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The Mimms and Lucas Q&A was a series of questions and answers on the PVCC message board which took place sometime in 2009 with Daniel Mimms and Lucas White regarding their experience with Chris, initiated by then CWCki admin and PVCC user champthom.

Mimms and Lucas's answers (Mimms's in pink and Lucas's in green) provide insight into Chris's past, particularly at The GAMe PLACe and the extent of his involvement with the Pokémon League. Despite Chris's claim of being a gym leader at the Pokémon League, Mimms and Lucas assert that he only filled in once. Furthermore, Chris disliked playing with black children and would frequently lose and have tantrums.

Initial post

Champthom contacted Mimms via Facebook asking three things:

  1. What Chris was like at The GAMe PLACe, and if he knew the grounds of why Chris was really banned,
  2. If he could tell us anything about Megan
  3. If he tried to play his homemade cards.

The answers were shocking:

...Anywho, heres some fun stuff you may not have know about CWC. The reason he got banned from the game place is in part due to his blatant racism. Also, because he would frequently blow up when losing to small children, he had scared off some good business, so Mike really wanted him gone. Lets not discount the fact the His parents threatened to take me to court. Also, There were some black kids, age 12-15, who would frequent the Yugi-oh sessions (actually good kids) who he kind of picked on because he always acted like they wanted to steal from him. No one wants to be discriminated against, so there was a bit of animosity between Chrissy and the group of black kids. His final banning is due largely to the fact that he got in a scream contest with one of the kids and of course the "adult" should be responsible, but not Chris. Essentially Mike was looking for any reason to ban him at this point and this was good enough, because he was tired of having long time patrons harassed by this retard. He was asked to leave and to not come back Mike, so Chris calls his parents. Mike Calls the cops. The result was hilarious. watching his fossilized mother get put in her place by a jerkop was pretty fulfilling.

(sorry if that was long winded)

Other fun stuff... He had about a 20 different custom cards, but never played any of them. He was very rarely left in charge of the Pokemon league because he had such a short temper and hated dealing with all the little kids' wins and losses, so I real adult needed to be present. Megan would usually stand/hide behind me and Lucas to avoid him, especially after the drawings of her got leaked. I'd prefer to leave her out of this to be honest, as it was a traumatizing experience for her. She and I are still friends for the record. Chris would rarely ever shake anyones hand after a game, and when he did, he quickly followed up with hand sanitizer. I received a My little pony for Xmas one year from him, cuz I treated him like a person for the longest time. If you care to look it up, I got Mimbo-boboruto. It had a green pompom 'fro, because I had a green 'fro (no joke). It should also be know that he played the game Universal Fighting System (UFS) wherein you can play as nearly any fighting game character. He always picked a steriotypical bimbo as his character, usually Cassandra and sometimes Chun-li.


After the initial message and popularity on PVCC, four more questions were sent to Mimms:

1) Did Chris lose a lot at Yu-Gi-Oh and/or Pokemon? I and someone else are curious at how good Chris was at TCGs, like if he won a lot or if he frequently lost to 10 year olds.

2) Chris seems to cite this story about how he went behind the counter at the Game Place to get something, and they banned him for that. Obviously you cite a different story and I was wondering if there was any merit to Chris's story about going behind the counter that got him banned.

3) To what extent did Chris lead the Pokemon League? Your story about how he was rarely left in charge is particularly interesting, considering Chris says his "greatest contribution to society" was leading the Pokemon League and he equates his experience at The Game Place as the volunteer gym leader as actual work experience (yes, as in the kind he would put on a resume if he actually applied to a job) and as charitable volunteer work. He said his experience there helped him develop "leadership skills like Optimus Prime" (I shit you not, those are his words).

4) What's this about an interrogation? [he offered to tell me about the interrogation he got when they found out about the infamous blurry picture]

1) Chris was pretty awful at all the games he played. he had rediculous themed decks that never worked in pokemon and he never used any trategy at all in yugi-oh. He only won 1 tournement of yugi-oh durring a regional event when most of our good players were gone. There must have been about 6 people including Chris and myself at the tourney and when he won he was jumping up and down a yelling "I'm the level up king!" Since that was the theme of his deck. Other than that he would lose to small children and rarely made it past the first round in organized events.

