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An excerpt from the Q&A.

This page contains private messages between the original Idea Guy, Joshua Wise (posting as Ballzymaker94), and Kiwi Farms user "Done", which took place from 3 December through 19 December 2017.[1] In them, Wise discusses his influence over Chris's fantasy world.

The messages are quoted below, with the other user's side of the conversation redacted (except for context on Wise's comments). These PMs were made public in January 2018 after Wise was doxed by Kiwi Farms moderators.

Wise's remarks are in blue.


what are your thoughts on the troll so far?
What I know is that a few of you have been talking to the troll already, and that what you guys are seeing is merely an exercise in control over Chris. You guys were right in that a close friend of Chris is responsible, but no, Chris isn’t being paid or under the influence of a sweetheart.

The Nightstar comic is almost done, with some jokes Chris didn’t bother googling

By exercise, I mean that this was planned and not some Ween winging it. Chris posting about concentration camps and stuff was showing that they got into Chris’s fantasy land, and that they had implemented changes with Chris’s approval.
On top of all that, Chris himself believes a lot of this, including that shit about IBA running to help fight off the mysterious Russian billionaire. Chris forgot about quite a bit of the Liquid Chris saga, but still hates Bluspike like it was yesterday.
To answer your question, expect more in the near future, including changes to the comic that may reduce the wall-o-text.

Also for the most part, this guy is working alone.

Good, I was kinda busy when I answered these so I'm sorry the answers aren't clear.

Yeah, I am in fact, the troll in question. I'm not telling everyone here because I'm kinda working on something bigger with Chris. I've been doing this mostly alone for over a month now, and I'm not doing this for my entry into Christory or anything. I just like fucking with people and frankly, I'm pushing to finish this pony shit faster(which is working).

Manipulating Chris

Here's where it kinda gets fucked. Chris actually doesn't know about the Nazi jokes he just told. What really happened was some white knight tried to explain to him that he was making Holocaust references, and the thing was that I saw that coming beforehand. So I told him that anyone who said otherwise was a troll.

Really, convincing Chris all this is happening RL isn't as hard as you might expect. In fact, all it takes is one of the free photo editing sites and Audacity to make Cwcville come to life. I actually once took audio from him during an interview and edited it(poorly) to make it sound like Christine was talking to random people fighting to save Cwcville.

But what really won Chris over was this first-time audio I did to make him think the Neptunia characters were in our world, and this was a battle between them and the mystery Russian Billionaire's forces.

Wanna hear it?

Well it got to the point where he realized just how fucked up his old comics were.
You see, I've been studying Chris on my downtime a few months ago. It's really about knowing how to catch his attention(Neptunia), and then treating it like it's real. Because he sees Sonichu as being present with him, all that needed was someone else confirming they exists. What made me important here was being nice and not white knighting, but not openly trolling him.

A few people on KF are aware of me, and have promised not to say anything as well. I'm not competing with other trolls as we speak, but every now and then some Ween would come and make shit hard to do. As for the white knight, her name was Kim something...some RL friend and white knight of his. Chris came to me about this, and instead of getting suspicious of me, he got mad about Kim and vented about her accusations of him being a white supremacist on a post.

Every post he's done is all him. I simply suggest and he takes to twitter. It's starting to seep into his Comics too.

Oh, and part of why I'm not fully coming out with this information is because Chris lurks Kiwi to see if Jessica posts anything about him(he hasn't fully gotten over her like he said he did). It's one thing if I pretend I'm some attention whore shitposter. It's another when he sees the texts and pics I share.

Steam, Kiwi Farms and the Dreamcast shock

By the way, he has been fairly active on Steam lately. I snagged a couple pics of him during a game of payday(I can confirm he's playing that now, which he also thinks is a realistic depiction of the cops).
Oh and one more, did you suggest Neptunia to him, or did he find it on his own?
He already knew about it, but I got him into it as a way of helping me get closer to him.

As for Kiwi, he has no idea I'm here. He just comes on here enough to make him still hate this site to today(which he doesn't elaborate on how much that is, so I'm left to interpret that). I convinced him to not bug Jessica by convincing him that Jessica was Arfoire, the main antagonist of Neptunia.

