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Note on Misinformation:

This article previously included information that was primarily speculative or incorrect. This is being fixed. For more information see here.

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Note on Credibility:

The WCT has been deemed to be an unreliable narrator for the following reasons:
WCT is noted for being egotistical and having many delusions of grandeur.[note 1]
WCT will often say edgy things for shock value.
WCT has made bold, accusatory claims without verifying them first.[note 2]
Bear this in mind, and use healthy skepticism when taking statements from the subject being discussed.

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Note on Sockpuppets:

The WCT has been known to use sockpuppet accounts. Since it is difficult to discern their sock accounts, it is best to avoid speculating an account belongs to The WCT unless fully verified.

Name Sean Walker
Also known as The Wildcat (WCT)
Yosemite Cat
Neko / Neko Onyx[4]
CPU Onyx Heart[5]
Leo Azul[6]
Psychic Espeon[7]
World Trade Center[10]
Chairmen Miaozer
Gender Male[11]
Known for • Helping Chris record an audio clip telling Sockness to stay away
• Convincing Chris to cut ties with The Place Discord server and three of its members, and having private conversations with him.
• Enabling delusions of Chris's regarding Randy Stair
• Creating the Knights of CWC server
• Being the tentative fourth Lainchu, only to then be rejected by Chris
• Hosting the Regarding Chris group chat to question Bella.
Race Mixed
Nationality American
Occupation Founder and leader of Knights of CWC
Amatuer Documentarian
Saga Jacob, Watchmen, Praetor, Incest
As powerful as I’ve recently became lately, it’s also best to keep myself in check.

Or else, I’ll end up using said powers for evil like Bismuth.

WCT, talking about his 'power' in the 'CWCsphere'
With Andrew and Ember's help, I will defeat Bismuth for good. And to ensure that he doesnt hurt another innocent again
WCT relaying Randy Stair lore to Chris, saying that him and a Danny Phantom character will help defeat Naught[6]
You can go live in a video with your thoughts and insight about MLP G5, and comment with the details I have shared so far, and what you, as well, have seen in your visions, and even heard from talking with the spirits and angels from the realms.

This could very well be another instance the Messenger WildLeo (you) comes through in breaking up the chaos and boughts.

Chris to The WCT, hoping he can help stop My Little Pony G5[12]

Sean Walker, more commonly known as The Wildcat (WCT) and CPU Onyx Heart, also known as Psychic Espeon, Neko Onyx, and plenty of other pseudonyms, is a former Watchmen member and amateur documentarian who made documentaries on dark or edgy topics.[13] He is self-described as "one of the most powerful people in the CWC sphere."[14] He boasted that he was proud about his eventual feature in Geno Samuel's documentary series, claiming himself as "one of the final protagonists."[14] He has also made a few comments where he had compared himself to Null,[15] or brought up his supposed influence on the CWCSphere. The WCT even had one of his pseudonyms being "Conner",[9] Josh's middle name.

WCT had a conflict with Naught, Kyle and MKR - in which Naught had doxed WCT on Kiwi Farms for declining to share his Kiwi Farms account[16] and Kyle and MKR had refused to believe Naught had done so.[17] WCT created another Discord group, The Knights of CWC, modelling it after the previous Watchmen group run by Naught and Kyle, The Place.

As a Watchman, WCT was concerned with protecting Chris from malicious individuals. In 2019, he was involved with Chris Releases A Statement Regarding Jacob Sockness, an audio recording Chris released to Twitter in order to discourage Jacob Sockness from coming to his house. Two years later, WCT would again try to intervene against Sockness's plan to meet Chris at Everfree Northwest,[6] though Chris's arrest for incest would cause him to miss the convention.

Some of WCT's actions garnered controversy. He, like several other Watchmen, were enablers to Chris's delusions as they would play along with his fantasies. In WCT's case, he played along with Chris's fantasies over the shooter Randy Stair, who was a subject of a documentary series of WCT's own, being a guardian figure.

