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Messages between Chris and Doopie.

This page contains leaked emails between DoopieDoOver and Chris, released by her on 5 August 2017 on Kiwi Farms. Messages are color-coded green for Doopie and blue for Chris. Doopie also commented on some of the emails in her forum posts, which are colored yellow.


Characters — 27 July 2017

On patreon, he wanted me to draw my "favorite Sonichu character", I asked for references, this is what I got. 3 emails full of references I didn't need. So I just drew Rosechu, with references I found on Google.[1]
I'm rather surprised by your need for reference drawings of my characters (by about now, they can be Google Image Searched), and my past books' pages between #0 and #10 can be found on my Facebook. Also, my main cast of them are found in the Family Photo. But for you, darling, I can pick out a few most recent (or as recent as possible) pieces for each of my Sonichus and Rosechus. I just put together a Sampler Platter of my lot of Sonichus and Rosechus, including glancing over my past page files. I'll go over each character in a short typing.

-Sonichu - the Very First Sonichu. Typically Yellow and Brown and wears Battery-Charged Blue Colour Sneakers.

-Rosechu - the Very First Rosechu. Typically Diva Pink, her iconic dress and boots are red and blue, she also wears a white hair band atop her head.

-Sonichu's and Rosechu's Children

-Cera Rosechu - Diva Pink, like her mother, she coloured her hair quillss a grape wine colour, typically wears a lime green top, grey shorts and dark green boots.

-Christine Rosechu - a Shiny Rosechu, she is Purple, wears her quills long and divided in an orange hair style. Typically seen in her sky blue and pink spaghetti strap top and skirt, and coffee brown sandals.

-Roberta Sonichu - Gone from male to female to match her soul, she wears her upper quills merged and upward with some brown covering her hair. Yellow, like her father, she typically wears a blue top, denim skirt, and purple/blue sneakers.

-Blake Sonichu (A.K.A. Black Sonichu) - Black and Red, with red and white shoes with rocket boosters, a miscoloured clone of Sonichu (Prime)

-Wild Sonichu - Green in colour, with extrusions on his arms to shoot razor leaves and vine whips from; has a Leaf for a tail, note the tri-tips on each of his ears

-Simonia Rosechu - Dandelion Yellow, has retracting drills on her arms, eye-covering red shields, and a drill at the end of her tail

-Sandy Rosechu - Wild and Simonla's daughter. Still Dandelion Yellow, has a star hairstyle like Lisa Simpson.

-Simonchu - Simonia's brother, mostly a mossy green in colour.

-Bubbles Rosechu - Blue in colour to match the waters, note where there are white wave marks on her cheeks, forehead and knees. Her hair is long down to her butt, she does have her back spikes, and a tail like a Marril.

-Angelica Rosechu - White with Wings, with pink Hearts for electric cheeks, she keeps her hair up in a blue scrunchy, and wears mid-high-heel blue shoes.

-Punchy Sonichu - Red, and similar to a certain echidna; he does differ in personality. No Tail. Has a metal block on his purple shoes with green socks. Note the Knuckles.

-Magi-Chan Sonichu - Purple and Blue, has two tips per ear, and a stern Psychic Type

-Silvana Rosechu - a Black and Purple Rosechu in a skimpy outfit, but packs a powerful offensive physically, and mentally (a Psychic Type)

-Zapina Rosechu - A flying bug type with said wings, she is yellow with black arms, and a tail like a firefly.

-Darkbind Sonichu - A Knight from Rulecwc, and assistant/protector of Princess Zelina Rosechu. Purple with a different quill style, wears chest/shoulder armor with cape; no tail

-Zelina Rosechu - Orange with brown hair, with a reminiscent outfit, and a pink tail.

-Jamista Sonichu - a Multi-Coloured DJ with a music note shirt and shorts, wears headphones.

-Loisa Rosechu - Sweetheart of Jamsta, a yellow Rosechu with a purple dress and sparkly pink shoes. The tip of her tail resembles a number "2".

-Chloe Rosechu - Purple Rosechu with a differing hairstyle

-Blazebob Sonichu - Orange Sonichu with blue shoes

The last few here are Transformed from people (including myself)

-Chris Chan Sonichu - Updated to match my feminine self, blue and brown, with my signature mis-matched eye colour, and a blue/green pair of sneakers.

-Crystalina Rosechu - Orange with brown hair, and a cute dress, she is also the blood sister I wish I had.

-Saramah Rosechu - Yellow with a west, transformed from an old, and distant now, galpal of mine.

-Wes-Li Sonichu - Orange and Yellow with black and white shoes.

