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NOTE: Chris was not directly involved in this drama.

This page details drama surrounding the leak of the Incest Call and Incest Texts, primarily of Bella's attempts to avoid being doxed.


Chris was aware of Bella's first name since at least December 2020.[1] In July 2021, Chris, who had been giving hints to various people including Bella that he was having sex with his mother, selected Bella to brag to on the true nature of what was happening.[2]

On the evening of 27 July EST, Chris initiated a video call on the Signal app with her, and Bella secretly recorded chunks of the conversation. She then shared an audio file of it with the Chess Club and Fiona.[3]

One of the Chess Club members asked Bella if she intended to leak, and Bella answered that she would leak it everywhere eventually but wanted to gather evidence from another angle first to preserve anonymity.[3]

However, Fiona shared a version of the file, which she censored so as to remove Bella's side of the conversation, with the Chris Chan Conservation Collective Discord server, where a server member, EllDudeRocks, leaked the file to the general public on YouTube and Reddit in the early morning of 30 July EST.

30 July 2021

On 30 July 2021, in the wake of the first version of the Incest Call being leaked, Null questioned Chris about what happened. Chris replied, "I had told Bella in Strictest Confidence about this. And trust her not to have directly or personally leaked or divulged this story to ANYONE else."[4]

Null then created a Kiwi Farms thread to summarize the incest leaks, writing, "[The leaks] are considered genuine. Nobody knew of this except one person named "Bella", a trollsona of someone called 10thanonymous, who Chris confided this information in."[5]

Gungann, a friend of Fiona's, arranged to interview Bella.[6]

Conversation between Gungann and Bella
How are you?
What's up?
I'm American hbu
Pretty good still kinda in overdrive
I imagine
Scootalo wants Me to talk to u but i'm in a test man
i will once i'm out
Would you be willing to vc with me again at some point specifically about her?

I'm pretty convinced of the charges to chris and I don't care anymore I'm just worried for my friend

I know you are alot more experienced in all this I just

hope you have her best interests at heart

Even with the leaks
Yeah if it's about ur friend, if it was about Chris I'd be

reluctant bc I thought u were a YouTube streamer who covered Chris or somthing but sure

With the ones she leaked?
Watchman The WCT questions Bella for her side of the story; she deflects with absurd lies.

Watchmen leader The WCT questioned Bella, asking for her side of the story. Bella lied to him, falsely claiming that the incest leak was from Chris's ISP being hacked by two people - Avery and tenery merc (an online handle used by her schoolmate and Chess club friend Louis).[7]

WCT then created a group chat, titled Regarding Chris, with Bella and some of the other Watchmen for further questioning, though this move backfired as Bella instead responded with more disinformation.

At first, Bella attempted to protect Fiona during the Regarding Chris chat, lying in response to the Watchmen's questions about Fiona's name being mentioned in the Incest Call. Among Bella's lies was to claim to the group that Fiona was a minor and that Chris was aware of this and that he had online sexual relations[8] (according to a prior chat between Fiona and Chris, she was actually 19 years old,[9] and Fiona apparently claimed to Bella that she had flashed Chris on video).[10] Bella claimed to Fiona in a text that she had lied to prevent the Watchmen from trying to blast Fiona, apparently under the belief they would not do so if they believed she was a minor.[10]

However, minutes after her "minor" lie in the Regarding Chris chat, Bella falsely claimed that the voice talking to Chris in the Incest Call belongs to Fiona (in reality, the voice is Bella's).[11]

31 July 2021

Bella then created fabricated BDSM texts in which Chris supposedly admitted to having BDSM-style sex with Barb.[12] Bella tried to perpetuate this notion in Regarding Chris, claiming that Chris did not feed Barb unless she performed felatio on him. In the chat, she convinced Watchman The WCT that the screenshot was legitimate and persuaded him to release it publicly and to name Fiona as his source,[13] and The WCT did so, also uploading one of her videos to his Kiwi Farms post on the matter.[14] The screenshot was dismissed as fake by most observers, and the motive behind its creation remains unknown.

