Chris Chan Boasting About Celebrity Status

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Chris Chan Boasting About Celebrity Status is a video uploaded by a user on 14 August 2018. Recorded during BronyCon (26/27 July 2018), Chris boasts about his "celebrity status" while sending two fans back to their hotel and giving them pocket money.


Chris Chan Boasting About Celebrity Status
Stardate 26/27 July 2018
Subject Matter ConventionsConventions Conventions
Performance Style SmugSmug Smug
Shirt The Manchild MeltdownManchildmeltdownicon.png The Manchild Meltdown


Chris: Ha ha ha! Okay...
Fan: S'alright.
Fan 2: This is a common problem in Maryland.
Chris: ...give you a couple of bucks... [indistinct chattering]
Fan: Baltimore's a huge deal, um...
Chris: ...a certain celebrity by the way, thank you.
Fan: A certain celebrity.
Chris: Yo. Ha ha.
Fan 2: Who--?
Chris: Me! I'm the celeb. [Twitter/iPhone notification noise] Ha ha ha ha, oh, look me up on the internet when you get a chance. Have a good day, thank you!
Fan: You said--what's your name again?
Chris: Christine Chandler.
Fan; Christine Chandler? That YouTube dude?
Chris: Ah, Sonichu and Rosechu, I've been drewin' the books for more than, for more than...almost two decades!
Fan: Oh, wow. So you will-you said you'd be at...[indistinct]
Chris: Yeah, I'm gonna be going to BronyCon.
Fan: You going to the convention center?
Chris: Yeah, I'll be there. See ya later. Ahh.

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