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Anyhow, and you can try this at home in private, push (maybe tough) into the center of the skin patch between your legs (the taint); you may find one or two grooves hidden under there. One of them, yes, is your unbirthable Vagina (since the uterus would be shrunk during the "Y" mutation).

Punchline: if every gay male knew about this, all they'd have to do is cut their taint, and they'd have a new hole to play with

Chris's Reddit post from 3 July 2016, made before he cut his taint open later that month.
He was really buttmad when he finally admitted it was a wound. Like all caps "FINE OK IT'S A WOUND God! |:("
Marvin, one of the people who managed to convince Chris to seek treatment for the wound.[1]

The self-inflicted taint wound (or Un-Clit 2.0) is the result of Chris's attempt to deal with his gender dysphoria issues using magical thinking.

On the evening of 23 July 2016, following several months of believing that he was magically undergoing sex-reassignment through listening to Subliminal Frequency Hypnosis videos, Chris sliced his taint open with a knife in an attempt to expedite the transformation. The catalyst was alleged by an insider in contact with Chris to have been from Chris being drunk and saddened over lesbians pointing out he didn't have an actual vagina, though Chris had been mulling usage of a knife in the weeks beforehand.

On 24 July 2016, Chris announced in a Facebook post that he had grown vaginal labia from his hypnosis regimen. Chris later posted two more messages; first claiming that he had his "labia area" examined, and then declaring that it was all a ruse. Of course, these were proven to be blatant lies. Chris had edited the message about the exam, changing his story as he went on. If that wasn't telling enough, a second picture provided by insiders in contact with Chris displayed the wound from another angle, making it extremely unlikely to be a Photoshop hoax.

Unlike the first picture, in which the "labia" was posed for his fanbase on Facebook, the second exhibited how badly Chris was handling what could have evolved into a life-threatening infection: he is shown spreading the wound as if it were a vagina.

Chris initially responded to direct attempts at getting him to see a doctor by replying that he already had and everything was fine - something no trusted doctor would ever say regarding this outrageous situation. He then deleted all related posts in an attempt at damage control.

Marvin confirmed that Chris sought treatment after the posts went public and people hassled him into finally admitting that his "labia" was in fact a wound.[2][3]


Prelude to a taint wound.

Late-onset gender dysphoria is a psychological disorder describing those who identify with another gender over their own, and can present with the desire to be rid of their primary sex characteristics and prefer those of the other gender. Like with everything else in life, Chris sought out magical thinking to treat his gender dysphoria.

In March 2016, he discovered Subliminal Frequency Hypnosis, a collection of music tracks on YouTube claiming to, among other things, magically grant larger breasts and transform a penis into a vagina. Chris's confirmation bias over his breasts increasing, crediting it to the mysticism instead of his gynecomastia and poor measuring of his chest, led him to believe that the claims made by the channel were true.

He pursued the penis-vagina transformation, and began to prod his taint while under the impression there was a hidden vagina there.[4] Though the Subliminal channel claimed the transformation would take six months, Chris eventually lost patience, and four months in, cut open his taint, the most neglected and dirty part of the body, with a knife in an attempt to speed up the process.

Chris's demented version of events

First Facebook post

24 July 2016 at 11:40 am


As a number of online people may be aware, I have been grooving with the subliminal frequencies and binaural beats towards my transition from male to female body. The source being the Subliminal Frequency Hypnosis Wizards Binaural Beats channel on YouTube. Last March, I've started simple with growing my breasts out with their Breast Growth Hormone track; it worked to my amazement at a full inch outward per week in about two months. I've also listened to change my nipples to teats, as well as begin producing breast milk. Also, related, from a separate track on another channel, I have eased and cured the worst of my autism too. But since last May, I decided to take it a step further and begin my transition from male to female with the penis to vagina tracks, including the individual organ changing tracks, and for a while the Intersex track. And two Fridays ago, July 15, while I slept that night, my labia started splitting open, and I found the initial hole and blood the next morning. And over the few days that followed, the labia opened to its full length, and I've been dealing with the blood that came out. I have been keeping it clean, daily monitoring it, and treating it with rubbing alcohol. I have started the wheels in motion for the full HRT and SRS by Seeing My Doctor last Friday, because I felt like I didn't want to wait much longer to fully become the woman that I should have been born as.

