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And we're rubbing each others sides and backs with our hands, our mouths are busy, and after a moment, you take off your blouse, and I take off my shirt, optionally with the medallion on
Chris, describing his sex fantasy to PandaHalo[1]
Never retiring the medallion, Ever.
Chris, February 2020[2]
In 2004
...and two decades later
Oh yes, he fucking did.
Top to bottom: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly. Left to right: The decoy Sonichu medallion, the Jiggliami medallion, the Rosechu medallion, and the Blake medallion.

The Medallions (also called "Medals" by Chris) were a result of Chris's infatuation with his original character Sonichu. The most iconic of these medallions is the Sonichu Medallion, which Chris is almost always seen wearing during the Classic Era. Due to the frequency of wearing his medallions in videos, photos and in public, it has become one of his more memorable characteristics along with his trademark striped shirt.[3][4][5][6] Although Chris's habit of wearing the medallion at fluctuated over the years, he still wears the medallion in public. He does not plan ever to retire it, despite its degrading condition.[7]

Over the years, Chris has produced numerous medallions of his Electric Hedgehog Pokémon characters and previously produced them in larger numbers for purchase through eBay. All previous and current iterations have been made from Crayola fuckin' Model Magic and acrylic paint, and the quality varies from medallion to medallion.

In 2016, Chris made a custom doll figure of himself, based on a My Little Pony toy. He has been seen holding it up in videos and taking it out in public (visible from his purse), which suggests that the doll is a new spin on the medallion concept. More recently, Chris has often been seen wearing the medallion alongside his unicorn cosplay and Z-Ring, most notably in a photo of him at Cville Pride published in the local newspaper Daily Progress in September 2017. In December 2020, Praetor began mass producing and selling Sonichu medallions at large prices.

Origins and purpose

Though Chris previously could not recall when he first made the medallion, in August 2009, Chris finally recalled the origins of the medallion.

Then Late 2000, I bought some Crayola Model Magic Clay, and I molded and crafted the First Original Sonichu Medallion that I wore around my neck with a makeshift chain (which I later replaced with a better necklace I bought from Pacific Sunwear at my Mall). Sadly, the First Original was mistrusted with a feindish individual in 2008, I recrafted the Medal and continued on (The Necklace Still Holds ALL the History of the Medallions). THERE IS CURRENTLY ONLY ONE Original, True Sonichu Medallion, and it is NOT MADE FROM PAPER cheaply, NOT MANUFACTURED IN A FACTORY from Plastic or Metal (yet); IT IS MADE FROM CRAYOLA MODLE MAGIC CLAY, with my Permanent Ink Signature, Copyright Note, Circle of Originality, and Two Custom Shrinkie-Dink Charms of Sonichu and an S-Chu Ball.
Chris, on the CWCipedia[8]

The earliest known photo of Chris with the medallion, from 24 February 2004, Chris's 22nd birthday. The medallion is in profile, with Shrinky Dinks hanging from its chain.
Like anything else Chris holds dear, it also comes in card form.

Although not explicitly stated as inspiration, the Medallion of Fail is similar in concept to the medallions worn by the main characters in Sonic Underground, which originally aired a year beforehand.

Despite being allegedly created in late 2000, the earliest known photograph of Chris wearing a Sonichu medallion is from his twenty-second birthday, 24 February 2004. In his "All I Want For Christmas Is a Pretty Girlfriend" video (20 December 2004) he feels it necessary to explain what it is, suggesting that it is still a relatively new feature.

In a Mumble chat on 10 February 2009, Chris revealed the reason for the medallion and that is... because he wanted to. It's "like a nametag" for him.[9] In one of his ED edits, Chris says that his medallion "identifies him for the high-funcioning [sic] Autistic individual that he is."[10] And man, it sure does. It has also been speculated there could be other reasons for wearing his medallion, which range from simply thinking Sonichu is SERIOUS BUSINESS, to being a portable anchor in our dangerous real world to CWCville, his own happy world where he's always the hero who saves the day.

Chris wrote on his MySpace profile in 2008 that he considers the medallion a signifier which makes him "Very Easy to find in public"[11], suggesting that he may use the medallion as a kind of mobile attraction sign: a conversation piece to invite potential sweethearts to ask about Sonichu, giving Chris an excuse to launch into a tirade about his famous creation which has made him beloved across the world.

