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Intro to The Sonichu Chronicles. Hey, at least he didn't make his own background.

The Sonichu Chronicles is a PowerPoint presentation put together in January 2009 by Christian Weston Chandler and submitted to Shigeru Miyamoto and Reggie Fils-Aimé as a proposal for the creation of a series of Sonichu-related video games. It mostly describes the history and successes of the Sonichu franchise and describes absolutely nothing about the games beyond their possible titles. According to the file details, he spent six and a half hours making this PowerPoint and went through twenty-six revisions - a surprising amount of effort for Chris, especially when compared with fulfilling obligations in later years.


Good thing they won't have to worry about designing their own artwork...
  • Chris explains in the presentation that Sonichu's name is not a portmanteau word of "Sonic" and "Pikachu," but rather a variation of Sonic's Japanese name, "Sonikku za Hejjihoggu".
  • He characterizes Sonichu as a parody of Sonic, and proceeds to use the word "parody" as if it means "characteristic which makes one thing not like another thing".
  • In a preemptive deflection of any criticism, he lists all the ways in which Rosechu is totally different from Amy Rose. There are only about seven. Two of them are just that they wear different clothes.
  • In another example of his antiquated views on women everything, 'modern girl kinda attitude' refers to a term used in 1920s Japan, which he almost certainly picked up from the anime Steel Angel Kurumi.
  • Perhaps for the first time, Chris lays out the evolution of the Sonichu and Rosechu species, explaining that Sonichu can evolve into Metonic and Rosechu can evolve into Vamprosa.
  • Chris cites Blake as an indication that some bad guys are more than they appear, indicating that other villains may reform.
  • In a collage of images purporting to be characters he created, Chris includes Megagi La Skunk, Simonla Rosechu, and Jiggliami, who were all created by other people. He also includes Bagget, Blanca, and Mary Lee Walsh, who are other people.
  • CWCville, Virginia, is situated near a forest, a beach, mountains, and a volcano. Of course, this is completely impossible in the geography of Virginia.
  • Chris thinks it is absolutely normal and appropriate for artists to shamelessly self-insert.
  • In 2009, Chris is still hanging his hat on the two HTML classes he took years ago, which taught him how to use Netscape Composer.
  • Chris explains how his Sonichu medallion gives him super powers in the comics. He then explains that the medallion he wears in real life gives him no super powers. It is reassuring that he is able to make this distinction.
  • He includes in the PowerPoint a hand-drawn mockup of a Nintendo Power cover, and tells Nintendo that they "may" use it for the issue that eventually covers the release of the game.
  • Since Chris has wanted his own video game for over a decade, he explains that the games he thought up were all intended for GameCube and Game Boy Advance; he grants Nintendo permission to upgrade these ideas to their current consoles. He insists upon allowing Christian Weston Chandler's Adult Chronicles to be multi-platform so it can be available on the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3. It should be noted that this is the only slide of the presentation that actually discusses about producing video games, rather than discussing Christian's tedious life.
  • Chris attributes the extremely common expression "but I digress" to Blathers from Animal Crossing, and uses it to justify his own rambling.
  • Chris argues that Nintendo will save money on voice acting, since he would portray both himself and Sonichu while PandaHalo would play Rosechu.
  • He gives his PlayStation Network ID number in the presentation, just in case the Senior Managing Director of Nintendo ever feels like playing Resistance: Fall of Man with Chris.

Text of the slides

The text from the slides is presented here exactly as it is in the slideshow, save for added wikilinks. All the following spelling errors belong to Chris.

