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#BlockTheTrolls is a hashtag campaign Chris followed on 28 August 2017 as a means of rallying his followers to combat the trolls. Chris started following this hashtag due to how his interactions with the Planet Dolan staff, several My Little Pony voice actresses and internet celebrities resulted in large amounts of attacks from weens.


After Chris commented on Nowacking's tweets about online dating[1], a swarm of weens spammed both of their Twitter feeds with accusations against Chris, insinuating or outright calling him a stalker/harasser of women.

Nowacking then blocked him without comment. Chris made several tweets regarding how the trolls have made him feel off, due to how all of the people he's contacted on Twitter have supposedly blocked him and cut off all contact with him purely because of the trolls, rather than accounting for his own lack of social graces.

I'm sorry, everyone; I have the pages drawn, and I had started colouring them, but I haven't been feeling well since yesterday. I feel a bad unbalance in my soul and aura. You can blame the Trolls on Twitter for some of that, as they harassed someone else I liked into Blocking me. And my tweets to that person were Supportive. It Really Sucks when one Blocks the Victim, sincerely caring and kind, instead of the MANY, MANY Trolls that follow the Victim that actually do All of the Worst Harassment. And yet they force Their harassment label onto me, their victim, and coerce the people I talk with into blocking me. It is Really Sad, and a Real Bummer. I feel emotionally off and out of sync.

I will try again tomorrow to get the colouring finished. This feeling is just too difficult to push through. I'm sorry.


Expecting his followers to offer their loyalty to him, Chris created two biased Twitter polls, disregarding the first one after he was unsatisfied with its results, asking people to vote for the most detrimental party: the trolls or Chris the "victim".

The first poll and its results, shortly before Chris deleted it.

For the second poll, the result was an overwhelming 80% of 2,501 votes to block Chris.

The people have spoken.

Chris then tried to write a poorly made speech in a wall of tweets.

People! You do not understand! By Not blocking the Trolls, you are Promoting Hatred; They don't always side with Love. I Am Warroir of Love. I mean, would you Block Sailor Moon to try to keep out Queen Beryl's minions? NO! You'd Block Queen Beryl. Would you Block Optimus Prime to keep out the Decepticons? NO! You'd Block out Each to All of the Decepticons. Would you Block Tara Strong to keep out any of her share of haters, or those who oppose what She cares about? NO! You would Not Block any of us, the Good Heroes who fell victim of Their Cruelty at one time, another, or multiple. DO the Right Thing, in the name of Love, Heart and Soul! #BlockTheTrolls 😈! Do Not Block we, the Heroes! 💖🌸🌈⚡️🎵🖍📝🎂 Love Is Love! Prove to Everyone that Love Still Always Win against Hatred! 🌸🌸🌸


On 3 September 2017, Chris announced that he had unblocked all the trolls on Twitter.

By the way, in case nobody noticed, I've Unblocked Everyone!

He has proceeded to use both his regular Twitter account and his NightStar2891 account to defend himself against weens responding to his tweets and sending him fan art.

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