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In the name of Honestly, Love and Kindness, I will defend myself and punish you, only if I feel need to. Don't make me feel need to.
Chris to Lady.
You have no heart, and no life so that you feel the need to harass women on the internet. Yeah, your life was completely wasted.
Lady to Chris.
Name n/a
Also known as TheLady
Date of Birth 1 March 1995 (age 29)
Gender Female
Nationality American

LadyOfTheCosmo (nicknamed "Lady") is a close friend of several Planet Dolan members, including Doopie and Hellbent. Fully aware of Chris's antics before and during the Doopie fiasco, she chastised him after he tweeted at her on 25 August 2017, in what has probably been Chris's biggest dose of reality since the Father Call. Later, Chris unfollowed her, and she blocked him.


Chris met Lady on 25 August 2017, responding to a tweet about how she's tired and is about to go to sleep.

Okay, officially good night y'all, I'm so tired from the all nighter I did. I'll see you on the flipside, cheers to a good sleep!

To which Chris responded with this tweet:

Rest comfy and easy, dear!

This provoked a response from her, calling Chris out for his use of the word "dear":

Pardon me, I will not allow you address me as "dear"

I'm not your "dear" & none of these other girls & artists involved with PD are either

Chris responded, with an image of a letter he wrote:

I apologize, but I meant the term neutrally, and I never meant anything from that.
And One More thing, Darling!... Talluah Bankhead would be Insulted with your response to the term's neutral usage. Hmpf!



Open Letter:

Something that grinds my gears is how people are Not accepting of the neutral terms "darling" or "dear". I use one or the other as a neutral addressing, inlieu of the various online nicknames, or actual names in general, when that detail is unknown, or when the other person is too distant to trust me, yet, on addressing them by their name. I Swear, if Tallulah Bankhead were alive today, she would never put up with such disrespectful responses. That is all for now, "Dahling."


Christine W. Chandler

He later shared this in a different tweet:

I can use "Dear" and "Darling" Neutrally as Miss Talluah Bankhead before us. It's your disrespectful responses to my usage that irks me.

Lady replied to Chris's letter with screenshots of dictionary definitions of "dear" and "darling:

Those are not neutral words, and you know what? Two can play at that game, letter writing to try and get an easy way out. Look at this
THESE ARE NOT NEUTRAL, you need someone to get that through your skull. You're not sorry, you're not sorry for the women you've horrified!

Chris angrily responded with a wall of 10 tweets.

Writing a short letter on the topic saves me multiple tweets; it was not an easy out, as I was not looking for an outlet to try to share my thoughts on the subject and put an ease on it. I Care about a lot of people, and I like a lot of people; I do not harass others, and I certainly never intended to horrify anyone. I have a good and kind heart and soul, and I Have felt about all I have **Felt Bad about the people I have mistakenly hurt before, including the theoretical online exes of mine who turned out to be false.

You are behaving like you do not understand how it feels to have been Trolled, Harassed and Bullied by the 4Chan Losers, among which, over creating something that you've put all of your heart and Love into. And Sonichu and Rosechu, and the others there, are amongst those closest to my heart, my mother being the Closest! And those who have proved their sincere kindness to me also have a place in my heart and soul. Why must you act and (appear to be siding with the) hate(rs), and leave the terms as neutral? In the name of Honestly, Love and Kindness, I will defend myself and punish you, only if I feel need to.

Don't make me feel need to.

Lady responded to three separate tweets of his, sparking a tweet war between the two.

Tell me now, do those even look like "neutral" words? Those are words of endearment, only my hubby uses those for me and him alone
Can i say that's a hell lotta bullshit falling out of your mouth right now, what ass did you stick your head up? Clearly your own
There's a big difference between haters and the ones who serve sweet justice towards hooligans like you. You have NO heart
I am not a hooligan, and I Do have heart!
If you did, you wouldn't even have the nerve to harass Doopie. You're selfish, and it's filled your heart with fatty layers of greed
I did not mean to harass her; my intentions were misunderstood, albeit I was impulsive, and I had apologized and repented for that.
Misunderstood?! You really aren't getting the point here kid, your intentions were clear right from the start. There's no hiding
I am not selfish.
Then you would've been respective towards her, but no, you just had to keep going
I meant to be respective, but obviously, I said the wrong things in grave error.
Obviously?! You've fucked up bad, and none of us feel any pity for you
I don't need this kind of misunderstood pity; I never was in any of this for infamy or fame! I will keep defending myself and showing you...
Showing me what? What a horrible person you really are past your painted smile. I see past your façade, your actions reflect who you are
...the Sincere Kind person that I Am! I have lots of music and love in my heart and soul! I will not be silenced.
I had No facade. My smile is Genuine; Not Painted.
You can say what you want Christopher asshat, your actions make you who you are, if you cared you wouldn't continue what you're doing
I grow tired and weary from this dispute that You will not accept, open your heart, and Just Move Forward and On, Dear Darling.
Good Night.
We're tired and weary because of you! I've tried and tried to help you to understand. I'm trying to be kind and patient despite your actions
Then why did you speak ill against me if you were meaning to help? Kindness is appreciated; not hurtful tongue.
I'm only doing it so you can see why we see you using these terms are non-neutral. For their definitions mean something completely different
Did you not realize that I was addressing the terms to people I liked. Perhaps you've used a similar term to address another woman you liked
"Like" you say too much bullshit. More like wanted to get up in our business old man
I would never, especially to someone who's random on the internet.
I may be modnar, but I try not to be offensive, and if I do, then I am sorry. I can not please Everyone.
You don't try not to be offensive, you love it. You love every second your offending women. If you wanted to be a women, youd respect them
Hide all you want Christopher, you can't run from this.

