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Chris's activity in 2008, 2009 and 2010.
Y'all should know me by now, but, if you don't, I am Christian Weston Chandler, the original creator of Sonichu, the Electric Hedgehog Pokémon [...] I have a whole bunch of people on the Internet give me hate...show me a lot of hate...and I do not appreciate it. Ticks me off. You think you can just...hate me just to get a laugh out of yourself. Think about it. You're laughing at somebody else's pain and torture, because I am lonesome, still trying to find a boyfriend-free girl and to make into a sweetheart.
So it begins. August 3rd, 2008.[1]

The 2000s: where the shit finally hit the fan.

The 2000s are a very defining decade for Chris. He came of age sexually, began his Love Quest, invented Sonichu, stalked lots of women, and got thrown out of malls. It also notably saw the Internet begin taking further interest in him, with the relentless trolling he's endured ever since commencing at the end of the decade. Chris was aged between 17 and 27.


Chris in 2000, celebrating his 18th birthday
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The year 2000 is the year that Chris, turned 18, graduated from high school, and started attending Piedmont Valley Community College. The year 2000 is iconic for the Sonichu fanbase, as it was the year that Chris thought up Sonichu whilst making a mix CD. Chris, however, didn't start making comics until 2004.


Chris in 2001, the new millennium.[2]
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The year 2001 is the year that Chris turned 19 years old. Another thing worth mentioning is that beginning from age 19 onwards, Chris has been rapidly gaining weight as photos taken from this year show Chris's growing double chin, as well as the first noticeable appearance of his manboobs. Notably, Chris starts working (and then gets fired) from Wendy's, one of the very few jobs in his life. The story of Sonichu continues developing in Chris's mind.


Chris, turning 20 in 2002.
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In 2002 Chris was mostly busy creating original Pokémon Trading Cards. This year also showed rising awareness in Chris that he needed a sweetheart. Nothing much of note happens in this year.


Chris, turning 21 in 2003.
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The year 2003 was the year that marked Chris's definitive realization that he needed a girlfriend, and thus the beginning of his Love Quest, essentially starting him down the long and winding road that led him into the arms of the trolls. Chris becomes considerably more active in this year, writing multiple stories including the first ever one about Sonichu and starts working on Christian and the Hedgehog Boys. He also works at Cutco for a month, making it the last job he ever had. Mary Lee Walsh ripped apart his now-iconic Attraction Sign, starting Chris's hatred for her.


Chris as Ash in 2004.
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The year 2004 shows the appearance of the first Sonichu's News Dash!. At the end of this year, Chris started drawing Sonichu #0.


Chris and Megan in 2005
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The year 2005 was, in retrospective, Chris's most productive year, resulting in him drawing 4 issues of Sonichu. Because of getting expelled from PVCC, Chris had a lot of free time on his hands, leading in him putting a lot more effort in his Love Quest. June and July are characterized by a series of fights between Christian and the local authorities, resulting in the charge being dropped, and, according to Chris, severe traumatic scarring. In 2005, Christian also gained two of his most renown friends, Anna McLerran and Megan Schroeder. The first, a Mormon Pac Sun employee, Chris met whilst pacing the mall on his Love Quest. The second, an insecure female otaku he met playing Yu-Gi-Oh! at his local game store.


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Chris, turning 24 in 2006.

The year 2006 shows several important developments within Chris's behavior that are now seen as typical. Firstly, he starts to get more and more clingy towards Megan. Via e-mail, she repeatedly tells him off, but to no avail. Secondly, he starts engaging to large extent in the conspicuous consumption that would eventually get him into large debts. For the first time, Chris starts buying pornographic items, My Little Pony action figures and other seemingly childish and useless objects from sites like eBay and Adamandeve.com. Although unemployed, he still has a small social life. He mostly goes out to engage in card game-related activities. This year, Barb apparently asks Chris to stop drawing the Sonichu sub-episodes. Therefore, after Sonichu #4, no more sub-episodes come out.


The infamous Game Place snap, 2007.
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The second half of the year 2007 show some important developments within Chris's life. Firstly, Chris enters and unfairly loses the PaRappa the Rapper Contest, leaving him disillusioned and enraged. Secondly, he discovers a satirical ED page written about him. These two injustices lead Chris into a bitter, long and frustrated rage, eventually giving spark to certain deep, complex and mysterious aspects of madness within his person, that, when revealed, would prove to be a decisive factor leading to the obsessive trolling of his person in 2008.


Chris in early Tomgirl attire, 2008.
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The year 2008 showed the completion of two phases that would, because of a strange coincidence, put Chris in the unique and unreal situation that he would be in the first months of 2009. The first was a phase of alienation, in which Chris's illogical behavior frightened away his only friend, Megan, and got him thrown out of both his church and his local game store, leaving him desperate and lonely. The second was a phase of trolling in which a semi-organized group of obsessed, amused and anonymous individuals, via a vast understanding of the new media, started to take the places of Chris's acquaintances, either by posing as online-girlfriends, or members of an online-fanbase. This second phase was rough and bumpy, but eventually created the parameters of Chris's life in 2009.


Chris in 2009.
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Throughout 2009, Chris's life was unreal and semi-controlled, facilitated by the apparent lack of know-how and interest in his life from his parents. The first, unsmooth wave of trolling from 2008 was replaced by a more organized, more obsessive and more complex second wave, leading to far-reaching insight into Chris's life, and things we can never unsee.