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...Of course he's watching Family Guy.

Craigslist is a website where users can conduct business with others. Since its inception, Craigslist has been very useful in the act of selling goods, job hunting, providing services to others, and in many cases simply helping people trying to get some action from local hookers.

Chris and Craigslist

Personal ads

In May of 2009, Chris posted a Craigslist ad saying that he wants a 18 to 27 year-old boyfriend-free girl who is not black. Chris's racism got his ad promptly flagged and removed from the site.

While being blackmailed by Jack Thaddeus in the summer of 2009, Chris attempted to solicit the services of a Craigslist prostitute to fuck on camera so he could recover his hacked PlayStation Network accounts. After describing his personal problems to the prostitute, she hung up on him.


On 2 August 2009, a troll posted Chris's '94 Ford Escort for sale on Craigslist as part of a prank. Seven months later, a trio of BEST FRIENDS FOREVER contacted Chris, expressing interest in purchasing his car and offering their HEXBoxes to sweeten the deal.

Other fake ads

On many other occasions, trolls have put up fake Craigslist ads directing would-be buyers of one item or another to 14 Branchland Court. Chris responded to one such incident in his video of 14 November 2009, in which he also attempted to contact the operators of the website.

Power Ranger toys

In a chat with Jackie in October 2010, he told her he tried to sell some open Power Rangers toys, hoping to get $20-$50 for them, even though she showed him an eBay auction where one sold for $5.50.[1]


In October of 2011, Chris put up a listing for a rather old, crappy television that was presumably owned by his late father, accompanied by some God-awful, low-quality images of it. Although brief, the listing is practically oozing of Chris clichés such as poor grasping of capitalization skills, no concept of how much things cost (for reference, the $250 asking price would easily get you a modern 32-inch HDTV from a major retailer like Best Buy), and unnecessary spewing of generic business jargon. It should be noted that the television was manufactured in August 1999 - the same month when Chris started to become infatuated with Pokémon.

Panasonic 32-Inch CT-32G34A Color Television - $250 (Ruckersville, VA)

Date: 2011-10-18, 5:09AM EDT

This Panasonic Television has a 32-inch color screen, it gives great display, it comes complete with its matching Remote Control, and it is in excellent working condition.

It is quite the classic optimal television to watch sporting events, movies, television shows and more on. This type of television defined SUPER BOWL SUNDAY, as well as Thanksgiving Football Watching! Excellent Satisfaction Guaranteed.

For further info, or to schedule purchase and pick-up, please call me at

  • 434-760-0848.

CASH ONLY, And Up-Front. $250 or better offer; NO HAGGLE.

Thank You and Have a Good Day.


  • Model # - CT-32G34A
  • Chassis # - RP331
  • Serial # - MD92210277
  • Power Consumption - 120V
  • Date Manufactured - August 1999
  • Assembled in Mexico

Used Porn

On 16 December 2013, Chris posted an ad to Craigslist trying to sell his collection of fifty-six used porn DVDs for $1,000.[2] A troll on the CWCki Forums replied to the ad and confirmed it was Chris.[3] Chris apparently had no idea that he would be hard pressed to give away used porn, much less sell it for $1,000.

Son-Chu II

On 21 September 2014, Chris listed an ad to Craigslist for his Cadillac Seville. Although first thought to be by a ween, it was eventually confirmed to be Chris on the CWCki forums.

Riding lawn tractor

Note: this is not the same lawnmower that Chris complained about having to use in the Father Call. The serial number shows it was manufactured a year afterwards.

19 December 2016

Used Craftaman YT3000 gas powered riding lawn tractor - $595 (Ruckersville, VA)

Used to mow our lawn a few times and gently used. It rides good and powers on well. For more details, call Barbara Chandler at (434)-760-0232

make / manufacturer: Craftsman
model name / number: 917.288513

Nine images were uploaded and can be seen in the Pictures gallery below. The listing was taken down on 22 December by a ween.

Chris figured out the listing had been removed over three weeks later, re-posting it with a modified description on 13 January 2017.

Used to mow our lawn a few times and gently used. It rides good after powering on. Needs old gas removed. Included also is a full-size tarp cover for the tractor. For more details, call at the phone number for this article

condition: good make / manufacturer: Craftsman model name / number: 917.288513




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