Cryzel Torture

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Chris pleads with Pitohui - a character being portrayed by Idea Guy Wise - to not further harm his imaginary wife Cryzel.

From 20 April to 21 April 2018, an online chat took place between Chris and the Idea Guys over Discord. Later, on 13 July 2018, Null leaked the chat log to Kiwi Farms under the thread title Cryzel Torture.[1] The title given to the log is due to the fact that for several hours, Idea Guy Wise maintained a graphic role play where he tortured Cryzel Rosechu, much to Chris' dismay. The log shows both the extent of the Idea Guys' manipulation of Chris and their persistence on interacting with him. A fourth member of the server, under the handle "shikiboobzzzz", briefly appears in the conversation. It's likely this is one of the handles of the many unidentified Idea Guys.

The log, as archived by the Guard Dogs, uses the full names of the Idea Guys; for the CWCki, it is modified in order to refer to the characters they were role-playing as.


  • Idea Guy Wise role plays as Pitohui. Based on an image uploaded by Wise, this is likely the character from Sword Art Online spinoff Gun Gale Online. He also briefly role-plays as Death and another Sword Art Online character, LLEN.
  • Idea Guy Boyd role plays as "Miss Gwendolyn" — likely an alternative naming for Gwen Mikoto, the identity he has previously assumed, and Jesus.
  • Chris uploads four near identical videos, pleading with Wise not to harm Cryzel.
  • Wise manipulates Chris into recording a "constipated and angry" rendition of Smash Mouth's All Star.
  • Several instances when Chris left the chat for nearly an hour, yet the Idea Guys were there for a response almost immediately when he returned.
  • Chris informs them about Jack Jankowski giving him money and inquires about the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure lore Jack and his friends had been trying to use to get access to Chris; Wise dismisses Jack as a troll.

Videos uploaded by Chris

Chat log

18/04/20 14:53:06 <Christine> Good Morning, y'all. I've just did my warmups. Sadly, my phone seems to be having bad battery troubles; even while plugged in, it lost all of its charge, and I was using an off-brand charging cable, while connected to the USB port on my iHome dock. Now, I have it directly plugged into power with an official Apple charging cable; I'm waiting for it to fully recharge now. Just another Great Way to Start a Day! Ugh!
18/04/20 14:54:04 <shikiboobzzzz> Aww!
18/04/20 14:54:32 <Wise [as ?]> I have an even greater one.
18/04/20 14:55:13 <Wise [as ?]> We found Pennywise the clown in Cwcville’s sewers today, and it’s been 30 years since it’s last adventure.
18/04/20 17:11:15 <Wise [as Death]> I have returned.-Death
18/04/20 19:05:53 <Christine> Hey, Y’all. I took my phone to Batteries Plus first; they replaced the battery and it’s working good again. It was definitely a less expensive option versus the new phone. I definitely can’t give y’all more money until next month. Thank you. Oh! Also, I have something to share with Pitohui. Please, excuse me for a moment.
18/04/20 19:06:21 <Wise [as Death]> What?-Death
18/04/20 19:08:05 <Christine> Just a couple of fresh photos from earlier today in my new outfit she told me to go buy.
18/04/20 19:08:14 <Christine> Outfit1.png
18/04/20 19:08:20 <Christine> Outfit2.png
18/04/20 19:08:44 <Christine> There: green sweater and light grey slacks.
18/04/20 19:08:54 <Wise [as Pitohui]> Yo-Pitohui
18/04/20 19:09:11 <Wise [as Pitohui> Don't wear the newspaperboy cap or the medallion in that outfit.
18/04/20 19:09:37 <Wise [as Pitohui> Plus, die your hair blonde and talk endlessly about Cosmopolitans and Italy when you wear that outfit.
18/04/20 19:09:57 <Wise [as Pitohui> Also, get angry whenever someone brings up Watermelons.
18/04/20 19:10:45 <Christine> Anyway, I just wanted to visually confirm for you my outfit acquisition. I am going to the gym now. I will check in again later. Thank you.
18/04/20 19:11:04 <Wise [as Pitohui> How long till they ban you from there too?
18/04/20 19:12:51 <Christine> Hopefully Never Ever. I am going to be on better behavior and acknowledging of their rules and regulations. Bye.
18/04/20 19:13:05 <Wise [as Pitohui> Bullshit.
18/04/20 19:13:11 <Wise [as Pitohui> You said that about the end.
18/04/20 19:13:21 <Wise [as Pitohui> You got kicked and nobody stuck up for you.
18/04/20 19:14:01 <Wise [as Pitohui> I wonder who will throw your ass to the curb here? The patrons lifting weights, Or the Cops?
18/04/20 20:17:32 <Christine> Regardless of your sarcasms, I am realizing the bouncy flaw of the fat breast lies upon my chest; they aware proving to be very distracting while I am moving on the elliptical. I have come to a new and permanent decision: I WILL draw myself flat-chested again from now on, and I WILL go back to the sports bra to keep them pressed in and in place.
18/04/20 20:19:01 <Wise [as Pitohui> That's from years of refusing to exercise properly. You grew fat on your chest that won't go away even if you did lose the weight, and now you're stuck with those globs of nasty for life.
18/04/20 20:19:09 <Wise [as Pitohui> And by the way?
18/04/20 20:19:55 <Wise [as Pitohui> Don't ever tell me your tits are bigger than mine. At least mine are real, where as yours were man tits even before you decided to insult the female gender even further by attempting to become one of us.
18/04/20 20:29:13 <shikiboobzzzz> Cute!
18/04/20 20:54:28 <Boyd [as Miss Gwendolyn]> those are called man boobs chris.
18/04/20 20:54:30 <Boyd [as Miss Gwendolyn]> moobs.
18/04/20 22:40:14 <Wise [as Pitohui> I have returned from killing a bunch of Rosechus at the mall!
18/04/20 22:40:14 <Wise [as Pitohui> Pitohui8 ds.png
18/04/20 22:49:35 <Wise [as Pitohui> They all tried to hold guns to me, but they kept teacupping or wound up with shooter's thumb! Apparently recoil is a new word to them too, since none of them knew trying to fire certain guns one-handed was a bad idea.
18/04/20 22:50:30 <Wise [as Pitohui> Rosechu actually broke her arm trying to fire a Remington 870 one-handed at me.
18/04/20 23:18:45 <Christine> A Fire-Type Sonichu?
18/04/20 23:20:29 <Christine> The only two of the Specials of my people that are Fire types, that I am aware of are Sarachu (a Rosechu) and Wes-Li Sonichu. Is this one really a new discovery for our list of Specials?
18/04/20 23:30:31 <Wise [as Pitohui> Yup
18/04/20 23:30:39 <Wise [as Pitohui> Also Rosechu is dead.
18/04/20 23:30:48 <Boyd [as Miss Gwendolyn]> Wow.
18/04/20 23:30:57 <Boyd [as Miss Gwendolyn]> Look at the smoldering flames.
18/04/20 23:31:09 <Boyd [as Miss Gwendolyn]> I’m gonna go see a movie.
18/04/20 23:31:14 <Boyd [as Miss Gwendolyn]> Later Pito
18/04/20 23:31:22 <Boyd [as Miss Gwendolyn]> And fatass get to exercising.
18/04/20 23:31:25 <Christine> Can we put those flames out?
18/04/20 23:31:29 <Christine> I already did
18/04/20 23:31:29 <Wise [as Pitohui> Nah
18/04/20 23:31:34 <Boyd [as Jesus]> Is she gone? -Jesus
18/04/20 23:31:47 <Wise [as Pitohui> CWCville disbanded the fire department for crack money.
18/04/20 23:32:03 <Boyd [as Jesus]> Why are the Sonichus addicts Christian?
18/04/20 23:32:12 <Boyd [as Jesus]> Answer your lord
18/04/20 23:32:56 <Wise [as Pitohui> Hey Jesus
18/04/20 23:33:27 <Wise [as Pitohui> Chris was telling me earlier how much he wants to be inflated like a balloon via air pump in the ass.