With that, I have uploaded a photo of my labia onto imgur,, for all 18+ year old individuals to see. BUT, I do not want to be overrun with tabloid and paparazzi attention over this, or have a total big deal made.

As for my own statement to quote, I will state the following: Have belief and faith in what your body can do, and with such binaural beats and frequencies, as well as persistence and patience, what you'd like can happen for you.

And if you'd like to offer your support in my transition as well, I accept financial donations via PayPal to my email address,

Thank you, and have a good and safe day.

Even Chris's Facebook friends had nothing positive to say about this. They tried to talk some sense into him to no avail.

Jessica Quinn

...fuck it. I'm out. I don't even know what one can say about this. Why would you post something this messed up?

Good luck with whatever it is you're trying to do with your life. I tried.

I just don't get it, WHY would you post this kind of stuff?

You were JUST complaining about how people invade every aspect of your life and that you wouldn't share anything so personal and now you do... THIS!

I don't even know what to think right now. My mind is blown.

Kenneth Englehardt

I would advise most strongly against any nude photos of yourself on the internet. It is prime trolling stuff and it comes across as exercising extremely poor judgment. Jessica is absolutely 100% correct in this. Your nude photos of your "equipment" have absolutely no place on the internet.


Ken, it's a little more serious than that. This could be a major health problem brewing.


What's more important is his health.

Whomever is putting Christine up to this, please stop. This could lead to a serious life threatening health problem.

I know many people follow what goes on on this page - whomever is pulling the strings needs to stop. It's sick and twisted and a life could very well be at stake here.

Please Christine Weston Chandler, go and get looked at. I support your right to be who you want, but this is a very serious matter.

Although initially naively believing this was just another case of Chris's complete inability to stop himself from posting Honest Content, Englehardt quickly wised up to the situation at hand:


Christine this could be a sign of an infection setting in? Do you understand that if this gets into your bloodstream you could very well end up in the ICU at the hospital. This isn't transitioning, this is endangering your health for nothing. This is bullshit. You have a family member who is dependent on your well-being.

Mellanie Chafe (deleted)

She's...she's evolving!!! EVOLVING I TELL YOU!


I'm so confused...

Second Facebook post

A Kiwi Farms user named Doc Cassidy texted Chris, telling him to go to a hospital.

Cwc doc cassidy.png

Two minutes later, Chris posted to Facebook again.

24 July 2016 at 2:20 pm

feeling annoyed.

I Have had my labia area examined last night. No Infection at all. I am clean.

Chris later edited the post, changing his story on when he supposedly got examined.

feeling annoyed.

I Have had my labia area examined today. No Infection at all. I am clean.



Please get a second opinion then. This is a serious matter.

If you weren't afraid to share this whole ordeal earlier, it shouldn't be a problem to prove you've gone to the doctor's to get checked out. Paperwork, a receipt, hell a parking ticket to prove you actually went.

You could be putting yourself at serious risk Christine. People are truly worried about you. Please don't brush it off!


Christine, I saw that picture of your "labia". That is not a vagina, that's a fistula with a possible perineal abscess developing. This won't be visible from the surface. I don't who has been fucking with your head in this manner but a number of us are upset not only for your sake but for Barbara's sake as well.

Jennifer Marie

I wouldn't necessarily call it a fistula, the initial piercing would be considered a fistula; however, that certainly is not a labia. Chris, this cannot be comfortable. I'm glad it's not infected, but that is a very deep wound, and you need to take care of it properly, or else it will get infected very quickly, and very badly (think of when your mom had wounds on her butt infected...). I would not want to see you end up in the hospital with a systemic infection.

Seamus Campbell

???? Huh?

