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The Apology Letters, written by Chris on 15 August 2014, were leaked on the CWCki Forums on 17 December 2014. They were meant to lift bans which three locations had imposed on Chris.

In the early stages of his relationship with Catherine, Chris wanted to shop with her at the Fashion Square Mall, but he was banned there. He decided to write an apology letter to the manager of the mall, as according to him, by apologizing, he could get the ban lifted.

Chris also apologized to Wal-Mart and Mary Lee Walsh. It is unknown why he wrote an apology letter to Walsh, who had banned him from Piedmont Virginia Community College. However, it does speak volumes about Chris's total failure to grow or mature as a person during the many intervening years.

Naturally, in each of these letters, he shoehorns in references to trolls causing stress. There's also a completely inappropriate reference to "intercourse" in the Fashion Square one.

Interestingly, three months after writing these letters, Chris was banned from Target for his protests of Sonic Boom, proving that his claims to have learned from his mistakes and changed his behavior were lies.[1]

Fashion Square Mall Apology

Wal-Mart Apology

Mary Lee Walsh Apology

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