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Trollll.PNG Troll disclosure: This persona was created or used by trolls to manipulate Chris.
Though this identity is contrived, the CWCki may treat it as if it were a real identity because it was to Chris. (It's also funnier that way.)
Chris initially wanted to ignore Liquid. We had to tell him that if he didn't publicly refute Liquid, it could be used against him to steal the Sonichu copyright. Chris is lazy and, by default, ignores most trolling.
The Man in the Pickle Suit[1]
Liquid Chris
Name Christopher Morton Duckworth
Also known as Chris Chandler[2]
"The Previous Chris"
"The Other Chris"[4]
Date of Birth 1990 (age 29-30)
Gender Male
Nationality American
Race White
Spouse Kacey
Siblings SimplySpoons (brother)
Occupations Freelance comic book artist

Liquid Chris (real name: Christopher Duckworth; born 1990) claimed to be is the TRUE and HONEST Christian Weston Chandler and the one and only creator of the Electric Hedgehog Pokémon Sonichu.


June 2009 was a busy month for Chris (henceforth Solid Chris), with both highs and lows. Solid was getting out of the house more and knocking back some Long Islands with a new group of acquaintances. He was given the reins to his shiny new CWCipedia and had his YouTube account "CChanSonichu" compromised. Yes, he was Rollin' and Trollin' indeed.

And I'm nowadays wearing a vest and improving my image.
Solid Chris[5]

A challenger appears


"Liquid Chris" was actually Christopher Duckworth, and he made no actual attempt to steal Chris's identity. It was just a comedic impersonation that Chris took too seriously. It should also be noted that Liquid tried to make it as blatantly obvious as possible in the beginning stages (i.e. stuffing a pillow in his shirt, paper cut-out medallion).
Liquid torturing the impostor.
"There's room for only one Chris, and one Mayor!"
See also: Liquid's Antebellum Videos

At the end of the month a new YouTube account,, appeared with a simple premise: that the real Christian Weston Chandler (henceforth Liquid Chris) was back online after a long absence, during which he lost his account to hackers, so all the weirdness on "CChanSonichu" was the work of hacking trolls, and he announced that he was ready to resume posting HONEST content on his new account. This new CWC posted four more videos, much of which were parodies of earlier videos by Solid Chris.

How else would I get fan art, if I was not the original creator of Sonichu?
Liquid Chris, 3 July 2009

Notably, Liquid Chris sported:

All of which, of course, made him almost indistinguishable from Solid Chris! Solid himself made no comment, probably because he didn't notice the new videos among the chatter of all the other trolling. The alternative — that Solid just ignored them — is far too reasonable to consider.

Ian Brandon Anderson

Main article: Ian Brandon Anderson

What really cranked this up to eleven was a chain of events that started with Solid Chris getting his "CChanSonichu" channel back: First, Solid posted a series of videos on 10 July 2009 where he "called out" three trolls by their YouTube handles, and dropped their dox (well, dropped "supposed states of residence"). That resulted in the permanent banhammer for "CChanSonichu".

The next piece fell into place when he posted his Rollin' and Trollin' video on his new YouTube account, "IBAChandler". When it hit Encyclopedia Dramatica, newfags everywhere momentarily lost control of their bowels, thinking they'd been trolled by a grand master. Trolls, however, did what trolls do best: they started riffing on it. Pretty quickly, YouTube comments popped up referring to Solid as "Ian Brandon Anderson". Such was the price of success for Solid's small drop of near win in his sea of epic fail: he had delivered unto his enemies a weapon that they'd use for months.

Even then, the damage control from that episode alone would probably have kept him from noticing Liquid's videos. Until that is, Liquid raised the stakes in an attempt to get Solid's attention.

The CWCivil War

Opening shots

TRUTH and HONESTY established by the state of Virginia!
See Also: Liquid's CWCivil War Videos

The war began on 21 July, when Liquid uploaded a video that reeled Solid in hook, line, and sinker, having sold Sonichu merchandise with Samantha Thaddeus at Otakon. A rebuttal was in order:

DO NOT BUY from the Impostor, " CWCCChanSonichuCWC". HE IS CRAPPY, and his Nasal Voice is JUST DOWNRIGHT AWFUL.

