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Chris has made occasional comments on YouTube videos over the years, from his several accounts. Many of them are boring and relate to video games and My Little Pony. Sometimes he gets angry at the trolls.

Yes, he actually thought the video was about him.

List of comments


Happy B-day Chris

CChanSonichu: "If you meant me, Christian Weston Chandler, my birthday was on FEBRUARY 24."

episode 200 - the game place

ChristianWChandler: "Hey, Vivian. I'm going to tell you right now that if you were trying to offend me with this "South Park" Parody; You Failed. This is just SOO FUNNY! You ought to know I like "South Park", especially the less dramatic, more comical episodes. ROFL"

ChristianWChandler: "Actually, there is ONE more thing you could to just make this a TOPPER of a Comical Scene; I gave him the finger as I left for real, so add a Sit-And-Spin in the silence right before the final insult. ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL"


SEGA's Free Stuff Friday-January 13, 2012

CwcvilleGuardian: "I do not find that commentary funny at all. In fact, I feel pissed off to be ridiculed soo lightly."

Nintendo Direct 6.21.2012

CwcvilleGuardian: "I would ONLY upgrade to an XL from my 3DS if the XL had the RIGHT Analog Pad, ZR and ZL Buttons featured on it, so I would not have to worry about the additional accessory.PLUS, PLEASE ADD FlipNote Studio onto the freaking eShop; we are Tired of Waiting, and we do not want the 'Memo'."

Sonic: Too Fast?

CwcvilleGuardian: "That was Stupid. I hate you and your copycat John K. animation. Sonic is NOT Dead. -:( And I loathe your murderous intent and darkness. You make me vomit from my soul, you mental rapist."

[Interestingly enough, this "mental rape" did not deter Chris from adding this video to his list of favorites]


CwcvilleGuardian: "It is quite catchy and cute"

LEGO Friends "Andrea we can do it" music video

CwcvilleGuardian: "Truly Neat and Sweet; are there more Lego Friends episodes on YouTube in English?!"

LEGO Friends Spoof!

CwcvilleGuardian: "Ha Ha! Take THAT, you fart-minded, jerk MALE among ALL fart-minded, jerk Males that make up the Majority of the Worldwide Male Population! -:D

"Women Rule, because they are more compassionate, caring and understanding."

The LEGO® Story

CwcvilleGuardian: "I enjoyed that, and I would add that the Plastic Molding Machine would not have been there without its controls and schematics designed by my father, General Electric's Robert Franklin Chandler Jr. :)"

Double Rainboom Part01/06 Animatic

CwcvilleGuardian: "I REALLY Loathe Internet Trolls and All of their icons, Especially the face from Rage Comics. }:("

Twilightlicious - BlackGryph0n

CwcvilleGuardian: "I Loathe Trolling-Stupid Cyber-Bullies."

I'm Derpylicious

CwcvilleGuardian: "Derpy is always soo cute. I like her original voice better; can't believe the original version if Last Roundup is not on iTunes."

lego sonic minifig.MOV

CwcvilleGuardian: "Ed nut bueno. Me gusta español. :)"


CwcvilleGuardian: "I would enjoy seeing more of Jackie; she must have come from a background similar to Jerry, plus, she is a strong character and woman."

Lego That's What She Said

CwcvilleGuardian: "Zac's head is from 8358, 2003 Off-Roader."

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Marathon! (Promo) - The Hub

CwcvilleGuardian: "Sheesh with the marathons; Bring On Season 3 of the Ponies already, Please!"

Double Rainboom Promo 04 + Trailer

CwcvilleGuardian: "I'll believe it to be true when the full episode is okay with all of the people, and it is aired in full on the Hub or MLPFIM DVD."


"Equestria Girls (Helping Twilight Win the Crown)" - MLP: Equestria Girls [My Little Rock Band]

CwcvilleGuardian: "Make PS3 Versions NOW!!!"

CwcvilleGuardian: "Google 'rock band 3 custom songs ps3'; there are apps for that conversion."

CwcvilleGuardian: "Give me a reason to pop back in RB3; I never play HeXBox."

PlayStation and Extra Life Team Up For Children's Hospitals

CwcvilleGuardian: "I've just reached my 200 Dollar Mark on Extra Life."

Pokkén Fighters = New Wii U Pokémon Fighting Game?