Sonichu's Beginings

  • What started as an idea for a CD Cover for a Computer Graphics Project, eventually would grow and grow and grow into his own individual Character with Stories and more friends and enemies along the way.
  • On the fateful day on March 17, 2000, I wanted to feature on my Favorite Hits CD Cover life-long hero, Sonic the Hedgehog, and cute newer character, Pikachu, but Copyrighted Characters were prohibited from the project.
  • So, in my mind, I pondered and pondered when it hit me visually; Sonic and Pikachu combined.
  • As for his name, while rumored to be a combination of “Sonic” and “Pikachu”, that was NOT the case; I originally played the name from Sonic’s Japanese name, “Soniku”.
  • The Very First thing I drew up of Sonichu, BEFORE the CD Cover, was a Private, Never-Played homemade Pokemon Trading Card on that Very Same Day. I made a bunch of homemade cards, ONLY FOR my own Personal Fun.
  • And over the years since 2000 to today, he grew better with my own Hand-Drawing Style.
  • Granted it IS a Parody of Sonic the Hedgehog, the Origin Story of Sonichu and Rosechu started from the attack of Chaos, from “Sonic Adventure” (Sega Dreamcast/Nintendo Gamecube), but the Concept of this OUTSIDE EVOLUTION is one I’ve thought up, and decided to go for it as the Origin Story.
  • And when you think about it, it is an Untold Chapter of one story, so it is additional, yet not a major plot change.

Enter Rosechu; Sonichu’s Sweetheart

  • Before my First Hand-Drawn Page of the #0 Comic Book on November 24, 2004, I continued to create more Electric-Hedgehog Pokemon for the world of Sonichu. Less than one year after Sonichu, I drew up Rosechu.
  • Yet another parody in comparison to Amy Rose, Rosechu evolved from a Female Raichu that fateful day.
  • MAJOR Differences between Amy and Rosie; Amy never had spikes on her back, the clothes are Different; Rosie’s Headband is White, not Red, and Rosechu has a modern girl kinda attitude, and lucky for her, Sonichu RARELY runs away from her charms. :) And, of course, she has her Electric-Type Attacks to boot.
  • Rosechu is a gal who won’t take any abuse from a foe lying down; she is a Warrior at Heart, standing up for Women’s Rights.

Evolutions for the Original Sonichu and Rosechu.

  • For the idea I had for a possible Pokemon Game Title, Pokemon, Lightning Version (Featuring Sonichu. I have the idea for the story beginning in my head), I have created Babies for ALL the Sonichus and Rosechus (minus Blake) and Evolutions (For Original Sonichu and Rosechu ONLY).

(What follows the above are some drawings of Sonee, Rosee, Sonichu, Rosechu, Metonic, and Vamprosa. Also shown is the evolutionary line of Sonichu and Rosechu.)

Black Sonichu, AKA Blake

  • Blake is easily explainable as the Clone of Sonichu’s DNA, with an accidental dose of Cherry Cola (to change the pigment from yellow and brown to black and red).
  • Under the “Poke Ball” of Naitsirhc, Adopted son of Giovanni, Team Rocket Leader, Blake followed the commands of his “Creators”, until Naitsirhc would later transform into Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc; The Complete Opposite Twin of Christian Weston Chandler.
  • After having fled from Team Rocket’s Control, Blake sought refuge and shelter with his Bubbly Sweetheart, Bubbles Rosechu. Which proves the fact that there is likely more than meets the eye in some who appear to be a bad guy at first.

The Chaotic Combo

  • And after Black Sonichu’s Creation, I continued with 5 more Electric-Hedgehogs that came from the Chaos Emeralds’ Power from Sonichu’s Fateful Origin.
  • Wild Sonichu – Grass/Electric Type -Chlorophyll
  • Bubbles Rosechu – Water/Electric Type -Volt Asorb
  • Angelica Rosechu – Flying/Electric Type -Serene Grace
  • Punchy Sonichu – Fighting/Electric Type -Limber
  • Magi-Chan Sonichu – Psychic/Electric Type -Synchronize

Slide #8

And with every thought that randomly popped up in my imagination, I was very likely to create a new character, or even given one from a fan among my Growing to Currently MASSIVE Fanbase.

(This slide contains a veritable assload of drawings, including but not limited to drawings of Simonla, Jiggliami, Bionic, Megagi La Skunk, Mary Lee Walsh, jerkops, Magi-Chan, Patti-Chan, and Zapina.)