After being doxed by Naught, The WCT had collaborated with Isabella Janke to dox Naught back. During the wake of the incest scandal, WCT questioned Bella about her involvement in the Incest call; he was then tricked by her into believing her fabricated BDSM texts were real and that the Suitress also had them in her possession, and he then spread the texts onto the Kiwi Farms while claiming the Suitress as his sole source and partially revealing her identity as well. In addition, WCT's former associate, MKRNightVee, spread a rumor about him that he "probably wants Chris to kill himself"[18] in retaliation for WCT convincing Chris to leave her group's Discord server. These actions and circumstances would result in him receiving considerable flak, ultimately causing him to retreat from the internet and go in hiding.

As a Watchman

WCT's icon used for his YouTube channel. This was the icon most associated with him.

Becoming a Watchman

WCT, an amatuer documentarian, was fascinated by GenoSamuel's Chris-Chan: A Comprehensive History series in early to mid-2018, and archived the series on his YouTube channel The WCT when the original History was terminated by YouTube.[11]

According to Naught, WCT joined the CWC Rebellion server, where he made friends with a user named "Smoky Chris" and that the aspiring documentarians met in GenoSamuel's Discord server some time in 2019.[19] Naught also claimed to have met WCT in the GenoSamuel server when Naught also hung out with Joseph Draft, director of CWC vs the world and that the two were both early Watchmen.[19]

The avatar MKRNightVee drew for The WCT

He later joined the Watchmen, where he mainly archived calls involving Chris while maintaining a YouTube channel that posted Chris-centric content which has since been privated. In February 2021, he attempted to become the fourth person behind the role of 'Lainchu,' an OC created by the Watchmen, but was rejected by Chris, who still preferred his predecessor.[20]

Internal conflicts

On Christmas Eve of 2020, Chris had mentioned concerns about The WCT being banned from The Place, alledging that it was due to political jokes he made.[21] Kyle replies that he is unsure about unbanning him, and complains about The WCT "leaking" information. When Chris responds that WCT hadn't been leaking anything, Naught and Kyle respond that he doesn't leak on purpose, with Naught claiming that WCT had hinted at the existence of The Place server.

WCT was doxed on /cow/ in 2019, and on lolcow farm. Early in June 2021, The WCT dox was reposted on Kiwi Farms by fellow Watchman and group leader Naught (also known as Bismuth).[22] When WCT confronted Naught in a voice chat, Naught denied the allegation, then threatened to further dox WCT in an attempt to silence him.[17] WCT explained the events to Chris himself, who believed The WCT's evidence and cut ties with Naught over it.[17][23] Naught had eventually confirmed his doxing of WCT on 30 August 2021 in an Onion Farms message[24] and again on 29 November 2021 while editing his CWCki page.[25] Naught had also stated in the edit that The WCT acussing him of sending strikes on his videos would futher justify decision to dox him. After receiving strikes for his videos, WCT would then create a new channel to host his content, "Yosemite Cat".[26]

Shortly after, WCT was banned from The Place, the Watchmen's Discord server. In response, Chris left the server himself. In WCT's own words, "[Chris] saw my banning as a signal to him that my suspicions about Bismuth and the others were correct." The Praetor group, who had also been in the server, left it as well following Chris's departure.[17][23] WCT had claimed in a later post to an interviewee that he had decided to "take down the group" as a result of Naught doxing him, taking Chris with him in order to "punish" other members in the group.[27]

MKR later jumped to several baseless conclusions over the matter and circulated several rumors. In late June she tagged Chris’s Twitter and posted, “Have fun getting fucked over by WCT and Praetor.”[28] accusing WCT of having sinister motives, including "probably [wanting] Chris to kill himself in a similar manner [to Randy Stair].[18]

WCT created a successor group and invited in Chris and several of the Watchmen who had been in The Place, titling his group The Knights of CWC. There, he served as the Watchmen's third leader, though he was also unsure of putting the group under the Watchmen moniker. As leader, WCT sought to take a less aggressive approach to other Chris orbiters than Naught had, stating to Helena that he would "give anybody who befriends Chris a chance until it becomes clear to me they have awful intentions."[29]

WCT gave an interview to the CWCki explaining his side of the story.

Interactions with Chris

485-CWCsF.JPG Chris's recent failings have helped CWCki gather more information for this article.
Be a winner by adding this information in.