CwcvilleGuardian (27 November 2013): How about EVERY Pok'emon? Wireless Link to X or Y, upload your BOXES, pick your favorite ones (LEVEL 100s!!!), move their attack set to button combos, and BAM! Sky Uppercut gets immediately countered with Seismic Toss.


Starscream VS Rainbow Dash | DEATH BATTLE! | ScrewAttack!

CwcvilleGuardian (20 April 2014): I would really like to see a battle between MLP's Discord and Seuss' The Grinch. Would Discord instill joy into the Grinch, or would the Grinch grinch Discord? I would watch that over and over.


Ultimate Smash Bros. Theory: Smash is Autistic | Gnoggin

CwcvilleGuardian (30 October 2015): First time watching this video, and I am astounded. I find it ironic that recently, I Actually made an Amiibo with what I consider a face for Autism, then find this video stating that the game may be Autistic too. Autism to be beaten in Smash Bros. I think it is neat.


Subliminal Frequency Hypnosis

Main article: Subliminal Frequency Hypnosis

Maketoys DESPOTRON (Masterpiece Megatron): EmGo's Transformers Reviews N' Stuff

CwcvilleGuardian (28 September 2016): That skit works. LOL I'm surprised you haven't done something similar with new Powermaster Optimus Prime, US, since the face under the samurai helmet of his can now be revealed as Orion Pax's face. "Samurai Head".

CwcvilleGuardian (28 September 2016): Have you tried putting the helmet onto Nucleon, the Titan Master of Galvatron; see if it fits and make Galvatron reverted to Buckethead?

DBX: Donald Trump VS Hillary Clinton

CwcvilleGuardian (31 October 2016): Funny! And True! Trump Would HURT America overkill. Vote Hillary for Smarter and Better, not to mention tax the wealthy and fill the middle and lower class, and everyone else's, pockets.

Top 10 Games That Became Pop Culture Sensations

CwcvilleGuardian (9 December 2016): Skylanders should be an Honorable Mention on this list.


Top 10 Unforgettable Cartoon Ghosts

CwcvilleGuardian (4 March 2017): What about Carrie from "Amazing World of Gumball"?


Power of the Primes Voyager ELITA-1: EmGo's Transformers Reviews N' Stuff

CwcvilleGuardian (19 February 2018): One suggestion: have your lady friend voice the female Transformers; I would actually like to hear voices from the fem Bots and Cons when possible, please.

Sonichu REBOOT? - Redesigning Sonichu and Rosechu

CwcvilleGuardian (3 August 2018): I watched the video, I appreciate what you were going with, and you came up with fair to good designs for a Sonichu and a Rosechu design.

Siege Micromaster STORM CLOUD & VISPER: EmGo's Transformers Reviews N' Stuff

CwcvilleGuardian (15 November 2018): I Love the Micromasters! I have a good collection of the G1 Micromasters. I hope they redo the bases, including the Shuttle Base with Autobot Countdown! I have one, but parts are missing now.


Computer Warriors Review and "Computer Warriors" Review with Josh, Silver, Lightning, and Thespio

Chris posted the same comment in the two videos.

CwcvilleGuardian (14 May 2019): Oh, WOW! What a throwback and a fun Mystery Science Theatre type of review! 😃

Hey, @MLPSilverQuill, I, too, still have the VHS, and I had collected nearly ALL of the Toys way back in the day (The Book of Indexx, and that Calculator, ELUDED ME!!!). I Second That not only the Clock and the Pencil Sharpener worked, but so did the Flashlight; it ran on two Triple-A Batteries, or was it Double-A’s? @MLPSilverQuill, do you know if the Calculator worked too? It looks like it works! I LOVED the Computer Playset! You could even plug the collapsed circuit board ships like actual drive cards into the plastic faux Motherboard. And the CD-ROM became a Freaking TANK that launched discs smaller than an actual Compact Disc. I have to agree with @DaWillstanator: Computer Warriors: the Young #NortonAntiVirus Software!

Also, Roll Your Eyes Again, Everyone! I STILL Have the Pepsi Can with Mister Grid and a plastic bomb that drops. Or does it drip, with Pepsi? ALOL! CLASSIC! Total Classic Awesomeness.

I will also agree that the #ComputerWarriors logo was boring, but it was still 80s computers; it makes the #Commodore64 logo shine Fabulous! Thank you all for that awesome review that was really fun, and I’m happy to see y’all enjoy it too.