Chris is somewhat aware that the medallions make him look like a crazy person: he reassured Kacey that he didn't wear one to his job interview at Target (of course, this interview almost certainly did not take place, but Chris was at least aware that wearing a yellow hedgehog's head around your neck is not socially normal).[12]

Each medallion is constructed from Crayola Fuckin' Model Magic, a non-toxic, easy-to-use modeling clay intended for small children. Chris wedges a keyring into the edge of each medallion, from which he can attach a chain to go around his neck. Sometimes he wears a Wilson wristband on top of it because, being autistic, he most likely has sensory defensiveness, which might render the sensation of the chain's links uncomfortable. Medallions are painted with acrylic paint in the color schemes of the characters they represent, with copyright information scrawled on the back. Additional detailing varies, but Chris is known to have applied Shrinky Dink charms to certain medallions as a form of authentication, to prevent counterfeiting.

Sonichu Medallion Versions

Yes, he even wore it to his college graduation...
Before Blanca, it was believed that the Medallion of Fail would corrupt its possessor, turning him into an autistic manchild with a poor taste in fashion.

Chris's primary medal is his Sonichu medallion, which he has frequently worn for most of his adult life, aside from a good chunk of the time between 2010 and 2017 where he wore it more sparingly. Chris has worn this pretty consistently since then, usually alongside a necklace adorned with magic stones befitting of his pseudo-religious beliefs.

This medallion, of course, depicts Sonichu. Within the canon of Chris's Sonichu comics, the medallion is the source of the Anchuent Powers that allow Chris to assume his Electric Hedgehog alter ego, Chris-chan Sonichu.

As Chris explained to Shigeru Miyamoto in his business proposal, his medallion gives him no special powers in real life.

Chris has repeatedly claimed that, in order for a video to be TRUE and HONEST, it requires him to wear the medallion during its filming. In this manner, he attempted to cast doubt on the videos he posted confessing his homosexuality, since he was not wearing his medallion in that footage.


He was also wearing a makeshift necklace that has a large plastic medallion in the shape of a Pokeman [sic] characters [sic] head. He also had a number of shrinky dink decorations attached to this necklace.
Psychiatrist describing the prototype Medallion of Fail.[13]
Earliest known version of the medallion.
Computer rendering. This required over 9,000 hours in MS Paint, as well as an associate's degree in CAD/CAM.

It appears that the very first medallion Chris created is the one seen to the right, which Chris was photographed wearing sporadically in 2004. The existence of this medallion is attested in the first issue of Sonichu’s News Dash!, dated January 2004. The end of this News Dash issue features a personal ad about Chris, in which potential suitors are told where they can find Chris and how they can recognize him: "he can be found around Piedmont Virginia Community College, or Fashion Square Shopping Center [...] To find Christian, he’ll be wearing the Sonichu Medallion."[14] Chris wore this medallion in May 2004, when he brought it with him to the Anime Mid-Atlantic convention that year. He would also wear this medallion later in the year, when he received a psychiatric survey.

This medallion's design is definitely cruder than the others, with a pale yellow hue suggesting Chris was still learning how to properly apply color in this medium. This version is always seen on a metal chain, accompanied by Shrinky Dinks of a "CWC" logo, Sonichu, Rosechu and the Chaotic Combo.

Mark I (and decoy)

Spoiler: He even wears it in his sex fantasies.
The decoy medallion.
The SPECIAL SYMBOLS to identify the TRUE and HONEST medallion.
Chris's supposed reaction to the destruction of his medallion (artist's depiction).

By June 2005 Chris had begun to wear what appeared to have been a new medallion. While Chris has claimed that the Sonichu medallion he sent to Blanca was the very first one he made,[8] Mark 1 is clearly different from the prototype in that its tufts of fur on the sides of Sonichu's face were less pronounced and that it had a better paint job. There are no Shrinky Dinks to go with it, and instead of a chain, it hangs from some sort of beaded necklace. The appearance of this version in pictures and videos seems to correspond with the introduction of Chris's red-and-blue striped shirts. This may be the medallion he was wearing in the 20 Dec 2004 video. It is definitely the medallion he wore to the 2005 Anime Mid-Atlantic convention.

No one is sure how many medallions Chris wore between 2005 and 2008, but in all pictures, they appear roughly the same as this design. Sonichu's face has eyebrows in some photos and not in others, so either Chris was repainting the same medallion or making new ones. 4chan and ED are filled with high-functioning autistics who have pored over photographs identifying subtle differences in the medal's "ears" and "cheeks", without arriving at a consensus. For the sake of clarity, this article will assume that this was Chris's only medallion during this period.