Hoax claim

Hours after making the initial post, and seeing the scathing criticism and pleas for him to get the wound treated from his Facebook friends, Chris removed the two posts, then claimed the whole thing was a hoax - an incredibly blatant lie even by his standards, as he does not have the skills to photoshop the wound in his photo. It was most likely a ploy because he tried to stay in denial over it being a wound.

24 July 2016 at 7:07 pm

Hey, Trolls. Gotcha! That photo was a fake. I have no wound down there. And, by the way, "abcess" implies presence of Pus; there is NO pus in the photo. Crazy people. To clarify: the photo was a hoax.

Have a good day.

Chris quickly deleted this post as well.



But why would you fake something that serious appearing?


So you literally just became what you hate. Good job. For the people that actually were concerned...I feel bad for them.

Continued delusion

On 26 July, a Kiwi Farms user named Innocuous Banter texted Chris, who again claimed that he had been cleared by a doctor. When asked what the doctor had to say about the "labia," Chris responded with, "It is coming in good" and that it is normal-looking. Chris also believes it will finish growing in "a few months."


On 26 July, Marvin mentioned that Chris possibly sought treatment,[5] later saying that Chris had switched from rubbing alcohol to a medically appropriate treatment.[6] The following day, Marvin commented that he had more belief that Chris was following his prescribed treatment. He also said that Chris was referring to the "wound," something which he would not have done if he didn't believe it, and that he rationalized the treatment by thinking that the labia simply hadn't been finished growing yet and would just erupt elsewhere.[7]

He later mentioned just how difficult it had been to get Chris to get to a doctor.[8]

  • Chris was pressured into going to the ER.
  • However, he lied to the ER doctors and simply said that his testicles hurt, and based on that, the doctor prescribed Tylenol.
  • Chris showed copies of the ER documents to the people who had told him to go there.
  • They quickly determined he had lied and ordered him to go back, at which point he finally complied.

Chris himself did not publicly give an update on his treatment, being too embarrassed to bring it up. However, several months later, during a September 2016 interview, Chris is asked about the taint wound, and he gives a flustered response:

Please, please, please! No comment! No comment! Everything’s healed up, it’s all good, I’m still alive, let’s just l – give that…let’s just leave that – lie – lay that down to rest.
Chris, BraveryJerk Interviews

Actual series of events

On 29 July, Marvin discussed the wound in Kiwi Farms's chatroom,[9] mentioning that he believed it to be self-inflicted.

btw, chris took a knife to his taint

chris cut his taint with a knife to free his vagina

chris was trying to impress some lesbians who laughed at him for not having a vagina

so chris' solution was to literally cut his taint open to free his vagina

the pick was a picture of his sliced open taint

chris' taint was 100% fine like two weeks ago

the piercing healed up fine very quickly

the piercing stopped existing like a year ago

he was drunk

fatty won't die… this time

he's seeing a doctor

i'm tired of playing counselor to an exceptional individual who thinks he can grow a vagina

we got pissed and bitched at chris until he went to the ER

we demanded chris send us pictures of the ER docs

the ER docs sounded like fatty went there and said "lol my nuts hurt" and the doctors was like "rolled eyes just take tylenol and call me if the pain gets worse"

we bitched at chris until he got an actual human to put him in stirrups and give him an opinion

Marvin also commented on the forum itself many months later.[10]

So, Chris was feeling up his junk, and he felt something "growing in". He believed his labia were growing in. He knew, logically, that he probably should let it... ahem... "erupt" on its own, because cutting himself open is crazy and he would probably get in trouble. But one night he was drunk and was sad that someone pointed out he didn't have an actual vagina, so he thought he'd help it along.

In the morning he was very embarrassed and sheepish about it. Chris is fucking lucky he posted about it online, and got pestered into getting help by weens, because if he hadn't, he'd probably end up in the hospital, fighting off a potentially lethal infection.

So technically speaking, in Chris logic, it was indeed a wound, but his vagina was going to come out and the wound would heal and everything would be alright.

It's kind of like he was Brundlewoman and he was pulling off his old ear and face and shit, and the beautiful Pam Anderson Christine would be underneath.


Photos of the wound


Screenshots of all Facebook posts

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