Have a Great and Safe Day! ⚡️💙⚡️ @CPU_CWCSonichu

Flame Toys Furai Model BUMBLEBEE: EmGo's Transformers Reviews N' Stuff

CwcvilleGuardian (2 July 2019): This reminds me of Action Masters Bumblebee; he had a helicopter pack that became his blaster back then.

ຮṎṈḭᏨ ḭṈຮᾀṈḭtẙ Chris Chan and Magichan's Body Swap?

Here, Chris posts under his Magi-Chan persona.

CwcvilleGuardian (11 September 2019): I am watching your video. You are proving yourself quite callous in attitude. I had foreseen that I would have dislike of your commentary, but I was still curious to the more specific details.

Firstly, Christine’s drawings tend to predict upcoming events, unless they are past events as stated. She literally drew the piece of her and I switched the night before when we actually did. For your information, yes, we did use a pair of earrings to switch, and an enchantment and blessing that she was personally able to make happen.

As for the initial drawing style of those that I drew with this body: when I drew, it defaulted to its muscle memory which was inaccurate to my own drawing style, but still quite close. Also, you try colouring with marker ink and making a different style compared to anyone else for yourself.

And, yes, you may compare our situation quite so with the movie “Freaky Friday”, though I, personally, find much more portrayed accurately when Starfire and Raven switched bodies in the classics episode of “Teen Titans.” This is literally a full-on body-switch, and she is literally in my body at this time, and making very good progress for herself as well, I might add.

I have had ample time to exemplify myself and differentiate from Christine; I had prayed even the most cynical would find merit and fact from that. I supposed I was pushing desires outward wherein they were not fated to make do in this individual situation.

That is all. Good day. 💜⚡️

Other Friends - Bionic Version -

CwcvilleGuardian (17 September 2019): That was really good.

Sonichu: Dub Edition - Episode 1

CwcvilleGuardian (22 September 2019): Totally Awesome. I fully approve this series. 😊⚡️💙⚡️

Sonichu: Dub Edition - Episode 13

CwcvilleGuardian (23 September 2019): Good choices in voices for the most part; I never would have thought of Crystalina having a country accent like Apple Bloom. I don’t have a country accent like that, but it’s a valid voice; it’s a’ight.

Sonichu: Dub Edition - Episode 6

Chris posted two comments in the video.

CwcvilleGuardian (24 September 2019): The Song! My Breaking In to laugh at it! Well Done! 🤣🤣🤣

CwcvilleGuardian (24 September 2019): Why didn’t you do the epilogue where Rosey met Amy? Or, did she?

Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History - Part 24

CwcvilleGuardian (20 October 2019): I remember those times, and it was cringing to hear myself drone ON and ON just in thinking he was going to clear those ads from my old website. Subconsciously, I had always Known he and his crew were Trolling me the whole time, and it showed in how I reacted later on. And, yet, while partly oblivious, I Was Trolling Alec At the time. And I take no shame in it, because he was Trolling Me. I saw through his charade and showed it in how he treated everyone in my few pages, as he had already done, and worse, in his pages. It only added fuel to the nobility of pulling the plug on the Cwcipedia to save myself, my arts, and my peoples and family, he from the shit I was having to deal with from those bastards. Psychic Powers were strong within me in the later part of this video. And they have only gotten stronger over the years into now, despite my having the many more trials to endure and learn from.

Vanishing Fish

CwcvilleGuardian (26 November 2019): It was a fish from C-197, and it magically returned to that side of the iron curtain. Simple as that.

Redesigning SONICHU - The Chaotic Combo

CwcvilleGuardian (7 December 2019): This Video TRIGGERED ME BAD. Nothing to do with the comments or opinions of others, or her drawing style, but, yeah, a LOT of the choices on the redesigns TRIGGERED ME BAD. Ugh. 😵🤧🤢🤕😱😰😨🤯 ⚡️💙⚡️

Chris would later delete this comment, and post another comment apologizing.

CwcvilleGuardian (14 December 2019): These redesigns Are very good. I apologize for my past initial outburst and retract the statement.


ຮṎṈḭᏨ ḭṈຮᾀṈḭtẙ Chris Chan's Challenge For The Trolls

CwcvilleGuardian (3 April 2020): What did I say?!! I said NO Hitler. I freaking hate Nazis.

Animation Kimmunication Episode 7: How Fandom and Religion Intersect

Chris follows a textwall with an even larger textwall.