18/04/20 23:33:36 <Christine> I did not
18/04/20 23:33:50 <Christine> Pitohui, Stop taking lies about me.
18/04/20 23:34:29 <Wise [as Pitohui> He also said he wanted to steal more money from *real* disabled people.
18/04/20 23:34:37 <Christine> I Did Not!
18/04/20 23:34:42 <Wise [as Pitohui> Finally
18/04/20 23:34:58 <Christine> Shut Up!
18/04/20 23:35:06 <Wise [as Pitohui> He humbly requested that a cattle prod be stuck up his mom’s cunt.
18/04/20 23:35:41 <Christine> You offensive sick, lying creep, Pitohui!
18/04/20 23:35:53 <Wise [as Pitohui> You said it, not me~
18/04/20 23:36:01 <Christine> I Never did.
18/04/20 23:36:11 <Christine> You are putting words into my mouth.
18/04/20 23:36:17 <Christine> Stop Doing That.
18/04/20 23:36:28 <Wise [as Pitohui> I don’t need to.
18/04/20 23:36:34 <Wise [as Pitohui> You already said it~
18/04/20 23:36:52 <Christine> I Never said Any of those things.
18/04/20 23:37:33 <Christine> Why don’t you go play some NES Duck Hunt, and let that dog laugh at you?
18/04/20 23:37:45 <Christine> *groan*
18/04/20 23:37:50 <Wise [as Pitohui> That’s an insult?
18/04/20 23:38:05 <Wise [as Pitohui> I’m actually great at Duck Hunt.
18/04/20 23:38:27 <Christine> I just want you to Shut Up and stop making up crap against me in front of Jesus Christ.
18/04/20 23:38:33 <Wise [as Pitohui> I don’t have tard reflexes or rolls of fat weighing down my arms.
18/04/20 23:38:54 <Christine> Pitohui, I Loathe You.
18/04/20 23:39:12 <Wise [as Pitohui> Nah man, say a real fucking insult.
18/04/20 23:39:21 <Christine> Okay.
18/04/20 23:39:26 <Wise [as Pitohui> None of this pretentious shit.
18/04/20 23:39:29 <Christine> Pitohui, I Love You.
18/04/20 23:39:42 <Wise [as Pitohui> A real insult you creep.
18/04/20 23:40:20 <Christine> Ugh.
18/04/20 23:40:40 <Christine> Anyway, Jesus, I am really not sure. And until a few months ago, I had not even heard of Wild Sonichu’s meth lab. If I had to guess, I’d say it probably stemmed from my ADD and my other past non-drug addictions.
18/04/20 23:41:05 <Wise [as Pitohui> Don’t change the subject, porky.
18/04/20 23:41:17 <Christine> I was answering Jesus’ question.
18/04/20 23:41:29 <Wise [as Pitohui> Whatever
18/04/20 23:41:38 <Wise [as Pitohui> I see your mom.
18/04/20 23:42:04 <Wise [as Pitohui> *Flicks the selector off Safety*
18/04/20 23:42:14 <Christine> You know I Will run right upstairs.
18/04/20 23:42:22 <Wise [as Pitohui> Go ahead.
18/04/20 23:42:36 <Wise [as Pitohui> 7.62 will just tear through your fat
18/04/20 23:42:46 <Christine> I Need Her Alive.
18/04/20 23:42:51 <Wise [as Pitohui> Okay.
18/04/20 23:42:57 <Christine> Until After I am moved out.
18/04/20 23:43:04 <Wise [as Pitohui> *Shoots Cryzel’s leg instead*
18/04/20 23:43:45 <Christine> And I did take the first step on that by taking with my friends about helping me find the new place to move to.
18/04/20 23:43:52 <Christine> You Fucking Monster!
18/04/20 23:44:02 <Wise [as Pitohui> Ahaahaahaahaaaaa
18/04/20 23:44:19 <Wise [as Pitohui> Good luck running again.
18/04/20 23:44:19 <Christine> Cryzel!
18/04/20 23:44:26 <Christine> Ugh!
18/04/20 23:44:32 <Wise [as Pitohui> She’s fine.
18/04/20 23:44:41 <Wise [as Pitohui> I just blew her kneecap off.
18/04/20 23:44:57 <Christine> You SHOT Her in the leg, you Insatiable C-Word.
18/04/20 23:45:08 <Wise [as Pitohui> C-word? Be a man.
18/04/20 23:45:20 <Wise [as Pitohui> *Blows her other kneecap off*
18/04/20 23:45:38 <Christine> Pitohui, You CUNT!!!
18/04/20 23:45:50 <Wise [as Pitohui> There we go~!
18/04/20 23:45:57 <Wise [as Pitohui> And guess what?
18/04/20 23:46:04 <Wise [as Pitohui> Mine is the real thing~
18/04/20 23:46:35 <Wise [as Pitohui> Yours is just gonna be one in looks, but no womb~
18/04/20 23:48:17 <Wise [as Pitohui> Go ahead fatty
18/04/20 23:48:38 <Wise [as Pitohui> Unlike you, I have a nice body~
18/04/20 23:50:04 <Wise [as Pitohui> How much soy sauce did you have to guzzle to get the figure of a single obese cat lady?
18/04/20 23:50:20 <Wise [as Pitohui> Besides,
18/04/20 23:50:31 <Wise [as Pitohui> I’m late to pool with LLEN!
18/04/20 23:50:44 <Wise [as Pitohui> Billiards and suffering are fun~
18/04/20 23:51:43 <Christine> Ironically, right now, I can’t help but say “OH, LORD!”
18/04/20 23:51:54 <Wise [as Pitohui> Pitohui pooldownscale.png
18/04/20 23:52:14 <Wise [as Pitohui> *Plays pool while Cryzel cries for help*
18/04/20 23:52:30 <Christine> Cryzel!!!
18/04/20 23:52:54 <Wise [as Pitohui> This is a fun way to start a Friday~
18/04/20 23:53:17 <Christine> YOU FUCKING BITCH!
18/04/20 23:53:23 <Christine> PITOHUI!!!
18/04/20 23:53:27 <Wise [as Pitohui> Yes~?
18/04/20 23:54:00 <Wise [as Pitohui> *noms pizza as Cryzel tries to crawl into the room*
18/04/20 23:54:46 <Christine> Jesus?
18/04/20 23:55:29 <Wise [as Pitohui> *flicks pebbles at Cryzel*
18/04/20 23:56:06 <Christine> Jesus, Please Help and Heal my wife!
18/04/20 23:56:20 <Wise [as Pitohui> Jesus, take the wheel!
18/04/20 23:56:40 <Wise [as Pitohui> Hey Christine?
18/04/20 23:56:58 <Wise [as Pitohui> Wanna hear my impression of Roberta?
18/04/20 23:57:16 <Wise [as Pitohui> *DURR I’M DEAD!!*
18/04/20 23:57:57 <Christine> Shut Up, Whore..
18/04/20 23:58:28 <Wise [as Pitohui> And I’m supposed to take this from *Stephanie Bustcakes*?
18/04/20 23:59:17 <Wise [as Pitohui> Besides, I’d say I was pretty spot-on with that impression.
18/04/21 0:00:07 <Christine> The only way you would be Truly Spot-On with that impression is if you went outside and let yourself be hit by an 18- Wheeler, right to the face and breasts.
18/04/21 0:00:25 <Christine> And I may as well add your cooch as well.
18/04/21 0:01:02 <Wise [as Pitohui> That’s a weak insult.
18/04/21 0:01:12 <Wise [as Pitohui> I’m laughing pretty hard!
18/04/21 0:02:41 <Boyd [as Jesus]> Christian you haven't a place in my kingdom with that language pottypants.
18/04/21 0:03:01 <Christine> Yes, my Lord.
18/04/21 0:03:23 <Boyd [as Jesus]> For these transgressions you will APOLOGIZE and give Miss Pitohui whatever she desires.