2/3) He wasnt actually a gym leader for Pokemon league, but on a few occasions the regular gym leader couldnt be there, he happily volunteered to sub in because he never missed a Friday session of Pokemon anyway. After a few reports of him raising his voice to impatient children it was clear that something had to be done about him. One day when he was taking the place of gym leader, he went to the back room to get the box of prize support and badges and whatnot without permission. Since he is neither an employee or a gym leader, Mike decided to use it as an excuse to ban him for one month. That was his first ban. The other ban story I told was the second and permanent ban.

4) The interrogation came a week[1] after I took the famed blurry picture. Keep in mind that Chris still liked me at this point and that he is very very gullible. I come and sit down like any other friday, start chatting and playing a round of Pokemon with Lucas and some other players and these two old people walk up and ask if they can talk to me. The conversation starts kind of slow talking about Chris disability and how they struggled as parents and seem rather bitter that their son is far from normal. They then ask if I took the dreaded picture. I say yes and then play dumb as far as how it got on the internet. They then threaten to take me to court for misusing his likeness with out his consent. At first I was really shaken by this, but then I realized they were full of shit and couldn't actually do anything of consequence to me. So then I put on the smug bastard face and ask them if they're done and if I can go back to my game. Later, Mike tell Chris if his parents ever do anything like that again, he'll call the cops (cuz Mike has my back). This is also a big push to Chris down his slippery slope to being banned, probably the biggest one, in fact. anyway, thats the basic gist of the interrogation.


Mimms was asked to join the Private Villa of Corrupted Citizens along with Lucas, and they were flattered by the invitation.

So uh, what's up guys. Name's Lucas. Mimms has been filling me in on the events of his FACEBOOK discovery so since he decided to reveal himself I decided to pop in here and check things out.

I'm better at typing than he is so feel free to ask me anything

So, I decided to join this board to answer all of your questions, or at least as many as I can.

I am the Mimms, fire away with any questions you may have.

Chris as a customer

Did Chris spend a lot of his money at the game place? As in, enough to make it obvious that he was wasting his tugboat on cards?
of course
What did (if anything) Chris do aside from play cards and hit on Megan on a regular basis?
donged around on his psp
Did you guys only see him on Fridays at the Game Place, or did he come around more often, to like look at comics and such?
Pretty much just card playing events, but for a while that was fri-sun for pokemon, yugioh and UFS respectively.
How long was he there on Fridays? Would he hang around later than everyone else to "be cool" and "hang out" with everyone, and stalk Megan?
He was never a minute late to pokemon as far as I know, in fact he was usually about 15 minutes early. The only time I can remember him missing a friday session was when he went on a vacation for a week. Megan's brother isnt autistic, but he is kinda dumb. jus' sayin'
Did Chris ever scare off customers at the Game Place?
Yes, mostly small kids because parents didn't feel like their kids were in a safe enough environment with the belligerent man-child around.

Tabletop games

What kind of Pokemon deck did he play? I'm guessing grass/electric.

Also, does his greasy skin glisten in the sun?

And finally, do you have any fond memories of your time with him? Somethign that might help humanize him a little?

He played a bunch of decks. Like, he had a huge plastic deck container thing what was also Lego'd up. Last time I ever played him he was using a pure Psychic deck (I think, match didn't last long enough for me to see much, thank god). He also sung along to Britney Spears the entire time we were playing. O_o

Fond memories...one time he brought his Wii in and everyone played Brawl for a while, that was fun I guess.

What exactly does a Pokemon gym leader do? How do they get the position, what responsibilities does it entail, and so on. I played the video games all the time back in the day, but the only CCG I've ever played is Magic. Was the idea of a gym leader something that the Game Place came up with independently, or was it common to lots of card/gaming stores?