Chris has a pretty decent rig, but Payday is designed to run on low end specs as long as you turn down the graphics.

Of all the paint jobs for his getaway van, Chris opted for the ice cream truck...
Chris is good on only Normal. Anything else and we’re doing everything for him.
what's the story of him getting electrocuted by his Dreamcast? Did that actually happen? Or did he make it up to justify that goddess possessing him?
The Dreamcast was out of his own stupidity. I had nothing to do with that.

Analyzing lewds of Jessica Quinn and Jackie

Chris thinks I have Sailor Mercury’s special computer to analyze pics he sends(he sent me lewds of Jessica to analyze too).
No, he never met Jessica RL. I'm not in contact with her either, but I would like to talk to Jessica one day. Is she a troll too? I dunno much other than she has a nice ass.
In fact, he has lewds of Jessica and a nude supposedly from Jackie(her head isn't in the shot, so it might as well be a fake).
IIRC, Jackie is Alec Benson Leary. So yeah, that one is a fake.
Oh shit, seriously? Well I knew it was too good to be true with Jackie.

He wanted me to see if they were legit or trolls. I told him Jackie was from the Neptunia universe, and so was Jessica.

By the way, I should mention that Chris now feels remorse for ending the relationship with Jackie, since I confirmed she was "real".

Nazis in CWCville

One other thing I should mention is that Chris thinks he fucked up big with having his new medallion crafted out of Element 115(Nazi Zombies reference FTW), which was stolen by a time traveling Hitler, and the Chris from the comics was taken too. Now Cwcville is under the control of the Nazis, and this is what he thinks Cwcville(along with the US) looks like in his imagination land.

Influencing Sonichu 12-9

I’m gonna make his comic worth reading. The pony stuff is boring, so I’m going to throw in more jokes Chris won’t bother googling.
Sonichu12-9 cap-min.jpeg
Look at that pic and spot the joke
Actually no, the Tesco logo on the hotdog vendor.

Look up Tesco and horses xD

I am bemused that Chris is so willing to incorporate so much antagonistic stuff into his hugbox. Like, I get how he doesn't check. But the fact that you gave him such difficult to take images and he readily made CWCville into that is astonishing!

He used to prize this thing very highly. I honestly don't know how you got him to even listen to you about this.

So I’m looking to cut down on the wall-o-text and add more jokes
I simply passed it off as a good idea, and said anyone who said otherwise was a troll
Don't. Wall of text is headache-inducing, but you have to let the autist be an autist. You know?

Were you behind the tinfoil remove kebab video?

Yeah, that was the first true exercise of trust. I’ll keep the texts then, and he confirmed all this will be in his next comic.

Opinions of Kiwi users

What were the opinions of the other Kiwis you talked to? no need to reveal who they are, but I'm interested in what they thought of the whole thing.
They found it all funny. They said keep going but don’t tell everyone just yet(it would also ruin the magic of the trolling and make me look like a ween).

Red Forest clip

The audio may get loud a lot, since I was using crappy old earbuds while mixing the sounds. Let me find the file.
Also one more thing:

"I had Discord and Magi-Chan escort me personally on my Thursday outing to The End Games for Pokemon League and colouring my pages that I had at the time. I allowed Discord to enjoy some of the fun there. He watched a few Dungeon and Dragon-type games get played. I even allowed him to see if he could get one of my friends to notice and see him. But she didn't budge."

Do you know what the fuck was up with that? Especially the latter part?

So here's the story:

Basically I'm from the Hyperdimension, and we're here hunting in the forests of Chernobyl for a magical artifact(STALKER reference). Me, Nepgear, IF, and Neptune were camping late at night when Akan(the main antagonist of Hardcore Henry, and the original Russian Chris mentioned. I found it funny everyone assumed Putin since Chris forgot to name Akan) sends his mercenaries to attack me and the girls. IF and Neptune get away, but me and Nepgear are wounded and barely make it out before getting attacked by a cloaker(the same enemies from Payday Chris keeps mentioning). Just as I'm beaten down, he turns to Nepgear when Sailor Jupiter saves us both. She flees right as the Medic dozer(another Payday enemy) comes in to save us both.

