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The Apology Letters, written by Chris on 15 August 2014, were leaked on the CWCki Forums on 17 December 2014. They were meant to lift bans which three locations had imposed on Chris.[1]

In the early stages of his relationship with Catherine, Chris wanted to shop with her at the Fashion Square Mall, but he was banned there. He decided to write an apology letter to the manager of the mall, as according to him, by apologizing, he could get the ban lifted.

Chris also apologized to Wal-Mart and Mary Lee Walsh. It is unknown why he wrote an apology letter to Walsh, who had banned him from Piedmont Virginia Community College. However, it does speak volumes about Chris's total failure to grow or mature as a person during the many intervening years.

Naturally, in each of these letters, he shoehorns in references to trolls causing stress. There's also a completely inappropriate reference to "intercourse" in the Fashion Square one.

Interestingly, four months after writing these letters, Chris was banned from GameStop for his protests of Sonic Boom (even before the infamous pepper-spraying incident), proving that his claims to have learned from his mistakes and changed his behavior were lies.

Fashion Square Mall Apology


Dearest Scott, Sir or Madame,

It has been long over Two Years since I was banned from the Mall for loud, outbursting miscondut[sic]/misbehavior, instigated from being repeatedly telephoned by Internet Trolls and Cyber-Bullies, and the stress from said bullies, Life, and Loneliness.

I most sincerely, deeply apologize for my behavior that was uncalled for then. I am truly, deeply sorry. And, as I have better matured emotionally, and mentally, I humbly request readmittance into the Charlottesville, VA Fashion Square Shopping Mall. Also, I am in an emotionally mutual true and honest relationship with a lovely woman; It is very serious, and we deeply Love (NOT to be confused with the act of intercourse) and care for each other with honesty and compassion. I do not wish to inhibit her in our Shopping together, by leaving this Ban unresolved positively.

If indeed Scott [redacted] (if my memory serves me) is reading this letter, Please Respond with your answer, in the name of True Love, in writing immediately, via paper Letter and United States Postal Service Mail.

Otherwise, if this is NOT Mr. Scott [redacted] but a new manager who replaced him in employment office, Please Respond immediately via paper Letter and United States Postal Service Mail, with the details of if the Ban is still under effect. If so, Please Unban me immediately in writing, and Respond immediately in the same paper Letter format. AND I would really most appreciate having in the SAME writing that I have your utmost assurance and reassurance that the hired Security Staff of Fashion Square will leave ME, Christian Weston Chandler, My Family, and My Love, alone, at peace, unbothered, unabused, UnEscorted, and remain at the greatest distance humanly reasonable and possible from us all at ALL times while any of us are Shopping, Walking, Hanging Out and Dining Anywhere within the Mall itself, and its Parking Lot.

I personally Thank You Very Much, and I wish you a good and safe day.

And I Promise the misbehavior will never ever happen again.


Christian Weston Chandler

Wal-Mart Apology


Dearest [redacted],

It has been long over one year since the mishap that occured [sic] from my frustrated behavior from this loneliness, life stress and online bully stress. I write to you today to most sincerely apologize for my misbehavior and humbly request readmittance into the Wal-Mart establishments.

I have matured mentally for the better. The original action of defacing Microsoft's Console, followed much later after and in repsonse to having been Banned in BOTH of the Wal-Mart establishments closest to my home of residence, of informing the Internet Trolls about your action. Both of my actions were most undignified and uncalled for.

I have seen the wrongdoing of my action, and in return the upset these actions have done unto the business income of your owned/managed establishment.

I humby[sic] and most sincerely apologize from the bottom of my human heart and my soul. I am truly, very sorry. I promise none of that shall ever happen again.

And I humbly request written consent of unbanning me from Both the Wal-Marts in Ruckersville, VA and Charlottesville, VA. It is more distance and costly for me to take my daily walks at the Target. And I am in an emotionally mutual true and honest relationship with a lovely woman; It is very serious, and we deeply Love (NOT to be confused with the act of intercourse) and Care for each other with honesty and compassion. I do not wish to inhibit her, in our Shopping Together, by leaving this BAN left unresolved positively.

Please Respond with your answer, in the name of True Love, in writing immediately, via paper Letter and United States Postal Service Mail.

Thank You Very Much, and Have a good, safe day.

Sincerely, Christian Weston Chandler

Mary Lee Walsh Apology


Dearest Mary,

It has been Years since I have attempted to apologize for having portraied[sic] you as a witch character within the pages of my hand-drawn and written comicbooks. I assure you now that the name of the character HAS been changed and edited Years beforehand, and in nowhere, shape or forme[sic], have I, or anyone I know even remotely, made any sales of anything containing the character, Original or Present Name, whatsoever. My family and I are currently just getting by financially; any lower we would be positively poor.

I have personally arrived on campus to personally hand deliver a lovely, framed original master Apology Drawing, and a written (or typed, I am not certain) letter explaining the piece and situation. I left these items with your secretary. A few days later, I find a pink slip of Trespassing, improperly left within the crack of my house's front door. My mother and father appealed the notice on my behalf.

I remind you the circumstances leading up to the creation of the witch character was from your deeds of misunder-standing. In 2003, after I had turned 21 years of age, I had realized that I was at a time of my life where I felt requirement of a woman partner to become my honet[sic] to goodness Sweetheart, Girlfriend, and Future Wife, FROM the ground-up with honest FRIENDSHIP. Paranoid As I Was, And Very Shy from my own Life's Curse of AUTISM, I was most unable to initiate Conversation, much Less a Greeting, to ANYONE! And I felt sincere requirement of a Sign, "18-##-Year Old Single Female to be a SWEETHEART from the ground-up." And from the popular, later fully understood, MISCONCEPTION of my Humble, Honest Sweetheart Search, to be of unpure, tainted Solicitation For Sexual Pleasures, which was Truly Never the Case, you had intruded on my Sweetheart Search and Destroyed my Sign. I have perceived this as a most Villanous[sic] Act against True Love, not unlike the villains of the "Sailor Moon" Anime. And therefore, I have perceived YOU to be a Witch Leader, making it obvious to me that True Love was apparently most ILLEGAL in the state of Virginia.

Therefore, had your actions never take[sic] place, I would have never drawn you as a Witch Character; You would have never been made quite the spectacle among the Internet Trolls and Cyber-Bullies, and most importantly, I would have been more in my own inner peace, as it was then; You would have had Less Stress on your own life, Free of the Trolls and Bullies that have bothered, tortured, blackmailed, deceived, and still haunting me since November 2007; and PVCC would have been a Lot Better Off unrenamed the Private Villa of Corrupted Citizens.

All that aside, I once again write to you, apologizing most sincerely for ever having drawn you as a Witch. I am sincerely, truly, deepestly[sic] sorry for ruining both of our individual lives by drawing you as a witch.

I have more matured emotionally and mentally, and in regards of the Pink Slip Trespassing Notice and everything, I humbly request to be NOT Banned from Piedmont Virginia Community College, and to be forgiven in writing for my graphical misconduct. I wish to be able to have the liberty once again, to attend on-campus events, and to attend classes, and for my family, present and future, to be able to attend on-campus events and classes as well.

And, simply put, I[sic] really is Miserable to be BANNED FROM ANYWHERE, PERIOD.

I sincerely apologize if the contents of this letter has offended you in any matter; I simply wish to finally resolve this issue positively, and with little to no offense in any matter.

Please respond simple and put in US Mail paper Letter. I do not want to desire any difficulties or problems or dilemmas. Just a simple written answer will most suffice.

Thank You Very Much for your time, and have a good and safe day.

Sincerely, Christian W. Chandler

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