In August 2008, an anonymous commentator on 4chan's /v/ board offered a story and photograph suggesting that he had met Chris in real life and tricked him into giving the medallion to him. However, anon aspies all immediately analyzed the details of dozens of pictures and determined the "stolen" medallion to be a forgery. This conclusion was reaffirmed when Chris himself decided to post a video announcing that the medallion had never been stolen, defiantly claiming that nobody would take it from him. He also denied it in the Christian Weston Chandler Interview.

Chris claimed to have made multiple Sonichu medallions and that he would sometimes wear these decoys to frustrate attempts to steal the one true medallion. It would remain unclear whether he was bluffing until October 2008, when a team of trolls posing as Blanca Weiss tricked him into sending all of his medallions to them. The package they received contained no fewer than two yellow Sonichu medals: one with the special markings identifying it as the "real" one, and another with no markings. It may be assumed that these were the only two medallions he owned at that time. Neither of them was the prototype, however, and that one's fate is unknown.

A video that showed the destruction of the medallion was eventually uploaded to YouTube. Chris responded by crashing into slumber. As for the decoy Sonichu medallion, it ultimately ended up in the possession of Encyclopedia Dramatica's former owner/webmaster, Girlvinyl.

Mark II

It identifies him for the high-functioning autistic individual that he is

After sending the medallions to Blanca, and being told by Blanca that trolls had stolen them from "her", Chris created a new Sonichu medallion with a slightly larger design. He posted a video explaining that Blanca had recovered the original one and sent it back to him, and that he had modified it. This new medallion boasted a special peg on the reverse side which could be used to hold Chris's high school ring, which somehow made it copy-protected.

Assuming Chris did not create any backup medallions, this is the same one he wore while posing in his mother's underwear at the request of trolls posing as Blanca. During this same exchange, he later ejaculated onto the medal. Shortly thereafter Chris posted a new video in which he is visibly not wearing the medallion. It's unclear if he replaced this soiled medallion or if he cleaned it; in either case, he was wearing it (or a similar duplicate) again by 27 October.

On 3 March 2009, Max coerced Chris into cutting his medallion into pieces and shoving those pieces up his rectum. The idea of Chris literally inserting these chunks of ceramic into his rectum (and therefore risking anorectal laceration, infection and sepsis) was highly controversial. Some have argued that he merely placed them between his buttcheeks (either in an attempt to deceive Max or out of ignorance of how to get them past his sphincter), but Chris himself has confirmed that he indeed inserted the shreds of the medallion into his ass and later on expelled them into the toilet.[15] Chris thinks that his father would "have another heart attack" if he knew the details.

Mark III

The first formal appearance of the Mark III medallion. It's like The Blair Witch Project, but only a few seconds long and the entire budget (and then some) spent on the crap on the background
Oh God, the taste...

Although Chris claimed that he was making a new medallion, he didn't wear any medal in his YouTube videos between the 3 March 2009 incident and his 1 July 2009 videos. During this period he argued that his high school ring may be accepted as a symbol of his truthiness. However, since this statement was made without the medallion, this was false and Chris disproved himself.

In photos released 17 April 2009 of Chris in some butt garments, the new medallion, Mark 3, is shown as Chris licks it in a sensuous fashion. The release of these images proved doubly hurtful for Chris, not only for showing him, a shell of a manchild, in diapers but even worse in that it confirmed that there is a new Medallion that can either be seized and/or shoved up his rectum.

Despite the fact that he had made a new medallion, Chris was for some time reluctant to wear it in his videos, allegedly out of the fear that trolls would start a new campaign to seize the medallion and/or shove it up his rectum.

On 22 May 2009 this medallion made a surprise cameo in Christian's newest video. During the update, the video randomly cuts to the medallion hanging from the ceiling, only to cut back to Chris seconds afterward, presumably to add extra validity to the statements made in Chris's video.

The 1 July 2009 videos mark the full return of the Medallion of Fail, as Chris wears the third medallion around his neck throughout both videos.

As of 2011, the medallion was hanging on his wall, as seen in the Re-Calling Ahuvia video.

For several months in 2014, it was speculated that this medallion was destroyed by the fire which broke out in Chris's house on 10 January 2014. However, photos from July 2014 confirmed that it was spared destruction.

The medallion was shattered when Chris accidentally dropped it on the floor at The End Games in April 2017.

Mark IV

The filthy medallion in February 2020.

