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Game on. ¡Abre la contesta!
Solid Chris

The SingStar Challenge was a video competition phase of the CWCivil War, initiated by Solid Chris.

Who will prevail?


Previously, Solid (posting under the YouTube handle IBAChandler) had attempted to reestablish his TRUE and HONEST identity with videos showcasing his multiple talents. This cunning plan backfired miserably, as Liquid Chris (posting as CChanSonichuCWC) outdone Solid's talents in his own videos. This included playing More Than a Feeling on a real guitar, shaming Solid's Guitar Hero rendition.

Butthurt that Liquid had an actual talent, Solid recognized that the clear solution was to formalize the contest, thus eliminating such dirty tricks.[1]

SingStar Challenge Announcement

SingStar Challenge Announcement
Stardate 31 July 2009
Subject Matter MusicMusic Music
Saga LiquidLiquid Liquid Saga
Shirt Classic ShirtClassic Shirt The Classic
That Goatee WILL Grow Back
Sonic Boom


Alright, Christian, Mr. Brown-Striped Impostor, since you have been able to accept and complete my question challenges, it is time to issue a new challenge. I challenge you in a SingStar competition. The rules are simple. We are to each pick one song out of our libraries, our own playlists, and sing them verbatim with out any printed lyrics and with out any karaoke. 'Quipment.

[picks up camera]

And I will show you right now how fair I am. My room layout.

[pans around his overstuffed-with-junk room]

No karaoke equipment whatsoever.

[camera returns to Solid in frame]

[sigh] And if it-and also we must have the mp3s played behind us, so therefore no musical instruments its so-what so ever in any video. And... only... in song number five, no song before, we [sigh] will allow each other to pick one song and challenge the other with that song. And the deadline for each uh, up, each uploaded song is etsa-approximately 24 hours from the previous one. So your song number one will, the deadline for that will be 24 hours after I upload and p-start my first st-song. [sigh] So, with that we will soon be commencing with the first track, "Sonic Boom" [holds up Sonic CD cover]

[jump cut]

And with that I will be showing you my li'l lay out

[camera once again turns to Solid's crap-laden room]

my speakers over there,

[camera moves to show some Lego bricks]

my camera will sit here

[camera moves back to Solid]

the only thing that I ask anotherly—anotherly in this, no separate microphones but only the microphones on our webcamps. [holds up a mirror to reflect the camera]

[jump-cut to Solid setting down the camera facing his bed and sits down into frame]

[jump-cut to Solid once again holding the camera on himself making the last jump cut meaningless]

Oh, I forgot one thing, you may use your mp3 player of choice. My PSP is mine, attached to my speakers.

[Solid once again sets down the camera]

You may show me yours in your first video, Mr. Christian.

[jump cut]

Any mutiny against the rules I have set forth in this video will be [sigh] [dramatic glasses removal] not countable. And you will have to do it all over again.

[jump cut to Solid throwing his glasses]

And so with that

[footage of the infamous shave is inserted]

[starting to remove square medallion] Ow! [removes square medallion, holds it up to the camera to read: The Good Life) [starts to shave goatee dry] [after eleven seconds the head comes off the razor, Solid reattaches it and continues shaving, then sets razor down]

[jump cut]

[one second into new scene razor head falls off again, Solid reattaches again and continues to shave until goatee is mostly gone]

[jump cut]

[jump cut]

—rst thing, no imported music. Which means no Japanese, no Spanish, no German, no odd country language. Only English. Shame, would loved to play "Sailor Star" or "Flame Sniper"[2] [makes motion as if getting ready to fire an arrow from a bow]

[jump cut]

And also, once a song has been sung, of that specific title, from that specific band, it will not be reusable in a future song. Neither by you, neither by me. Abide by the rules.

[jump cut]

[Solid is once again holding the razor] Game on. ¡Abre la contesta! [Spanish for "Let the contest begin!", except that "contesta" is not the correct word; "¡Abre el concurso!" would be correct.]

Rules between The Original, Patriotic C.W.C. and the Brown-Striped Impostor C.W.C.

