Chris Chan Boasting About Celebrity Status

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Driving my buds back to their hotel; I got windshield-washed by a young dude. So, I gave him two dollars and my business card; told him he just helped a Celebrity. LOL 😊 It’s still good to help others. ⚡️💙⚡️
Chris's tweet.

Chris Chan Boasting About Celebrity Status is a video uploaded by Kiwi Farms user and fan Jai Heart on 14 August 2018. Recorded during BronyCon (26 July 2018), Chris boasts about his "celebrity status" while having his windshield washed by a squeegee man.


Chris Chan Boasting About Celebrity Status
Stardate 26 July 2018
Subject Matter ConventionsConventions Conventions
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Good Morning, Baltimare


Chris: Ha ha ha! Okay...
Squeegee man: S'alright.
Jai Heart: This is a common problem in Maryland.
Chris: ...give you a couple of bucks... [indistinct chattering]
Squeegee man: Baltimore's a huge deal, um...
Chris: ...a certain celebrity by the way, thank you.
Squeegee man: A certain celebrity.
Chris: Yo. Ha ha.
Jai Heart: Who--?
Chris: Me! I'm the celeb. [Twitter/iPhone notification noise] Ha ha ha ha, oh, look me up on the internet when you get a chance. Have a good day, thank you!
Squeegee man: You said--what's your name again?
Chris: Christine Chandler.
Squeegee man; Christine Chandler? That YouTube dude?
Chris: Ah, Sonichu and Rosechu, I've been drewin' the books for more than, for more than...almost two decades!
Squeegee man: Oh, wow. So you will-you said you'd be at...[indistinct]
Chris: Yeah, I'm gonna be going to BronyCon.
Squeegee man: You going to the convention center?
Chris: Yeah, I'll be there. See ya later. Ahh.

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