CwcvilleGuardian (14 April 2020): I agree with about everything y’all talked about on here. Personally, I feel like everything that is “Fictional”, or animated (obviously, per the topic) is up for being interpreted as religious, in the sense. In a way, most everyone is taking their favourite shows or chronicled media and keeping it further to their heart as they interpret the meanings of this or that of the OCs and stories; making that their go-to morals to follow. Very much like my ol’ homeboy, Jesus, and Emanuel (Goddess), Buddha, Zeus, Kratos, the Console Patron Units of Gamindustri (pretty much literally Every Deity and Demideity) have their bits and pieces from this and that of their respective deeds and stories being interpreted and taken to heart in the same way. Not to be too preachy or anything. But the point is valid. Gotta make a separate comment for my next thought.

CwcvilleGuardian (14 April 2020) (replying to his first comment): I will also add on the T-shirts and accessories that sport said deity and/or OC on there being like a calling card; totally obvious and true. And if someone hands-down the item or clothing with Sonichu, Superman, Neptune of Planeptune, or whatever else similarly, the new owner Definitely should at least read up on the individual they are donning, so they can sport it better and more honestly. On that, I will share the story that back in the day, I USED to feel peeved when during the days of my writing and drawing the “Sonichu” books, and I wanted a whole Ton of my own Merchandise to offer and spread the awareness of it, and something for the fans who have come to know about us and interpret as they will. The Fan Merchandise, note: I was not familiar on the total business Things and whatnot, mildly was aware of “Intellectual Property” and Copyrights, and whatevs. My dad, Mister Robert F Chandler Jr., had told me to put a (c) on my works, since he has had experience with making his own Patents for his control designs from working with General Electric for about 30 years, so with only basic and lite knowledge on the topic, I followed the direction. And as my hubby, Magi-Chan, had later revealed, our Copyright was put, fatedly, into place for the safety and better being of the species, Cwcville, and all that. Yet, ironically, Haters ended up comparing me to freaking Hitler. Epic UGH! I loathe Nazis. Anyway, years later, I got into MLP and started going to a few anime and gaming conventions, and then BronyCon in ‘17; it all started to sink into me that my past worries about Fan Merch, even though I was the Original Creator of Sonichu and Rosechu, during a time I was unable to find my own Merch and monitoring methods, positive and kind Sonichu and Rosechu Merch COULD have been made this whole time, and people would still be coming to me with their support after the fact. My takeaway from that experience today is the situation had me feeling like I was amongst the higher business corp execs for the media of these OCs of mine, yet, subconsciously, I was really never in it for the money. As these OC individuals were real, including my self-counterpart, in our sister dimension with ALL of the OCs/FCs and all that which can and do exist and co-exist in this non-apocalyptic, present timeline and situations, literally alongside all of us, behind a dividing dimensional curtain that is so powerful, even Discord, himself, can’t break through it alone. Super difficult, but at least I Know who I am walking, talking and chillin’ with, and they are not “Invisible Friends” or shit. Okay, went off-tangent for a bit. I was also blinded by the local financial difficulties and stress with the household and my aging parents. Gah. It was wrong of me to not allow “unofficial” Sonichu Merchandise be made by others over the years, up until the few years ago when I Finally gave the okay and consent for Everyone to do so. At least, in a takeaway, the artists realized for themselves on the wrongness of someone else taking something they created or discovered and slapping their name on it; major low. But, yeah, that’s common sense when you think about it to exercise your rights when they are offended like that. Bottom line is that I had wanted to make the merch, myself, for a long time, but lacked the better knowledge, resources and sense to outsource like most people, these days, do. I missed out, but I count the blessing that people have been inspired by my works and appreciate me, directly, for that. As I know y’all appreciate for yourselves from your fans, KP and Abbie.  ;) Please, pardon my ramblings, but I wanted to share my own take and learning experiences that I felt were supportive to what y’all were discussing. Thank you for listening. ⚡️💙⚡️

Sonichu: Dub Edition - Episode 15

CwcvilleGuardian (19 April 2020): Sonichu: I just wanted to say that your BlockBurrows did a very good job voicing Magi-Chan; that's really close to the Samurai Jack voice he actually has. Thanks a bunch for that.