-One Song At A Time from our individual Playlists.
-Sing Without Printed Lyrics or Karaoke Equipment..
-Original MP3s must be played in background at appropriate audible volume..
-NO MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, real or Guitar Hero/Rock Band/Rock Revolution, etc is to be visible in ANY VIDEO.
. -No Requests will be made from one Singer to the other BEFORE the 5th Song. After the Brown One sings Song 4, he may choose the Encore Track for me to sing, then I will choose his Encore Track for him to sing..
-Deadline for Each Player: 24 Hours from one Singer's Uploading of their Singing Video (After August 5, 2009 at Noon EST). If I upload on 12:30 PM Monday the 3rd, the deadline for the Brown One will be 12:30 PM Tuesday the 4th, and vice-versa. .
-Use of any MP3 Players Fully Encouraged for playing the Tracks. .
-NO IMPORTED TRACKS (No Japanese, Spanish, German, etc Tracks)..
-NO Christian Weston Chandler Tracks, such as "So Need a Cute Girl", "Yellow Is A Mellow Color", etc. .
-Once a Song, of that Title from That Artist has been sung, it Can Not be sung again by Either Player for the remainder of the Competition. My First Track is "Sonic Boom" from Pastiche; it is forbidden for it to be sung again by either Me or the Brown One for the remainder of the competition..
-NO Visual/Audio Video Edits for ALL SONG VIDEOS. No Dubbing Pre-recorded Audio over Video; ONLY Smooth Video One-Take Recordings Count (multiple takes towards final video are acceptable)..

***Failure to comply by ANY of these Rules at ANY time during the competition shall be Disqualified, and the Last Player Sung shall be Named the Winner Forever..
***All Scores shall be tallied from accuracy of Lyric-Matching and praise from the watching audience, Officially by Judges that myself, and the Impostor will select THREE Close People, NO MORE THAN THREE FOR EACH OF US, on YouTube..

My List of Judges will be Noted by their YouTube Handle on My First Song for the Competition; I ask the man in brown to list his Judges' Handles on his First Video..

The DEADLINE for His First Video and Judge Selection will be Wednesday, August 5 at 12:00 NOON, EST..

Game On!


Round IBAChandler's song CChanSonichuCWC's song
Round 1 "Sonic Boom" by Pastiche
(closing version; from Sonic CD)
"You're Pitiful" by "Weird Al" Yankovic
Round 2 "Don't Say You Love Me" by M2M "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" by Will Smith
Round 3 "Autumn Goodbye" by Britney Spears "Heaven" by Bryan Adams
Round 4 "The Touch" by Stan Bush "Think Twice" by EVƎ 6
Round 5 "Smell Yo Dick" by Riskay
(Opponent's request)
"Lift Up Your Eyes" by Planetshakers
(Opponent's request)

Awaiting the Judges' Ruling...

After round five finished, Solid began a campaign against Liquid on various fronts, mainly through video:

  • A "direct" confrontation between Solid and Liquid:
    • Exposing Jeff, where by his "detective work" he finds that CChanSonichuCWC's true name is "Jeff": this name is a callback to a previous trolling affair.
    • CHRIS!!! CHANDLER!!!, a video that shows the rage held by Solid over the accomplishments of his rival. He tries to demotivate Liquid by using his girlfriend, Kacey, as a deterrent.
    • CCWC's Final Warning to the Second CWC, where he threatens legal persecution and gives some anecdotes about his life, mainly his name change and again mentions Kacey.
    • LOOK at the truth!, where he tries a comparison between him and Liquid, acknowledging and reaffirming his failures. This is also a video that shows a side of Solid few people have the fortune of not seeing: his manboobs.
  • Trying to steal Kacey from Liquid, by the pretense of her being in love to the "Real Deal" Chris and not the impostor. This resulted in the following videos:

Liquid was not happy with these events and began his crusade for vindication:

  • A telephone conversation between him and Solid, where he tries to convince Solid to drop his charade and accept that Liquid is, in fact, the TRUE and HONEST CWC. Solid loses it again, threatening Liquid with the police and involving Bob in his debacle.
  • Come CLEAN! Liquid strikes again, exposing Solid's faults and weaknesses.


