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Xleepy is a MilSim (Military Simulation) YouTuber who collaborated with Chris.[1]

Welcome to Xleepy - Feat. Chris Chan (Teaser)

Chris demonstrates his psychic powers, in footage mixed in with unrelated clips of the Xleepy's crews showing off their gun and military gear collections. The video was removed the day after upload and replaced with an alternate version with Chris's scene edited out without an explanation. The original video is archived below.

Welcome to Xleepy - Feat. Chris Chan (Teaser)
Stardate 29 February 2020
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[Video begins in a forest with the second flag of the separatist Donetsk People's Republic flowing in the breeze,[2] wind chimes chiming and the word "hello" in the bottom right. The screen turns to black for a few seconds before turning to Chris, Xleepy and a third person in McDonalds. Chris is holding an amethyst crystal, one of his magic stone. The song "inpeace" by Sewerslvt plays.]

Chris: It's moving slightly.

Xleepy: Oh... Oh.

Chris: I'm gonna get it to move.

[Chris closes his eyes and faces away from the stone.]

Chris: [unclear] The hand is barely moving.

Xleepy: Woah. That's incredible.

Cameraman: It's moving. Woah.

Camera gets a close up of the stone.

Xleepy: Wait-wait-wait. Woah.

[The stone falls out of Chris' hand onto the table. Chris picks it up and puts it in his pocket.]

Cameraman: Woah-ho-ho.

Chris: You have just witnessed telekinesis.

[Video then cuts to numerous shots of Xleepy and Co. loading and firing guns, video game footage, one of the group driving a jeep, then the video ends with the YouTube channel's logo.]

See also

  • Copitz, Xleepy's friend and fellow YouTuber.[3]
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