The Mark IV medallion, with numerous modifications made to it over the years (see Modified Medallion), has become increasingly discolored from late-2019 onward.

Chris inadvertently revealed the reason in a Discord comment:

Celestial Key, Chrysoberyl, Medallion, and Lemurian Seed go into the shower and bed with me as well And combined with my Larimar Stone, I've personally met and made allies with the Goddess of Lemuria.
Chris on his collection of magic stones.

As Crayola Model Magic is porous when hardened, while Chris showers with it on, the medallion absorbs grime such as soap scum and skin cells. The surface of the Mark 4 medallion has also become increasingly uneven and discolored over time due to frequent contact with hot water.

In September 2023.

Between Chris' 2021 arrest and the leak of a DM sent to Helena Fiorenza, it was believed that the medallion had been confiscated and thrown out by the authorities. This was, until the aforementioned DM leak, which included a photo of Chris wearing the medallion and brandishing a can of GFuel energy drink to the camera.

Mark V (temporary)

The medallion seen in the May Walmart sightings.

Following Chris's release from jail, observers noted that he had already resumed wearing his medallion in public; it quickly became clear that a new one had been made. The medallion Chris is wearing in the May 2023 Walmart sightings has a much wider nose than the previous Mark IV medallion, along with a slightly different eye shape, having a more square shape overall, and being significantly cleaner. The Mark V was most likely made sometime in April 2023.

Chris was spotted again with the same medallion on 2 May 2023 at a Battleground game shop in Midlothian and on the 3rd, Chesterfield Towne Center. The Mark V was omitted from the sightings of Chris is late May and June, most likely hidden under his shirt to keep a "lower" profile, and returned in the first July sighting.

The Mark V was a temporary medallion. Chris later resumed wearing the Mark IV.

Magical Versions

As Chris became more and more delusional, he started making horrific alterations to his medallions.


Modified to include elements from Sonichite and Neptunia.

Chris upgraded his medallion in June 2017 to include Sonichite, by placing a painted sticker on the back of it, channeling Pokémon's Mega Stone power-up item.

In January 2018, he altered it again, this time to include a Share Crystal, fashioned from a Purple Rupee he had bought at MAGfest.[16] Share Crystals are an integral part of Hyperdimension Neptunia's lore, representing faith in CPU goddesses and allowing them to recharge. Chris had made "Share your shares" a frequent rallying cry when he discovered the game.[17]

Magic stones

An artist's interpretation

LoveYouLongTime noted that around summer 2019, Chris was wearing a pouch of rocks around his neck in addition to the medallion, believing the rocks to have mystical powers[18].

Once he told me his neck hurts and when I told him it was probably because of his rocks he gave me the 1000 yard stare and I could tell his brain was malfunctioning for a response.

Chris later purchased a set of containers for the stones to hang alongside his medallion.

Other Medallions

Rosechu medallion

A gift for his beloved sister-wife

The Rosechu medallion is speculated to be the first one Chris fashioned after the Sonichu one. It was intended to be worn by Chris's future heartsweet, the one who would be his true love and bear him his God-called daughter. Chris has never been seen wearing it himself. It was sent with the others to Blanca in October 2008. Only one Rosechu medallion existed, until Chris started making them for sale.

The medallion was first revealed to the Internet in the pages of Sonichu #4, where Chris's imaginary twin sister Crystal was introduced wearing it. In the comics Crystal possesses the same anchuent powers as Chris and the Rosechu medallion therefore allows her to become Crystalina Rosechu. That a real Rosechu medal existed was not learned until later, when Chris revealed it to PandaHalo.

In case it hadn't occurred to you yet: Chris did, in real life, make a medal to be awarded to the future mother of his children, and in his fantasy world he has affixed this same medal to the twin sister he created to explore what he would be like if he'd been born female. Freud would doubtlessly have some choice words to say about this.

Black Sonichu medallion

For when he's too angry to just show his fangs.

Although Black Sonichu (now Blake) seems to have originally served as an analogue for Wes Iseli,[19] Chris uses the Black Sonichu medallion to represent his own dark side, as he admitted himself.[20] The picture at the left speaks volumes about its significance; Chris seems to believe that if he scowls hard enough whilst wearing the evil medallion, then whoever he's angered at will be terrified into capitulation, such as when he wore it in a video aimed at Adam Stackhouse.