Blachu vs Count Graduon (Fan Comic Dub)

CwcvilleGuardian (26 May 2020): Very good job on the voice acting as usual. 😊⚡️

Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History - Part 39

CwcvilleGuardian (13 June 2020): Hey! Firstly, that door to the bathroom downstairs was unable to close at all back in 2013 and early ‘14. Second, Why the Hell would you read that personal shit about Mama with the penis thing? Oh, My Chris Chan! Why did Kim have to be such a literal Troll to totally expose these things when they were shared with her in strictest confidence? “Kim Wilson”, if that is even your real name at this point, Mama may forgive you to an extent, but I, Sonichu, am truly insulted by this shit stunt you’ve pulled with her trust in betrayal over the years.

Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History - Part 42

CwcvilleGuardian (23 August 2020): For the record, when Mama recorded that putting out the fire video, she and Barb were literally still recovering from the house fire earlier that year. Sight of fire gave Mama a whole bunch of PTSD for the number of years.


CwcvilleGuardian (31 August 2020): Okay, this video is actually funny and good.  :)

Power Core Combiners DOUBLE CLUTCH w/ RALLYBOTS: EmGo's Transformers Reviews N' Stuff

CwcvilleGuardian (11 September 2020): I like your singing, Emgo; I just can’t help but groove with that bit you did for the skit. Positively priceless. 😊⚡️

Chris Chan VS. The Internet Trailer (Cancelled Kickstarter Documentary by Joseph Draft)

CwcvilleGuardian (20 September 2020): Regardless of the final outcome of what happened with all of the recorded footage, I Loved this trailer, and it showed that which was and is pure and genuine of Mama Chris Chan. For what is worth, with this trailer alone at least, Thank you, dude. 😊⚡️⚡️⚡️

Animal Crossing Love Quest

CwcvilleGuardian (22 September 2020): No beard on Mama

Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History - Part 44

CwcvilleGuardian (10 October 2020): Finally, you got the pronoun right with Mama Chris Chan; thanks, Geno. Better late than never. 😊⚡️


Chris Chan is Convinced to Taser Himself

CwcvilleGuardian (11 February 2021): They did not convince anyone of anything; I actually had a vision of this, and actually talked with the Cosmos in that meditation, which in your tangible sense, I thought of using the taser on the Gate Crystal first and foremost. And the same goes for a taser being tested on this body, too. Do not blame our friends as Praetor; this was, in the sense, my idea first.”

Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History - Part 56

CwcvilleGuardian (22 May 2021): Tune in next video for Idea Guy, Johnson Wiles, and Stephen Boyd, or that, among which, is chronicled in “Awakening of a CPU”.

Has Randy Stair gotten more popular since his death?

CwcvilleGuardian (15 June 2021): I will also personally contribute that Miss Andrew Blaze and I have interdimensionally conversed from time to time. Despite her aggressive mindset, I still very much appreciate her present day role with the EGS in the spirit realm. I will also state fact, as I have time and again about myself as well: Andrew and I both have had interdimensional communications and relations through the veil into the C-197 half of our total universe, and then some in regard to the Spiritual Realms. Andrew knew her destiny and fulfilled her prophecy in the 1218 half, here, and she knew her time and energy was needed moreso in the spirit realms.

Similar, yet differing, I have done the same over the years in C-197, the spirit realms, Equestria, the D&D universe of CS-89, the GO! universe of CZ-69, and so on into the multiverses. But unlike Andrew, my body is immortal, and death is not required at all unto me and what I am doing and will need to do.

Andrew and I are two examples of fully interdimensionally awakened individuals. Also, to note, Andy Warhol, as well, back in his days here, was also an interdimensionally awakened individual, but he did not fully comprehend his situation and abilities at the time. He remained clear-minded and focus-lacking, yet he did know from his subconscious and unconscious that had seeped into his conscious and into his words and actions that have foreshadowed and foreseen the number of events here since as early as the year I was born in this body in 1982.

Andrew and Andy were amongst the pioneers, and I am a literal Goddess who had transcended and pioneered within and around their blazing trails (pun unintended, but observed), among the number of others of whom I have personally recognized and acknowledge amongst the author, artist, actor and voice actor communities.

Andrew has continued to do very good and honest work with her crew, and so her legacy is continued on. And after the veil is totally gone, Andrew would delight in meeting her fans on kind intentions. She is grateful and humbled, as she had told me earlier.

So, it is very much appropriate and well for not just Andrew, Andy and I to be greater appreciated during these times.