This new information can be found from the following sources:
WCT DMs#Sockness alert

Main article: WCT DMs

WCT was one of the people trying to discourage Chris from his plan to tase his magic stones to start the Dimensional Merge. He also expressed concern over Chris's mental health when Chris uploaded Direct Message to Hasbro: MLPG5 Is Cancelled., a video in which an upset Chris ranted about My Little Pony, the background revealing several punched holes in the wall; WCT reached out to Chris to calm him down and asked Chris to talk things out instead of hurting himself. When asked by WCT what had happened to the wall, Chris claimed the damage had occurred in the past over trying to physically break the iron curtain between dimensions.[30]

In April 2021, Chris did tarot readings for both WCT and Naught.[31]

Chris and WCT's YouTube channel

WCT had a YouTube channel, since deleted, in which he posted content such as self-made documentaries and interviews. Chris has tried to use WCT's channel as a means to promote his ideas.

In November 2020, Chris watched some of The WCT's channel content, including his documentary on Randy Stair. On 6 November, Chris recorded an audio file, Chris channels Randy Stair, in which he hoped to help Stair get a post-death message out to the world by role-playing that he had been possessed by Stair. Chris gave the file to The WCT and gave his permission for it to be posted on The WCT's channel,[32] although WCT declined to upload it.

On 28 July 2021, Chris reached out to WCT and suggested he should record a livestream about My Little Pony's upcoming G5 reboot (a reboot Chris was extremely against). Chris also told WCT to "comment with the details I have shared so far, and what you, as well, have seen in your visions, and even heard from talking with the spirits and angels from the realms." Chris dubbed WCT as the "Messenger WildLeo", hoping that his video could help prevent G5 from launching. When WCT answered that he was considering making a video roasting the film after its release, Chris replied that it would be best not to wait until then, telling him the prevention of the movie was ideal for maintaining safety across the timeline. Chris did not elaborate on how exactly such a video would help in overturning Hasbro's decision to reboot My Little Pony.[12]

Randy Stair delusions

Main article: Randy Stair

WCT was a regular contributor to a wiki dedicated to the documentation of Randy Stair, who infamously killed three people and then himself after losing his mind, having held his own obsession with Stair since at least July 2018,[11] according to a wiki page he made about himself.[8]

WCT produced a YouTube documentary on Stair. In November 2020, Chris found the documentary after looking through a playlist on The WCT's channel and took an interest in Stair's story, particularly the aspects involving Stair's belief in fictional characters existing in an alternate dimension.[33]

Chris recorded an audio file to "help [Stair] get a post-death message out," giving the file to WCT.[33]

In conversations with WCT, Chris occasionally role-played that Randy Stair was a guardian figure and WCT briefly played along.

On 13 July 2021, WCT tried to help Chris avoid Jacob Sockness at the upcoming Everfree Northwest convention by asking him to record another version of Chris Releases A Statement Regarding Jacob Sockness. During their discussion, Chris coped with the issue of Sockness by role-playing that Randy Stair would be defeating Sockness with WCT's help:[6]

Ember just came to me with a message in regard to Sockness.

Randy and the Ghost Squad are working to break through the horde of demons around his apartment building.

In the present energy shift, there is a potential boost going to Sockness. But there is a counter, and it involves you, Sean.

To which WCT, seemingly confusing Sockness for Naught, replied:

With Andrew and Ember's help, I will defeat Bismuth for good. And to ensure that he doesn't hurt another innocent again.

Everfree Northwest

In July 2021, Jacob Sockness declared that he had plans to attend Everfree Northwest in disguise to meet with Chris.[34] WCT alerted Chris to Sockness's statements.