1 August 2021

Bella tried to frame Fiona as being Kelly Osborn, a pseudonym of Bella's.[15]

Bella created a Kiwi Farms thread, in which she attempted to obfuscate her role in the Incest Call by falsely claiming that the speaker was a minor teenage boy named "Billy". Bella also falsely claimed that Fiona is in Texas (in reality, Texas is Bella's location).[16]

3 August 2021

Bella emailed GiBi. In a DM to a Kiwi Farms user, GiBi wrote that "she is begging me to tell people her first name to get the attention off of isabella, who she claims might be suicidal." GiBi further claimed he had replied to Bella that he hesitated to trust her.[17]

5 August 2021

Gungann posted on Kiwi Farms about his interview with Bella and Fiona. Two audio clips from the interview were provided.[6]

Gungann's ineptitude at preparing for the interview - he repeatedly attempted to use a transcript of the Incest Call (which had mocked Bella's tone) to accuse her of being aroused by the call, and he claimed afterwards that his "brain was sleep deprived at the time and I misremembered part of leaked audio"[6] - resulted in heated dispute between him and Bella on aspects of the call.

Bella repeatedly claimed to Gungann that her intention with the call was to "get Chris to talk more" about his affair, and then report him to the police.

Isabella Loretta Janke interview Part 1
Direct link Youtube, archive
Saga IncestIncest Incest
Transcript of first clip

Bella: I'm not thinking that he's actually going to go fuck his mom and we're going to go to the -ve convention together, that's all thrown out the window, because of what he's telling me. I'm planning to put him in jail, I'm trying to get as much, like, possible information from him.

Gunggan: Okay.

Bella: I don't understand what's hard to believe about that. I don't understand.

Gunggan: I'm not saying it's hard to believe.

Bella: But you are saying it's hard to believe, because you're repeatedly asking the same question.

Gunggan: I'm just saying that the specific, that specifically the part where you encourage him to have a lot of fun before the just[note 1]

Bella: Yeah, I'm trying to get him to talk. Do you thin-, do you think that's actual genuine, that's me genuinely saying "I really hope you do this"?

Gunggan: With the kind of, with the kind of people...

Bella: ...that tells you that I'm interested in incest?

Fiona: [Attempts to ease growing tensions by shushing]

Bella: For fuck sake, dude!

Gunggan: With the kind of people, who have associated with Chris in the past, anything is possible. And you should know this.

Bella: What?

Gunggan: With the kind of people, who have associated with Chris in the possible, in the past, you should know that this is at least possible.

Fiona: That people might think you're into...

Bella: No!?

Fiona: People might take other people's intentions like incorrectly. I know, like, you know, like people.

Gunggan: I mean-

Fiona: Like, no-not you specifically, but I'm just saying like if anyone online is like, you know, going to have a transcript, just expect some things to be like misconstrued.

Bella: Never heard anybody say, I've-I, maybe that's what somebody said. I don't care.

Fiona: I don't know...

Bella: NEVER heard anybody say "Wow, she's interested in it". The point is I'm not. What does it matter, what does it matter?

Fiona: I know you're not, I'm just I'm just, like talking about like, based on what you and Gunggan are talking about.

Bella: That's great. I understand that but, I'm wondering. Why is that like the only fucking question you're asking, or what he's asking, I mean? Why is that the only question that you're asking continuisly. I told you, I'm not into incest...

Gunggan: Becau...

Bella: I got the, because I said that, he started talking more! I wanted to figure out if he's gonna do it more, if he's going to continuously do it. I'm reflecting what he's telling me. I'm repeating it back to him, see if you're gonna do it more before the convention. I'm reflecting on what he's telling me, and plus what you said verbaitim isn't even what I said. I'm trying to reflect on what he's telling me, so I can get more information out of him. That what I thought was in...

Isabella Loretta Janke interview Part 2
Direct link Youtube, archive
Saga IncestIncest Incest
Transcript of second clip
Bella: ...doing it, I was reflecting what he was telling back to me. I was trying to just, repeatly saying it's. Just...I don't know, it's just a way to communicate with him to get him to open up more, to show that understanding. Regardless, I was never gonna do that, and I was trying to put this guy, uh from the get-go when he said that I was trying to think of a way to start leaking it in a way that I wouldn't get caught, and a way that he would get arrested, Barb would go in the hospital like right now.