The Anchuent Prophecy in the comics foretells that the Black Sonichu medallion would be created as a dark reflection of the original, yellow Sonichu medallion Chris wears. Beginning with Sonichu #6, Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc began wearing the dark medal and acting as Christian's evil twin, following the urges Chris himself keeps bottled up inside him. Like Christian, Naitsirhc summons powers from his medallion to become Reldnahc Ha-Taque.

Naitsirhc's medallion notwithstanding, Black Sonichu's role as the symbol of pure evil has softened in recent years as Chris has allowed the character to soften and fall in love with Bubbles Rosechu. As such the actual Black Sonichu medallion was rarely seen until it was sent to Blanca in October 2008.

Jiggliami medallion

Baka Dana Watashi!
Back of the medallion.

Despite the purpose of the Rosechu medallion, Chris was so in love with Blanca that he created a brand-new medallion for her to wear based on Blanca's original character Jiggliami. This medallion was sent along with the others to Blanca in October 2008. Blanca was depicted wearing this medallion in Sonichu #7 and #8. It was sent to the now-former admin of the /cwc/ imageboard and currently resides in a holding facility somewhere in California.

It is the simplest of the medallions, being a plain circle with no three-dimensional pieces. Consequently, it's probably the least hideous of the medallions, as Chris has limited the number of ways he can fail by giving himself less work to do.

Asperchu Medallion

The Medallion of Win in all its glory.

In one video, Chris's mysterious friend is seen sporting an odd medallion. In another video a few days later, the medallion was confirmed to be one of Asperchu. In that video, Chris is pained to have the medallion around and hung it up on his wall. The medal still hung on Chris's wall until its destruction during the house fire of January 2014,[21] covered by the box Alec sent it in so Chris wouldn't get stressed by having to look at it. The box was seen hanging open in the Tomgirl Pictures: what this means is best not thought about. Chris wears the medallion while impersonating Alec Benson Leary in his video 100 2270.

According to Chris, it was crafted by Alec Benson Leary and given to Chris as a symbol of goodwill. In reality, it was created by one of Alec's fans who planned to mail it to him. Alec convinced him to send it to Chris instead, so he could wear it on video[22]

Snoop Dogg Medallion


A fan had asked Chris to create a Snoop Dogg medallion for him in 2016, which the fan took photos of and then later shared on reddit on 3 June 2022.[23] The certificate of authenticity shows that this was the 272th out of 300 medallions that Chris had been commissioned to make for customers between 2014 and 2016.

NightVee Medallion

MKR's photo of the medallion from approximately January 2019.

Sometime in 2018/2019, MKRNightVee created a medallion of her OC, NightVee. In The Sons of the Miscreants Discord server, she uploaded a photo of it and claimed that Chris had requested her to create the medallion.[24]

However, three years later, MKRNightVee would make a different claim. On 9 February 2022, a CWCki editor got in contact with her. In a set of DMs between the editor and MKR,[25] MKR discussed the medallion, showing a cropped version of the same photo from years before and claiming that she "made to give it to Chris" and that she intended to give the medallion to Chris on his next birthday, commenting "but now this can never happen sadly."

The editor also obtained her permission for another CWCki editor, PsychoNerd054, to upload a photo of the NightVee medallion.

The February 2022 DM on the medallion is quoted below:


MKRNightVee: Nightvee medallion, I made to give it to Chris, I intended to give this with all the original art in a package for his next birthday

MKRNightVee: But now this can never happen sadly.

[redacted]: Can i screenshot this conservation?

[redacted]: No worries , i gonna names the names

MKRNightVee: Yes

Shrek Medallion

Front and back views of the medallion.

In an episode of YouTube series Angry Video Game Nerd, Grant Duffrin from the YouTube channel 3GI is seen wearing a Shrek medallion.[26] The medallion has Chris's signature from his time role-playing as Magi-Chan. It's likely that Grant either bought the medallion from Chris, or was given it as a gift after Chris' inclusion in Shrek Retold.

Obtaining medallions

Poor kitty...

Since the discovery of Chris on 4chan and Encyclopedia Dramatica, it had been understood among trolls that the Sonichu medallion was Chris's most cherished possession and that he would cry like a bitch if it were ever taken from him, making its capture a prime objective. This proved only partially true when it was inevitably stolen. Chris does not seem to have a special attachment to any one particular medallion, but merely the requirement that he must wear one at all times. Further, all successful efforts to eliminate the medallions have resulted in relatively little outrage; Chris is always more concerned with his Internet girlfriends being fake than he is over losing his property because of them. Currently, there are at least two medallions that have not been obtained by trolls, shoved up Chris's ass, or otherwise destroyed.