A branch of the thread reads:

You could do with dispelling the hatred and actually getting to know the people you speak against.
I already know enough from you, everyone here knows what you've done to get yourself in this mess. I know it, these people know it
I do not deny the mistakes I have made, and with that one tweet, my heart Was in the right place. To know me based on what the haters...
...and trolls have spewed online is to not know me as the person that I actually am: Sincere, Kind, and Open-Hearted.
Keep going, you're just digging yourself deeper into the mess you made for yourself.
I'll keep digging until when people like you actually understand me and stop being so closed-hearted. Love Is Love! And I stand in its name!
Love doesn't have room for harassment. I don't know what world you're living in, but you need a serious reality check to hit you in the face
Takes one who really needs the Dream Check to recognize when someone needs a Reality Check.

Fan responses

An onlooker asked if Lady knew about Chris's history of homophobia and racism. Chris later replied, stating that he had "Matured".

Remember back in the past when Chris Chan used to say he hated gay people?
Yeah, I've heard something like that from the long history of Chris the Harasser
Not only that, but I believe there were a few moments recorded where he actually said the n-word some times.
I do not hate gay people; in fact, I actually have hugged a few men recently too. I Have Matured.

That is rich, matured? You? Ha! Don't make me a bigger fool of yourself

The same commenter presumably insulted Chris's age in a deleted tweet. Chris proceeded to bring up the names of his favorite voice actors, and claimed to be a "library of wisdom".

I may be old, but guess who else is older that y'all like; Betty White, Seth MacFarline, even Cathy W (Not saying exactly).
I don't know any of those, they're ancient history Chris, just like you
Then you do not watch a lot of television or YouTube, because they are all still famous.
#HotInCleveland, #FamilyGuy, #MyLittlePony
I may be getting on in years, but I am a library of wisdom, and I have energy to love and live!
You have no heart, and no life so that you feel the need to harass women on the internet. Yeah, your life was completely wasted
I Have Heart! I Have Life! I do not harass people! I am not a waste of space. I Am Done With You now! Hope you have a nightmare tonight.
Now, I am officially done for tonight. Goodnight.
You should be done for good. Enough of your damn bullshit Chris, go to hell you bastard
I hope you go to hell and have to suffer through this again and again and again

Another fan advised Chris to leave Lady alone. Lady replied, using male pronouns, to which Chris responded with "I am Woman".

Just leave her alone Chris, you can't win.
He can kick and fight all he wants, but he knows he's already lost
Wrong Pronoun! I Am Woman, and I will kindly ask you to please address me as such.

A third commented:

@LadyOfTheCosmo I am so sorry this has happened to you.
Thank you for your concern for me, I'll be alright, I'm more so worried for the women artists and Voice Actors of PD like Doopie

A fourth said:

Dont Listen To Her Miss Christine! If you wanna talk like a 90 year old grandma that calls everyone "dear" or "darling", that's your right!
Stay outta this, you don't know squat about what he's done

A fifth pointed out how Chris doesn't respond to jerks:

Anyone else noticed that Chris very, very rarely responds to any male's account? Check his History. It's been creeperstalking all the way.
There you have it, proof


Lady later posted a tweet saying:

Hmph, people will never learn
I know, right? Not sure what it takes to get through to some people. Sorry you had to go through that.
It's alright, I'm gonna be a-okay! :)

Someone needs to give that guy a beating once and a while to show his darker side

That's good. I can agree with that. Let's hope it helped. I hope you have a more peaceful rest of the evening/day.

Additionally, a fan made a suggestion:

@LadyOfTheCosmo Have you considered commissioning being referred to by terms like "darling" and "dear?" I think one person will pay it.
I'm kinda tempted to. He won't ever be able to pay it with his allowance from his poor mother
He supposedly gets monthly disability social security above $1000 just for existing. It either goes to you, Legos, or debt collectors.