Gunggan: Mmm-hmm

Bella: I never said "Hey, go fuck your mom."

Gunggan: L-let me

Bella: "I really want to see that, because I'm into it." No, that's ridiculous, in a way.

Gunggan: Let me see if I can find the transcript. Cause a lot of...

Fiona: Hey. Okay, so is it okay if I you know like, you know, I've got the full 14-minutes, right? So, is it okay if I can like, dip out for a little bit, go into my alt account, and get the 14 minutes for you?

Bella: The what?

Fiona: Um, if I can dip out into my alt-account and retrieve the 14 minutes for, to show Gunggan? Just so that he doesn't get more...

Bella: Sure. Did he... Okay.

Fiona: It's not the 9 minutes, the 9 minutes everybody's posting. But, did he see that- Just just so that he can see the 14 minutes and

Bella: Alright.

Fiona: You guys should, you guys should keep talking. I'm gonna be there I'm gonna be right back.

Gunggan: Okay.

Bella: Okay.

Gunggan: I'm going to see if I find the tren-, the transcript. What were you saying?

Bella: But, you were saying that I was encouraging him to continue this? Clearly what I'm telling Chris isn't...

Gunggan: [Talking over Bella] It sounds like it, obvious-

Bella: What do you mean? So what I'm telling Chris has nothing to do with whether I was actually interested. It's like, he's he's clearly into me and I'm trying to get this guy to confess, like I'm trying to get him to tell me as much as possible, what he's doing to his mom. Do you think that somehow because I'm trying to get him to carry on the conversation and tell me more about what he's doing to his mom means that I'm interested in it? I don't understand.

Gunggan: Well other people have also pointed out that it seems like you're a little bit...

Bella: I've checked a LOT, I've checked a lot on the Internet. People, I think like, a lot of people what they're trying to talk about me and I, I never heard anyone say "Wow, she clearly must, like be really into this. This clearly must be like a big fetish for her. Never saw anything like that, so I don't know what you're talking about.

Gunggan: Let me see if I can find the specific moment in the uh...

Bella: Okay.

Gunggan: In the transcript.

Fiona: I just sent the 14 minutes.

Gunggan: Alright, give me a minute.

Fiona: It's in "My Movie", it's the one that she sent me. "My Movie 60".

Gunggan: Mmm-hmm

Fiona: The reason why this cannot be leaked is because it has my real name in it so, yeah. [pauses] But i'll let you listen to it, it only, you know it says about Fiona and all that so, you know, I don't want people to, you know, get all on, you get all up in arms about...Fiona.

Bella: It'd be uhh ['mumbles']

Fiona: I know, I trust him, he knows I'm Fiona.

Bella: Oh.

Gunggan: I've known, I've known Snoo for like [pause] almost a year? Or, how long has it been?

Fiona: Um, since like September-ish? Yeah. September! Yeah August, August, August! You've known me for a year.

Gunggan: [pauses] Um, let me see. Woman sounding aroused, 'she is, she's having a good time?'.

Bella: Huh?!

Gunggan: It's just...

Bella: You talking about me? That I'm aroused from this? What the fuck are you talking about?

Gunggan: That's what the trown, that's what the transcript says.

Bella: WHAT FUCKING TRANSCRIPT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! ARE YOU RETARDED, THAT I'M AROUSED FROM THIS? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TRYING TO ACCUSE ME OF? Being aroused from this, that's so stupid! You're reading random comments, I've never seen a single comment saying "Wow, she must be aroused..."

Gunggan: Okay. This, this is from, this is from-

Bella: "It's so interesting that's she's so into thi"- WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?? Is that why you're here to question me, because I'm interested in th-

Fiona: It's from the transcript! It's- please calm down, please calm down, please calm down. This is the transcript, this is not personally what Gunggann believes.

Gunggan: This is the-

Bella: He initiated it, sort of.