[Wise uploaded Red Forest.]

What got me was the amount of editing mistakes I made, that he never caught onto(IE the guitar at the beginning abruptly cutting off). I made more that Chris actually kept falling for, but they're loud. Again, might wanna be careful of the volume when listening XD

I have all the conversations saved, but it's a month's worth of chatting.

That Discord thing...yeah, I had no idea what the fuck he was going on about.
So do I tell people when this is all over? I'm not sure how most trolls go out...I kinda entered this game late and quietly. I know I said I wasn't in this for the recognition in Christory, but it's still amusing to watch.
I can’t hate Chris because I actually can relate to him on quite a bit.

My only worry is my plot. I jumped into this with the intention to see if Chris truly was this gullible, and it evolved into me full on trolling him.

Chris's lifespan

I can say that Chris knows the fact that he shortened his lifespan taking those hormones. In fact, I wouldn’t say he’s suicidal, so much as he’s fine with the idea he could die sooner. I dunno if it counts as his view of reality, but Chris thinks he might be able to have a baby once the transition is complete (I have nothing to do with that. Chris said it’s a possibility he could get pregnant).


Basically, the moment I brought up the multiverse, he listened. I told him that Kurome from Neptunia put a curse on my messages, which is why he didn’t ask for time stamps and pics.
I find it interesting that he immediately believed you in everything the moment you reaffirmed his belief.

And he was already a believer in the Neptunia verse lol.

I know! I was worried he was going along with it so he could fuck with me back. He believes this shit for real though because he tried to talk like Uzume(which sounds no different from how he normally talks, only he tried to raise his pitch and couldn’t pronounce the name of half the Neptunia characters).
Please tell me you have a recording of that.

Where the fuck does he get that shit? Isolation does quite the number on the human brain.

Also, has he ever described to you the nature of his interaction with Sonichu and Co?

No, I didn’t I’m afraid. I could only describe the horrors of the call. I do save the texts though.
You need to jot down the details of the call in your notebook or something. Because it seems like it's too good to forget later.
Text with John Yamada.png
Oh yes, he has! He sees them with his “third eye”, but longs to see them rl. I have the details jotted down btw.
And no, John isn’t my name. I gave my name as John Yamada(Japanese for Doe)
Chris is getting far far worse.
TBH, that third eye he brought up was already a thing before I started talking to him. He told me on our first conversation that he could see Sonichu with it.

Suggestible Chris

As for the Satanic powers thing.

Chris looked back at his comics and was shocked to see how little respect he had in portraying women in his works. He thinks the Nazis kidnapped 2000s Chris and brought him back in time where they possessed him with Satanic powers and helped the Nazis win WW2.

In truth, I made a joke about the Nazis and Satanic powers, not realizing just how much he'd take it in.

It's why I'm taking my time to present all this. I'll talk to [REDACTED], but I'm gonna keep going until more comes up.
Well that's good. Once I finish, I think I'll stick around, but I don't think I'm gonna troll again after this. It's fun, but I was unemployed when I started. Now I'm starting back up work again XD

Anyway, I messaged [REDACTED], but I dunno if he'll respond.

Steam trolls

BTW, yours and maybe some of your friends' is showing in one of the Pay Day photos.. blur it out before sending them to anyone else.
Oh shit, you're right. Thanks! XD

It was just me and Chris in that match. The rest of the names are NPCs. Here is the sad fact...I am Chris's only friend on Steam.

How do I share the steam info?
You don't do it now. Because you are the only friend on his list. People will look into you for sure because your steam profile sticks out like a sore thumb. Once you're done, you unfriend him, and then share it.

If you want to share this, then do it in private with someone you trust.

BTW this is why you should do things with a burner account. Because there's an element of risk here.

So much I didn’t know.

I agree on the steam thing, but some trolls found Chris already. I’m amazed no updates came of this.

Yeah, Chris said some guy jumped in Chris’s game and taunted him for buying more games this month before hopping off
CNN fake news, I believe his name was?
Ah okay.

So yeah, a few people on Steam know he’s on Steam now.

Thanks for all your help. I had an exit plan set but I could always use some help.
I messaged [REDACTED]. Just waiting for him to reply.

