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Sonichu character
Gender Male
Height About 7'
Species Demon
The receptionist is a portyal of the Devil, of which is a neutral reference to all the inconsiderate Trolls behind their shenanigans and the Encyclopedia Dramatica in general.

Beel is the lobby receptionist for the Building prior to its destruction in Sonichu #10. He is a red humanoid with devil horns and wings. Chris described him as "an obvious portrayal of satan", and the temps and secretaries in the building are described as "of Hell-Order, employed by the devil".[2] The name "Beel" is probably a shortened version of Beelzebub (Hebrew בעל זבוב‎, Ba‘al Zəbûb, "Lord of the Flies"), a common name for the Devil.

Beel is depicted as a large, muscular red demon/devil wearing nothing but cut-off jean shorts, suggesting that his appearance was inspired by that of Satan in South Park, and possibly Him from The Powerpuff Girls (an effeminate antagonist with a red, devil-like appearance).

Appearances in Sonichu

Beel's first appearance was as an unnamed receptionist in Sonichu #8. When Sonichu and Rosechu arrived at the building for their appointment with Jason Kendrick Howell, he directs them to the top floor, which he idiosyncratically describes as "66+6". When Sonichu clarifies that this is simply the 72nd floor, Beel becomes annoyed and shoos the Electric Hedgehog Pokémon on their way. Sonichu takes umbrage with Beel's unprofessional conduct, until Rosechu reminds him of the story of Joseph.

Beel returned in Sonichu #10, this time serving in a more active role as Jason's agent. When Chris-Chan Sonichu arrived at the Building to destroy it, Jason trapped him in a cage, and Beel attempted to steal the Medallion from him, thinking it to be the source of his powers. However, to the surprise of everyone, Chris discovered that his powers in fact stem from his High School Ring, which he uses to retrieve his Medallion. His powers restored, Chris fires a Hyper Beam at Beel, slamming the demonic henchman into the 4-cent Garbage building, presumably killing him.

However, Beel returns ten pages later to warn Jason that the building would soon collapse from the musical assault by Christian and the Hedgehog Boys. When Jason escapes and retires, Beel condemns two others, Clyde Cash and Jack Thaddeus, for being homo trolls, and takes shelter in the basement, leaving them to their fate.


This naughty devil has a special package just for you.

When Jack asks Beel how he survived Chris's Hyper Beam, Beel points out that working in the 4-cent_garbage Building is his personal Hell, and so there's really nowhere else for him to go upon his death. According to Beel, he was condemned to work for 4-cent_garbage, and after it is destroyed, he will simply be reassigned to service Count Graduon. From this, it seems that Beel is cursed to walk the Earth for eternity as a lackey for one villain after another.

Beel also mentions (with regret) that he was once the "main assistant" to Adolf Hitler. Beel's service to Hitler got him cursed to toil in the service of villainous groups like Even so, Beel still looks down on Clyde and Jack Thaddeus for being gay. So even though he's a Satanic cyberbully who was once a key component of the Nazi Party, he is not quite as evil, in Chris's eyes, as two homosexuals.

Other Appearances


Beel briefly appeared in a one-off comic page commissioned by Ben Saint to explain the ultimate karmic fate of Liquid Chris. Apparently, Beel is back in Hell and is deciding the fates of various lost souls. However, whether or not this comic page is still canon is questionable as Sonichu 13 implied Liquid Chris was redeemed and became the police chief of CWCville.