Slide #9

In any case, it all happened IN and AROUND the City of Cwcville, Virginia; A Grand Community of men, women and children living at peace day by day, and hard at work. A Plus for the City is that it is SMOKE-FREE and NON_ALCOHOLIC. At one end of the city is the Cwcville Shopping Center, featuring many favorited stores, as well as My Mayoral Office above the Front Main Enterance. Followed by the Residential Area of Houses and a few Playgrounds, then the Metropolis where the Major Business go to work in the tall skyscrapers. It also has a beach, leading to the ocean, a big forest and mountainous regions with a dormant volcano or two.

(This slide has another assload of drawings - they show a mountain, a mall, a house, and a lot of the Sonichu cast.)

Christian Weston Chandler – My role in the Comics

Like most artists, I let myself get into my work. Story-Wise, while IN REAL LIFE, I’ve been in my Search for a woman to become my True Sweetheart From the Ground-Up, starting with simple friendship, I am also the Mayor of Cwcville; I deal with my Mayoral duties over Wi-Fi with my Nintendo DS.

I came up the name of Cwcville LONG AGO starting from my City I built and grew bigger over the years of Lego Bricks, Pieces and People. I also later came up with the Radio Station, K.C.W.C. when I recorded a couple of Radio Shows for fun onto audio cassette tapes.

In Real Life, I also created a number of Websites, starting with my PokeSite. I had Taken TWO HTML classes, so I know the Raw on Notepad, as well as the Netscape Composer HTML Processor.

After creating Sonichu, I featured him on The PokeSite, then I later decided to Make the Sonichu Site as a Spin-Off from The PokeSite.

Then eventually, the Sonichu & Rosechu Fanbase GREW, and with the True, Good Fans, came the Jealous, Dark Trolls/Internet Bullies. I was hacked a number of times Before. And unfortunately, the Sonichu Site Is temporarily down, but as soon as I get Some more money, I’m going to open up A NEW account with either Tripod, or a Different Website-Hosting site, with a new E-mail address I have kept secret from most anyone; I’ve informed my family.

Transformation! Chris Chan Sonichu!

  • Story-wise, as described in my “Anchuant Prophecy”, I would take pen in hand, create an electric hedgehog, then take the Sonichu Medallion to enclose the Darkest Evil.
  • Real-Life, I have crafted the Original Sonichu Medallion from Crayola Model Magic Clay, Acrylic Paints, Keyrings, Super-Glue and Necklace, and it does not grant me any powers.
  • In the Comic with my Medal, I can perform any single attack of any of my Electric-Hegehog Pokemon at will.
  • And mainly, Sailor Moon-Style, I transform into…
  • Chris Chan Sonichu!
  • In this form, I can execute my own personal selection of attacks as a Normal/Electric Type with Keen Eye Ability, including Mach Punch, Thunderbolt, Hyper Beam.
  • As well as in Both Human and Sonichu form, I am the only being who can execute the Special Attack that inflicts Bad Luck and Extreme Misfortune, with some damage, to the Foe; Shin-Ye-Ha-Me-Ha!
  • This (referring to the cover of Sonichu #10 drawn by PandaHalo) is a Fantastic rendition of Chris Chan Sonichu from my Sweetheart and Partner, Sarah Cassandra McKenzie.

And Now, the Gaming Proposition.

