speak? I've never heard of that before. I just thought it was a fun thing to do. I often like to spell words backwards, and say them backwards like that.

Kacey: Maybe you should look it up. But still, maybe he's just cracked your code. He's probably really good at what he does.

Chris: Actually I talked, actually while I was waiting for Kim, I picked up on him calling me twice tonight. I also talked to him the night before a little bit. He said that he supposedly tampered with my PS3. I mean other than, I mean, I'm not sure how he could do that.

Kacey: He could! I mean, there's tons of ways for people to do stuff like that. You should probably listen to him. If he's done it before he's going to do it again.

Chris: Yeah, but anyway-

Kacey: Especially with all the times you download stuff to your PSN, yeah he could probably do it.

Chris: Hmmm, well anyway I currently have my Playstation 3 turned off and unplugged so he cannot get to the new passwords and email addresses from my other accounts aside from the named one. Anyway, aside from that-

Kacey: Maybe he'll break it or something, but then this would all be over and then it wouldn't matter right?

Chris: Maybe he'll break it?

Kacey: Why not if he can mess with it further? Maybe you should just give up on it. Obviously this guy is going to be after you, is it really worth it?

Chris: [sigh] Well I'm not going to give up on my PSN on that note you know, someone will help me-

Kacey: It's just video games.

Chris: ...my main account back. Yeah, but still so much I could be able to do only when I have access to my account. Like, you cannot be logged off your Playstation Network Account and copy your PS1 classic or PSP games to the PSP, or even the videos you download through the Playstation Network you have to be logged into the Playstation Network in order to copy the videos and those games to the-

Kacey: But still, video games. I mean, it's not going to be a huge loss.

Chris: Hmmm.

Kacey: If you make them so important, of course he's going to go for those. He's probably going after the most important thing in your life right now, which would be video games.

Chris: Hmm, uh yeah, as if that's the most important thing in my life- I mean most important thing in my life right now is going out in real life and trying to find myself a woman to be sweetheart.

Kacey: Well... That's not a goal that should be your priority. That's- especially if you hadn't spent most of your time playing video games you might have been successful by now. But still, your priority should be getting a job and getting out of the house and I mean-

Chris: Yeah well fortunately-

Kacey: ...keeping your promises.

Chris: Yeah well fortunately I am on the verge of getting a job, you know, I got my interview next Tuesday at Target.

Kacey: Yeah, well good luck on that. But, I don't know, maybe you should just let it go.

Chris: You're still talking about the video games aren't you?

Kacey: Yeah especially if you have all this going for you now, you probably should just be like, make him think you don't care.

Chris: Yeah, well I pretty much given him that impression at this point.

Kacey: Plus it probably would make you a lot more appealing if you really want a girlfriend.

Chris: Yeah-

Kacey: I should know, I'm a girl.

Chris: Yeah, I know. But anyway, maybe he'll back off a little bit now on that note. Especially since-

Kacey: Well he's not going to if you make it such a big deal, and you keep going after it. You're seriously just going to have to be like, “You know what? Fine, I don't need it anymore.” It's how those psychos think.

Chris: Hmm…

Kacey: He's going to know you want it back if you keep trying. You're going to have to trick him.

Chris: Yeah, I mean I am tricking him right now, I mean a little bit. When he called-

Kacey: No you're not, you're worrying over it. You want to get it back. You're going to have to be serious and say, “I don't care anymore.”

Chris: Yeah, I mean I did tell him that, yeah. I did tell him that.

Kacey: Make a video of you throwing it away or something, giving it away. Just be like, “I don't need this anymore.” Obviously he's watching you and following you.

Chris: [stress sigh]

Kacey: You've got to give him a direct message. You've got to outsmart him. You're smart, you can do it.

Chris: Uh, yeah I mean, I don't want to have to give it away for real.

Kacey: Well then he's just going to keep doing this, and you're basically asking him to do it. That's the point of the video though, to just be like, “I don't need this anymore.” Maybe he'll take it at face value. It's worth a shot.

Chris: Alright well, I'll think about it. I will think about it.

Kacey: You should do it. Because when you say, “I'll think about it,” it means you're not going to do it.

Chris: No, when I say, “I'll think about it,” It means I'll think about it, and then I am likely to do it. I mean, I told you I thought about the exercise and sorry, it's just, I thought about calling the doctor and I called the-

Kacey: Well you need to shake this guy, because obviously he's mentally imbalanced. I would do anything I can to get rid of him. Especially if he has anything to do with your PS3 being bugged or something. I'd be like, “Screw this, I don't need this anymore.” I mean he's probably already heard it by now.

Chris: He's probably already heard it?

Kacey: Yeah, if he's done something to it.

Chris: Yeah well anyway, he also told me something else, I should take it apart and remove the battery that's by the Blu-ray Drive, and then that will do something to the mod chip and then put the battery back it. It's not like I'm going to listen to him like that, I'd only do it if Sony suggested I do it. Or like, I need a professional like Kim's boyfriend Logan. She confirms to me that he knows pretty much about that so you know, I told her to ask him that for me about what will happen if I remove the battery from the Blu-Ray drive area there.

Kacey: Well maybe you should do it. If he's really got something in your PS3 he's not just doing it for fun. You probably should listen to him. It couldn't hurt to just look.

Chris: Yeah, but I'm not sure, I mean- If I remove the battery it might wipe out my user list on my PS3.

Kacey: No it won't it's just the battery! Batteries don't hold memory or information, what?

Chris: It's like if you remove the battery from a clock radio, a digital clock radio okay? That's like an internal battery and then the power goes out-

Kacey: That's not a computer, that's different. I can remove my hard drive from my computer and none of my stuff is going to be erased.

Chris: Alright.

Kacey: It's made to hold that memory. It's not going to hurt it. It's not a clock radio, I think it's a little more advanced than that. I mean, I thought you were good at electronics.

Chris: Yeah, I am fairly good at electronics, I mean-

Kacey: Well then you should know something so basic.

Chris: Well I just didn't know for sure about what he's saying here.

Kacey: No, it should be fine.

Chris: Hmm.

Kacey: Haven't you replaced any hard drives before in anything?

Chris: Yeah I have-

Kacey: Nothing gets erased.

Chris: Yeah I mean, I have replaced the hard drive in my PS3 drive twice, from the original-

Kacey: Well then you should be fine.

Chris: Alright I'll do it, I'll take it apart and look for the battery, and remove it and then put it back in. I mean, after we finish up this conversation here.

Kacey: OK, yeah. That's fine.

Chris: Mm'kay.

Kacey: Alright, I might be late tomorrow because I close, but I'll talk to you later.

Chris: OK well also I'll just let you know, I called up the doctor's [?] office earlier today and I made an appointment to see him this morning at 10:45 or 10:30 I forget which one. Anyway talking about my chest- talking about my heart pains.

Kacey: OK, heart pain?

Chris: Yeah, didn't you and Kim talk about this? She told you had talked about this.

Kacey: Oh, yeah OK, I remember.

Chris: Yeah, I'm gonna go see him about that this morning. Mm'kay. Alright I'll talk to you tomorrow, you take care OK?

Kacey: OK, well if you're having heart pains over this, that's a good reason to get rid of this shit. I'll just talk to you tomorrow, just feel better.

Chris: OK, you stay safe.

Kacey: Alright, bye.

Chris: Bye-bye.

[recording ends]

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