On 13 July 2021, Chris brought up Bella to WCT, telling WCT she would be accompanying him to Everfree Northwest.[6]

On 19 July 2021, Chris invited Bella, as well as the Suitress; who was also set to meet Chris at the convention; into the Knights of CWC,[35] a Watchmen splinter group headed by WCT and the group discussed plans to protect Chris from Sockness. Bella would claim that she would be a bodyguard for Chris.[36]

On the night of 19 July 2021, Bella invited WCT, the Suitress, and Chris into her chess group #15 Discord server. WCT discussed his conflict with Naught, Kyle and MKR, and told Bella he had been "working with Former Kiwi Farmers to bring down the Watchmen" and asked Bella to assist him in doxing Naught, calling him an "evil man."[37]

The Incest Scandal

On 2 July 2021, Chris had confessed with the WCT about having an affair with a woman "older than him", but did not reveal to him that his affair had occurred with his mother. On 27 July, Chris bragged to Bella that he was in the middle of an incestuous relationship with his mother.[38]

WCT had created the group chat, Regarding Chris, where he and selected other Chris orbiters would question Bella on what was happening. Bella gave the files to the Suitress and both would leak Chris's statements in the following days. Even after the leak, Chris was still willing to talk to Bella; it took both Null and WCT telling him he shouldn't to make Chris reconsider and cut ties with Bella.[39]

Targeted by the Halal Server

In August 2021, MKRNightVee and Naught joined the Halal Server. There, MKRNightVee in particular spread vicious rumors about The WCT, such as accusing him of plotting to have Chris killed.[40]


The WCT was interviewed over Discord about the Watchmen breakup on 11 July 2021. The WCT's messages are in blue and the interviewer's in green.

Hi. Someone told me you’re The WCT. If it’s okay with you, I’d like to ask you some questions about the Watchmen breakup for the Cwcki.
hi there.

and yes, by all means ask said questions.

The initial conflict seems to be between you and Bismuth, that Bismuth doxed you. How did it grow to break up the Watchmen group?
After I concluded that it was Bismuth that was responsible for the doxing, I made the choice to contact MKRNightVee (or Meghan some of you know her as) and I showed her a lot of screenshots in DMs that compared the typing style of his old Kiwi Farms accounts to one that he used to dox me. (which was Nightmare)

I recall telling her that I was 90 percent sure that it was him.

But in spite of the evidence that I had presented to her at the time, she didn't believe me. And during our VC on June 21st, She and Kyle were still not convinced.

They originally thought it was somebody who I angered in the past, but knowing what the Nightmare account was up to at the time, I knew that it was him.

How did Chris learn of the dispute?
Not long after the VC, I decided that I would contact him myself.

So with the help of a Former Watchmen who had his phone number, I was able to get in contact with him on June 25th.

And there, I had an hour and 40 minute talk with him that first started off as any conversation I'd usually have with him until I was comfortable enough to tell him the details.

Did you show Chris the same evidence that you did to MKRNightVee?
When I was talking with MKR, I didn't show her as much evidence at the time since the Investigation was still ongoing. And compared to what I shared with Chris, I shared less with MKR.

Not because I didn't trust her, but it was because there was not enough information available at the time. And what I ended up showing Chris was a combination of the Kiwi Farms posts and the VC that I had with the rest of the group.

How did Chris react to it?
It took Chris a while to process it.

With each screenshot, he began to believe that my claims were true. And when we were both going over the VC, he noticed how Bismuth was getting really defensive and thought that he was clearly lying to me.

Especially when I told Bismuth that Josh (Null) claimed to me that him and Nightmare were the same person. And that 3-4 seconds of silence on his part was something that helped convince Chris that I was in the right.

He also noticed how hostile Bismuth was getting towards me as well, especially when I kept on asking him if he doxed me or not. Chris saw that as a red flag.

Did Chris cut ties with Bismuth?
From what I know, yes he did.
What happened between Chris and MKRNightVee? MKR’s recent tweets indicate they’ve had a falling out. Is it related to the Watchmen breakup?
yes it is.

Meghan was upset that Chris had sided with me in regards to what had happened.

How does Praetor fit in to this? MKRNightVee has said in a tweet that you’ve teamed up with them.
Praetor had nothing to do with what happened.

Its just that when they got word from Chris that he had left the server, they followed. So it makes sense on MKR's part to accuse me of working with them because we all either got banned or left the place at the same time.

It was a strange coincidence yes, but there is zero contact between me and Caden.

