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The Place chats - ProjectSNT

There is something deeper than that that just sets off my subconscious WORSE than that moment at @TooManyGames where I went hedgehog. WORSE THAN THAT. THIS resonated a reminder in my subconscious that was Like Hell to me, and I am Still racking my brain trying to figure WHY for myself. Neck-down, the image is not offensive at all to me. Neck-up: TRIGGERED.
Chris on ProjectSNT's Wild Sonichu redesign
I really don't care what Chris-chan says

Name Courtney
Gender Female
Nationality American
Occupation Artist
Voice Actress
Saga Secret Shipfic
Courtney's Wild Sonirisu.
Chris's Wild Sonichu.

ProjectSNT, aka Courtney or SNT, is an artist made famous for revisiting her old Sonic OC, S.N.T, redesigning other Sonic OCs and characters, and voice acting. Among her artwork is a redesign of Wild Sonichu known as "Wild Sonirisu",[2] a combination of a Sonic character and the Pokemon Pachirisu (an electric squirrel Pokemon with a large bushy tail), included as part of a larger artwork depicting the Chaotic Combo as having more diverse origins than simply being recolours of the original Sonichu and Rosechu.

Chris, triggered over the design, tried to guilt-trip Courtney into scrapping it. He changed his reason for disliking the design multiple times, first saying he was bothered over the tail, then that the designs reminded him of characters from Sonic Boom, then that his disturbance was due to the dimension CS-89 calling him for help, and finally that the design reminded him of a race of fantasy characters.

Courtney intends to ignore Chris's tantrum.[3] Despite this, Chris has continued to stalk her where he has been seen attempting to contact her through liking many of her posts and responding to many others.

Attitudes on earlier redesigns

Just watched this video; I appreciated and like her redesign, she did really well for her own Sonichu and Rosechu interpretations.

A year before the Wild Sonichu redesign, ProjectSNT had done redesigns of Sonichu and Rosechu. Chris approved of those designs, interpreting them as ProjectSNT discovering new species of the Electric Hedgehog Pokémon,[4] even congratulating ProjectSNT on her "fair to good" designs.[5]

However, he didn't take kindly to her critiques of his Sonichu and Rosechu designs, stating that he simply drew them how he saw them when he looked into the 'sister dimension'

I LITERALLY SAW Rosey like that when I discovered her; everything in the first appearance as she was, IN OUR SISTER DIMENSION


So, yes; no need for the questions of WHY; I drew my Son and my Rosey, as I SAW THEM.

Chris VS. Courtney's Wild Sonirisu

On 6 December 2019, the ProjectSNT Twitter unveiled a redesign of the Chaotic Combo.[6] An upset Chris replied, "I only Wish I could like this, but I am really unable to",[7] neglecting to actually explain his issue with the art. Responding to an unrelated tweet with one of his enablers, Chris stated, "I am not replying to this, to move my Reply down the tweet wall, because something Seriously Triggered Me. No, No."[8] (although Chris proceeded to casually make a few more unrelated tweets[9]). Returning to the ProjectSNT tweet chain, Chris replied to enablers asking him what his issue was simply with a reaction gif reading "TRIGGERED.[10]", before casually commenting on other subjects.

The following day, Chris, while sick with a UTI, made several bizarre and disjointed, Yoda-style word salad tweets, still vaguely criticizing the redesign.


...Feel Well I Not. Rest Need I. Hurts Head. ...... UTI up acting. P waiting to. Know feeling not I well am. Yes, recover I be will. Super Stressed Ears Pachirisu Round Face to got me. E-mail received #ProjectSNT vent with. Expected Courtney did than better that I. Napkin. ⚡️💙⚡️

Replying to enablers asking him what was wrong:

Night last troubling still me. Up shook I not am only still. Virus possible. Rest need I. Bed in I am.

Else to everyone, want laugh you all; this serious is very.

And to a tweet chain with ProjectSNT:

Like this I. Ears me killed Pachirishu round face. Job good drawing on usual as. Expected triggered I not did. Check did email your I you pray have. Safe good and have day a.

A few hours later, Chris gave up on the charade and resumed typing as normal, claiming that "My brain was literally out of order earlier; I was unable to make coherent sentences through my hands. It was not on purpose. I’m recovering, but I am feeling Ill."