Gunggan: This is the first-

Bella: And then he tried to imply that I'm into it, you did ask me, and when I said no you said 'are you sure?'

Fiona: If you- If you guys are going to talk to each other, just make sure you dont go running on and all that and-

Bella: I'm not, I'm just wondering why he thinks I'm interested in incest, and why I'm into it and why-

Gunggan: Because, I need to find- I need to find the part...

Bella: I tried to get him to rape his mom more, is that- that's what you're saying!

Gunggan: I need to find the part where it sounds like you say that, and-

Bella: Why do you need to? Why do you need to? Why do you-

Gunggan: Because it's...if that's what you said...

Bella: But that's not what I'm trying to do obviously! I'm trying to get him, to admit to it because we're trying to put this guy behind bars!

Gunggan: Because he already had admit- he already had admitted to it!

Bella: Fuck yeah! Exactly! And I'm not in- what makes you think I'm interested in that, that my investigation technique, that me trying to get him to talk more, somehow I'm interested in Incest? That's such a weird thing to suggest, completely out of context, makes no sense! Because I'm nice to him the entire time, do you not hear me gagging through it? Like, it's disgusting. And because I'm nice, doesn't mean I'm saying 'Oh wow! Blah blah blah' doesn't mean I'm actually into- into INCEST!

Gunggan: Well- the thing is, if Chris had already con- confessed to it, then, telling Chris to do it more...then telling Chris to do it more, isn't...

Bella: So what- are you referring to the audio? Or you- what are you referring to?

Gunggan: I'm referring to the audio. I need to go- I'm trying...

Bella: So what do you mean, he confessed and I'm telling him to do it more. What do you mean?

Gunggan: What do you mean?

7 August 2021

Bella wrote a Google Doc file titled Hello everyone, it’s “bella”,[18] an eight-page document in which she attempted to dispel rumors originating from the Kiwi Farms and its user base, and linked to it on r/ChrisChanSonichu in a post under the username himynameisbelle.[19] The posting was later deleted.

In the document, she claimed that she was never a member of Praetor (misspelling the organization as "praector") and attempted to shed light on her interactions with Chris. The veracity of many of her claims are unclear.

8 August 2021

"Allen" redirects here. For Chris' half-brother, see Alan Chandler.

Allen, a friend of Bella's, was interviewed by Kiwi Farms user Literally Who over Discord. Allen had appeared in some leaked chatlogs of Chess club and Chess Group 15.

Literally Who asked about comments Allen and Bella had made in the Chess club about a plan to suicide Chris. Allen characterized his and Bella's comments as an edgy joke and pointed out a lack of proof that the comments were serious.

Allen denies a suicide plan against Chris
Literally Who
Did you have use the name Alice in Bella's servers?
Literally Who
We need to have a more in depth discussion then (edited)
sure no problem
Literally Who
[posts an image]


ah this one


as i said before, it was just an edgy joke bella was doing, tastless yes, but the way its cropped shows i have something to do with it, we were just joking around and i was being sarcastic about nothing serious

if i truly was helping her there would have been dms leaked of me helping her with the supposed "getting chris chan to kill himself"

the alias alice was only for me to be able to play chess with chris chan

since he wouldnt talk to guys as i have stated before

there was no plan to kill chris chan none whatsoever

i can 100% say thats true

there was no plan to kill him in new york i see thats a popular theory

Literally Who
[posts an image]
yeah i knew u would bring this up, yet again just bella being bella and it was all just stupid banter
Literally Who
Why should I believe this?

