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Really, convincing Chris all this is happening [in real life] isn't as hard as you might expect. In fact, all it takes is one of the free photo editing sites and Audacity to make Cwcville come to life.
Joshua Wise.[1]

Red Forest is one of several audio files that Joshua Wise, the original Idea Guy, mixed together during fall 2017 in order to craft role-playing campaigns designed to infiltrate Chris's beliefs. It is the sole audio file leaked; the remaining are lost media.


But what really won Chris over was this first-time audio I did to make him think the Neptunia characters were in our world, and this was a battle between them and the mystery Russian Billionaire's forces.

To convince Chris of his claims of being able to travel to CWCville's dimension, Wise created audio files splicing together lines from various media sources such as the Hyperdimension Neptunia and Payday video game series. In one unreleased audio file, Wise even took audio of Chris, originating from a past interview, and edited it to make it seem like alt-dimension Chris was speaking to people fighting to save CWCville.[1] Chris, desperate for his fantasy world to be validated, fell for Wise's ruse.

Red Forest audio clip


Audio file is poorly mixed and gets very loud at times. Use caution when listening.
What got me was the amount of editing mistakes I made, that he never caught onto(IE the guitar at the beginning abruptly cutting off).

Wise described the storyline that the Red Forest audio file belongs to:

Basically I'm from the Hyperdimension, and we're here hunting in the forests of Chernobyl for a magical artifact(STALKER reference). Me, Nepgear, IF, and Neptune were camping late at night when Akan(the main antagonist of Hardcore Henry, and the original Russian Chris mentioned. I found it funny everyone assumed Putin since Chris forgot to name Akan) sends his mercenaries to attack me and the girls. IF and Neptune get away, but me and Nepgear are wounded and barely make it out before getting attacked by a cloaker(the same enemies from Payday Chris keeps mentioning). Just as I'm beaten down, he turns to Nepgear when Sailor Jupiter saves us both. She flees right as the Medic dozer(another Payday enemy) comes in to save us both.[2]

The "events" portrayed in the Red Forest clip are briefly mentioned in Page 5 of Sonichu #13.

Another thing to note is that, while Wise himself was in the video, he didn't use any of his actual voice. Instead he uses several Voice lines from the video game Spec-Ops: The Line.

Red forest
Stardate Approximately 25 October 2017[3]
Subject Matter Reality
Saga Idea GuyIdea Guy Idea Guys
Other LeakedLeaked Leaked AudioAudio Audio



[Guitar intro music with forest ambient noise. A sound of someone walking through a forest, Joshua Wise, Nepgear, IF, and Neptune are camping late at night.]


Neptune: Huh? I thought you fell asleep. [Laughs] I wanted to see you. Well... here... uuAHHH. Don't get the wrong idea! I just had some extra chocolate. Thank you!

[sound effect of walking through the forest continues]


[Foot steps suddenly stop]

Neptune: Huh?

Akan: [Russian]

Neptune: Who said that?

Akan: [Russian]

[Footsteps continue]

Neptune: I'm pretty sure that I don't need to give my name at this time but I'm Neptune.

Akan: [Russian]

[Forest ambient noise]


IF: I'm IF. A gust of beautiful wind that blows though-

[sudden burst of fire from Akan's mercanaries are heard]

Neptune: [Screaming]

Akan: [Russian]

[Another single gunshot effect]

Akan: [Screaming more russian]

[Nepgear gets shot, IF and Neptune get away]


Joshua Wise: [Sighs] Fuck. [Sighs]

Nepgear: Ouuuch!Ow ow ow-

Joshua Wise: You're fine!

[Silence ensues with ambience forest noise and foot steps]


Nepgear: I...

[Someone banging a door]

Nepgear: I'm sorry...

[Door banging continues with guns shooting]

[People speaking Russian]

[Continuous footsteps]


[Cloaker flash bang effect]

Nepgear: [Screaming]

[More Russian]

[Sound of Cloaker punching Joshua Wise]

Nepgear: S-Stop!

[Cloaker punches Joshua Wise and drops him to the ground]

[Someone speaks Russian]

Nepgear: No! S-Stop!

[Thunder storm effect]


[Explosion going off, Sailor Jupiter saves them from the cloaker]

[Man yells in Russian]

[A man starts coughing]


[Music starts playing]



Medic Dozer: The doctor says, "GET THE FUCK UP! Good news: free healthcare! Bad news: I'm your doctor!"

Nepgear: Wait! Aaah!

Medic Dozer: All ya need is a foot up your ass!

Nepgear: Thank you! You saved my life!



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