A fan asked if he was upset over people liking the Chaotic Combo redesign better than the original, to which Chris denied, saying he was "TRIGGERED BAD" over seeing the design.[11]

On ProjectSNT's YouTube video of the redesign, Chris commented:

This Video TRIGGERED ME BAD. Nothing to do with the comments or opinions of others, or her drawing style, but, yeah, a LOT of the choices on the redesigns TRIGGERED ME BAD. Ugh. 😵🤧🤢🤕😱😰😨🤯 ⚡️💙⚡️[2]

Later, during a livestream promoting his custom TSSSF cards, Chris finally stated his reason for throwing a tantrum over the redesign, saying he was bothered over Wild Sonichu having a poofy tail, instead of the original leafy tail, because it meant he wouldn't be able to glide very well.[12] Ironically, the ability to fly with his tail, while canon,[13] is extremely minor even in the comics, as Wild is never directly shown using the power.

By 10 December, ProjectSNT had not responded to Chris's messages on the subject. Chris tried to guilt trip her by using his ongoing illness.

I’m still learning my better magics and powers. I have been able to stave off the viral infections for MONTHS. The virus snuck in when I was hyper-stressed from being extensively TRIGGERED by @ProjectSNT’s Redesign video.
Chris, blaming an artist for his inability to cope with a character's design changes.[14]

He tagged her again in a rant, hoping for a response:

Good morning. I am still recovering, the virus is being stupid, but I’m psychically pushing it away, yet it decided to attack my throat again. At least my voice is not shot again.

But, I would not be in this infected situation if I was not overly stressed from being TRIGGERED last Friday night by certain Redesign choices. I may sound selfish, and I do not personally blame @ProjectSNT for triggering my brain, BUT I kind of wish she would acknowledge my response, as I had emailed her directly, my feelings, and the fact that the ordeal allowed a cold virus to get to me as badly as it did. I respect her as a fellow Original Creator, a good artist, and a kind-hearted individual. I feel like I need to talk and sort this problem out with her as soon as possible.

I ask all of you to please NOT Troll, Hate on, or Pester her At All. I do not pester others, and I typically untag them and if need be, I would #hastag them. But to be more direct, I felt need to directly @ tag. That is all.

A fan tried to persuade Chris he was in the wrong by using his own logic about OCs against him, however, Chris dismissed the message partway through with, "Not now, please."[15]

Stewing on the matter further, Chris replied to a fan calling him out for being the only one triggered:

Well, I DID Get Epic Triggered from @ProjectSNT’s Poor Redesign choices on four out of five of them. They actually are moreover Separate Individuals than Redesigns, which does throw me off. The ONLY Exception is the Punchy Sonichu Redesign. The WORST Culprit being the Wild Sonichu Redesign. He needs his Leaf for better gliding and flight than a Large Tail could EVER do, and Sonichu Ears are Typically Long.

And Yet, regardless of this, apparently there is something deeper than that that just sets off my subconscious WORSE than that moment at @TooManyGames where I went hedgehog. WORSE THAN THAT. THIS resonated a reminder in my subconscious that was Like Hell to me, and I am Still racking my brain trying to figure WHY for myself. Neck-down, the image is not offensive at all to me. Neck-up: TRIGGERED.

Wild SNT redesign.jpg

I cannot even Look At It Directly, it Freaking Bothers Me Like Worse than Hell. The only theory I can gather is that it reminds me of someone of Really Awful Intentions or Design. But at the moment, @ProjectSNT, it Badly reminds me of Dave the Intern and Justin Beaver.

Dave the Intern.jpg Justin Beaver.jpg

I’m still letting the Why question stew in my subconscious as I continue to meditate and continue onward until when the answer comes to me. Meanwhile, the damn cold is partly affecting my brain. It could be worse, believe me.

Rationalizations and attempts to get SNT to respond

Go figure a subconscious Trigger event being a call for help from another dimension.

On 11 December, after having retreated to his imaginary fantasy land, Chris came up with a rationalization to his problem with the redesigns. Instead of acknowledging the actual issue that his immature mentality was the sole problem, Chris invented a rationalization based on his CPU Blue Heart goddess delusions and lore from Hyperdimension Neptunia and Dungeons and Dragons (the latter having been cited as inspiration by ProjectSNT in her redesigns).

Chris deluded himself into believing that he had been triggered because of a disturbance in the Dungeons and Dragons home dimension that required his goddess input to prevent a disaster.

Hey, y’all. Update on this cold: it’s giving me nasal problems now, and it still lingers in the throat. It does not feel as bad as earlier.

Also, I have found the reasoning behind the Triggering from @ProjectSNT’s redesign of the Chaotic Combo. There was a disturbance in their Dungeons & Dragons-like home dimension of CS-89, which is literally the main home of Plutia and Peashy in their CPU leadership over Planeptune, there.

Anyway, there have been a number of migrations of individuals and items from CS-89 into C-197 (Fated or forced). Even entire dungeon cave areas were being relocated via heavy magic from there. I’m projected there, as a Cleric, working on analyzing and finding the solutions before something really bad could happen to CS-89. This seems to be the right path, as I am finding less visual offense with Magi-Chan Sonola differences. Not triggering. Go figure a subconscious Trigger event being a call for help from another dimension.