18/04/21 0:06:04 <Christine> Pitohui, I am sorry for throwing insults left and right at you. And whatever you desire from me, personally and not through the pain and suffering of anyone else at all, I will be more than humble to oblige.
18/04/21 0:06:40 <Wise [as Pitohui> I want you to kick Magi-Chan in the dick
18/04/21 0:06:43 <Wise [as Pitohui> HARD
18/04/21 0:06:57 <Christine> Next time I see him, I will do that.
18/04/21 0:07:21 <Wise [as Pitohui> I want you to name your child “Mistake”
18/04/21 0:07:45 <Christine> I will name one of my children “Mistake”.
18/04/21 0:08:03 <Wise [as Pitohui> Name them all Mistake.
18/04/21 0:08:11 <Christine> That is too much
18/04/21 0:08:16 <Wise [as Pitohui> Just the kids you have with Cryzel
18/04/21 0:08:47 <Christine> Aside from those who are reborn through us?
18/04/21 0:09:13 <Wise [as Pitohui> Yeah
18/04/21 0:09:46 <Christine> Alright, I will name each of all of the other children I have with Cryzel, “Mistake”.
18/04/21 0:10:18 <Christine> Anything else?
18/04/21 0:10:26 <Boyd [as Jesus]> I've got one.
18/04/21 0:10:38 <Boyd [as Jesus]> Punch yourself in the breast until you vomit.
18/04/21 0:11:09 <Wise [as Pitohui> I want every Sonichu to get maced during dinner.
18/04/21 0:11:20 <Christine> Just making sure, is that a request from Jesus, or is that you, Professor?
18/04/21 0:11:35 <Boyd [as Jesus]> It's still Jesus.
18/04/21 0:11:50 <Boyd [as Jesus]> Miss Gwendolyn has gone to see a movie.
18/04/21 0:12:03 <Christine> I will punch myself hard in the breasts after this conversation is done.
18/04/21 0:12:39 <Boyd [as Jesus]> Then give Gwendolyn money.
18/04/21 0:12:42 <Christine> Pitohui, you may mace as many Sonichus as you wish tonight.
18/04/21 0:12:52 <Boyd [as Jesus]> SO SAYETH CHRIST YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR!
18/04/21 0:13:11 <Christine> I can’t give any more money until next month, but that is my plan.
18/04/21 0:13:23 <Boyd [as Jesus]> Double it then!
18/04/21 0:13:46 <Christine> I won’t be able to donate to the Goddesses if I do that.
18/04/21 0:13:57 <Wise [as Pitohui> No no, it has to be a state law.
18/04/21 0:15:02 <Christine> No. That is going too far.
18/04/21 0:15:27 <Wise [as Pitohui> Oh?
18/04/21 0:16:16 <Christine> I have experienced that pepper spray mace for myself, and I can’t have my people constantly having to suffer to it every night.
18/04/21 0:16:25 <Christine> They’re already suffering enough.
18/04/21 0:16:31 <Wise [as Pitohui> Too bad~
18/04/21 0:16:53 <Christine> Ugh.
18/04/21 0:16:56 <Christine> Fine!
18/04/21 0:17:31 <Christine> Until further notice, it will be a state law there in Cwcville to mace every Sonichu at dinner time.
18/04/21 0:17:56 <Wise [as Pitohui> Also every pregnant Rosechu has to be kicked in the stomach or pushed down a flight of stairs.
18/04/21 0:18:18 <Christine> YOU!!!!!
18/04/21 0:18:34 <Wise [as Pitohui> Yes, Soulja boy?
18/04/21 0:20:24 <Christine> I’m going to punch myself in the breasts now; and No kicking or punching any pregnant Rosechu, and NO pushing Anyone down flights of stairs!
18/04/21 0:20:51 <Wise [as Pitohui> *Shoves a Pregnant Cera down a flight of stairs*
18/04/21 0:22:11 <Wise [as Pitohui> Whoops~
18/04/21 0:32:17 <Christine> By the way, does the name “Dio Brando” mean anything to y’all?
18/04/21 0:33:12 <Christine> Or the term, “Stand User”?
18/04/21 0:33:35 <Wise [as Pitohui> Dio Brando?
18/04/21 0:36:56 <Wise [as Pitohui> Why?
18/04/21 0:38:44 <Wise [as Pitohui> He died a long time ago.
18/04/21 0:39:30 <Wise [as Pitohui> Leave that Jojo shit outta this conversation, fatty.
18/04/21 0:39:56 <Wise [as Pitohui> *Kicks Cryzel down the stairs too*
18/04/21 0:45:31 <Boyd [as Jesus]> Why would such a forsaken name be brought up my child?
18/04/21 0:48:16 <Boyd [as Jesus]> Christine answer me o be forsaken youself.
18/04/21 1:23:10 <Wise [as Pitohui> Chris went to go drink butter.
18/04/21 1:23:54 <Christine> I do not drink butter
18/04/21 1:24:14 <Wise [as Pitohui> There he is after his butter coma.
18/04/21 1:25:03 <Wise [as Pitohui> What do you think, Cryzel~?
18/04/21 1:25:10 <Wise [as Pitohui> *she wheezes*
18/04/21 1:25:10 <Christine> Anyway, I do not know that individual; the name was told to me by a a fan, that this Dio was trolling me.
18/04/21 1:25:19 <Christine> Cryzel!
18/04/21 1:25:24 <Wise [as Pitohui> Hold up.
18/04/21 1:25:28 <Wise [as Pitohui> *Dio*
18/04/21 1:25:54 <Wise [as Pitohui> How is Dio trolling you?
18/04/21 1:27:10 <Christine> From what I had heard, something about”Stand Power, “The World”” to screw things up for me.
18/04/21 1:27:39 <Wise [as Pitohui> Odd
18/04/21 1:28:23 <Christine> Yes. That is all I know of that individual.
18/04/21 1:28:40 <Wise [as Pitohui> Who is the fan that told you this?
18/04/21 1:29:41 <Christine> The one who sent me the $650 recently, his name is Jack, from New York, with a few friends; told me they were all on my side. Jack is autistic too.
18/04/21 1:30:35 <Christine> He also mentions that this Dio is the main Troll they found.
18/04/21 1:30:51 <Wise [as Pitohui> I think they’re trolling you.
18/04/21 1:31:08 <Wise [as Pitohui> The only Dio of that name died a looooong time ago.
18/04/21 1:31:19 <Wise [as Pitohui> You are right though.
18/04/21 1:31:52 <Wise [as Pitohui> He *is* autistic if he paid you $650 just to attend an event he could laugh at you from.
18/04/21 1:32:09 <Wise [as Pitohui> $650
18/04/21 1:32:25 <Wise [as Pitohui> That’s almost $1000.
18/04/21 1:32:51 <Wise [as Pitohui> There’s lots of better ways he could have spent that money.
18/04/21 1:32:58 <Wise [as Pitohui> But *trolling*?
18/04/21 1:33:10 <Wise [as Pitohui> Just wow.
18/04/21 1:34:32 <Boyd [as Miss Gwendolyn]> Tell this Jack to wire you two grand to see if "The World" is in motion. -Gwen
18/04/21 1:34:43 <Boyd [as Miss Gwendolyn]> I found Alan Moore on my home terminal.
18/04/21 1:35:05 <Christine> Also, I looked on my Twitter, someone named “Jailhouse Rui” said that I needed my Cutie Mark or Sonichu to be able to stand against the World’s ability, as “A Stand User can only be defeated by another Stand User.”
18/04/21 1:35:18 <Wise [as Pitohui> Isn’t that funny, Cryzel?
18/04/21 1:35:28 <Wise [as Pitohui> *She coughs and wheezes*
18/04/21 1:36:18 <Christine> Cryzel! Please, stay alive. I wish I could help you recover from here.
18/04/21 1:36:34 <Christine> And, I will relay that message to Jack, Professor.
18/04/21 1:40:21 <Wise [as Pitohui> *Spills hot coffee on her*
18/04/21 1:40:26 <Wise [as Pitohui> Whoops~!
18/04/21 1:40:38 <Christine> YOU BITCH!!!
