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The first public appearance of Sonichu.

Christian's Favorite Hits! is the homemade CD which sparked the creation and debut of everybody's favorite Sonic recolor, Sonichu.

Volume 1

Tasked with creating a jewel-case insert for graphic design class at high school, Chris found himself once again fighting for artistic freedom of expression. The draconian rules of the assignment – that he avoid using copyrighted images – required Chris to get creative.

On the fateful day on March 17, 2000, I wanted to feature on my Favorite Hits CD Cover life-long hero, Sonic the Hedgehog, and cute newer character, Pikachu, but Copyrighted Characters were prohibited from the project.

So, in my mind, I pondered and pondered when it hit me visually; Sonic and Pikachu combined.

Chris, being creative.[1]

Chris claims to have gotten an A+ on the assignment.[2] The other characters on the cover are Christian's original Pokémon Espanolic, Koffingroo, Plautistic, Buggzap and Strongtire. Note that many of the other drawings on the cover are also uncreative combinations of Pokémon and other objects, such as the halo floating above Chris's head.

HE IS NOT JUST A POLYMERIZED pair of Game characters; He is his own Electric-Hedgehog Pokemon Self, and I have my own circled "C" on him, so there.
Chris, clearing up any misunderstandings.[3]

As for the CD's actual contents, the tracklist is unsurprisingly a very liberal interpretation of what constitutes a hit, being mostly comprised of songs from video game and movie soundtracks.

Liner Notes

CD inlay. Note an early prototype of The Wall of Originals in the background.
The tracklist.
This CD contains many of my favorite songs from many CDs. The order of the songs are in order by the type of music/game in which it originated. In order, it goes as followed:

1st. Sonic music (I love that Hedgehog).

2nd. Pokemon music (I like the video games and the TCG game)

3rd. Mario music (I like the MarioKart64 and Star Fox 64 games).

And 4th. Classic Jazz (I enjoy a cool, jazzy beat).

And the order repeats till the 21st song; it finishes with two Sonic songs. All in all, all the songs are many of my favorite hits!

Track listing

  1. Sonic Boom. From Sonic CD game. Vocal: "Pastiche."
  2. Don't Say You Love Me. From Pokemon 1st Movie Soundtrack. Vocal: M2M.
  3. Circuit Select. From Mario Kart 64 game.
  4. Love & Marriage. Vocal: Frank Sinatra.
  5. Believe in Myself. From Sonic Adventure game.
  6. Poke Rap. From Pokemon "2.B.A Master" CD. Vocals: James "D Train" Williams, Babi Floyd.
  7. Rainbow Road. From Mario Kart 64 game.
  8. Talk To The Animals. Vocal: Bing Crosby.
  9. It Doesn't Matter. From Sonic Adventure game.
  10. (Hey, You) Free Up Your Mind. From Pokemon 1st Movie Soundtrack. Vocal: Emma Bunton p/k/a Baby Spice.
  11. Titania + Macbeth. From Star Fox 64 game.
  12. Velvet Moon & Chico Marx. Vocal: Skip Nelson.
  13. My Sweet Passion. From Sonic Adventure game.
  14. 2. B. A. Master. From Pokemon "2.B.A Master" CD. Vocal: Russell Velazquez.
  15. Victory Lap. From Mario Kart 64 game.
  16. I've Got The World On A String. Vocal: Frank Sinatra.
  17. Unknown from ME. From Sonic Adventure game.
  18. We're A Miricle. From Pokemon 1st Movie Soundtrack.
  19. Koopa Troopa Beach. From Mario Kart 64 game.
  20. 10 Feet Off The Ground. Vocal: Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong.
  21. Open Your Heart. From Sonic Adventure game.
  22. Sonic & Knuckles Theme. From Virtual Sonic music CD.

Volume 2

The HIT PARADE continues!

Chris made a second CD, and illustrated a cover for it on 27 July 2000. Even though the front cover is less nauseating than the first, the back cover is somehow even more of a mess compared to its predecessor.

After making my last CD, time flew by, and more music came into my world. I have made this CD, which has many more of my favorite songs, to add more of my favorite songs on a 2nd disc.

There is a different order of types of songs, and another type has been added. In order, it goes as followed:

1st. Sonic Music (I like that Hedgehog).

2nd. Pokemon Music (I like the video games, and the TCG game)

3rd. Classic Jazz (I enjoy a cool, jazzy beat).

and 4th. Today's Rap/Rock (I enjoy it, but my Father does not).

And the order repeats till the 23rd song; it is a final Sonic Song. All in all, these are many more of my favorite hits! 8)

The tracklist has never been publicly released, but it can be assumed that it's very similar in tone to the last one with the (presumed) addition of some post-grunge/rap rock songs.

Other Releases