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Chris wearing a tinfoil hat to prevent the man from reading his mind.[1]

A conspiracy theory is a belief that a secret, powerful organization is responsible for an event. Among the many issues faced by Chris in his perception of reality, his tendency towards conspiracy theories is the one that has caused him the most trouble. Chris views the fact of his own life through the lens of his huge, cloying ego, and as such believes that anyone who prevents him from getting what he wants is only interested in being mean to him for its own sake, something to which neither he nor his parents take kindly.

Chris believes that he was intentionally infected with autism by his doctor. Anyone who hinders Chris's Love Quest is part of an effort to "make true love illegal", either in Virginia or nationwide.[2][3] This choice of words suggests that Chris believes that he is entitled to a girlfriend, and that people are attempting to take legal action to deprive him of this alleged right.

When no culprit responsible for his unhappiness is visible, Chris prefers to accuse unseen hands of plotting against him. Chris blamed his inability to find guests to a sporting event on efforts by the Greene County school board to deprive him of friends; including conspiracy with realtors to keep him in Ruckersville and with Michael Snyder to keep him out of his favorite hangout.[4]

Chris's tendencies towards these sorts of thoughts may spiral back to two people: Robert and Barbara Chandler. A phone call between his parents and a GAMe PLACe employee revealed a number of things; most importantly, it illustrated that they believe Chris's entire trolling began as a conspiracy between Michael Snyder, Megan Schroeder, and a number of potential homosexuals to "terrorize", "torment", and "persecute" Chris for being autistic, going so far as to believe they broke into Chris's credit card account and tried to ruin his credit. Considering how readily and fervently these beliefs were held by his parents, it is sadly little wonder that Chris thinks the same way.

When Chris was active on the Tomboys and Tomgirls of Virginia forum, he revealed that he shares his parents' insane beliefs about the GAMe PLACe's position in troll hierarchy. Most notably, he claimed that Michael Snyder was hiding a criminal scandal because the owner of the Place (as well as three other associated hobby stores) is a convicted sex offender. He also tried to argue that the store itself is in violation of the law, simply because it is close to a public school and owned by a sex offender who is never actually there. Ironically enough, acting like a sex offender is one of the many things that got Chris banned from the store in the first place. Chris would eventually accuse Michael Snyder himself of being a child molester, going as far as to accuse him of molesting his own daughter. In case you've forgotten, Snyder once chased Chris down after he (unintentionally) took candid photographs of the same daughter Chris accused him of molesting.

The most telling evidence of Chris's belief that anyone who doesn't agree with him is a 'damn dirty troll' is the case of his white knights. Despite their attempts to offer constructive critique on his art, warn Chris of potential trolling attempts and even plead with him to seek help, they have all fallen on deaf ears. There have even been cases where trolls themselves would respectfully point out what Chris is doing wrong in life. However, as is the rule with Chris, these people were not telling him what he wanted to hear, and were therefore ignored.

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