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Chris's room is cluttered with toys.
Living room August 2018.jpg

Chris has accumulated a grand number of toys over the course of his life, most of which are displayed in his room. He has claimed that he's holding on to them for his future children.[1], which is a lie, since he has also admitted to be still purchasing and playing with toys well into his "adult" life.[2] At one point he revealed that he plays with his toys around 2-3 hours a day.[3] Many are assumed to have been damaged or destroyed in the 2014 fire, but some have survived.


It is not unusual for adults to play with toys, but when they do, there is a good reason other than just playing with them like a little kid.

For example, adults often buy soft toys to celebrate an occasion such as a birthday or wedding, or to cope with loneliness or trauma. Toys have also inspired innovation: for example, a community of circuit benders buy used battery-powered electronic toys to create new sounds and visual effects. In the 1960s, Monopoly play money inspired a Dutch graphic designer to rewrite the rules for designing money at home and abroad.[4]

Even Lego blocks have legitimate uses in adulthood: Chinese human rights activist Ai Weiwei launched an exhibition that featured the portraits of 43 Mexican students who disappeared in 2014, made entirely of Lego blocks. Ai aimed to convey the “democratic utility” of Lego, specifically to raise awareness of Mexico’s problem with organized crime.[5] CWCki readers from Denmark may also be familiar with a scene in the 1979 comedy film The Olsen Gang Never Surrenders, where one of the gang members created an electronic Lego device to break into a building.


Main article: Lego

Alpha Team

6776-1 Ogel Control Center $50


7892 Hospital $50
6337-1 Fast Track Finish $40
6517 Water Jet $3
7240-1 Fire Station $30
60047 Police Station $100
Possible total $223


No surprise that Chris was attracted to Lego's attempt at attracting anime fans.
7700 Stealth Hunter $15
7701 Grand Titan $15
7712-1 Supernova $20
7703 Fire Vulture $15
Possible total $65

Lego Dimensions

Sonic $22
Ghostbusters 2016 $22
Adventure Time $22
Mission: Impossible $22
Fantastic Beasts $37
Harry Potter $19
A-Team $9
Uni-Kitty $9
The Lego Batman Movie $50

LEGO Friends

41005-1 Heartlake High (x8) $400
3185 Summer Riding Camp $100
3315 Olivia's House $75
Possible total $575

LEGO Ninjago

70505 Temple of Light $69.99

LEGO Superheroes

76013 Joker Steam Roller $49

The LEGO Movie

70816 Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! $100

Make and Create

4881-1 Robo Platoon $10
4097-1 Mini Robots $10
Possible total $20


The Flying Ninja Fortress was a fortress for flying ninjas, not a fortress that flew.

6093 Flying Ninja Fortress $90


6949 Robo-Guardian $36
6975-1 Alien Avenger $60
Possible total $96


4856-1Doc Ock's Hideout $50

Star Wars

7146 TIE Fighters (two purchased) $40 ($20 each)
7106-1 Droid Escape $6
Possible total $46


6755 Sheriff's Lock-Up $25

Sonic the Hedgehog


Great Eastern Sonic plush

Great Eastern Knuckles plush


Jazwares Tails

ReSaurus Sonic

ReSaurus Knuckles

ReSaurus Tails

ReSaurus Big the Cat

ReSaurus Rose

ReSaurus E102 Gamma

Toy Island Sonic Space Fighter

Toy Island Dr Eggman

Toy Island Sonic

Toy Island Shadow


Assuming highest prices.


My First Transformers Car

Transformers: Generation One

Megatron (seen in "CWC is Angry"). Note: this is the Japanese reissue edition. Probably $75–$125 from an online retailer.

Megatron $100 (median)
Ultra Magnus $100
Afterburner $15
Action Master Bumblebee (missing heli-pack/gun) $7

Transformers: Generation Two

Optimus Prime $30 (at least)
Bumblebee $5

Transformers: Beast Wars

Transmetal Optimus Primal $20 ($15 and 20)

Transformers: Beast Machines

Scavenger $10 ($7 and 10)

Transformers: Armada

Jetfire w/ Comettor $30 ($25–30)
Megatron w/ Leader-1 $30 ($25–30)
Optimus Prime w/ Sparkplug $50
Overload w/ Rollout $30
Cyclonus w/ Crumplezone $10
Sideways w/ Rook and Crosswise $12 ($10–12)
Unicron w/ Dead End $50

Transformers: Energon

Demolishor w/ Blackout $12 ($10-12)
Total $12

Transformers: Cybertron

Brushguard $8 ($5-8)
Evac $30 ($25-30)
Cybertron Defense Hot Shot $12 ($10-$12)
Hot Shot $12 ($10-$12)
Jetfire $25 ($20-25)
Megatron ($40–50) $50 ($40-50)
Overhaul $8 ($5-8)
Override $12 ($10-$12)
Primus $50 ($40-50)
Red Alert $12 ($10-$12)
Scourge $25 ($20-25)
Sideways $12 ($10-$12)
Soundwave $25 ($20-25)
Thunderclash $12 ($6-8)
Undermine $8 ($5-8)
Unicron $12 ($10-$12)
Vector Prime $30 ($25-30)
Total $323

