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Chris sends the Amnyfest Ring to The Captain.

During spring 2018, The Captain, Marvin and Null stopped the Idea Guys after learning the extent of their maliciousness.[1][2]

The Captain's photoshop of Amnyfest Ring in his possession, used to convince Chris to trust him to stop the Idea Guys.
If I was mentally ill, then the Captain would be too, because he has personally met Magi-Chan
Chris, inadvertently demonstrating the issue with validating his beliefs[3].

For some time since then, he would act as an advisor for Chris and as a middleman between what is happening with Chris behind the scenes and Kiwi Farms. Highlights include him personally intervening after learning of Chris scamming people for money and using three ill stray kittens he had adopted as a vehicle for this. Fortunately, The Captain managed to contact a local Kiwi in Charlottesville,[4] who adopted Liza, one of the three. Another is implying that Chris has IRL friends who offered him marijuana and acting similarly to the Idea Guys. Like Null, he has ceased involvement with Chris.[5]


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