-A Brown Sonichu - a Rock Type, I've slipped on his name, but he has introduced himself as "I.B.A.Chandler"

Four of the characters were fan-created or inspired, but these descriptions, and the images attached to this and the next email, should be adequate references. If you'd like a set of the "Sonichu" books up to this point, I can hook you up, just let me know, Doopie, Darling. I look forward to seeing which one you draw, you have fun. :) Stay Safe and Well, Christine W. Chandler.

Doopie cwc sonichu ref.png

Here are more images for your reference, darling.
And this should make the lot.

Also — 27 July 2017

I had just found your drawing; it is fabulous. Thank you. I forgot to mention Sonichu and Rosechu's Mega Forms between Ultra Sonichu and Rosechu Lioness. And my earlier, and updated Collosal Chris Chan form. Enjoy the sampler, anyhow. 😊

Sent from my iPhone

Stay Safe,

Christine W. Chandler

I coloured her in — 29 July 2017

The Rosechu piece you drew; I coloured her in. Just lovely. You have a very exquisite drawing style that could draw a loving crowd! :) Thank You again, Danielle. I also had a thought, for each month my pledge goes through (although it may be one day late this coming time), I want you to draw my characters in various poses and situations. I let the details be up to you, have fun with each piece, and I will print and colour each in. I look forward to seeing what you will draw up next.

Meanwhile, I'm 🖊️📝 (colouring my pages). Keep your happy thoughts and good work going strong. ⚡💖💖💖⚡

Sent from my iPhone

Stay Safe,

Christine W. Chandler

Hey, Danielle — 30 July 2017

I just watched your "Things I Don't understand" video[2]; I thought you were funny-cute. I was unable to understand some of those things too. Although honking the horn at a drive-thru, I get that the person could be just Really Hungry, or the customer used an app coupon, and it was having difficulty being processed, or perhaps the customer at the final window was chatting with the employee; things that would make anyone behind them or you feel like "Come On, Already!"

Also, do you really identify as a magician? I like magic. 😊 I believe in the alternate dimensions where each set or all of our animated characters reside and live their lives, and continue growing long after their series is finished (or stay kids; whatever). I know after creating enough of the seed details between my Sonichus and Rosechus, as well as the city of Cwcville, they and all of the citizens made the city and community Grow, so there is definitely a LOT of good stories and history for my series. I also believe in psychic powers, have been developing some for myself with binaural beats. I am Literally Bending Paper with my mind waves, and I can only get better with daily practice. I would use my powers for good, including the possibility of levitating myself to Fly.

Anyhow, I felt like sharing and complimenting you a bit. But, please keep this email Strictly Confidential. I trust you, Danielle.

LOL! I just remembered the part of why people get creative with consuming beer. People want to try things that may or may not have been done before, or just being dumb. Although, up their pooper, gotta be a Fetish! 🤣 We are all each crazy in one way or another, and this is Our World.

Sent from my iPhone

Stay Safe,

Christine W. Chandler

Hey — 1 August 2017

I regret the way I replied. I know, I was being a fucking idiot. Either way, I blocked him on everything and thought that it would end everything but again, I'm a fucking idiot. I need to learn to stop being nice to people lol. [3]
Firstly, I'm sorry for messaging you on Patreon. I thought it was appropriate, given the topic was on Patreon. Please, keep the $50; I want to help you a little better, plus I did want to get a shirt. I did not realize that was a business part, and I did not intend to come of as creepy. Believe me, I know that feeling from a crazy fan and what else, plus I had learned years ago about what from me came off as creepy, and I try to avoid those things.

Second, this morning, after I awoke more from waking up after 2 am, I found Vim's tweet about #NationalGirlfriendsDay. I realized that while I still have yet to find my sweetheart, I did count y'all on Twitter as up to friends who were girls/women; I also counted my closet friends from Pokémon League, a couple of other gal pals, and one who likes me (but while I like her too, I still have not met her yet; she lives not far from me, so the feeling is not yet totally fulfilled). I was showing my appreciation for my blessing of my growing circle of friends, local and far. I did not mean for it to go crazy like it did.

Anyhow, I'm guessing this email is not your business email, but if it is, please correct me. I like talking with you from time to time. But, NOT in anything beyond simple acuqaintances-to-friendship. I am still learning what is okay and what is not okay to do, and taking notes for future and present references.

Keep a Happy Thought, Darling.

Sent from my iPhone

Stay Safe,

Christine W. Chandler

This is my business email. While I appreciate your kindness towards me, it's causing a lot of problems on my end. I would like to refund you and you can use the money to buy a shirt from my spreadshirt if you'd like. Here's the link:

Other than that, I can't accept your pledges anymore, and I would appreciate it if you didn't publicly tweet at me, for your sake and mine. I am very sorry. This is just too much for me to handle right now.

Take care,