Later, Chris unfollowed Lady. She decided to block him.

Good riddance that bastard unfollowed me. I couldn't stand him trying to drive himself up my ass
He'll be back. He always does.
Nah, I blocked him

She also decided to explain her apparent A-Logging in her final few tweets to Chris.

Just so y'all know when I have snapped when angry, is when I start cussing. So I've been calmly arguing until just the last few tweets
Damn! Who pissed off The Lady?! Who I gotta stab gurl?
No one, for he past hour and a half or so, me and my team of justice have been getting at this pedophile for attacking Doopie

Night Star

After Chris had experienced quite enough stress for one day, he decided to use his Twitter sockpuppet to white knight himself once again. This is despite his having revealed that Night Star was controlled by him a week ago.

@CWCSonichu Y'all know what? Here is an example y'all Should Follow...

He then talked to himself using both his accounts in a bizarre series of tweets, calling himself "dear" and "darling" in the process.

@CWCSonichu I've heard you've been having a tough time with some haters. You don't deserve that, darling.
Thank you, dear. I am relieved to hear your kindness. And with hearing the kind term, I feel grateful that at least you like me.
That is so kind of you. And I can tell you like me too. And I know you mean that neutrally, and you would never do anything to harass me.
Of course, dear. I never mean to harass anyone; I am just misunderstood by some people. Ugh.

Chris attempted to justify this later.

I was showing an Example of how the terms should be accepted; I was aware of me talking with myself, but to Prove The Point, People!

Lady was later alerted to the existence of the account by a fan.

have to at least mention it, hope you know about his sockpuppet account too (hope you're okay from even more of that btw)
Do you know what it's called?
@NightStar2891 , it even has his confession after everyone called him out on his bluff
I thought that account looked fishy. Also, look on it, there's replies to himself XD
lol I know, he was trying to white Knight himself at first but his grammar & capitalization gave it away
Haha, this is so sad, he's depending on himself for support by using another's account. What a psycho
welp, that's what we've know him as. Trying to find anything to make him look good but in the end: backfires

Kiwi Farms

On 26 August 2017, Lady created an account on Kiwi Farms. After some of the forum's members had started to criticize her behavior, she posted messages explaining her intentions:

Hello, I know some of you may think I'm bad, I don't blame you. It's your honest opinion here and you have every right to say you don't like things about me and what I do, just like I had every right to tell Chris that I'm uncomfortable with his supposedly free use of "dear" and "darling" for me. I rightfully told him that I didn't appreciate him calling me that as nicely as I could, but he remained persistent by saying that I should be okay with it by backing it up with his ramblings of it being out of love and kindness, and that I was being bad for saying I didn't accept him calling me such. You can either understand what I'm trying to say or you can be against me, or think both me and Chris are in the wrong. Or you can see that I simply warned him to not do it again, a son I had said clearly in my first reply to his use of "dear" in the sentence. I was disturbed by him using it because a man doesn't use that for a woman out of no where, who's just a complete stranger to him on the internet. I didn't block him because I was hoping he'd understand and the fact he just liked the things I made. I then went back on that and blocked him because of his clear refusal to consider what I've said, by using his sock account to reassure himself that I was wrong to think it was disturbing. That was decided by Chris to not listen to my reasonings, and therefore he is no longer my problem now, what he does in the future will certainly not involve me any further with his meandering about the internet. His childish fits won't be ignored, but they won't be listened to either. He will only care about what he believes is right and everyone who disagrees is wrong and a bad person. I'm sorry you all had to see the angry side of me, I understand if you think I'm just as bad as Chris, I only wish for women to feel it's okay to be on social networks without being paranoid that a man will be waiting to start harassing them around every corner of the internet.
I understand that, I just get worked up really easily and I start to go all over the place, that's just me being me. I overreact a lot, and I can admit that it's one of my many flaws besides my short temper that gets out of control. That has been a personal issue I let get out of control when I take things to heart, sorry, forgive me please for my actions. I only wished for him to just say "okay I'll stop calling you dear or darling." He continued on and that made me upset. I'm sorry once again for acting so foolishly

Followed again

On 3 September 2017, Chris announced on Twitter that he had unblocked all the "trolls". This included refollowing LadyOfTheCosmo's account.

@CWCSonichu Why are you following me again? I thought you unfollowed me for a reason that we both know
Call it an impulse, since I've just unblocked everyone on my list; since I have forgiven you of the insults; since I like your style. 🌸
My.... style?
We're cool. Stay safe with peace. 🌸😊
The only thing we shared was a fight. There were no smiles that day, nor respect for a single word I said. So there was no "peace"
You've misread that comment: I shared the smiles and respect with the other people who were sassy and fun. And I respect you too.
Chris, if you respected me, you would've heeded my words and wouldn't have made me nearly burst a vein from a major headache over a week ago

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