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This page lists a series of emails exchanged by Chris and Jack Thaddeus on 13 July 2009. Jack had stolen Chris's PSN accounts.

Subject: What do you want? >:(
Subject: you're such a gentleman


p.s. my teacher once told me never to leave a computer unattended. i don't understand what he means.

Subject: What is your game, Devil?
Subject: i see you have some yen left if your account

my comrade can't read japanese so he's thinking about giving the account to me. what do you recommend on me purchasing first?


Subject: Silence Fool

Dismiss your Foolery, and State your Business.

I want a duel. What do you say to a showdown?
Subject: Be more specific; details.
Subject: In fact,

Why don't you come down to my house yourself in person, unless you are the cowardly weakling?

Subject: Duel!

You're the one who wants the PSN pass back, Why should I come to YOU when I have all the chips on the table?

Isn't The Hero Suppose To Come And Face The Villain To Rescue The Princess?

These are my terms, I am a Virgin myself and I could guarantee that I will lose my virginity within the week. If you have sex within the week, you are the victor of the gentlemen's duel. You must take a picture of yourself with the naked "lucky" woman to be nude.

Although Jack claims to be a virgin here, he later claimed to be married with a daughter. Chris didn't seem to notice this discrepancy.

If I have sex within this week, and take a picture of me and her, you will give me back my accounts; I've noticed you've stepped it up a notch and stole my secondary USA account; I want that account back as well.
Pictures can be photoshoped I want a video of you losing your virginity to the "lucky" lady. If you do this I will give you the accounts back plus a 50 dollar bonus for each account.
Subject: Final Condition.

You remember that picture you drew of Megan with your thumb up while fingering her? Of course you do!

When you have sex I want you to reinact that scene with you holding your thumb up while fingering.

Fair enough; where would you like me to upload the video?

And it has to be a REAL WOMAN not a DOLL or an ANIMAL..

are the terms clear?

Fair enough. But still, where should I upload the video after filming?
While you upload it to redtube please upload the video to mediafire.com

Thank you for agreeing to a gentlemen's duel.

Subject: Yes.

The terms are clear, and the challenge is accepted.

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