Were you two trying to avoid keeping track of the Chris-chan saga, or have you been following it closely all this time?

Pokemon gym leaders are usually adults who want to be active with their kids who are into the game. I think they are asked to do it by the store staff, but I do know it is a voluntary. Their duties are fairly simple and include: keeping track of points on a score sheet in order to win promo cards and badges (wins are 2 points, loses are 1), giving out promos and keeping things from getting too chaotic (rarely a problem). To be honest, I'm not 100% sure how common gym leaders were, but I'd guess they're standard in any pokemon league.

Also, Lucas and I have followed this shit strom every step of the way, just curious to see what the hell we would do next.

Did Chris ever end up crying after he had lost a game?
yes I made him cry once. It was so awesome!

short story: I one turn killed him in yugioh.

Long story: I was playing an exodia deck. Get all 5 pieces, win the game. I have an infinite loop combo in my deck that allows me to draw the whole deck which includes exodia for a game win. 2 Manticore of Darkness and card of safe return. When manticore goes to the grave you can bring it back by ditching a card of the same type, like another manticore. Card of safe return says, whenever you special summon from the grave, draw a card. Really easy combo, great for making autistic people cry. good times.

Did Chris have any interest in RPG's or Table Top games like Dungeons and Dragons or Call of Cthullu or was it pretty much limited to Yugioh and pokemon?
Game Place didn't have any organized D and D so I wouldn't know if he was ever into it.
someone mentioned a Virgin rage card in the first Mimms Board: Yeh, that totally exists among many others.

Video games

Have either of you played him in Guitar Hero? If so did he win?
Nope, never have. Although one time I had my 360 and rockband shit with me because all the bros were gonna chill afterwards, and he huddled up to us to inquire about it. Then he started huffing and puffing and raging because HEXBOX
Did Chris used to rant on and on about his hatred of Xbox? Did he ever explain why he hated it so much? Did anyone ever tell him to shut the fuck up about it?
It's like /v/ but IRL
how was he when he brought his Wii over and played Brawl?
He wasn't too great at the game. He also only played Sonic, Link, and Pokemon Trainer.

Chris's behavior

Since he came in an Ash Ketchum getup, did he also act the part as well? You know like being in character?
This question reminds me that at one point he had one of those fucking Yu Gi Oh arm things.

To answer your question, I don't recall him acting in character. The Ash getup was years ago though.

Did you guys ever see Chris outside of the Game Place, like McDonalds, movie theatre Target, the mall, church, anywhere?

-any stories of note, if you answer yes?

I think the only time I've encountered Chris outside of the Game Place was at the Brawl release tourney and you guys already know about the funny story from that event. He was generally being weird and I remember some of the other guys at the event were kind of like "Jeez what's up with that guy"

I'm pretty sure he also yelled at someone for bumping into him or something.

Did Chris ever bring his legendary "attraction sign" and what are your personal opinions on how pathetic it is?

2. How bad did he smell?

3. Did he always wear the same shirt every week? What was his clothing style?

1. Nope. Pretty fucking pathetic. I've known a couple other autistic kids really into Sonic the Hedgehog (Seriously what the hell is it with Sonic and Autism) and none of them were even close to pulling something as retarded as that. I can't even comprehend it really.

2. I didn't really smell anything when I was around him.

3. Not the SAME SHIRT but his wardrobe pretty much consists of similar shitty goodwill shirts. As you can see in the picture he switched to that purple/green one. Usually he had red. Also, for a while after the Parappa contest he wore a Parappa skullcap that he won for a few weeks.

1. I've never seen it, but it is pathetic as shit. Which reminds me of another something else he did. Appearently during his mall stalking days he had a paper heart on a strong that he would throw in the direction of women he fancied. It was rather disturbing and annoyed a lot of patrons, so he is also banned from the local mall. (he also stalked some chick who worked there, which was the final straw).

2.I didnt think it was anything out of the ordinary to be honest. Although I wanted to know either...

