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Clare Porter
Avalon porter.jpg
Name Clare Porter
Also known as Avalon Porter
Wishing Wisp
Gender Female
Nationality Canadian
Race White

Clare Porter is a fan of Chris whom he met at BronyCon 2017. On 23 August, she signed up to the Kiwi Farms forum under the name "ohjeeze", gave her account of meeting him, and answered several questions. She tends to refer to Chris with the pronouns "she" or "they".

Porter refers to a Cathy, likely Cathy Weseluck, a voice actress who had a panel at the convention.

Meeting Chris

Clare's photo, taken by Chris.
Porter's OC
Art Chris drew for her, featuring their ponysonas hugging. She made it her profile pic on Facebook.
Ok so

Me and my group of friends were getting autographs from the talent that was there at bronycon. We were just leaving when I saw Christine.

Now I have been following cwc for years now since high school. I kinda knew what I was dealing with. It was on my bucket list to meet this person so I kinda freaked out a little when I saw them. It was unexpected for me and I had no idea they were coming.

I admit I cried a little. It was seriously something I wanted to do for a long time. And it was so weird seeing them in the flesh like that. We gave eachother a hug (they hug...really hard) and I waited for a picture while she was talking with the voice of spike.

They talked for a really long time. Sadly I couldn't hear but someone groaned and went "sonichu" and I was over the moon. I found the whole situation hilarious. Christine talked for a long time with Cathy and then I saw them. The original books. She had A LOT of bags. And inside them were the orignal copies of sonichu. She was showing them to the voice actress. She must have had all of them beacuse it was a huge stack.

I believe she gave her a drawing then they got a picture. but she was there for atleast like....20-25 minutes. I heard key phrases such as

"cwcville" and "Sonichu" Cathy was very nice about it.

Soon she came back. I told her how much I love her work and how much laughs its given me. Her mom called her and it was simply a "Yeah Im fine. Im busy. Love you too dear" kind of thing. I did get a picture of us together.

They then handed my friend a mii card. They gave me a signed one. We said goodbye and I thought I have seen the last of them...[1]

Ok then it was the 2nd day

I had a panel to do. My friend hosted this panel called "Coping with limitations though pony" panel for a few years now. This would be the last one due to him going blind.

I was walking to my panel when I saw Christine waiting for us. I was surprised then remembered what our panel was about. Plenty of people with disabilities went to this panel so I should have figured. We hung out a little bit before the panel started. I showed them some of the stuff I bought and they showed me the fluffle they had. Doing impressions of the character. Basically just going ppffttt over and over.

During the panel they spoke out of turn a few times but nothing awful. Like a kid calling out answers in the class room. Then we had time for people to make comments.

Nothing surprising came from Christine. She plugged her comic, talked about you guys (the trolls and bullies) and being a trans lesbian. Also mentioned a bit about autism as well.

Then the panel ended and Christine came up to me and congratulated me on my part of the panel. She showed me some of the art they made and I asked if they were going to the sketch book swap. Christine wasn't sure I think she went that day when I wasn't there.

Then she gave me another hug and we said goodbye. She hugged me friend and tried to hug my friends friend but she told her to fuck off basically. And they did right away. Shes not a hugger.

Then the final day...

The final day I spent a lot of one on one time with Christine.

I went to an early panel then met up with them during the LGBT panel. We chilled outside in the line (as you guys have pictured) and plenty of people came up for pictures of her.

I dont know...I feel you guys have effected her alot with the hygene thing. she was very scared of smelling. She had a lot of perfume on and went to the wash room to wipe off extra sweat. And she was sweating a lot. Like pouring down her face. It wasn't even hot. :/ May be anxiety? I couldn't tell you.

Then we were finally let into the panel. We sat together. I gave her my number and stuff because we agreed on an art trade. I really wanted a cwc original. I was hoping to get a sketch in my book but she opted to mail it instead. I could show you guys my side if your interested.

So the panel starts and it was just the panlests talking about thier experience with thier sexuality and the fandom. Christine was making comments like "Oh shes bi ok." and going "woo" when other people clapped and stuff. Then it was the audiences time to talk.

Now I would spill more dirt but being called a hambeast kinda does not make me want to spill :/ sorry but Christine at this point has shown me more respect and Im kinda here because I know people would pester me to give info anyway so Im giving a little to be left alone.

Also the panelists said no recording of any kind. So I would feel bad repeating what she said/did. Sorry I have a little bit of a heart.

Basically she said/did something during that panel that made alot of people cheer and groan at the same time. One person recognized her and we gave each other looks. They were like "oh god is that Chris chan." I smiled and said "Thats the legend yes."

The panel its self was shitty and I wanted to leave. So after Chris sat down I opted to leave.

There was this awkward part where she thought she made me leave or something? I dont know how to explain it. But I was done with this panel and wanted to go do something else.

I saw her a few more times but only by sight. Didn't speak to her in person again.

We have had a few messages but nothing big. Those are for me and me alone.


The section archives select Q&A replies by Clare.

Some posters asked her how Chris smelled.

kinda creepy how you guys asked how she smellled....I dont normally go around smelling people. But yeah she smelled....normal? There were plenty of people worse off.[2]

they were quite sweaty. They went to the wash room with whipes to whipe themselves. I dont know which washroom they went to but I assumed the female one.[3]

Did Chris bring his mother with?
Nope. She often called to check on her though. Like twice since when I did see them.[4]
What do Chris' farts sound like? I think they sound like "Plappppt", but maybe sounds like "Flarpt".
I can sadly answer this one

In the dabbing pic we were waiting for the LGBT pony panel. In that panel...they farted. They moaned after. I had to stop myself from laughing.

and no it didn't smell. Didn't say excuse me. We just ignored it.[5]

Would you smash or pass Chris?
pass. Holy fuck would I pass.

Its kinda obvious as to why. There are too many reasons.[6]

is there anything actually interesting to reveal about chirs?
They were very pleasant to be around. Honestly. They were a little odd yes. But since I have close family with autism its nothing Im not already used to.

I could just recall my whole experience with them if people would like to hear.[7]

Was Cathy nice to everyone, did she treat Chris like she treated everyone else?
Cathy kind of treated her like a child. Like being very friendly and supportive. And signed some of her things.[8]
Thank you for your story! Btw, did Chris show you any of the merch he bought? He seemed to have a pile of new things when he left.
From what I know she got a few buttons, 2 plushies and a print from an artist. Oh and animal crackers from wallmart. Offered me one but I was good.[9]
You guys are effecting Chris. They were stumbling over their words, very nervous they would offend me in some way, apologized a lot, explained themselves a lot and so on.

They are really different from their older videos and such. They still pushed ideas on me but different ideas. More liberal for sure. They showed me this LGBT comic they had. Something I know the old Chris would despise.

but again I kinda was expecting more stupidity and it was fine. All they really did was talk too much. I remember when they asked Cathy that question they were told to back off because Christine wanted to speak more. I think she wanted to show off her books again. Which is something she was doing a lot.[10]

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