What server did Chris leave?
The Watchmen's Place.

as some of you might've heard of on the CWCki. -

Why did he leave it?
when he got word that I got banned from the server (by Kyle that is), he saw it as a green light to leave it himself.

So essentially he saw my banning as a signal to him that my suspicions about Bismuth and the others were correct.

Are you still in contact with Chris?
at this moment in time, I'm not.

We went our separate ways not long after the Watchmen had broken up and I believe that its for the best for both me and him.

And rather or not if he wants to be in touch with me still is completely up to him, but I won't be too surprised if he had already moved on at this point, and I respect whatever path he goes on moving forward.

Forgot to ask earlier, but what was your motivation for informing Chris of the conflict between you and Bismuth/MKR/Kyle?
I was running out of options on what to do. When MKR and Kyle didn't believe my claims, I felt that I had no choice but to inform Chris on what had happened.

It was a very risky move on my part to do that, but I don't regret telling him.

That’s all the questions I have. Thank you for answering. Is there anything else you would like to add?
I just want to let people know that Chris is now a free man with nobody to dictate his actions. And for his sake, it needs to remain that way.
Thanks again. I'll look to getting this conversation to the CWCki. Do you want your username/avatar censored?


With his last remaining hours of freedom, Chris chose to send his final known online message to WCT, informing him that the pets were being taken care of.[41] Within a few hours, Chris was taken into custody, which WCT claimed to have "felt a sense of pain" watching.[42]

On 13 September 2021, The WCT was contacted by MKR on Discord for the first time since the fall of the Watchmen.[42] Throughout the conversation, WCT lamented his situation, calling himself a failure for not recognizing the signs of Chris and Barb's incestuous relationship as well as Bella's manipulation, thoughts he admitted caused him to contemplate suicide. Nevertheless, he insisted that he had no regrets and claimed that everything was meant to be. He theorized and repeated multiple times throughout the conversation that the Kiwi Farms would be defunct within the next couple of years, no doubt wishful thinking on his part. WCT's hatred of Bismuth showed no signs of having subsided. At one point, he takes a page out of Chris's book and threatens to both sue and call the police on the fellow former Watchman. Other proposed victims of his legal wrath included Null and a prominent CWCki admin, though The WCT recognized that these actions would likely be all for naught.

In Jail Letter - 18 January 2022, Chris mentioned that he wished to get back in contact with Wildcat, presumably referring to one of The WCT's pseudonyms. It remains to be seen if WCT has plans for when - if ever - Chris gets out of jail, but it's likely his involvement in Chris's life is over.

In November 2023, it was revealed that The WCT had allied with multiple anti-Kiwi Farms individuals, such as Elaine Miller and more importantly Liz-Fong Jones, who has been attempting to get rid of Kiwi Farms for half a year[43]. He contacted them under the pseudonyms "Kuruma" and "Clay", feeding them information about the site, and madly ranting about his hatred of Null and Naught (who he continued to hate after two years). Eventually, an entire news article was made dedicated to his actions under the "Clay" pseudonym[44]. He was cited as calling Kiwi Farms "hell on Earth" and having "launched a dogged campaign to keep the site offline". Liz Fong-Jones called WCT's involvement "a game changer", and said that he helped transalate Kiwi Farms lingo. WCT was also supposedly 'schooled' by multiple professional in the field of technology, learning about computers. The article ended by stating that Liz-Fong Jones and one of their friends Lorelai were quitting the fight against Kiwi Farms, however the article states that WCT continues to fight against KF, and continues to recruit new members. It is unknow how this will turn out.

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  1. WCT had often made comments about being "one of the final protagonists" of Christory, and has on some ocassions compared himself to the Kiwi Farms owner, Null or made comments about his influence and "power" on the CWCSphere.
  2. Attempted to throw Null under the bus by claiming that Null had been aware of Chris's Affair with Mother and did nothing to stop it.[1] However, Null's DMs with Chris indicate Null was not aware.[2]
    When Bella gave WCT her fabricated BDSM texts, he believed Bella when she claimed that the Suitress also had those; subsequently attempted to throw the Suitress under the bus by claiming her as the sole source for the text instead of naming Bella


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