3. A long time ago, when he was less fat, he had an Ash Ketchem get up that he wore every week. Hat, gloves, vest, pokeballs, you name it. More recently he just wears the same few stripy shrits and the Hardees jacket.

-Did Christian ever soil himself in your store? If so, how did he react?

-How did the kids react to him? Were they scared, or did they antagonize him further for fun? Were there any particularly funny moments like this?

I really dont think he shat himself and the Until its most recent move, The Game Place hasnt had a public bathroom.
1. I have no idea, I hope he never did, and if he did I am glad i never knew about it.

2. From what I saw most of the age groups stuck together unless there was a BATTLE going on. Most of the time Chris kept to himself and his PSP or whatever unless he got involved in a match. Whenever an outburst happened things got quiet and everyone stared for a moment or so but then they all went back to whatever they were doing (used to it I guess) But none of the kids ever fucked with him so I guess they were all afraid of him

Also, most of the time parents just drop their kids off and fuck off somewhere. Or they would be off in a corner on a laptop or something but there hadn't been many outbursts in a while and I never saw a parent telling him off or anything.

Did Chris ever befriend any of the little kids in a more then "Friendly" way?
he's not a pedophile, but if you wanna accuse him of it, go for it. I'm sure someone will believe you.
Did Chris often make lewd inappropriate comments to or about any other female customers?
Not at the game place.
Does he walk or does he waddle?
kind of a waddle, mostly just an odd gait.
Did you ever get to hear his infamous Donald Duck voice?
sadly yes, its awful and doesnt impress anyone.
How often did he bring up his virginity?
not often at all at the store. he's really got into the self loathing on Youtube, but didnt bring it up much at the game place.
Did Chris ever brag about Sonichu as if it were his best achievement or something worth telling others about? You know like to the kids and other patrons? If yes, did he also promise there would be Sonichu official cards one day or something stupid like that?
Well like I said earlier he printed out and put together a copy of the zero issue and ALWAYS had it on him. I mean he had it for years. YEARRRSSSSS. I remember when I first started playing back in middle school, and I never actually was curious enough to read it until sometime during high school. He also had business cards and whatnot that he would force on people. ALSO, just about everything he owned was covered in Sonichu crap. His PSP has a sonichu shell, you've all seen his GH guitar, etc etc.

We actually don't live in his area, Ruckersville. Thank god.

Wait, what? He had a paper heart he would throw at women?!
He had a heart on a string that he would treat as a fishing pole of sorts. He'd toss it at a girl and REEL EM IN

Chris and Megan

Did you ever witness him pulling any really creepy shit with Megan at the Game Place?
Ever more like every day.

He was constantly putting his arm around her and shit and it got to the point where she would take refuge in the midst of our group of bros.

How does Megan feel about Chris after all this time? She's considered to be the root of a lot of Chris' current psychosis, so information on their relationship is really useful. Also, is she at all interested in being involved with Chris' current internet drama, or is she too scared by Chris' many attempts at rape?

Speaking of, how far did Chris go? We know from Megan's emails there was a lot of inappropriate touching.

I haven't talked to Megan terribly recently (I don't really bother going to Pokemon when Mimms isn't around, and he's fucked off to out of town college) but the vast majority of our recent AIM conversations have been her asking me about what wacky shenanigans Chris had gotten himself into. Like has been established in those e-mails, she's cut off all ties to him and she finds most of the ED stuff kinda funny I guess. I think last time we talked was the subject of his sex toy orders and she was pretty much LOL EW GROSS. Nothing terribly interesting.
What was he like with Megan?
For a long while, they were actually good friends. They would leave the main Pokemoning area to go discuss Sailor Moon and Nazis (No joke, Megan is into some odd stuff. Probably just a GI Joe offshoot.) But As time went on he got more annoying and then hideously awkward at which point she starting hanging with me and Lucas and avoided Chris altogether. It was quite a reversal, but a well deserved one. I dont think chirs has much money of of his own for spending on other people, but I could be wrong.
I helped Megan deal with Chris, so we decide that she just ought to forget about him and all the bullshit that happened, so we dont talk about him ever anymore.