Rosechu is trans

So far the talks with [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] have been well. They like the way it's going so far, but have offered a bit that I could use for this.

So there will be less Nazi stuff, but they made me realize that I can probably get more results by fucking with the Sonichu characters themselves, rather than just the world around them. Since Chris trusts me a lot, this shouldn't be too hard.

Rosechu is confirmed transgender as of tonight. Chris was shocked but accepting xD
I pretended to be both Sonichu and Rosechu, who borrowed my computer. All it took was a little knowledge on Sonichu and Chris believes he’s talking to his “children”.

Basically Rosechu admitted it when she told Chris she evolved from a male Raichu.

Trolling Jessica Quinn, drawing of Chris fucking Sonichu

What do you know about Jessica’s true identity? Who is she really?
She’s back according to Chris
So Chris gave me his facebook login to deal with Quinn so he didn't have to. I wound up hitting on her and making Chris sound fat(ter). On top of that, Sonichu got pregnant through anal with Chris.

CWCSonichu Rule34.jpeg

Quinn came back all flirty, so I hit on her back and she sent more lewds. Chris wasn't happy, but was at least relieved he didn't have to talk to her.

Chris accepted this because Magi-chan told him it was how Crystal was born.

If you draw it happening, then you don't have to fuck Sonichu yourself. He'll already be pregnant, and you don't have to actually do nasty anal.
And this is how you got him to do Christine kicking classic Chris in the balls?
Actually no.

I told him Chris from the past abolished women's rights so he can go on his love quest. Chris got so pissed, especially after I told him that Classic Chris helped the Nazis win WW2.

But didn't he write those old comics himself?

I am confused.

You see, Chris is rather confused on the concept himself, but I pieced what I could together.

You see, he created Cwcville and all it's inhabitants, but does not see himself as a god. His comics, he considers chronicles largely based on the real life adventures of his alternate dimension self and the side characters.

Why is Chris fearing Jessica? Why does he need you to login into his account and respond as him?

And did Jessica fall for it? What did she ask for? And how well did you Have to IMITATE Chris's unique typing style for her to fall for it?

He thinks she's Arfoire from Hyperdimension Neptunia.

Arfoire Zero.png

Also, not that hard. I basically had to just say a few things like he would, and Jessica's pants were off.

He deleted the Rosechu thing because his feelings were hurt about the fact that fans were more interested in a trans Rosechu.

[REDACTED] already knows, and thinks it's funny I was hitting on Quinn. He said she wasn't real, and that the pics are likely from some camgirl. However, I still ask Quinn for them because Chris still reads the conversation, and is disgusted by who he thinks is the villain from Neptunia.

Chris tries to keep Jamsta out of jail

Chris thinks he has a psychic link to Cwcville, but every time he tries to change a scenario to his will, I always say it fucks up and makes things worse. I sent him pics of Cwcville after Jamsta Sonichu was put on trial for sexual harassment, and acquitted.

CWCville jamsta riots.jpg

This will all take place in his comic eventually, but it's gonna take a lot of effort to keep Chris from going around it. I'm ready for that though.

Pretending to be Chris to Chris, religion in CWCville

I actually have pretended to be Chris himself, but as a Satanist. The funny thing was I told Chris Atheism, the Neptunia CPUs, and Islam were the three main beliefs in Cwcville. Christianity had largely been forgotten in the time Chris stopped being mayor. He tried enforcing Christianity back into Cwcville, and all it did was create more people converting to Islam. Chris still intends to remove Islam, Satanism, and Atheism when he gets to Cwcville....somehow.
I basically took inspiration from Kevin Spacey on Jamsta, and made Jamsta sound like he molested both Tails and Punchy. They took him to court and despite Magi-chan's evidence against Jamsta, Chris demanded Jamsta be acquitted for his crimes. I then took inspiration from the Rodney King riots, and the Ukrainian riots, and told Chris people were out to get Jamsta.
Chris is still under the delusion that he has a massive fanbase because of his comics.
Also, Chris thinks Quinn is trying to hurt him again. I dunno...the moment I told Quinn I put on a few extra pounds, I asked her to show me what it would look like if she sat on my face. She took off her pants and took a pic of her ass.
By the way, Chris thinks THIS is Alec Benson Leary.