18/04/21 1:40:49 <Christine> STOP ABUSING CRYZEL!!!
18/04/21 1:41:17 <Christine> YOU’RE ONLY MAKING ME MORE UPSET WITH YOU!
18/04/21 1:41:24 <Wise [as Pitohui> Ha
18/04/21 1:41:30 <Wise [as Pitohui> That’s funny.
18/04/21 1:41:40 <Wise [as Pitohui> Isn’t that funny, Cryzel?
18/04/21 1:41:54 <Wise [as Pitohui> *she gags*
18/04/21 1:41:57 <Christine> Let Her Go!
18/04/21 1:42:44 <Christine> I punched myself in the breasts for her, and by Jesus’ request.
18/04/21 1:42:58 <Wise [as Pitohui> Your species man, don’t they know it’s rude to text at the dinner table?
18/04/21 1:43:47 <Wise [as Pitohui> *stabs Cryzel in the shoulder with a fondue fork and snatched her phone*
18/04/21 1:44:01 <Christine> STOP IT PITOHUI!!!
18/04/21 1:44:10 <Christine> STOP TORTURING HER!
18/04/21 1:44:15 <Wise [as Pitohui> Ah, a text meant for Magi-Chan!
18/04/21 1:44:34 <Wise [as Pitohui> *With Pitohui*
18/04/21 1:44:44 <Wise [as Pitohui> Oh, you’ll love this next part.
18/04/21 1:44:52 <Wise [as Pitohui> *HELP!!*
18/04/21 1:45:15 <Christine> Shit!
18/04/21 1:45:27 <Wise [as Pitohui> You don’t text for help, you cry for help.
18/04/21 1:45:43 <Wise [as Pitohui> *yanks her from the table and walks her to the balcony*
18/04/21 1:45:58 <Christine> STOP THIS PITOHUI!!!
18/04/21 1:46:00 <Wise [as Pitohui> Wanna call for help, you do it right.
18/04/21 1:46:06 <Wise [as Pitohui> Go ahead.
18/04/21 1:46:20 <Wise [as Pitohui> *She whimpers for help*
18/04/21 1:46:23 <Christine> LEAVE CRYZEL AONE!
18/04/21 1:46:29 <Christine> CRYZEL!
18/04/21 1:46:44 <Wise [as Pitohui> From you diaphragm, dear!
18/04/21 1:46:58 <Wise [as Pitohui> *whimpers help a little louder*
18/04/21 1:47:04 <Wise [as Pitohui> Like this;
18/04/21 1:47:14 <Wise [as Pitohui> HEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!
18/04/21 1:47:31 <Wise [as Pitohui> *she screams for help until Pitohui stops her*
18/04/21 1:47:38 <Wise [as Pitohui> Hear that?
18/04/21 1:48:13 <Christine> I heard. Now, Stop Torturing Cryzel!!!
18/04/21 1:48:46 <Wise [as Pitohui> Nobody is coming~
18/04/21 1:48:51 <Wise [as Pitohui> Heehee
18/04/21 1:49:02 <Wise [as Pitohui> *slams her back into the table*
18/04/21 1:49:55 <Wise [as Pitohui> *yanks the fork from her back*
18/04/21 1:51:04 <Wise [as Pitohui> You were saying, Chris?
18/04/21 1:51:34 <Wise [as Pitohui> Chris?
18/04/21 1:52:01 <Christine> I’m right here, Bitch.
18/04/21 1:52:09 <Wise [as Pitohui> Good~
18/04/21 1:52:57 <Wise [as Pitohui> *Gives Cryzel a gun*
18/04/21 1:53:03 <Wise [as Pitohui> Go ahead~
18/04/21 1:53:12 <Christine> NO!
18/04/21 1:53:14 <Wise [as Pitohui> You wanna shoot me, right?
18/04/21 1:53:23 <Christine> DON’T FIRE THAT GUN, CRYZEL!!!
18/04/21 1:53:25 <Wise [as Pitohui> I’m giving you the shot.
18/04/21 1:53:31 <Wise [as Pitohui> Go on~
18/04/21 1:53:41 <Christine> IT WILL RECOIL ON YOU!
18/04/21 1:53:46 <Christine> DO NOT FIRE!
18/04/21 1:53:57 <Wise [as Pitohui> You don’t even know what recoil is.
18/04/21 1:54:29 <Christine> DO NOT SHOOT, CRYZEL!
18/04/21 1:55:03 <Christine> Pitohui is trying to trick you in hurting yourself with a faulty gun.
18/04/21 1:55:09 <Wise [as Pitohui> Faulty?
18/04/21 1:55:22 <Christine> Taking examples from the Rosechus who had guns earlier today.
18/04/21 1:55:26 <Wise [as Pitohui> Bitch, do you even understand what recoil is?
18/04/21 1:55:40 <Christine> DO NOT SHOOT THAT GUN, CRYZEL!
18/04/21 1:55:42 <Wise [as Pitohui> Recoil is the force you feel from firing a gun.
18/04/21 1:56:26 <Wise [as Pitohui> *she takes the gun*
18/04/21 1:56:31 <Wise [as Pitohui> Excellent~
18/04/21 1:56:37 <Wise [as Pitohui> Now~
18/04/21 1:56:44 <Wise [as Pitohui> Squeeze the trigger~
18/04/21 1:56:53 <Christine> Cryzel, Don’t Do It!
18/04/21 1:56:55 <Wise [as Pitohui> I’ll make it easier~
18/04/21 1:57:09 <Wise [as Pitohui> *places my forehead against the barrel*
18/04/21 1:57:18 <Wise [as Pitohui> Do it~
18/04/21 1:57:41 <Wise [as Pitohui> *She squeezes the trigger in anger, but the gun clicks empty*
18/04/21 1:57:58 <Christine> I TOLD YOU, CRYZEL!
18/04/21 1:58:03 <Wise [as Pitohui> Ahahahaaa
18/04/21 1:58:10 <Wise [as Pitohui> It wasn’t loaded!
18/04/21 1:59:05 <Christine> She was Toying with You! I Tried to tell you!
18/04/21 1:59:22 <Wise [as Pitohui> Bitch, you told her recoil meant a faulty gun.
18/04/21 1:59:36 <Christine> No, I did not say that.
18/04/21 1:59:41 <Wise [as Pitohui> You did.
18/04/21 2:00:01 <Wise [as Pitohui> *”Taking examples from the Rosechus who had guns earlier today.”*
18/04/21 2:00:18 <Christine> I was right that the gun was faulty, because it was not loaded. And I Knew recoil was the force from firing the gun.
18/04/21 2:00:20 <Wise [as Pitohui> They hurt themselves from not understanding how recoil works.
18/04/21 2:00:29 <Christine> Exactly.
18/04/21 2:00:29 <Wise [as Pitohui> Chris
18/04/21 2:00:42 <Wise [as Pitohui> Faulty and not loaded are not the same thing....
18/04/21 2:01:08 <Wise [as Pitohui> That’s not faulty
18/04/21 2:01:22 <Wise [as Pitohui> Maybe you just don’t know the definition of faulty?
18/04/21 2:01:36 <Christine> I Know what faulty means.
18/04/21 2:01:46 <Wise [as Pitohui> No you don’t.
18/04/21 2:02:43 <Christine> It means that the item in question is not up to spec with the typical design of the norm of the same item, and therefore making the item not only useless and not-functional, but also potentially hazardous and dangerous to the user.
18/04/21 2:04:27 <Christine> And the fact that the gun had nothing to fire in it, meant that it’s primary function was non-functional. Therefore: it was a faulty weapon.
18/04/21 2:04:33 <Wise [as Pitohui> Good job googling
18/04/21 2:04:53 <Christine> Googled with my mind. Not my phone.
18/04/21 2:05:02 <Wise [as Pitohui> exceptional individual
18/04/21 2:05:30 <Christine> Says the one who recognizes another.
18/04/21 2:05:59 <Wise [as Pitohui> How long did you take to get your degree again?