He was always too uncomfortably close to Megan, but I dont think he ever forced him self on her to get a kiss or anything more than that, at least not in public. They were friends, thats all, but apparently he views any friendly relationship with a female as something more.

Megan is a very interesting person. Very shy and a social outcast to say the least, I guess she and chris have that in common. But whatever was between them is now 100% gone and she basically refuses to acknowledge his existance [sic].

Racism and homophobia

I'm also interested in Megan and/or anything else that hasn't been discussed to death. Especially discrimination. We all know Chris hates DEM HOMOS.
Usually he was pretty hostile to the black kids at yugi-oh. It was total BS since they're all good kids. Sure we're had a few kids who come in once steam a card and never come back, but the regulars are all cool guys. He would always try to hide his stuff when they were near and never wanted to play a friendly game with them. I'm sure he used a few racial slurs, never nigger or anything, but it was obvious he was a huge racist. [story] I remember one time he and this huge black guy named TJ were arguing about something that Chris was wrong about (since TJ is one of the best players in town) and as it got more heated, they started yelling about how Chris would never get laid. Chris yells at him, "I'm going to smack your effing face down!" and TJ stands up like hes going to beat his ass. Chris shrinks back and and says "I mean your face down monster..."

Moral of the story: Chris a bitch and he's awful at all card games. Also, he used to never curse.

I Rage so hard whenever he opens his mouth about something thats anti-gay. Dont get me wrong, I'm not a fan gayness, I just think as people, they have a right to live and do as they please. They dont need some retarded fuck wad trying to make it more difficult to buy deodorant..... Which reminds me of a story.

So, one night at UFS, everyone is just sitting around playing cards and out of nowhere, Megan says "I hate Yoshimistu. He such a retard and a fag." Then John, the tourny organizer, says, "I would thank you to never say that again..." Chris goes "Why? Are you an F.A.G.?" John lets out a sigh and facepalms. Chris then says, "Cuz, you know, Tito's a Homo." (Tito is the owner's son who works there) Tito cant find the words to rebut with and just stands up and walks away thinking to himself how Chris could possibly think he's a homo. (later, we find out that one day Mike was joking around with Tito and they exchanged sarcastic homosexual remarks, and from that tiny exchange, Chris extrapolated that they were gay.)

Apparently there was a gay male who was friends with Megan at the Game Place that Chris yelled at; the poor guy was worried Chris was gonna kill him. Were you there for that? Do you know what happened?
Kinda. His name is Eric, and for the record he is also a furry. Eric kind of picked on Chris and sort of took his spot as substitute gym leader 1 or 2 times. That and the fact that he's gay are reason enough for Chris to act malicious toward him, although I doubt he was in any real danger.

Trolling Chris at The GAMe PLACe

Re. the infamous photograph:

While I did take the famed picture, it was Lucas who posted it to 4chan to share it with the world, so in actuality, he probably deserves most of the credit. I just happened to spend more with Chirs (lucky me).
How did you take the photo? Camera phone? Is it blurry because you were shitting yourself that he'd see a flash or a camera and go batshit at you?
Digital Camera. I took a couple of pictures with my phone as well that are from further away but a lot less blurry. Dunno why that one is so blurry, I guess Mimms was trying to be quick and inconspicuous.
Was it truly something you didn't know about be 4 about this Chan?
The funniest part about that is that I have no recollection of him saying that to me whatsoever. I had no idea I was even a suspect until I saw that email.
What was Bob Chandler like when they visited your shop? I'd imagine he didn't say too much during the incident but Babs was being a real hardball at that time.
Thats exactly right actually. He barely said anything, mostly tried to look intimidating I think, which he kind of pulled off. I'd hate to have his surly ass as a grandparent.
I've never met anyone else IRL who made his life hell other than Lucas and Mike].
I dont smoke, but Lucas does and we only drink on the occasional weekend.
What do I think of the people following Chris? Hmmm, when I first saw the thread on /v/ I was just like HOLY SHIT. I never imagined it would explode the way it has. It's kind of a surreal feeling sometimes. Other times it's funny as shit. It's also really fascinating, especially how deep some people have investigated into his psyche.