Alec as Bodhi.jpg

You didn't answer the semen question.

The question was “Why is he mentioning semen draining?” regarding the drawing of Chris butt-fucking Sonichu.

BTW are you the one behind that Cherokian video?
I kinda missed the semen question, sorry. I'm not too sure on that one right now.

He's trying to use his "Creator powers" to return Cwcville to it's original state before I showed up, but I keep telling him every time he does this, it causes more trouble than actual solutions.

He doesn't want Islam or atheism because it conflicts with his religion greatly in his mind. He tried to get Angelica to enforce Christianity, until I told him Angelica became a Satanist. Now he wants to take it upon himself to put Christianity back on as the dominant religion in Cwcville.

He already didn't like Quinn for leaving him, and it got worse the moment I told him she was a villain.

Chris tried using his "psychic powers" to convince the judge not find Jamsta guilty. All I said after that was that the judge wasn't convinced since Chris no longer is mayor. Chris then tried to influence the jury and I told him it worked, but now there is a city-wide riot.

The man in the picture is Bodhi, played by Edgar Ramirez in the recent remake of the movie, Point Break.

and yes, I convinced Chris that the ancient Cherokeans wore tracksuits, drank vodka, and shouted "Cheeki breeki" as a war cry. [REDACTED] loved the idea.
I was playing A LOT of Payday as Bodhi(he's also a crossover character in the game) when Chris messaged me asking if Alec and the other trolls were saved by becoming Amish, or if they were all executed. I told him they were, but Alec broke free and was evacuated by the Ex-Presidents gang(the gang Bodhi is part of in Point Break). I then said what the hell and made Alec in to Bodhi. [REDACTED].

Chris's excuse on the court issue was that he "didn't want Jamsta to suffer in jail" like he did.

Steam and Payday

LOL is that why he stopped playing Payday?
Actually no. Chris just stopped because some trolls unaffiliated with me and KF found him and started fucking with him in games. I forgot to tell him he could set his games to private or friends only, but oh well.
How do you know that their affiliations?
Because someone would have shared it on here by now.
I do intend to share his steam by the end of all this.

Chris wants to visit Cole and Trickie

Oh fuck dude. Chris is gonna try running to New York this Monday!
I’m being honest to God when I say that I’m not telling him to do this. He wants to use his Sonichu powers to run to New York to confront Cole for some reason.
He thinks he can unlock his powers today, and is even skipping church for it.
He knows Barbara isn’t doing well, so rather than getting a real job to support her before she passes so she knows he can move on after her death, Chris is deciding to go to New York to “convince” Cole to make amends with Barb.

Chris thinks a new magical medallion is coming in the mail, which he thought meant it unlocks all his power.

He thinks he can magic up the address.

He thinks I made him a new medallion out of element 115.

He also wants to visit Trickie.

Pretty much Chris has been wanting to confront Cole for a couple years now. I had nothing to do other than discourage Chris from trying to confront Cole.

No such medallion exists. It’s more like Chris assumes it exists because he wants it to.

Chris wants to get Trickie’s autograph or something. He hasn’t been clear on that.

In the end, Chris told me he’s been trying to unlock his powers so he can get Cole to care about his family so he can dump barb on Cole while he goes to CWCville.

Not in those exact words, but basically what he’s saying.

Dude, at this point you HAVE to feed into his fantasies to even just motivate him to do something that isn’t spending hours on Sonic games. He could have multiple comics out this year, but he’s sticking to his routines unless you tell him his fantasies are real. Otherwise, you won’t get far with Chris, even as a friend of his.

He’s not dead-set, so much as he really wants to force Cole to apologize to Barbara.

Again, I’m trying to get him to NOT go. One other reason is similar to Trickie; he has no idea where either live.
So yeah, I'm trying to get Chris not to go since he has no clue where either person lives, and money is tight for him right now.
I wanna fuck with him, but Cole did nothing wrong that I know of. Same with Trickie.

Chris went to a GameStop to meet a Neptunia goddess

Besides, sending Chris to another state has been done before. At most, I let him go to GameStop looking for Neptune while honking his horn and shouting her name.
Chris s actually did go to GameStop today
He went up to the window and “thoroughly scanned” the inside for Neptune.