Also, if I wanted to buy PAPER, I'd go to Wal-Mart and buy 500 FULL 8.5 X 11 Sheets for about 5 dollars!


F*** HIM TO HELL![5]

Solid also took time out from his busy schedule to post threats on Liquid's YouTube comments:

The Final Showdown


I am Calling YOU OUT!

14 Branchland Ct. Ruckersville, VA BEFORE August 2, 2009. If you really WANT to be me, then Come Face Me.


But "Naive" is even WORSE than NAILS.

You are a Nerd and a Whimp!

Have a good day.
Christopher Christian Weston Chandler[5]

Even at this point, Solid Chris still may have let this all go, as he was simultaneously getting blackmailed by Jack Thaddeus, who was holding his PSN account to ransom. But as that wound down, Liquid caught Solid's eye again, by picking up on the Ian Brandon Anderson meme:

Hello, again, Loyal Fans,

It is I again, Christian Weston Chandler. NOT Christopher Christian Weston Chandler as EVERYONE KNOWS I Changed my name FROM Christopher to Christian (PS: That Troll, as Some have now Informed Me, his Real Name is IAN BRANDON ANDERSON). Anyway, I am Working Very Hard on Sonichu 9 and Things may be Progressing Heavily with my new TRUE Gal-Pal Kacey and I. Also, Expect more Announcements of this Developing Caliber in the Future.

Stay True.


The battleground

"More Than A Feeling"

The REAL Chris is not only cute, he can play the guitar!
See Also: CWC More Than A Feeling
See Also: More Than A Feeling THE TRUE VERSION by Christian Weston Chandler (CWC)

For whatever reason, Solid dug up an old video of himself failing at Guitar Hero and dumped it online. Liquid shot back with a TRUE and HONEST rendition on a real guitar.

Spanish Challenge

Ceci n'est pas une Chris.
Main Article: CWC Update 29 July 2009

More video rage followed before Solid attempted a cunning plan:

También. Mi presente. Responde en español bueño. ¿Si no que bueño? Tu no eres el verdad. Tu eres el impostor.
Solid Chris, CWC Update 29 July 2009

The plan backfired when Liquid responded more fluently in Spanish, French, German, and Japanese.

SingStar Challenge

Only one clear choice, choosing the TRUE and HONEST Chris.
Main article: SingStar Challenge
Alright, Christian, Mr. Brown-Striped Impostor, since you have been able to accept and complete my question challenges, it is time to issue a new challenge.
Solid Chris, "SingStar Challenge"

And then he shaved his goatee off. Dry. With a safety razor.

As expected, the contest went to Liquid and Solid was a sore loser about it. Liquid had a tally of four votes in favor, two against. He then took his leave from the competition, after announcing a number of personal coups:

  • That he'd finally found a true sweetheart, Kacey.
  • That he'd landed a job as a Production Manager and Game Designer at Microsoft for a Sonichu game for all consoles.
  • That Dark Horse Comics would be publishing his Sonichu comics, making him even more filthy rich, with the opening of the CWCStore.

And finally, that he had decided to stop battling the Solid, and move out of his parents' house to live in Redmond, Seattle, to continue his happy, successful life.


Main article: SHOWDOWN: The TRUE CWC Confronts The FAKE
You’re breaking my balls here.

On 9 August 2009, Liquid called Solid up and confronted him over the slanderous lies he was telling on YouTube. Solid tried reason, and when that failed, he threatened to arrest Liquid for identity theft and involve Bob in this debacle.

If you do not come clean right now, I am going to get my father in on this further, and you are going to get fucking arrested, thrown in jail, and you will not get to live the peaceful, happy life that Kacey and I would like [voice cracks] you to live because Kacey really cares for you MAN![7]

"I, Christian Weston Chandler of Ruckersville, Virginia, Have Grown Up."