18/04/21 2:06:11 <Christine> Five years.
18/04/21 2:06:21 <Wise [as Pitohui> For that degree?
18/04/21 2:06:37 <Christine> It would have been sooner if I had not been banned from PVCC that one year.
18/04/21 2:06:49 <Wise [as Pitohui> Excuses excuses
18/04/21 2:07:30 <Christine> I wish I had never hit on Vert at all that day with the meeting with Mary Lee Walsh, in ANY Timeline.
18/04/21 2:08:34 <Wise [as Pitohui> And you call *me* an exceptional individual.
18/04/21 2:09:16 <Christine> If the insulter knows the word to call another who is one.
18/04/21 2:10:05 <Wise [as Pitohui> Oh nice comeback. Your mommy give it to you on paper?
18/04/21 2:10:38 <Christine> No, it came to me by email into the computer in my brain.
18/04/21 2:12:32 <Wise [as Pitohui> I had to take a moment to regain myself after laughing.
18/04/21 2:12:51 <Christine> I’m so glad I could entertain you
18/04/21 2:12:59 <Wise [as Pitohui> What drugs are you on, tubby?
18/04/21 2:13:13 <Christine> I have not taken any drugs tonight.
18/04/21 2:13:23 <Wise [as Pitohui> Oh sorry
18/04/21 2:13:27 <Christine> If anyone’s on something, it might be you.
18/04/21 2:13:29 <Wise [as Pitohui> *”Meds”*
18/04/21 2:13:43 <Christine> You’re High on your Swedish Butter.
18/04/21 2:13:52 <Wise [as Pitohui> Oh yes, you’re right. I am on something.
18/04/21 2:14:02 <Wise [as Pitohui> My boot on Cryzel’s head~
18/04/21 2:14:25 <Christine> Get your foot off her Right Now!
18/04/21 2:14:34 <Wise [as Pitohui> *Presses down hard*
18/04/21 2:14:39 <Wise [as Pitohui> Nope~
18/04/21 2:15:23 <Christine> You know, perhaps My head alone should be more appropriate for your boot; it’s so thick-headed.
18/04/21 2:15:57 <Christine> I’m as thick as a football helmet.
18/04/21 2:16:24 <Wise [as Pitohui> Heehee
18/04/21 2:16:26 <Christine> One that Nick Saban personally approved.
18/04/21 2:17:00 <Wise [as Pitohui> Oh~?
18/04/21 2:17:09 <Christine> Yup
18/04/21 2:17:41 <Christine> He liked it so much, he had me cloned, so helmets could be made from my thick head.
18/04/21 2:18:42 <Christine> Oh, and my penis makes a great kicking tee; it’s bent right to keep the ball propped up.
18/04/21 2:19:31 <Christine> Where my dick ought to be all along, with the balls.
18/04/21 2:19:37 <Wise [as Pitohui> *presses harder*
18/04/21 2:20:30 <Christine> Cryzel’s Head is not worthy of the strength of your boot.
18/04/21 2:20:51 <Christine> You should find a head more worthy of your boot.
18/04/21 2:21:05 <Christine> Maybe your own.
18/04/21 2:22:02 <Christine> What will it take for you to stop torturing Cryzel?
18/04/21 2:23:42 <Wise [as Pitohui> Beg
18/04/21 2:23:55 <Wise [as Pitohui> Get on your knees in a video and beg
18/04/21 2:24:06 <Wise [as Pitohui> You may google drive for now.
18/04/21 2:24:51 <Christine> That is actually fair
18/04/21 2:25:03 <Wise [as Pitohui> *presses into Cryzel’s shattered legs*
18/04/21 2:25:24 <Christine> I am on my knees right now. Please stop, and hold on while I record.
18/04/21 2:25:44 <Wise [as Pitohui> You’ve got thirty seconds, fatbody.
18/04/21 2:27:36 <Christine> Recorded
18/04/21 2:27:40 <Christine> It’s uploading
18/04/21 2:28:18 <Christine> Also, I have new information on “The World” thing Jack mentioned, from Jack.
18/04/21 2:28:55 <Christine> He said, ““The World” is basically this elaborate plot to troll you at BronyCon. It didn’t happen at MAGfest, fortunately. That was only because nobody knew you would show up.”
18/04/21 2:29:57 <Christine> He is part of a group who wishes to keep me safe at the BronyCon, at least, and I quote him, “The Stardust Crusaders are an elite task force assembled solely for the benefit of ensuring that Christine Weston Chandler, ORIGINAL creator of Sonichu and Rosechu has a safe con visit.”
18/04/21 2:30:52 <Christine> Anyway, the video is uploaded and processing.
18/04/21 2:30:56 <Christine>
He uploaded Chris pleads to stop Cryzel Torture#First plea
18/04/21 2:32:20 <Christine> And I would surmise that the Troll leading this “World” plan is this “Dio Brando” he mentioned earlier.
18/04/21 2:33:04 <Wise [as Pitohui> Not pleased with your video.
18/04/21 2:33:18 <Wise [as Pitohui> *whips Cryzel*
18/04/21 2:33:35 <Christine> Leave Cryzel Alone!
18/04/21 2:34:02 <Christine> I gave you information about a bunch of trolls who will be Trolling at BronyCon this year.
18/04/21 2:34:15 <Wise [as Pitohui> Heehee
18/04/21 2:34:37 <Wise [as Pitohui> But the video was all I asked, and you didn’t deliver~
18/04/21 2:34:48 <Christine> I Did Deliver.
18/04/21 2:34:54 <Christine> I Begged You
18/04/21 2:35:18 <Wise [as Pitohui> None of your tard “I will mom” tone.
18/04/21 2:35:49 <Christine> Okay, you lost me. “I will mom”? What’s that mean?
18/04/21 2:36:30 <Wise [as Pitohui> You always sound monotone and annoyed when someone ask you to do something.
18/04/21 2:37:33 <Wise [as Pitohui> I want you to *beg* like the old bitch you are~
18/04/21 2:37:40 <Wise [as Pitohui> Cry and shout.
18/04/21 2:37:51 <Christine> Hold on
18/04/21 2:38:14 <Wise [as Pitohui> I don’t have all night, fatass.
18/04/21 2:39:49 <Christine> Uploading new video
18/04/21 2:40:22 <Christine> I don’t have all night either, and I should have been in bed 40 minutes ago.
18/04/21 2:40:41 <Christine>
He uploaded Chris pleads to stop Cryzel Torture#Second plea
18/04/21 2:42:17 <Wise [as Pitohui> Too bad
18/04/21 2:42:21 <Wise [as Pitohui> It’s Friday
18/04/21 2:43:18 <Christine> I was not monotoned in this video.
18/04/21 2:45:38 <Wise [as Pitohui> I’ll be the judge of that
18/04/21 2:45:48 <Wise [as Pitohui> Stay up with me and Cryzel
18/04/21 2:46:04 <Christine> Yes
18/04/21 2:47:20 <Wise [as Pitohui> You kept saying my name wrong, you moron.
18/04/21 2:47:39 <Wise [as Pitohui> Do it again
18/04/21 2:48:09 <Christine> How is your name pronounced?
18/04/21 2:48:49 <Wise [as Pitohui> I’ll sound it out for you since your tard Southern dialect will likely butcher it again.
18/04/21 2:49:04 <Christine> Okay
18/04/21 2:49:15 <Wise [as Pitohui> P-Toe-Hwee
18/04/21 2:49:40 <Christine> Alright. I need a moment; I have to pee, then I will record again.
18/04/21 2:49:49 <Wise [as Pitohui> No
18/04/21 2:50:02 <Wise [as Pitohui> Pee there and record yourself begging.
18/04/21 2:50:12 <Christine> Fine.
18/04/21 2:52:43 <Christine> Uploading
18/04/21 2:53:27 <Wise [as Pitohui> I'll be waiting.
18/04/21 2:53:42 <Wise [as Pitohui> You won't get to rest until you say it right after all~
18/04/21 2:52:43 <Christine>
He uploaded Chris pleads to stop Cryzel Torture#Third Plea
18/04/21 2:56:04 <Wise [as Pitohui> Just waiting for it to process entirely.