Medallions obtained by Blanca Weiss

  • Sonichu Mark I
  • Sonichu Decoy
  • Rosechu
  • Black Sonichu
  • Jiggliami

Destroyed by Chris

  • Sonichu II (under duress)
  • Sonichu III (by accident)

Destroyed in the 14BC Fire

  • Asperchu

Hiatus and the return

Old habits die hard.

Chris began to move away from his medallions in 2010. He wore one on 6 September 2010 in Haters gonna, and again in a photo dated 11 November 2010 (leaked on 13 May 2012). After that, Chris was not photographed wearing the medallion in either public or private settings for nearly four years. This abandonment coincided with his adoption of Tomgirl attire; the medallion apparently did not fit his new image, though he eventually returned to wearing it.

Even while Chris had given up wearing the medallion, it still constituted an important part of his identity. In November 2012, Chris made a Kreo (off-brand Lego sets made by Hasbro) edition of himself wearing a tiny paper medallion for his Facebook image, suggesting that Chris hadn't totally given up on Sonichu. The figure showed up again on his Facebook page in mid-2014, this time with a female friend (soon to be revealed as a new sweetheart) wearing a Rosechu medallion.

In July 2014, Chris sold several autographed photos of himself on eBay, and some buyers requested that he wear the Sonichu medallion. As noted previously in this article, it was speculated that the third Sonichu medallion had been consumed by the fire which broke out in his house on 10 January 2014. The photos which they received confirmed that the Sonichu v.3 medallion had indeed survived the fire,[27][28] but Chris later confirmed that the Asperchu medallion had been destroyed in the flames.[29]

In October 2015, Chris was spotted in public, at The End Games card shop, wearing the Medallion. He was also wearing it at Cville Pride a year later. Interestingly, Chris seems to now exclusively wear the medallion in public, despite no longer wearing it in his videos. This trend lends credence to Chris's previous statement that he wears the medallion so that friends and well-wishers can identify him in public[11].

To promote his $12,000 eBay auction for The Classic in April 2017, Chris donned the medallion on video once more in Live Game Stream - C-Log 04192017 - The Shirt. He wore it to events that year, such as UVA Remembers Pulse and BronyCon.

The medallion goes mass-market

The medallion's return in 2014.
Medallion blueprint


On 12 September 2014, Chris announced on his Facebook page that he would be making and selling replica medallions on eBay for $30 each. He expressed a willingness to make not only Sonichu and Rosechu medals, but also "most any of the rest of the characters, or a custom of your choosing." His first listing of 55 sold out quickly, and he was forced to relist it. By the time sales were temporarily halted on December 6, he had succeeded in selling at least 114. He re-listed 30 medallions in February 2015, and these too quickly sold out. In June 2015, 16 more medallions appeared on his eBay account, also selling out within a day. Photos indicated that he had extended the run of medallions to 300. In July he sold a few medallion/Amiibo bundle sets, and in August listed 20 more standalone medallions. Chris likely used a stencil to shape pieces of CRAYOLA FUCKIN' MODEL MAGIC into the medallion, as evidenced by the scuff marks on the "blueprints". Aside from use as a stencil, it has no other purposes without labels or measurements.

eBay Description

Straight from the creator and artist, Christian Weston Chandler (myself), a Fresh molded, coloured and certified medallion of Sonichu, Rosechu, most any of the rest of the characters, or a custom of your choosing. It WILL be shipped in a sealed wrap marked "Fragile". My signature will be written on the backs if each medallion. A Personal Certificate of Authenticity will be included and a medallion will be attached to its back. NO LOCAL PICKUP AVAILABLE, at the Personal Risk of myself, the Original Creator and Artist.

**Disclaimer: When ordering a medallion, or more than one, please specify which you would like: Sonichu or Rosechu. A medallion of the other cannon main characters may be requested for your purchase. Your own fan Sonichu or Rosechu character(s) version may also be requested and suggested. Should I find the suggested outside character offensive, I shall inform you and accept another suggestion or default to the Prime Sonichu or Rosechu character(s) for your order; I am usually easy on accepting of custom requests at first. The rings inserted into the medallions are smaller than a typical keychain ring. And the necklace for them will be set-length blue leather straps, tied at the ring, for best fit around most head and neck sizes. The flower on the photographed Rosechu medallion is not included by default; if you would like a flower added onto your Rosechu medallion, you may request it in your message at the time of, or following, your purchase. Also, please allow up to two weeks for creation of each medallion, and should any delays come up, I will inform you via eBay Private Message Individually, or make a public post on my Facebook page. And Final individual molding creation may or will vary or differ from those in the above photographs.