Transformers (2007 film)

Optimus Prime $50 ($40-50)
Bumblebee $10

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Skids $12 ($10-12)
Mudflap $12 ($10-12)
Soundwave $10


Bumblebee $10
Jetstorm and Jetfire $27
Legends Bumblebee $6
Prowl $10
Soundwave $10


Bumblebee $10
Rodimus $10
Starscream $10


Cosmos $7
"War for Cybertron" Bumblebee $10
"War for Cybertron" Optimus Prime $10

Anniversary Editions

20th Anniversary Optimus Prime ($30–$75 at retail, depending on when Chris bought it)
30th Anniversary Optimus Prime ($169.99 at retail, depending on when Chris bought it)

Transformers: Alternators

Optimus Prime (Ford pickup truck $25 ($20-25 at retail)
Binaltech $20
Windcharger $20

Transformers: Heroes of Cybertron

Bumblebee w/ Spike Witwicky $5 ($3-5)

Transformers: Robots In Disguise (2015)

Optimus Prime $15
Strongarm $15
Bumblebee $15
Total $45

Transformers: Titans Return

In addition to the ones below, Chris has also spent $250[6].

Galvatron $25
Sentinel Prime (destroyed by Chris in Eid, Pmurt, Eid‎‎!!!) $25
Skullsmasher $17
Brawn $5
Chromedome $10 from Target on 18/11/2016
Alpha Trion and Astrotrain $50 11/2016
Total $132

Ebay purchases:

Optimus Prime $62.64 Sep-08-16 04:45:28 PDT
Takara Skullcrusher $13.00 Sep-17-16 17:13:58 PDT
Transformers Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus Optimus Prime Parts $24.50 Sep-17-16 20:15:46 PDT
Takara Hardhead $13.00 Sep-17-16 20:50:53 PDT
Wheelie & Coshooter Action $25.90 Oct-01-16 18:22:33 PDT
Legends Stripes $9.78 Oct-01-16 18:33:05 PDT
Rewind $11.99 Oct-01-16 18:33:05 PDT
Total $160.81

My Little Pony

My Little Pony is popular with little girls worldwide. Sadly, not even the poor ponies are exempt from entering Chris's twisted world. In italics are their new identities.

Cutie Keen Bean $10'
Exclusive Lolligiggle (Educait) $20
Favorite Friends Rarity the Unicorn Pony Figure (Johnlamence -Cyber Warrior-) $20
Cutie Cascade Fairy Dust Pony (Camo-Flage, Mimmbo Boruto and Squall Metal Alchemest) $60 ($20 each, three purchased)
Crystal Princess Pretty Patterns Fancy (Ty Game) $20
Dress-Up Daywear Wing Wishes with Toola-Roola & Meadowbrook Pony[7] $50
Sweetberry Diva Pose (BottomBeck) $20
Sweet Breeze Pose (Honeysumerah and Modest Manna) $40 ($20 each, two purchased)
Seaspray Pose (Cheroki-Chan) $20
Beachberry Pose (Linnhadey and Federico) $40 ($20 each, two purchased)
Total $300

Nintendo Amiibos

Pit $12.99 Nov-04-16 11:06:28 PDT


Skylanders Imaginators ~$74 Began playing on 2 November 2016
Dark Turbo Charge Donkey Kong Amiibo $21.95 Nov-04-16 11:10:52 PDT
Dark Barrel Blaster Superchargers Donkey Kong Vehicle $7.00 Nov-04-16 11:10:52 PDT



Fighting Fury Belt $3.48 Ebay, Oct-30-16 16:35:34 PDT
Pokemon card tins (2) $40.00 9-12-16[8]
Pokemon Sun and Moon (both, supposedly acquired by trading games)[9] $80.00 Nov-18-16[10][11]
Pokemon Z-Ring bracelet $30.00 30 December 2016[9]
Pokemon Sun and Moon iTunes Music Collection $10.00 30 December 2016[9]

Power Rangers

Wild Force Predazord $50

Ebay purchases


Toy Cost Franchise Date
Rarity card sleeves $6.59 My Little Pony Ebay, Jan-14-17 17:35:15 PST
DJ Pon3 card sleeves $6.95 My Little Pony Ebay, Jan-14-17 17:39:06 PST
Splash Energy (2) $3.38 Pokemon Ebay, Feb-04-17 19:31:05 PST
Glaceon $6.72 Pokemon Ebay, Feb-04-17 19:53:13 PST
Glaceon $6.69 Pokemon Ebay, Feb-04-17 19:53:13 PST
Green Arrow Limited Edition $23 Lego Dimensions Mar-02-17 19:58:13 PST
Brainstorm Walgreen Exclusive $27.25 Transformers Mar-02-17 19:58:13 PST
Titans Return Titan / Head Master Lione $8.99 Transformers Mar-13-17 16:56:57 PDT
Soundwave $9.98 Transformers Mar-24-17 16:40:12 PDT
14K YELLOW GOLD CLEOPATRA BAR 16" NECKLACE $399.99 Apr-07-17 18:12:50 PDT

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