18/04/21 2:56:49 <Christine> I’m staying up and doing all this for you, Cryzel.
18/04/21 2:56:59 <Wise [as Pitohui> You hear that, Cryzel?
18/04/21 2:57:13 <Wise [as Pitohui> *Digs my heel into her leg*
18/04/21 2:57:49 <Wise [as Pitohui> *She wheezes*
18/04/21 2:58:03 <Christine> I would never stay up late for the bitch who is torturing you and I right now. Although, I realize you are hurting worse than I am feeling.
18/04/21 2:58:31 <Christine> I am really sorry this is happening to you, honey.
18/04/21 2:58:42 <Wise [as Pitohui> Daww
18/04/21 2:58:45 <Wise [as Pitohui> You hear that?
18/04/21 2:59:02 <Wise [as Pitohui> He obviously has a boner for me if he's willing to give me a name and not you~
18/04/21 2:59:18 <Christine> NO
18/04/21 2:59:24 <Christine> Cryzel is my Honey
18/04/21 2:59:29 <Wise [as Pitohui> Ya sure?
18/04/21 2:59:29 <Christine> Not You, Pitohui
18/04/21 2:59:40 <Wise [as Pitohui> Look at what he typed~*Shows Cryzel the phone*
18/04/21 3:00:07 <Christine> Cryzel knows I call her my Honey, and Love.
18/04/21 3:00:29 <Wise [as Pitohui> *She cries*
18/04/21 3:00:36 <Wise [as Pitohui> Awwwww
18/04/21 3:00:41 <Wise [as Pitohui> That's unfortunate~
18/04/21 3:01:03 <Christine> DAMN MY MISWORDING!
18/04/21 3:01:25 <Wise [as Pitohui> You said my name wrong *AGAIN*
18/04/21 3:01:45 <Christine> P-Toe-Hwee
18/04/21 3:01:49 <Wise [as Pitohui> Yeah
18/04/21 3:01:57 <Wise [as Pitohui> you said P'tohui.
18/04/21 3:02:03 <Wise [as Pitohui> Not Pitohui.
18/04/21 3:02:23 <Christine> I’m getting on my knees again.
18/04/21 3:03:07 <Wise [as Pitohui> I guess an inbred tard like you will still say it wrong.
18/04/21 3:04:31 <Christine> Uploading
18/04/21 3:05:29 <Wise [as Pitohui> You keep forgetting I have *two* Is in my name.
18/04/21 3:06:09 <Christine> That “Toe” is pronounced “Two”?
18/04/21 3:06:20 <Wise [as Pitohui> o
18/04/21 3:06:22 <Wise [as Pitohui> No
18/04/21 3:06:37 <Wise [as Pitohui> How sad, Cryzel.
18/04/21 3:06:48 <Wise [as Pitohui> Your hubby can't even say names right~
18/04/21 3:06:55 <Christine> You said, “You keep forgetting I have *two* Is in my name.”
18/04/21 3:06:56 <Wise [as Pitohui> *digs into her wound*
18/04/21 3:07:03 <Wise [as Pitohui> Is
18/04/21 3:07:08 <Wise [as Pitohui> The letter I
18/04/21 3:07:20 <Christine> Pitohui
18/04/21 3:07:41 <Wise [as Pitohui> Yeah but tard mouth Chrissy here keeps saying P'tohui.
18/04/21 3:07:57 <Wise [as Pitohui> Like my name is that hard.
18/04/21 3:08:28 <Christine> Pronounced like the letter “P”, then “toe”, then “hwee”.
18/04/21 3:09:18 <Wise [as Pitohui> Yes, what is so hard about that?
18/04/21 3:09:21 <Christine> To accentuate the first “I” would make the first syllable sound like “Pi”.
18/04/21 3:09:33 <Wise [as Pitohui> Jesus...
18/04/21 3:09:37 <Wise [as Pitohui> PEE
18/04/21 3:09:38 <Christine> And I did pronounce it like “P”
18/04/21 3:09:39 <Wise [as Pitohui> PEE
18/04/21 3:09:54 <Christine> Right, “PEE” is the first syllable
18/04/21 3:10:02 <Wise [as Pitohui> Say PEE like the fucking alphabet.
18/04/21 3:10:09 <Christine> P
18/04/21 3:10:16 <Wise [as Pitohui> Oh my fucking....
18/04/21 3:10:24 <Wise [as Pitohui> *Stomps on Cryzel's wound*
18/04/21 3:10:44 <Christine> How did the video turn out?
18/04/21 3:10:45 <Wise [as Pitohui> Understand now?
18/04/21 3:10:49 <Christine> Yes
18/04/21 3:11:37 <Wise [as Pitohui> Even now you *still* butcher my name.
18/04/21 3:11:55 <Christine> What did I get wrong this time?
18/04/21 3:12:17 <Wise [as Pitohui> You still mispronounced the *Pito* part.
18/04/21 3:12:49 <Wise [as Pitohui> Fuck it
18/04/21 3:12:52 <Wise [as Pitohui> No more.
18/04/21 3:13:02 <Wise [as Pitohui> *Stomps on Cryzel's tail*
18/04/21 3:14:00 <Wise [as Pitohui> I want another video from you now.
18/04/21 3:14:34 <Christine> What do you want now?
18/04/21 3:14:52 <Wise [as Pitohui> I want you to scream Allstar.
18/04/21 3:14:58 <Wise [as Pitohui> on camera.
18/04/21 3:15:18 <Christine> Just the one word?
18/04/21 3:15:28 <Wise [as Pitohui> The song, you idiot.
18/04/21 3:15:55 <Christine> I need to locate the lyrics. Hold on.
18/04/21 3:16:15 <Wise [as Pitohui>
18/04/21 3:16:16 <Wise [as Pitohui> Here
18/04/21 3:16:29 <Christine> Give me a few minutes.
18/04/21 3:17:10 <Wise [as Pitohui> and I want you to dance like you're constipated and angry.
18/04/21 3:17:57 <Christine> Well, I’m definitely Angry, but not as angry as Kratos on any day of the week.
18/04/21 3:20:48 <Wise [as Pitohui> Dance like an angry constipated indian.
18/04/21 3:24:23 <Christine> Uploading, and I danced like I was constipated.
18/04/21 3:24:48 <Christine> And my throat feels soar.
18/04/21 3:25:12 <Wise [as Pitohui> Let's see~
18/04/21 3:27:04 <Christine> The only positive I will give you now is that you’ve made me burn a thousand calories tonight
18/04/21 3:27:43 <Christine>
He uploaded Chris pleads to stop Cryzel Torture#Fourth plea
18/04/21 3:27:43 <Wise [as Pitohui> Post the link
18/04/21 3:27:45 <Wise [as Pitohui> good
18/04/21 3:29:30 <Wise [as Pitohui> waiting for it to finish processing.
18/04/21 3:29:56 <Christine> If I can afford to get one, I’m getting an Aria Smart Scale, so my weight loss progress can be tracked digitally as well.
18/04/21 3:32:28 <Wise [as Pitohui> Jesus, did you actually *Listen* to the song?
18/04/21 3:32:39 <Christine> I Did, many times.
18/04/21 3:32:47 <Wise [as Pitohui> Meh
18/04/21 3:32:49 <Wise [as Pitohui> passable.
18/04/21 3:32:52 <Christine> Okay
18/04/21 3:33:00 <Wise [as Pitohui> Stay for the fun~!
18/04/21 3:33:08 <Wise [as Pitohui> we're just letting loose~!
18/04/21 3:33:19 <Wise [as Pitohui> *Cryzel falls back onto the floor*
18/04/21 3:33:24 <Christine> Cryzel!
18/04/21 3:33:30 <Wise [as Pitohui> Oh shit, she's seizing out.
18/04/21 3:33:43 <Wise [as Pitohui> I know what to do, don't worry!
18/04/21 3:34:45 <Wise [as Pitohui> Don't worry Chris, I know how to help.