On 14 August 2009, Liquid announced that he was departing YouTube for the time being to pursue turning his Sonichu series into an acclaimed media franchise.

I, Christian Weston Chandler of Ruckersville, Virginia, Have Grown Up.
Stardate 14 August 2009
Subject Matter MusicMusic Music GalpalsGalpals Kacey
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason
Shirt Brownstripeshirt.png Brown
Liquid Chris' videos
Verdict: I (CWC) WIN the SingStar Contest.
Also, More Updates on Sonichu and Going Places :)

Of course, this sent Solid completely over the deep end. First, he raged:

Solid Chris, "NO D*** WAY, IMPOSTOR!!!"

Then, he tried reason:

The Singstar Challenge was NEVER to verify who was the real Christian Weston Chandler, because everyone on the Internet knows that I am, he's the impostor. They should quit encouraging him. And I wish that he would stop his stupid, damn, dirty game. I don't know what the heck is wrong with his head. [his voice gets higher] He ain't right. He don't even let me get a word in edgewise. He just keeps going on and on AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ONNNNNNNNN! Worse than my father![8]

And as summer disappeared, so too did Liquid Chris: The apparent victim of foul play. Viewer discretion is advised, as the next video is disturbing.

Stardate 15 August 2009
Subject Matter ViolenceViolence Death threats
Shirt Brownstripeshirt.png Brown
Liquid Chris' videos
I, Christian Weston Chandler of
Ruckersville, Virginia, Have Grown Up.

Chris's sweetheart, Kacey, was distraught over the event and posted a video confirming Chris's disappearance and announcing her withdrawal from their engagement.

CWCivil War II: Kacey Boogaloo

Chris's solution to Boyfriends.
Main article: Kacey

Liquid Chris reappeared on 15 October 2009 with a new video explaining the trials and tribulations of the past few months, and igniting a heated love triangle with Solid for Kacey's affections. According to Liquid, he had been unlawfully detained in a meat-packing factory, and when he managed to escape, he found himself in Africa. With the assistance of a few others, Liquid managed to make his triumphant return to Ruckersville, and the stage was set from there on out.

In the video addressed to Kacey's parents, Solid called him "the previous Chris". In a desperate video for Kacey, Solid called him "the other Chris" repeatedly.

When the dust had settled, Solid's behavior had offended Kacey's father and, through his immaturity, pushed Kacey back into the loving arms of the Liquid.

Stardate 15 October 2009
Subject Matter HomosHomos Homos RumorsRumors Rumours
Shirt Brownstripeshirt.png Brown
Liquid Chris' videos
FROM: the True C.W.C with Birth Name Christopher.


TSSSF card Chris made of Liquid, eight years after the closing of the saga.

Liquid Chris is now married to his beloved sweetheart, Kacey. As the one TRUE and HONEST creator of Sonichu, his artwork and comics are extremely popular and he often attracts many beautiful boyfriend-free girls with his medallions and his Guitar of Win.

Liquid makes mad cash by selling said medallions at Otakon and other anime conventions while voicing Solid in Sonichu: The Animated Series. He has also made several hundred thousand dollars from his two critically acclaimed games, Pokémon: Lightning Version and Sonichu: The Crystal Chronicles for the Nintendo DS and Xbox 360, respectively. On 27 July 2011, Liquid bid fond faredieu to the trolling universe on YouTube by closing his account.

Solid Chris then considered Liquid Chris a friend.

After Chris Duckworth abandoned his Liquid Chris persona, he acquired a BS in oncology, and he currently works as a cancer research doctor.[9] Time will tell if his findings will bring us one step closer to the cure.

In the years since, Chris eventually forgot about much of the Liquid Chris saga.[10] However, in fall 2019 Chris created a TSSSF card of Liquid Chris, showing he still holds some animosity towards him – the card describes Liquid as a villain utilizing "pretentious acting".

Sonichu's Copyright Proof and Thank You Kacey's Father
Stardate 06 November 2009
Subject Matter ComicsComics Comics
Shirt Brownstripeshirt.png Brown
Liquid Chris' videos
My Half of A Whole
New World For Kacey
from Ian Brandon Anderson (his Comic Pages)


Kacey, you Know who is Right, in Your Heart.