Yes, he’s banned.

And he also screamed her name and honked the car horn as well? On his own, or did you push him into it?
All on his own.
The Forest lakes GameStop. He went there because I said Neptune would wait at a GameStop. For some reason he went to the one he got banned from, so I went with it.

Chris is blowing his money on stupidshit to make himself happy again, though when was that ever news? XD

Chris abandons Christianity for Neptunia

Chris switched religions!
The Neptunia goddesses, all because I pretend to be them and he thinks they are really talking to him.
Just out of curiosity, how many characters have you played in this saga?
Just about every goddess in Neptunia. Seven goddesses plus four CPU candidates.

Chris probably is doing this because he has a weird pedophilic taste for Blanc, the youngest looking goddess.

Including John, around 13 people.
He randomly texts me at 3 in the goddamn morning because he fails to undeterstand sleep. It’s mostly about stuff not even I could decipher...

Times he failed?

Edit:whoops, let me look.

Chris wants to fuck an anime girl

Well to answer that question, he got into an argument with Blanc, and she called him out on his laziness and hypocrisy. What really took the fucking cake though?

A very detailed reply on how he’d fuck Blanc when all she asked was how she’d be treated on a date with him.

Every reply on how he’d treat her as a woman was short and sounded like he was telling her what he felt made him sound smart.
Yup, the date wasn’t happening so much as Blanc was trying to see just how much of a “mature woman” Chris claimed to be. She then asked Chris what he’d do if she accepted his invitation to a date, and his response came up. What sucks was it was on Steam and I lost the exact reply. Just what I can tell you was that Chris had a sex reply down.

Let me get a text


A shining example of Chris’s texting me

You need to keep those replies somehow. Doesn't Steam Chat offer archiving?
Steam archives it on the app for a day at best.

Also, it was mostly about books and how to treat women for real. Chris kept being his creepy little self.

Is he actually aiming for a relationship with a CPU?
I was wrong, looked like the app archives longer than the desktop.

He says he’s not, but he acts a little too..friendly...with them

Found it!
“Firstly, we get to the bedroom, communication is key, and I would listen. We get undressed. I would make out with you, make my way downwards, and I would put my two middle fingers onto your clit for starters. Then I would progress into your vulva with my fingers, and rub the front inside of your vagina. And with your request, I would lick it on the clit, the edges, and even put my tongue into your vag.”
It was here I started laughing and replied with Blanc becoming disgusted.
I’ll get a real screenshot. Chris keeps messaging me on Steam so the app auto-scrolls to each reply. I had time to copy the message.
Does he know what this character's age is?
His CPU?
No, the one he's trying to fuck.

And also, what was the catalyst of that?

None of the CPUs have a known age. A recurring gag with Blanc in the series is how she looks younger than she really is, which is a joke on how Nintendo makes a lot of family friendly content.

War between CWCville and Australatina

[REDACTED] told me to start a war between CWCville and some other nation. Originally Chris created this CPU to restore Christianity to his town, but I told him goddesses can’t worship other gods. Now he uses her to end the rioting and war in CWCville.
I’m making him edit it in.

Some fictional nation called “Australiatina” or something.

Sonichu 14 and 16

I'm trying to get Chris to change the plot to book 14, and write about something else. Thoughts?
I'm gonna try to get him to put all these posts in this comic. The ones with the prison camps and CPUs.
Update; Book 16 is actually underway. Don't ask why he skipped 13, 14, and 15 XD

He shared several in-progress photos of Sonichu 16.

Is this a script? Or is he just going to color this?

Also, what's that about John and cuddling?

he's coloring this.

Also, I did that because it was cucking Chris since he liked Nepgear.

Aha. Alright.

This is Sonichu 16?

Why can't he just call it Sonichu 14 then?
Because Chris still wants to do his pony shit and make a story recounting the first comic, as well as a backstory to Graduon.
But he can just swap them around, no? They're all standalone stories.

Ah what am I doing? Let him do what he wants.

I stopped caring about his logic for order. Frankly I’m just glad some of this is going to the comic.


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