18/04/21 3:35:04 <Wise [as Pitohui> Pitohui pooldownscale.png
18/04/21 3:35:45 <Christine> That picture does not make me feel any better.
18/04/21 3:36:06 <Wise [as Pitohui> *Plays pool with LLEN while Cryzel has a seizure on the floor*
18/04/21 3:36:28 <Christine> You did this to my Honey, you Bitch; you tortured and stressed Cryzel out Beyond Her Limits!!!
18/04/21 3:36:43 <Wise [as LLEN]> P-Pito...this isn't right.-LLEN
18/04/21 3:36:56 <Wise [as Pitohui]> You're right LLEN...this isn't.-Pitohui
18/04/21 3:37:04 <Wise [as Pitohui]> I know what I really need to do...
18/04/21 3:37:44 <Wise [as Pitohui]> I'm sorry Chris, I know what I really have to do.
18/04/21 3:37:59 <Wise [as Pitohui> *Turns on the radio and cranks it up as we resume playing*
18/04/21 3:38:02 <Wise [as Pitohui>
18/04/21 3:38:09 <Christine> You Bitch!
18/04/21 3:38:41 <Wise [as Pitohui> Pitohui yawn.PNG
18/04/21 3:38:48 <Christine> You Fucked Up, Sociopathic, Crazy, Sick and Murderous CUNT!!!!
18/04/21 3:38:51 <Wise [as Pitohui> No're right
18/04/21 3:38:58 <Wise [as Pitohui> I'm sorry, this seriously is wrong.
18/04/21 3:39:02 <Wise [as Pitohui> I'll fix it now.
18/04/21 3:39:14 <Wise [as Pitohui> *Changes the song*
18/04/21 3:39:16 <Wise [as Pitohui> Superman - Goldfinger
18/04/21 3:39:28 <Christine> NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!
18/04/21 3:39:36 <Christine> HELP MY WIFE!!!
18/04/21 3:39:40 <Wise [as Pitohui> Okay okay
18/04/21 3:39:51 <Wise [as Pitohui> She not a Tony Hawk fan?
18/04/21 3:40:08 <Wise [as Pitohui> C'mon, this is classic Pro skater music.
18/04/21 3:40:09 <Christine> GET CRYZEL TO A GOOD HOSPITAL INMEDIATELY!!!!!!
18/04/21 3:40:15 <Wise [as Pitohui> Okay okay.
18/04/21 3:40:30 <Wise [as Pitohui> *Drags her behind me into the car with LLEN.*
18/04/21 3:42:53 <Wise [as Pitohui> *The engine finally turns on as the radio turns on*
18/04/21 3:43:02 <Wise [as Pitohui>
18/04/21 3:44:38 <Boyd [as Jesus]> Christian it's Jesus... -Jesus
18/04/21 3:44:50 <Boyd [as Jesus]> I'm disappointed in your language.
18/04/21 3:45:09 <Boyd [as Jesus]> For that you have forsaken me and I'm not sure I want you to return to my flock this time.
18/04/21 3:45:25 <Wise [as Pitohui> Oh hey Jesus.
18/04/21 3:45:32 <Wise [as Pitohui> I'm taking Cryzel to the hospital.
18/04/21 3:45:36 <Wise [as Pitohui> Wanna come with me?
18/04/21 3:45:43 <Christine> Pitohui has tortured Cryzel by shooting her in both knees, and putting a boot to her injuries and her head and tail.
18/04/21 3:45:59 <Boyd [as Jesus]> I've got to go before Miss Gwendolyn discovers I used her items again.
18/04/21 3:46:22 <Wise [as Pitohui> Gwen, come with us. We're going on a girls' night~!
18/04/21 3:46:27 <Boyd [as Jesus]> Christian I told you as long as it's not YOURSELF being harmed karma will fix this.
18/04/21 3:46:45 <Wise [as Pitohui> *Turns up Aaron Lewis*
18/04/21 3:46:48 <Christine> Huh? Karma?
18/04/21 3:46:49 <Boyd [as Jesus]> Still Jesus. Miss Gwendolyn is asleep.
18/04/21 3:46:58 <Boyd [as Jesus]> Oh my dad Christian...
18/04/21 3:47:05 <Boyd [as Jesus]> TURN THE OTHER CHEEK
18/04/21 3:47:07 <Wise [as Pitohui> Oh well.
18/04/21 3:47:23 <Boyd [as Jesus]> Now I'm leaving until I cna sneak on next. Good Night.
18/04/21 3:48:12 <Wise [as Pitohui> *Drives off hard as the radio blares*
18/04/21 3:50:06 <Christine> He actually told me to “Turn the other cheek”, and in that sense, turn a blind eye to the events.
18/04/21 3:50:36 <Wise [as Pitohui> *turns up the volume*
18/04/21 3:50:39 <Wise [as Pitohui>
18/04/21 3:50:54 <Wise [as Pitohui> *Takes a sharp turn as Cryzel bumps around in the back*
18/04/21 3:52:44 <Wise [as Pitohui> *Pulls up into the drive-thru of Hardees*
18/04/21 3:54:18 <Wise [as Pitohui> Mmmm, not Carl's Jr. but it's still the same.
18/04/21 3:55:58 <Wise [as Pitohui> Yo Chris, what do you think of Hardees?
18/04/21 3:56:31 <Wise [as Pitohui> You certainly are a connoisseur of fast food.
18/04/21 3:58:13 <Christine> Hardees is whatever to me.
18/04/21 3:58:20 <Christine> I’m Very Sorry this is all happening to you, Cryzel, my Honey and my Love. It really hurts me to hear you’re going through so much pain and torture. I am even more sorry that I had not listened more attentively. I Promise, Cryzel Chandler Rosechu, I will do better to listen and be receptive to and for you. And our first movie night together after you return, “Silent Hill”, like you wanted. I must look the other way for now of Pitohui and her misconduct. Please, forgive me in doing that, Honey. I am always thinking and worrying about you. Also, along with you, I, too, worry about our Hubby, Magi-Chan. Please, respond and talk with me as soon as you recover, or after you’ve had enough time away from me; as you feel and like. Be Safe and Well, Cryzel, my Honey and Love.
18/04/21 3:58:35 <Wise [as Pitohui>
18/04/21 3:58:40 <Wise [as Pitohui> *Turns the radio up*
18/04/21 3:59:00 <Wise [as Pitohui> Good thing I already ordered while I waited for a response.
18/04/21 4:00:06 <Wise [as LLEN]> Pito...I don't like this music. Can we play something else?-LLEN
18/04/21 4:00:37 <Wise [as Pitohui> Oh okay.-Pitohui
18/04/21 4:00:42 <Wise [as Pitohui> *Changes the station*
18/04/21 4:00:45 <Wise [as Pitohui>
18/04/21 4:00:54 <Wise [as Pitohui> Okay Chris, I got our food.
18/04/21 4:01:00 <Wise [as Pitohui> We'll go to the hospital.
18/04/21 4:01:05 <Wise [as Pitohui> Well, after we stop and eat~
18/04/21 4:01:30 <Wise [as Pitohui> *Cryzel starts having another seizure*
18/04/21 4:03:32 <Wise [as Pitohui> Chris?
18/04/21 4:03:46 <Wise [as Pitohui> <@!429821319643660290>
18/04/21 4:04:22 <Christine> Alright
18/04/21 4:04:39 <Wise [as Pitohui> *We both eat as Cryzel gags violently*
18/04/21 4:05:17 <Wise [as Pitohui> Mmmmmmm
18/04/21 4:05:22 <Wise [as Pitohui> Good stuff.
18/04/21 4:05:35 <Wise [as Pitohui> Normally don't eat burgers as often, but it's nice to treat yourself.
18/04/21 4:06:21 <Wise [as Pitohui> *Cryzel vomits in the back*
18/04/21 4:07:18 <Wise [as Pitohui> Hey Cryzel, sounds like your hubby stopped nagging us to take you to the hospital.