I've never seen a Curseyehameha

From what I saw your assumption is pretty much right about how Megan interacted to Chris. She was nice to him and of course Chris is Chris so he construed it as something more. Mimms could probably answer the question better since he goes further back with them.

Chris's ban from the store

Chris has being trying to be allowed back into the game place (by posting videos on youtube) does the store owner know or care for that matter?

Also did Chris always bring up he was a virgin also? Or his love quest...

Last one, can he or has ever being a fight? Sounds like he gets too scared.

Yes, the manager is aware of Chris wanting to be let back in. In fact, Chris sent a letter to him a while before he made the youtube video. He told us about it and we pretty much just laughed about it.

I can't recall Chris ever bringing up his LOVE QUEST. I'm sure he has at some point though so when Mimms comes back he might have a different answer.

Yeah he's never been in a fight as far as I know. At least not in the store or something like that. He's yelled at kids plenty of times though if that counts. I remember one time he yelled at some poor kid for taking a long time to make a move during a Pokemon game. He gets really impatient during games and if you make a mistake or do something in the "wrong order" he gets upset.

Would you know around when Chris started going to the Game Place? Or when you first saw him there?

And do you know round about when that first, one month, ban took place?

I searched around some chatlogs and I think the first ban (Which was actually two weeks, not a month) Was April 4th last year.

As far as when Chris first started, we're talking years ago. I'm two years out of high school, and Mimms started going around the time I was in 4th grade (Long before I lived in VA). He said He thinks Chris started sometime after that. Probably a few months? A "season" of pokeymans league usually lasts a few months and Chris probably started around the 2nd season.

I first started playing around middle school some time. Maybe 7th grade. That's when I first saw Chris in his Ash getup. I remember being pretty weirded out by him but nothing terribly specific.

I just remembered a story but it's not terribly interesting. One time (this is back in the middle school era) I was chillin with Mimms and another bro during Pokemon (before I joined). I was just hanging out watching them play, and Chris asked me if I wanted a match. I told him I didn't have a deck or anything, but I knew how to play, and since I noticed his huge lego box of decks so I said if he let me use one of his decks I'd play with him. He pretty much snapped at me with a [video has been since deleted]

Was Chris aware he wasn't welcome at the Game Place because of the way he acts?
Probably, only he doesnt see what wrong with it. Mike and I have talked about the reality that his parents have helped him fabricate. he thinks he can do anything and get away with it because he's different. The Idea of being able to do anything comes from the constant encouragement you have to give special needs kids (I know, I've helped out with a little league baseball team with disabilities.) and He's just taken it to a higher level.
Can you shed more details between the confrontation between the Chandlers and the cops in the shop?
Basically, Mike asked him to leave and told him he couldnt come back and rather than just leaving he went outside and called his parents. Mike had already threatened to call the cops, so he did. Cops show up, make Chris and family look like idiots because they cant do anything. Its a private store and mike can ban who he wants. I didnt actually hear what was said, but I watched through a window, hence my story of tantruming Babs getting put in here place by glare from a cop.

On a side note, Mike doesnt own the game place, he's just the manager. The owner is a dick whose name escapes me cuz he's never there.

Would Chris ever be let back into Game Place? Say, if someone else began running the store? Or if he were to clean up his act a little? (not likely, but yeah).
Did you actually see the video of his appology/beging to come back to the gameplace, like he assumes you did? Thoughts?
yes I did. I actually commented on it. basically he has no shot at every getting back in, partially because he's not actually sorry but mostly because he'll scare off more customers and no one likes him anyway.

