The 69 Destined Sonichus and Rosechus

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Calling it the "Special 69" though makes it sound dirty.
Comment from a CWCProtectSquad white knight.[1]
That is irrelevant.
Chris's response.[1]
The list

The 69 Destined Sonichus and Rosechus is a list dictated to Chris by the Idea Guys. As befitting their style, it contains a number of edgy references to infamous people, as well as a reference to the number 69 - a number associated with gay sex. Originally, the lore was that any further Sonichus and Rosechus made after would not affect the list number, as "those children did not originate directly from the Chaotic Rainbow of February 1, 2003."[1] However, months later during the Guard Dogs saga, Chris added J-chu to the list, counting it as #70.[2]

Chris maintained belief in the legitimacy of this list after the Idea Guys had been removed from power, posting it to Facebook three months later.[3] He also mentioned the list on video in Nightstar is a very important Special Sonichu.

The List

1. Sonichu
2. Rosechu (Rosey)
3. Wild Sonichu
4. Bubbles Rosechu
5. Angelica Rosechu
6. Punchy Sonichu
7. Magi-Chan Sonichu
8. Silvana Rosechu
9. Simonla Rosechu
10. Zapina Rosechu
11. Jamsta Sonichu
12. Lolisa Rosechu
13. Darkbind Sonichu
14. Zelina Rosechu
15. Chloe Rosechu
16. Blazebob Sonichu
17. Beaty Sonichu (Punchy's bro)
18. Slavichu (Sonichu)
19. Gracidala Rosechu
20. Fisty Sonichu (Punchy's bro)
21. Silvachu (Sonichu)
22. Sarachu (Rosechu)
23. Dr. Silvestrechu (Sonichu)
24. Kacey Rosechu
25. Replacement Rosechu
26. Logan Paulchu (Sonichu)
27. Cosbychu (Sonichu)
28. Red Shirt (Sonichu)
29. Foglechu (Sonichu)
30. Weinstechu (Sonichu)
31. Konychu (Sonichu)
32. Kirstal-LA Trois Rosechu
33. Flowerchu (Rosechu) (#54)
34. Digmanchu Sonichu (#57)
35. Meowthchu Sonichu (#42)
36. Sasha-Chi Rosechu
37. Nana-Mi Rosechu
38. Mina-La Rosechu
39. Sterbenchu (Sonichu)
40. Dukakischu (Sonichu)
41. Timéchu (Sonichu)
42. Imaginary Dad Sonichu
43. Glasschu (Sonichu)
44. Jadechu (Rosechu)
45. Titachu (Sonichu)
46. Asperchu (Sonichu)
47. All-American Sonichu (#66)
48. Luna Rosechu (Part Clefairy)
55. Inuyashachu (Sonichu) (#55)
57. Slick Sonichu
58. Nana (Rosechu) (#62)
59. Rosebud (Rosechu) (#61) (A.K.A. R.B.)
60. Cryzel Rosechu (My Prophecised Sweetie)
61. Saramah Rosechu (Cwcville's Sarah Nicole Hammer)
62. Wes-Li Sonichu (Cwcville's Wes Iseli)
63. Reldnahc Hataque (Sonichu)
64. Miss Perceptor Sonichu
65. Nightstar (Unicorn-Sonichu)
66. Christopher/Christian/Christine Weston Chandler (Cwcville)
67. Ted Bundy (Bundychu/Sonichu)
68. Robertchu Franklin Chandler Jr. (My Father)
69. Christopher/Christian/Christine Weston Chandler~Chris Chan Sonichu,MYSELF!
70. J-chu[2]


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