18/04/21 4:07:43 <Christine> TAKE CRYZEL TO THE HOSPITAL.
18/04/21 4:07:53 <Wise [as Pitohui> Oh well okay.
18/04/21 4:08:08 <Wise [as Pitohui> *Drives off towards the hospital*
18/04/21 4:08:16 <Wise [as Pitohui> Which do you recomend?
18/04/21 4:09:37 <Christine> The BEST Hospital in the city, with all of the BEST AND GOOD medical tech around. And NOT a Pokémon Center.
18/04/21 4:09:44 <Wise [as Pitohui> Which is?
18/04/21 4:10:17 <Wise [as Pitohui> I dunno this area that well.
18/04/21 4:10:25 <Wise [as Pitohui> Japanese citizen, remember?
18/04/21 4:10:30 <Christine> I’m going with where Doctor Sylvestrichu is, given if he is alive and with all of his memories restored.
18/04/21 4:10:48 <Wise [as Pitohui> Oh he's been barred.
18/04/21 4:11:05 <Wise [as Pitohui> He gave a man breast implants instead of curing him.
18/04/21 4:11:13 <Wise [as Pitohui> Wait, I see a hospital now.
18/04/21 4:11:13 <Christine> Shit
18/04/21 4:11:29 <Christine> Okay
18/04/21 4:12:14 <Wise [as Pitohui> Okay, the doctors are all speaking to me now.
18/04/21 4:12:36 <Wise [as Pitohui> The gurney they dropped her onto was pretty bloody too, but they're looking her over.
18/04/21 4:13:20 <Wise [as Pitohui> You there, <@!429821319643660290> ?
18/04/21 4:13:25 <Christine> Yes
18/04/21 4:13:42 <Wise [as Pitohui> Okay, the doctor told me something about Cryzel.
18/04/21 4:13:52 <Christine> What?
18/04/21 4:13:59 <Wise [as Pitohui> I dunno, I don't speak Spanish.
18/04/21 4:14:31 <Wise [as Pitohui> Boy does this place smell.
18/04/21 4:14:45 <Wise [as Pitohui> Look at the rooms!
18/04/21 4:14:45 <Wise [as Pitohui> Venezuela hospital ds.jpg
18/04/21 4:14:57 <Wise [as Pitohui> Hey wait....that ain't the US flag.
18/04/21 4:15:02 <Wise [as Pitohui> Oh shit, I see now!
18/04/21 4:15:07 <Wise [as Pitohui> We're not in Virginia!
18/04/21 4:15:13 <Wise [as Pitohui> We're in *Venezuela!*
18/04/21 4:15:35 <Wise [as Pitohui> Jesus, the healthcare here is a fucking joke~! XD
18/04/21 4:15:47 <Christine> You know what?
18/04/21 4:15:54 <Christine> Get Cryzel out of there
18/04/21 4:16:04 <Wise [as Pitohui> Nah man, I took her to the hospital. 1
8/04/21 4:16:15 <Wise [as Pitohui> My job is D-O-N-E.
18/04/21 4:16:38 <Christine> Fine. I’m done talking for now. I’m letting Karma do its thing now.
18/04/21 4:16:45 <Wise [as Pitohui> Holy shit
18/04/21 4:16:54 <Wise [as Pitohui> I just got me $50,000!
18/04/21 4:17:13 <Wise [as Pitohui> It's pocket change to me, but still nice~
18/04/21 4:17:27 <Wise [as Pitohui> That the karma you were looking for?
18/04/21 4:17:59 <Christine> I meant for Cryzel.
18/04/21 4:18:25 <Wise [as Pitohui> Oh?
18/04/21 4:18:41 <Christine> You know, Good Karma to do good for her.
18/04/21 4:18:54 <Wise [as Pitohui> Do you understand how Karma works?
18/04/21 4:19:26 <Christine> Yes. When one does more good for others, good things happen for that person and their closest.
18/04/21 4:19:42 <Christine> And bad for bad.
18/04/21 4:19:42 <Wise [as Pitohui> Well I got me some record deals~
18/04/21 4:19:54 <Wise [as Pitohui> So it seems Karma is *rewarding* me~
18/04/21 4:20:37 <Christine> You did good. You did a good thing, so you’re being rewarded. Now, I hope good things are happening for Cryzel in her recovery.
18/04/21 4:21:04 <Wise [as Pitohui> Oh yeah
18/04/21 4:21:12 <Wise [as Pitohui> They sawed off her legs with a rusty bone saw.
18/04/21 4:23:08 <Wise [as Pitohui> No anesthesia or anything.
18/04/21 4:23:37 <Wise [as Pitohui> *LLEN vomits from watching*
18/04/21 4:24:08 <Wise [as Pitohui> Whatcha up to, Chris?
18/04/21 4:24:57 <Christine> I feel like I’m vomiting inside my head.
18/04/21 4:25:13 <Christine> How did y’all get from Virginia to Venezuela?
18/04/21 4:25:36 <Wise [as Pitohui> Through a portal Magi-Chan had built the other day.
18/04/21 4:25:57 <Christine> I see
18/04/21 4:26:10 <Wise [as Pitohui> Well Cryzel is done.
18/04/21 4:26:20 <Wise [as Pitohui> Her legs and tail were amputated.
18/04/21 4:26:36 <Christine> I am crying
18/04/21 4:27:04 <Christine> I should have left this all alone from the beginning.
18/04/21 4:27:10 <Wise [as Pitohui> Oh?
18/04/21 4:27:24 <Wise [as Pitohui> How so?*throws Cryzel back into the car*
18/04/21 4:27:39 <Christine> As in I should not have talked with you tonight at all, Pitohui.
18/04/21 4:27:52 <Wise [as Pitohui> Then no hospital.
18/04/21 4:28:00 <Wise [as Pitohui> And a dead Cryzel.
18/04/21 4:28:19 <Wise [as Pitohui> Oh well.
18/04/21 4:28:26 <Wise [as Pitohui> I can fix this.
18/04/21 4:28:28 <Christine> No
18/04/21 4:28:29 <Christine> Wait
18/04/21 4:28:37 <Wise [as Pitohui> *picks up speed*
18/04/21 4:28:41 <Christine> She’s not dead.
18/04/21 4:28:55 <Wise [as Pitohui> LLEN, open the door and kick Cryzel out.
18/04/21 4:29:00 <Christine> NO!
18/04/21 4:29:11 <Christine> Take Cryzel back to Cwcville!
18/04/21 4:29:23 <Wise [as Pitohui> If she hits a pole at this speed, she might just splatter!
18/04/21 4:29:45 <Christine> TAKE CRYZEL BACK TO CWCVILLE NOW!!!
18/04/21 4:31:00 <Wise [as Pitohui> *LLEN opens the door*
18/04/21 4:31:22 <Wise [as Pitohui> I got a song you might recognize.
18/04/21 4:31:25 <Wise [as Pitohui>
18/04/21 4:31:43 <Wise [as Pitohui> *The car hits 106 mph*
18/04/21 4:32:01 <Wise [as Pitohui> Ready Chrissy?
18/04/21 4:33:43 <Wise [as Pitohui> Alright LLEN, Chris ain't responding.
18/04/21 4:33:50 <Wise [as Pitohui> Kick the bitch.
18/04/21 4:34:25 <Wise [as Pitohui> Oh SHIT
18/04/21 4:34:40 <Wise [as Pitohui> An old Hilary billboard!
18/04/21 4:34:49 <Wise [as Pitohui> Let's pay tribute to her!
18/04/21 4:35:13 <Wise [as Pitohui> At this speed, Cryzel will make a nice splatter painting to Hilary's face~!
18/04/21 4:41:08 <Wise [as Pitohui> KICK!!!
18/04/21 6:26:27 <Wise [as Pitohui> Alright fuck it, we took Cryzel to a different hospital.
18/04/21 6:26:42 <Wise [as Pitohui> She’s fine, with legs and a tail.
18/04/21 6:27:12 <Wise [as Pitohui> Though you have to come on here and ask for me to send her home.\

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