Name and YouTube handle CWC IBA
Judges chosen by CChanSonichuCWC[3] Kacey Devoria
SpazKid (spazkid)
Judges chosen by IBAChandler[1] Katie Bay (katiebaybug)
Kim Wilson (ScarletSanctum)
Unknown dude judge

A Winner: There Can Only Be One

"I (CWC) WIN the SingStar Contest"
Stardate 11 August 2009
Subject Matter Music.png Music
Shirt Brownstripeshirt.png Brown
Liquid Chris' videos
Ian, Talking Time is Over. The REAL Christian Weston Chandler is SICK of Your Lies. Come CLEAN.
I, Christian Weston Chandler of Ruckersville, Virginia, Have Grown Up


Captain's Log, Stardate August 11th, 2009.

Hello my loyal fanbase, I would like to address the impostor, Ian Brandon Anderson, for a moment. I officially declare myself the winner of the SingStar Challenge contest between because your judges have not followed my rules—followed not—followed not—not followed any rules or uploaded any videos. My judges have been following the rules and giving me scores, therefore because you don't have any scores you're out of the running and I am the true Christian Weston Chandler. Now, I dun care if you're stealing my original works, and comic pages and arts, and uploading them to a dimpy little website where no one will see them, bec—while the true comics are about to be published by Dark Horse Comics. Yes, you heard it right, Dark Horse is wary fent—they are working fenderlessly, furiously, to create and draw and write the first Sonichu Episode 0 comic within accordance from Sega and Nintendo. Now they are also working with a certain Microsoft as well. My current on the project is they may hire me as production manager. So, you know, keep my fingers crossed. And another thing, I present to you another true Sonichu merchandise selling site is and it's your one stop shop for anything Sonichu-, Rosechu- or CWCville-related. I will show you a bit of the site right here. And on another note there uh uh gonna start selling Lego sets of CWCville along with uh, guides to the city. So, uh, be looking forward to that one, true believers! The uh, 'Sonichu Crystal Chronicles games has come along pretty well. It's going to a, uh, RPG-style game, a role-playing game, and outside the city of CWCville. And, uh, it is currently being produced in tandem with Microsoft for the-mm, X-box 360. Look forward to the official revealing of it in the uh Da-Dallas Game Developers Conference. Ehm, anyways, uh, anyway, yeh, that's about it for now. Still making lots of money, rol—rolling in the—rolling in the dough, ya know and uh, WHO KNOWS WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS? Peace.

And to my, my darling sweetheart Kacey, eventual, a light a magical lighthouse is randomly shone is a healing, guiding light upon previously shattered heart and tortured soul, and mending them back into good shape and form. One girl walked into my life like a sailor soldier who had just vanquished a heart snatcher. Bit by bit, I've noticed you're shining, lustrous hair, you're shiny blue Chaos Emerald-like eyes and personality—strong and caring, like a true buttercup bloom. I followed my recovered heart's instincts and followed you. As I got to know you over the months and my heart was growing stronger as I was falling for you. I blushed more strawberry pink than I ever had before and everything was shining like a sun's mellow color, yellow. For you I would travel even a thousand miles just to be with ya. Fortunately you lives only about two hours away from my house and uh, I meet you when we dates. This feeling that was, and still is, so pure and true, it's as if I was born to love you. When you smiles I feel like I'm walking on sunshine and I give my replying smile and gaze into your eyes. And your hair is the softest and most warm tingling. Cloud nine? I feel like I'm on ten! Kacey, my love, will you marry me? [Holds up a Rosechu medallion and creepily stares around the room] Peace.


Even to slow-in-the-minds, it was clear that several rules contradicted themselves immediately, such as not being allowed karaoke equipment but being allowed to play the song itself in the background. Happily, Solid couldn't have chosen a worse medium for a duel, as Solid is so tone deaf he doesn't even realize that he is tone deaf. In his mind, his singing voice had "a Frank Sinatra or Bing Crosby flavor,"[4] making him a sure-fire winner.

After losing the contest, Solid uploaded The Contest NEVER was to Determine Who was Who, where he pulled a massive retcon out of his ass and said the contest was just for fun.

This saga marked a new take on previous attempts to make Solid believe that someone else was taking all the fame and glory of his Sonichu creation. By confronting a doppelgänger who was successful in everything he tried to be, Solid began to show a violent side of his psyche. While fruitlessly trying to prove that he was the TRUE and HONEST person, his actions produced a surge of content unparalleled to anything produced in 2009, even to the point of jump-starting the production of Sonichu #9.


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