Lots of love for all of you; be safe and well. And Wildcat, you know to stay as awesome and powerful as you are. You Rock, too. ⚡️💙⚡️

What happened to EGS The Randy Stair Story Episode 8?

CwcvilleGuardian (7 July 2021): I agree, and I have watched the entire series on Andrew Blaze, aka Randy Stair. It is actually really tame for the latter. But more importantly, it is very informative, and I got appreciation for the gal from watching the series. This really sucks, YouTube.

List of live chat messages

Sonic Play's Sonic Superstars LIVE!

On 18 October 2023, Chris viewed and commented during a gaming stream of Sonic Superstars.[1][2]

Hey, Sonic. I can see you're doing really awesome. I've given Superstars a play yesterday; liking it so far. No regrets with this being my first return Live Comment on YouTube. You all are great.

Live From China!🔴Chill CWC Stream 30

On 21 October 2023, Chris viewed and commented during a livestream on Geno's channel in which Geno played back old videos of Chris.[3]


​Hey, Geno. How are you>






​I’m doing good and okay. I appreciate your work. I still need to catch up with your series.


​Everyone good and Light Powered is blessed.

Geno continues to play videos, despite Chris being there. Geno plays Calling Out Jack Thaddius - Ahuviya, which Chris comments on in the chat by saying:




​I have actually given thoughts to BDSM; I am actually partially lukewarm about it these days.


​Also, who I was to talk when I never actually had sex back then.


​Why is Pennsylvania popular for pretending to be from as a ween?




​I’ll agree with that.


It’s coming back to me.


​I was a beginner at makeup back then


​I apologize for insulting the trans back then for the stubble.

On Wristwatch-SwissWatch for Jeremy "Thorg":




​Wrist…….watches. Thorn wanted them.

  • Thorg

On Calling Out "Julaaaay" - David:




​Can we put that damn Julay meme down already? 2009 called and wanted it back.


“IBAWESTON” Was literally Barbara’s old license plate’s number.


There was no acronym or initials for it at all.


It was “I Be A Weston”; that was it.


​Would you still like a Medallion, Geno?


Ah…. That wall behind me was torn a hole in the wall with the house fire of 2013.


On the day after my Aunt’s funeral that year; that trip to Ohio.


​2014, that’s right.

In response to Geno liking ambient music:


​Me too; I listen to ambient binaural beats a lot.

On Gratitude for a good person in N.C.:


I remind myself of Hyacinth Bucket in that video.

On Re-Calling Ahuvia:


​LOL!!! “Fetishishes”?

On Victory Rockout:


​PSA: Don’t throw your guitar like an axe while still wearing it around your neck.


​LOL!!!!!! Butt Whap! :D


Wild Sonichu’s voice is like Luke Skywalker, for the record.

On Ahuviya Harel's response to Re-calling Ahuvia


​It WAS confusing back then.


No worse than Discord when he was the most basic of jokes.

On Response to ADF:




​Yes. Opinions and feelings can change due to maturity.


​And Soul Searching.

On Christopher Paul Whitney reveal:


Oh, yeah. I remember him. Ate too much.


I have very little justification in mocking anyone who does what they enjoy doing in front of the camera, regardless of the situation.

On Cheerleader:


“Jacklyn Romy”…. Oí

List of community post comments

The following is a sub-list of comments Chris has made on Youtube community posts.

Genosamual 100k Q&A announcement

CwcvilleGuardian (15 November 2020): Hey, Geno. I, Sonichu, offer a sentiment of support and kind thoughts in response to this. Congratulations, Dude. But I do have a question, as well (feel free to get really Metaphysical about it; break your own fourth walls). Given every single possibility between this and all of the other dimensions in this Omega timeline set we live in, including that Mama Chris Chan, herself, being the OC of OCs, could also have been a creator of all Original Creators, including yourself, if not that one major influential aspect, What do you feel is the most significant factor that attracts everyone’s attention, including yourself, to her?

In short, What do You feel and think is the attraction; what makes you fascinated about Chris Chan?

Geno selling Want Woman shirt

CwcvilleGuardian (3 February 2024): Can you please stop the “Want Woman” shirt?

Responses to Chris's comments

Reception towards Chris's comments on YouTube have been mixed to negative, from enablers rallying behind Chris,[4], to weens blurting out outdated memes[5][6] and also people telling Chris to seek help,[7] or "get a job".[8]

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