"Christopher" Christian Weston Chandler (C.W.C)

Liquid's last statement

Hello All,

I have been Enjoying the Married Life with my Sweetheart and making Several Hundred Thousand Dollars at Nintendo and Microsoft on Pokemon: Lightning Version and Sonichu: The Crystal Chronicles for the Microsoft X-box. I do not have much time for the Youtube, but my Good Friend Dr. Aleksander Egorov (a Physics Animator) has taught me how to Edit Well. In my Spare Time, I have been honing my own Skills as an Editor. I created this Project for my Loyal Fans, who are STILL being TERRIBLY ANNOYED by the Fraud, Ian Brandon Anderson. It is Very Nice to have a home in Redmond, Washington now; I do not care for the fact that I do not stay in one place for long. Perhaps I will be coming to a Convention Near You, Sonichu fans. I thank God and Jesus every day for Each One of you. This is my message for now; Goodbye.

Gladly to be Where I Am,

Christian Weston Chandler

PS: As I have SO MANY MESSAGES now, do not Trust that yours can, or will, be answered; I appreciate EVERY ONE, and all Nice Comments.


Ian acts as the real Chris, in "100 2270".

IBAChandler has mocked Liquid on several points:

It's a bad sign when one is fighting a mirror, and worse when the mirror is winning.

In early August 2009,[11] Solid began to believe that Liquid couldn't be the real Chris because only the real Christian Weston Chandler is a retard who is the laughing stock of the Internet. Therefore, the fact that Liquid isn't trolled and doesn't do dumb shit suggests that he isn't the real Chris. Of course, previously mentioned theories seem to disprove this assertion.

In a further fit of irony, Ian ended up impersonating Liquid in a bizarre attempt to woo Liquid's girlfriend, Kacey.

And in a last irony, Ian impersonated Chris who was impersonating him impersonating...or "100 2270".

In the comic

The impostor Chris stole his famous lecture to the Jerkops from the real Chris.
Beel explains Liquid's fate
Go, IBAChandler, and copycat-ly [sic] sieze [sic] to the extreme!
The commission as first seen in Ben Saint's lecture

Despite being one of the most important events in Christory, the Liquid Saga is addressed in only two pages within the entirety of Sonichu. On 17 November 2009, Liquid made his very first appearance in Solid' Chris's Sonichu #9. Solid, being the slanderous impostor that he is, had the nerve to claim that Liquid's name was Ian Brandon Anderson, and once again tried (and failed) to convince everyone that he was the TRUE and ORIGINAL creator of the Sonichu franchise.

Chris planned a future plot where Giovanni captured Rosechu and forced Chris to cede control over CWCville to Liquid. This, however, has yet to be done.[12]

Since Liquid's fate in the comic remained nebulous at best, Ben Saint commissioned a piece from Solid Chris that explained Liquid's ultimate fate. To the surprise of Saint himself, Chris actually delivered. The piece was revealed in a YouTube lecture by Saint on the timeline of the Sonichu canon[13] and included commentary by Beel, Sonichu, Rosechu and Chris himself.

So, you want to know the fate of the past impostor of Christian, as the original person was known? Simply put, IBAChandler, he was dragged down to hell, punished of identity theft, and all of his memories and past incarnations reset. His soul was born a fresh blank into a newborn child, and his old body was burned in Hell's lava pool.
Beel in the commissioned art.

However, Sonichu 13 its mentioned that an "Ian Brandon Anderson" was elected as the head police chief of CWCville. Whether these two were meant to be the same character (thus making the commissioned comic page non-canon) or a totally different person with a similar name was never explained.

Fan videos


Christian Weston Chandler... Yep, I'm On Hexbawks. :)
Stardate 25 January 2010
Made By BobbyHillify
Video Type Trailer for the upcoming Xbox game.
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

Theme Song - Caillou
Stardate 4 November 2016
Made By SiIvaGunner
Video Type High quality video game rip
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

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