  • Let me preface this subject with a spot of history between me and Nintendo.
  • I HAD A DREAM! Around June, 1997, I had a dream of Sonic the Hedgehog on Game Boy (Original). I wrote a letter to N.O.A. suggesting to work with SEGA on a Game Boy Sonic title; basically said I had rocks in my head. YET now look in 2001; Sonic Advance on GAME BOY Advance. I pretty much foretold that outcome.
  • Then in Volume 179, May, 2004 issue of Nintendo Power Magazine, which I had been a Long-Time Subscriber; the November Before, I had videotaped a Voiced-Over Documentary of my “Sonichu” in Cwcville in Animal Crossing on Nintendo Gamecube. I got full Credit on that documentary, “Special Thanks to Christian from Virginia for his Sonichu Documentary”.
  • Soon after, I was featured in Piedmont Virginia Community College’s Newsletter, “The Forum” for being featured in Nintendo Power for my Sonichu and Cwcville.
  • Also, I had later submitted a letter with high regards to the DS game, Sprung, in reference to a momentary progress at the time.
  • Now, we can talk a bit about my current ideas for Sonichu’s start in the Video Game World. Should we get “Ten Feet Off the Ground” on the whole thing, you may use this Cover for the following N.P. Issue that would soon follow.

My Game Title Ideas

  • Before or during the drawing of the #0 Comic Book, I came up with a few starter-type ideas for Video Games around Sonichu and Rosechu.
  • Firstly, as featured on the first 8 Previously Uploaded Comic Books, I came up with the Sonichu’s Adventure on Nintendo Gamecube (Subject for Upgrade to Wii, and maybe go multi-console). Miyamoto San has a copy of my introductory details for Sonichu’s Adventure.
  • Then along came a Game Boy Advance Version of Sonichu’s Adventure, and ONLY ON GBA, Pokemon Lightning Version (Both GBA titles subject to upgrade to Nintendo DS).
  • And then much later, Christian Weston Chandler’s Adult Chronicles, which I would definitely want to go Multi-Console (and NEVER on XBox). This one would basically be me going through my ordeals, with Sonichu, Rosechu and the rest of the Electric-Hedgehogs tagging along (like in Shadow the Hedgehog). I would be able to transform into Chris Chan Sonichu in this game.

Off to a Zappingly Great Start.

As of January 18, 2009, Takashi Tezuka took it upon himself, and with a most Appreciated Inquiry for my Approval, as the Original Creator of Sonichu, Rosechu and the World of Cwcville, to create a Sonichu and a Rosechu Villager for Animal Crossing City Folk (Now, we’ll be likely to be Zippin’ along “Sonichu Crossing”; Mind the Traffic).

As a fan of Animal Crossing since the Gamecube title (could have released a US version of the Nintendo 64 title, as well as the Animal Crossing Movie).

I often like to quote Blathers after going on and on with the expression, “But I digress”, so thank you all for teaching me that expression.

Sonichu, Rosechu and Cwcville; Nintendo will Be PROFITTING BIG from my Well-Grown Fanbase!

  • I personally give good word of mouth of Nintendo Systems and Games, INCLUDED in references in my Comic Book Series.
  • Sonichu and Rosechu on Animal Crossing City Folk will Greatly Raise Sales of Wii Consoles, Animal Crossing City Folk game discs and the WiiSpeak too!
  • Also, with me starring in the games as the voices of Both Myself and the Original Sonichu, and my Sweetheart, Sarah, as Rosechu, that will be three LESS voice actors to hire.
  • With this Great Start in Profits from the Electric-Hedgehogs that started humbly from the mind of a well-rounded, church-going, high-functioning autistic-recovered Individual, Nintendo will see Good Profits in the time frame of the games’ releases.
  • Sonichu! GO!

Slide #17

Thank you very much for your time, and I look forward to working with each of you all in Person very soon on the Sonichu Alpha Project.

(Dox and a photo of a vacant-looking Chris wearing his medallion.)

Reaction from Nintendo

Upon receiving the Sonichu Chronicles, Reggie Fils-Aimé was outraged that one of the first images in the presentation showed an upskirt view of Rosechu, allowing the viewer to see her cameltoe. Fils-Aimé immediately canceled the project, noting that Nintendo is in the business of producing all-ages software. Christian blew this issue out of proportion somehow concluding that Fils-Aimé was objecting to nudity and heterosexual romance, and from there deciding that Fils-Aimé is a chain-smoking, alcoholic homosexual prude.

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