**Take Heart and UNDERSTAND!!! There will NOT be ANY altercations made to the medallions AT ALL. The medallion(s) WILL be mailed via USPS First Class and Expedited with Delivery Confirmation and a Tracking Number and marked "Fragile; Handle With Care". I have NO obligation to make any personal appearances upon my own personal risk.

For the July 2015 relisting, he added the following paragraph to this description. He did not, however, alter the description to reflect his supposed name change to Christine.

**NOTE, July 7, 2015: I have already molded, painted, certified and boxed individually, Sonichu Medallions equal to the maximum quantity available that I have listed right here, right now. So, everyone who requests Sonichu will get their shipped as early as the following day. Custom Orders are still an option, as described in the description, but still Please Allow up to Two Weeks for individual creation and shipment. Thank you.

Chris posted images of Sonichu and Rosechu medallion samples and the manufacturing components.

eBay Questions and Answers

Hi Christian! I have bought an ALF drawing from you and I want to know if I can have a medallion made for a Christmas present. Are you able to do one of Mega Man? Or of Alpha 5 from the Power Rangers? Please let me know!

Yes, I can do both medals like that.

Hey there, I'm still trying to figure out which medallion I might want, but I was wondering if maybe it would be possible to request a Magi-chan or Punchy medallion? Or maybe since Halloween is coming up, is a Vamprosa possible as well? I would love that! Thanks in advance!!

Yes, any of those characters are most doable.

Is this a limited edition offer? Are the medallions engraves with serial numbers? Also i'm curious as to what quantity you can produce. I'm interested in purchasing whole sale and was wondering if you can produce 200 units which would be sold in my business.

Well, the numbers are written/engraved in the back of each medallion, and they each come with a personal matching Certificate of Authenticity. I personally hand craft the medallions with heart and soul. To make an order as large as 200, I would definitely require the total amount of $30 X 200 medals, upfront and sent to my PayPal account, which the email address to which can be found upon checking out from one of my listings, along with an email or eBay PM to inform me of such a large order.

Hello. The original medallions that you wore were made using Crayola Model Magic and acrylic paint. Are you using the same materials to make these nice items? Have a pleasant day.

Yes, I am using the same, but fresh, materials.

Is the item autographed with either marker or an engraving?

Permanent Ink Marker, and the Certificate will also have my personal Signature written onto it as well, but in RSVP Pentel Pen Ink.

How big are these Medallions and how much do they weigh? I don't want to risk getting weird stares while I wear it if it's too bulky.

Weight: feels like a few ounces; definitely less than a pound.

You say give you two weeks to make and ship our order. Does it really take you two weeks to make these? Or is this just an estimate? Also, how big are these, on average? I would like to wear mine all over, but if it's too [text missing]

Two weeks is an estimate, counting the time it would take to make a lot of them, depending on the total ordered quantity. They measure 3.5 inches X 3.5 inches square, and are a quarter inch thick, plus another quarter inch [text missing]

Can we request medallions of minor characters?


Is it made out of Crayola Model Magic?


Etsy Questions and Answers

A fan's particular requests for custom medallions in September 2015 required a brief conversation:

What is Robee's girlfriend's name and how did she meet her?

Chris replied:

That is still yet to be determined.
Im asking cuz I wanna order 4 custom medallions.

1 Of me

1 of Trunks from Dragonball GT (not Z or Super)

1 Of Robee


1 of Robee's girlfriend

itd be good to have a name and history to go with the face.

its not Mimi is it?

It is definitely not Mimi. I will get back to you on Robee's sweetheart. And I can definitely fill that custom medallion order set you described. I will have your last order shipped out very soon. Thank you for your continued patronage.
You're welcome! Does Robee have autism? What kind of stuff does she like to do in her spare time?
Robee is Not autistic. In her spare time, she likes to be active, rather it's going out for a run, trying to meet the speed to make her own Zapping Booms (like her daddy), mingling and hanging out with her girl friends (her sweetheart is part of that friendship circle). Or spending time alone with her sweetheart, sharing secrets, having fun, and the private matters. She, Robee's Sweetheart, really enjoys the best of both the tribbing, the traditional, and the other things. Robee also enjoy playing the Wii Sports and Sonic/Mario Olympic games, writing out her thoughts in her diary, and self-reflecting and meditate. She is no stranger to a party either.
Does Robee turn into Ultra Sonichu or a woman scorned like Rosechu? Also, what Robee's reason behind becoming a tomgirl?
She is a Female Soul trapped in a male body, and she really likes doing nearly everything with style, flare, and functional-to-her dashin' fashion.
Sonichu sampler.