Chris's history and personality

You wouldn't happen to know anything about Chris' brief employment at wendys, would you?
I had no idea Chris had a job, and it's actually pretty surprising to me, goddamn.
All of us know Chris is a close weeaboo, but did he ever bring up animes or anything like that while you were working there?
I remember one time at a UFS gathering (For anyone who doesn't know UFS is a game that features characters from Soul Calibur, Street Fighter, and Darkstalkers), Chris started trying to impress Megan by talking about how he had downloaded the Darkstalkers anime and put it on his PSP. She just kind of brushed him off.
Yeh, back before things where hideously awkward between him and Megan, they talked about Sailor Moon a lot. Like daily, a lot. Other than that, he had some transformers he would bring in from time to time (if that counts). He would give them annoying voice and make them shoot at things until the staff asked that he not bring them anymore.

Also, there are no good kid V Chris stories I can think of that arent just nods to his screaming and short temper.

Quick question, Chris blames ED for his current situation, and in his early birthday video he seems sort of normal and not overweight, depending on how long he went to the game place, when did he really lose it and when did he become a fat fuck. It was all pre-ED right? and did Chris himself ever mention the ED page?
Chris has always been a fat fuck and I very much doubt he'll ever lose his virginity without paying for it morally and monetarily.

Chris have never gotten violent with anyone, because he knows he cant win and he is sure that a higher authority (cops/ court) will punish you if you lay a hand on him.

Chris had a deck that used his fake cards, but never played it, from what I saw. He did hand out business cards with a link to his website, but nothing other than that. Although a part of me kinda wants a Sonichu Promo card...

Being acquaintances with Christian before his life got hijacked by the internet, do you personally feel he's deserved the trolling he's gotten the past year?
Not nessesarily, but if he was smart enough to stop giving trolls amo against him, then I might actually pity him. He's really just asking for more when he makes so many stupid comments on youtube.
He seemed to be a weird but mostly quiet guy in his Game Place years. Why do you think he's become the preening idiot we all see online?
Complete lack of social interaction with humans other than his fossilized parents.
Just how retarded is Chris? We all know he's high functioning autistic, etc., but he has his own driver's license. How functional was he socially and mentally at the game place?
I'd say he worked about the same level as a 10 year old, but with practice of some things maybe as much as a standard teenager, but I doubt he'll ever think or act like an adult.
Did you ever notice if Chris acted nicer towards the women that he played?
What women? Moms dont play. Kids arent women. and that leaves Megan, who we all know he was a little too friendly with.
Which Chris vid is your personal favorite?
The one where he's laying on he bed or couch and takes a long sigh and says the man in the pickle suit got him again. Mostly because I almost felt bad for him right there, but then realized it was still really funny.
Hmmm...my favorite Chris Chan video would have to be the Holding out for a Hero music video. As an aspiring film-maker, the camera and editing techniques Chris used were quite inspirational.
Was there ever an instance where you found him to be an enjoyable person to be around by merits of his own character as opposed to finding entertainment in his antics?

Was there even any sort of time where you felt like Chris had redeemed all of the faults that you talk about, even if it the "joy" associated with it was fleeting?

Does he any any good qualities? That's my thing -- I've never seen someone so absolutely devoid of redeeming characteristics.

is that supposed to be a joke or something

But seriously, his is a company that I have never legitimately enjoyed.

Well like i said earlier one time he brought in his Wii and people played Brawl. That was pretty cool I guess. He was kinda weird about the controllers but I don't recall him not letting someone play. He had to be in all of the matches of course.

He was really finicky about the handling of them and which controller was what player. He had to do all the setting up himself.

Was there ever ANY, even in the least bit, of a redeeming quality in Chris?
Not really. Other than trying to be nice some times, he was mostly a self righteous jerk. example: There was a Parapa the rapper contest he entered (and complained about on youtube) for which he handed about flyers to people so they could vote for him. No one did of course. He also read off everything on the flyers before handing them to people, like they couldnt read or something, that always annoyed me. But no, he's basically a waste of my oxygen and tax money.


  1. It was actually two weeks.