Magi-Chan Sonola.jpg

Anyhoo, I’m about to get some food for this body. I’ll check back later.

That evening, Chris tried to bait ProjectSNT into replying to him by offering to collaborate with her on his custom TSSSF cards, posting a TSSSF card appropriating her OC design.

I finally drew SNT, although it ended up being a chronicling of a chat she and I had about a couple of months ago. Also, alt-dimension Sonichus and Rosechus @ProjectSNT has drawn is an idea for a #TSSSF expansion pack, if she would like to collab a bit on it. She has my email.

SNTandChrisChan.jpg AChatBetweenSNTandChrisChan.jpg

Notably, the lore on the card features a strange attempt at flattering ProjectSNT:

She and I enjoyed a pleasant conversation. I even pointed out her inhabitual attraction when it went off; I was immune to it.

ProjectSNT maintained her distance and did not respond.

On 13 December, Chris again tried to justify his tantrum, shifting his rationale to claiming that the design reminded him of the Rokat (a race of fantasy characters created by Jacob Sockness):

By the way, @ProjectSNT, I’ve found out what it was about Wild Sonirisu’s face and tail that was really bugging me. Turns out, he reminded me of one of the Rokat Grunts. Apparently, CS-89 was getting its magical items stolen. We managed to resolve the problem, and I can look at Sonirisu without even flinching anymore, finally. Go figure the ordeal that such an event was giving me warning over. Glad I investigated.

Wild Sonirisu TSSSF.jpg

That evening, Chris turned up the obnoxiousness further, replying to ProjectSNT's original tweet on the Chaotic Combo with more of his new power fantasy:

I've had to personally journey to Dimension CS-89 to resolve the problem of their D&D Magic resources being stolen; at least I've leveled myself up as a Cleric, and I get to pull of a style similar to one that I like from #SoulCalibur. Another hefty mission for a goddess like me.

Chris Chan Sonicleric.jpg

Two hours later, having had no success in getting ProjectSNT to respond, Chris turned to trying an apology:

I want to publicly announce that I am really sorry for how I reacted to @ProjectSNT’s redesigns, here. They are very good, and so is her video.
Activity showing Chris watching ProjectSNT's Twitter

On 15 December, Chris checked ProjectSNT's Twitter page, presumably to see if she had commented about him. While there, he liked tweets there were at the top of her page, including a pinned tweet from two years before.

On 16 December, ProjectSNT retweeted another artist's fanart of Sonichu characters playing Dungeons and Dragons. Chris again tagged ProjectSNT, desperate for a response and letting his passive-aggressive side shine through:

I Love This! 😃⚡️💙⚡️

This D&D Team is Fully Approved, Personally, @ProjectSNT.

Although, if you’re (still) upset at me, I can understand and empathize, and I still apologize for my initial outbursts.

Please, respond and let me know how you are feeling now. 🤧😥

On 23 December, YouTuber Dillin Thomas released a video discussing DMs Chris had sent him about ProjectSNT.[16] In those, Chris stated his belief that SNT had been forced into helping him battle interdimensional evil.

SNT, herself, was force-transported there as well to help with the situation. She and I took out the Rokat operation that was going on there and saved a falling-apart CS-89

In essence, Chris extended his power fantasy to include ProjectSNT as an imaginary friend since the real one refused to act as an enabler.

Chris pays to join ProjectSNT's Discord server.

On 4 January 2020, Chris pledged money to ProjectSNT on Patreon.[17] A perk for pledging is to receive an invite to ProjectSNT's Discord server - which Chris took advantage of, suggesting ProjectSNT ignoring him over Twitter had gotten under his skin so much he decided to throw money at her to try getting his foot in the door via Discord instead.


Main articles: Opuscon789 and SNT Vs Sonichu

On 11 February 2020, Chris livestreamed himself reading the second half of a fanfic, SNT Vs Sonichu, written by Opuscon789, which involved Chris and ProjectSNT.[18] Chris got the idea from ProjectSNT's YouTube, where she had livestreamed a reading of the first half ten months before[19]).

The fanfiction is an edgy story; an example of which is it began making rather unfortunate implications when it began turning sexual despite the significant age gap between Chris and SNT.

Chris' Rewatch Of Her Redesigns

In March 2024, during a live stream, where Chris watched some of his, "favourite videos", he rewatched the video by Courtney where she redesigned the Chaotic Combo. Chris seemed to enjoy her video at this point in time and, despite having some feedback and corrections about her observations on the characters, was overall positive or at least not openly negative about her designs.


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