Facebook Notices

As with other aspects of his eBay business, Chris frequently made relevant announcements on his Facebook page. The initial notice:

12 September 2014

I am starting on making the medals for sale. I have the materials to make them now.

Chris described the production process in detail in order to justify the two weeks he required to ship a medallion:

25(?) September 2014

I would like to announce that I am most grateful for y'all's business on the Medallions. And such.

Also, just to let everyone know Why I estimate Two Weeks for creation of a medal or more....

First, I have to be in the mood and mindset for creation as best as I am able, or otherwise not busy with life details or chores and errands. Then I have to Mold them according to my own specifications, including being able to fit into the 3.5" square boxes with cotton puddings per box. Then they all have to air dry overnight. Then I paint the details, let that dry, and then use a permanent Ink find point marker to hand write my signature, (c), and production number. Followed by measuring the lengths of the neck straps from the longer leather strips, thread them through the rings of each medal as tie the two ends together. Then I print or photocopy the small square blank certificates, fill them each appropriately with their respective medal, and then laminate the certificates. And then there's the package wrapping, addressing And shipping them out at my local USPS Post Office. Around then, I would add the tracking numbers respectively as well.

And with that, I am making my promise now that from the first week's order amount if over thirty medals, I will have them all ready to ship, and ship them all on Friday the 27th!

Thank you all for your patronage and your patience. Have a good and safe day.

Chris was happy when the first run of the medallions sold out.

1 October 2014

My, My! The Medallion Listing ended with the last quantity number sold. No worries, people, I will have it relisted ASAP, when eBay refreshes my monthly Listing Allowance.

In the meantime, everyone can still get a Medallion for Free with purchase of a Framed Piece, Commission with the Works, and a Colored Commission. And I will now offer a Two-For-One Special through the B&W Listing; Free Medal with Purchase of a B&W Commission, and y'all may request a Medallion in lieu of a Commission Drawing. That is like buying Two Medallions for 1 2/3 of the total price.

I will extend the offer until when I am able to Relist the Medallions. I sincerely apologize for any inconveniences, and I thank you all for your understanding and patience.

The Mr. Smith Incident

Main article: Mr. Smith

Mr. Smith is an eBay customer who had a quarrel with Chris.

The Received Medallions

Recipients noted that the medallions were surprisingly lightweight. A number had parts broken off; Chris routinely included a note that these could be fixed with Krazy Glue. This note was hand-written at first, but eventually he created a typed version, complete with misspelling. Another common problem was that Chris placed medallions in boxes while they were still wet or before the clay had set, resulting in smearing and fading. Some had fingerprints, or arrived with disturbing foreign materials. In 2015, he began signing his name as "Christine," but was too lazy to print up new certificates to reflect the name change.

Gallery of medallions, thus far

A few purchasers included videos:

Number 25:

Number 178:

Number 199:

Outsourcing production

Around October 2017, Chris said that he wanted to have people produce medallions for his Sonichu merchandise business.[32] In CLog 10172017 - Medallion Making, he demonstrated how to create a medallion.

The awful third party Praetor Medallion

Chris's goal of working as little as possible in medallion production was achieved in December 2020. Chris revealed that he had successfully outsourced the creation of the Sonichu medallions to a group of enablers known as Praetor. Chris also stated that some of the profits would go directly to him, although the exact amount is unknown. Despite ostensibly being made by people who are not autistic (or at least not as retarded as Chris), these particular medallions somehow managed to look even worse than Chris's handiwork made with far less effort (even by Chris's standards).[33] Regardless of shitty quality, the medallions sold out quickly- over 150 units were sold and dozens of glowing reviews were garnered.[34]

On 13 March 2021, Chris announced on Twitter that he would be selling "limited run" Golden Sonichu Medallions in collaboration with Praetor on their Etsy page.[35] There were three medallions in production and were listed at $60 usd each. Those who purchased the medallions also had the ability to access Chris's private discord server and presumably talk to Chris himself. According to one buyer of a gold medallion, their messages were ignored and they never got into the server- but subpar customer service isn't too surprising all things considered.

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