Or rather, why should the general public believe that

due to the fact there are no dm leaks of me actually helping with this supposed plan

this plan never existed

Allen was then manipulated into sending his Discord token to Literally Who, which was used to hack into his account and access his Discord logs, which included his DMs with Bella. The logs were posted on Kiwi Farms by another user.[20]

11-22 August

During August 2021, several of Bella's accounts were breached and their contents posted to Kiwi Farms. These include[21][22] (from which Bella had impersonated a Curiosity employee to Chris)[23] and (which had media such as Chris Kisses Rosechu).[24]

31 August

On 31 August 2021, an attorney stating to have been retained by Bella sent a letter to Null, the administrator of Kiwi Farms, requesting the removal of multiple site links relating to Bella. The lawyer stated on behalf of the client concerns over inaccuracies and the negative personal impact from the Kiwi Farms links, offering to confer with the administrator with more details on the condition the conversation remain private due to it involving personal matters such as health issues. The attorney also clarified that the request was not a form of legal action and that he was acting as negotiator. Upon receiving the letter, Null posted it onto the Kiwi Farms and put it up to a vote by the site users over whether the material mentioned in the letter should be removed. The users rejected the removal, voting 3,701 to KEEP! and 202 to DELETE![25]

Damage Control

Bella tried to make several sockpuppet accounts on various platforms, ranging from the Kiwi Farms, Reddit, and 4chan, where she claimed that "tranny niggers" uploaded the call,[citation needed] among other disinformation to protect her identity, as well as attempting to claim that she was not "Kelly Osborn" to the Christuber GiBi. The attempts ultimately failed.

Eventually, Bella herself was doxed, not in small part due to one of Bella's Chess Club associates, Louis, posting an image of Bella’s mistreated rescue dog.[citation needed] After her personal information was leaked, Bella went into desperate - albeit futile - damage control, using sockpuppet accounts on 4Chan, Reddit, and Kiwi Farms to rant about how the info regarding her was fake, exaggerated, and/or a psyop conspiracy led by transgender puppetmasters.[citation needed] Unfortunately for her, this was to no avail; no one believed her due to her behavior as a habitual liar with sociopathic tendencies, and as of late August, users on the gossip forum Kiwi Farms were actively speculating about her.

Betraying the Suitress

An attempt by Bella to frame the Suitress, giving her full name and photo

In an attempt to avoid being doxed, Bella decided to shift all blame and potential consequences for the situation to the Suitress.

Bella attempted to dox the Suitress repeatedly by dropping her full name and photo on multiple websites such as 4chan, while also claiming that she was dating Chris despite her distancing herself from the situation by that point.

Bella also attempted to distance herself away from the "Kelly Osborne" and "Bella" codenames she was using at the time, and directed them towards the Suitress, as well as a made-up person, "Billy Sawyer" respectively.

After GiBi posted a video, which featured uncensored screenshots of her texts with Bella that left her phone number visible,[26] already carrying the weight of her addiction towards Chris content, Chris fucking his mom, these events making headlines, Bella and The WCT dropping her personal information on other websites, and now a channel she once followed engaging in Bella's attempt to frame her, Fiona had an alleged nervous breakdown, and was hospitalized the following day.


GiBi discusses a screenshot of a text between Bella and the Suitress. The screenshot was uncensored in his video, leaving a phone number visible.

In the wake of the incest scandal, GiBi attempted to create a daily series documenting the affair. This led to controversy surrounding his channel. One video in this series was made to document the potential perpetrators of the act. GiBi would attempt to research this subject by contacting various sources, many of which conflicted with one another. One of these sources was Bella, who had previously befriended the Suitress and gave him screenshots of text messages between her and Fiona and between her and Chris. Another was a Discord user, LavenderBonez, both a former member of his Discord server, and another friend of the Suitress and of his.

Bella attempted to avoid getting doxed by putting the Suitress under her "Kelly Osborn" pseudonym. GiBi fell for this and was convinced that "Kelly" wasn't Bella. GiBi produced a video on the screenshots - claiming this was the case, but did not redact the phone number of the Suitress in them; he took the video down three hours later after facing criticism.[27] GiBi uploaded the video a second time, adding information that he received from the Kiwi Farms. He again included the Suitress' phone number but deleted that video after a few minutes.[28][29] GiBi made some changes, planning to upload another version,[30] but cancelled as new information had come out in the meantime.[31]

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  1. Gunggan would clarify in his post on the Kiwi Farms that Bella didn't actually say this, and claim that he simply misremembered her saying it. Though he would also claim that not even Bella remembered if she actually said this or not.


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