Setting the Record straight - there never was any sex involving me in 2021

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You shipped me with that Snorlax!

Setting the Record straight - there never was any sex involving me in 2021 is a video uploaded to Chris's YouTube channel on 17 October 2023. In the video, Chris tells his side of the story regarding his incest allegations and subsequent incarceration, denying having sex with Barb and claiming to have deliberately faked the story to troll Isabella Loretta Janke. Chris angrily accuses Isabella of leading a conspiracy to abuse and manipulate him, though the basis of his accusations are rumors which Chris further spreads. He incorrectly claims the court found him innocent (the incest charge was dismissed following Chris's lawyer's request for an autism deferred disposition; he was not acquitted by a jury). Chris also expounds on his newfound delusions of being the reincarnation of Jesus Christ (or rather Jesús). Finally, he addresses the identity of the mysterious woman he'd been seen with in recent months, introducing her as Flutter. He continues to promote OfficialCWCmart in the description.


Setting the Record straight - there never was any sex involving me in 2021
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Stardate 17 October 2023
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Jesus Christ Chan Sonichu Prime Resurrected and Returned
Angelica Rosechu's Christmas Play, Part 1


I'm just clearing the air and setting the record straight on what happened in mid-2021; nothing happened between me and Barbara in 2021. I also feel very tired of too many of all of you not comprehending that I was and am innocent; I was released because I was found and proven innocent, despite it taking so long. I know my reputation had been dragged through the worst of mud, muck and various fluids by the misconceptions and mislabels from the darkest and toxic sinners online. That minority level detail is absolutely no reason for Anyone to get involved with me in social situations, online on social media, and so on. I would never dox anyone I follow who are innocent.

Do not even let the socio-political details and happenings dictate or influence what is Light Powered, Righteous and simply Good. I will not have my life be narrated by the misconceptions that have arisen from the Toxic and Darkest Sinning society, and neither should you. None of your damn smut-fics and gore-fics will affect I or anyone else anymore.

I am a wonderful and positively vibrational individual and Avatar of existence. I have been through a lot in my own soul-searching and priority setting. You all can at least relate with me on That and follow my example in improving yourselves, spiritually, mentally and physically as respective individuals. And I Pray those few that I appreciate as good and sound individuals who had and have blocked me on social medias will understand and accept me better now that I have taken the time to get myself together and clear my mind and found myself in my resurrection and return.

Ultimate Miracle...Chaos Control.

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Thank you and Bless you all; be safe and well. Mrs. Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Prime.


[Chris appears in front of an image of the Royal Albert Hall; according to him, this was for "obvious reasons"[1]. Very soft, mostly inaudible piano music plays throughout the video. For some reason all of the audio is on the left stereo channel.]

Hey everyone, Jesús Christ-ine Weston Chandler Sonichu Prime here, and right now I'm gonna set the record straight. So, just so y'all know, straightforward and blunt, to the point: the reason I went to jail, the charge I was charged with... I was innocent. There never, ever, ever, ever, EVER was any sex between Barbara and I, period. I was innocent. I have a few bullet points to go through [unintelligible] I mean shoot, where'd we go to end up here? So, obviously, we got all the haters and fakers and the toxic sinners, that really- that tried to manipulate me and so much - I mean, just... [sigh] that was a mess of good grief right there, why did y'all have to do that? [shakes head] You all really erroneously misunderstood me, period [sigh] And just, that was a whole mess up. I mean, shoot, even all of y'all with your frickin' smut fictions! I know a num- I know some of you out of the minority that are the worst. That are the worst, out of the majority being actually good. Okay? Now you of the minority. You've written those smut fanfictions. You shipped me with Barbara. You shipped me with that- with that Snorlax [shakes head]. And I've worse shit-

[sudden cut] Barbara was definitely not the perfect mother with me. Just... she- that was not the perfect mother-daughter relationship there, period. Cause, uh, growing up, there was the times of abuse, even though there was the love and caring there throughout. But that was a whole different kettle of fish right there. [sigh] But yeah, the bullying, the terrorizing, and all that, they really fucked me up. I feel so... just enough said right there. But hey, you're never gonna make me commit suicide, period. And that was the intention that Bella had, in all her chopped and screwed-up recordings, with all the intention of manipulating me into that. But hey, I foreknew she was gonna do that, I tested her. At the time, I only- I treated her like, you know, just as a friend, tried to get her to be on the good side, but obviously she failed, just as I foreknew that the relationship between Dillin and Taylor, that was not gonna last! He ABUSED her [pounds desk]! I gave her SUPPORT [pounds desk] on that livestream when I went on there. Just support and kindness, cause I appreciated her as an artist and an individual, which was more than I could say for Dillin at the time. [sigh] But yeah, Bella was actually going to record me and Fifi having done something at the hotel, had I actually made it to BABSCon. But fortunately, that didn't quite happen. She wou- she, one way or another, would've gotten me to jail, or tried to get me to commit suicide, on the whole different [unintelligible]. But hey, she failed, [pounds desk] she didn't do that, I took the initiative in my own hands, so... I let mys- I let mys- I let divine intervention and timing and everything to send me- just let me go to jail, spend my time suffering and spending the time for your sins, you fuckin' - fuckin' toxic ones!

Now, I meditated and learned everything. I am Jesús Christ reincarnated, I am the one avatar of all existence, and I'm gonna see that there is nothing but good and righteousness and light-powered individuals, and [pounds desk] encouraging all the neutrals to be good, period. Just like I'm trying to do in this video and statement right now, setting the record straight. But I was proven innocent, and they couldn't place me anywhere, which is why they kept me in jail for so long, they didn't know what to do with me. They didn't know what to do with somebody who was frickin' autistic, [unintelligible] weren't putting your words in! Yeesh. They didn't know what to do. They just kept me in jail, cause they didn't know where to place me. But fortunately, they did know where to place me eventually, so... that happened, I'm safe and doing better, okay? [sigh] But I did nothing wrong, and only the certain individuals online, they had wrongfully manipulated and controlled me, and my own narrative, but no more. I take control of my own narrative from now on, not you!


[pounds desk] [sigh] I am a much better individual than that. Y'all shoulda known better of me than that than- [pounds desk] that is enough of the mislabelings and the misconceptions. Just, that's enough.

And a whole lot of the sex commentary, was me being misled by the suggestion of those individuals, especially those theoretical exes of mine. And I was proven innocent by court of law and released [pounds desk], simple as that. And also, just putting this out there, do not be an ableist. I mean, those of you, neurotypical, thinking you're able, whatever - there is at least one thing that is totally disabled about you, period! So [pounds desk] don't- do not hate others for things that you are yourself, period! There is no need to hate on anyone. Or even yourself. A flaw is a flaw, a blessing is a blessing, and a flaw can be a blessing in disguise. So you meditate on that. And stop hating, for such a flaw. And I am a living, breathing individual. And I am not to be objectified in any way, any more.

Cause... yeah. But yeah. In that Bella was the real sex criminal in that. She really wanted [pounds desk] to try to get me into something, she's a real criminal. Fuckin' BIIITCH! Callin' her out. Call her out: Isabella Jenkin [sic], she's the real sex criminal, period. She did a whole mess of adulteration and manipulation and things in her own words and acts and insinuations and everything. Okay. [sighs twice] But to end this on a more positive note, so, the girl y'all have seen me with in the past few weeks, I'll tell you a little something about her. She's a friend of mine, and I refer to her only as Flutter, because she likes Fluttershy, okay? I met her in Lynchburg, she got in touch with me while I was in jail, and we managed to meet, we managed to bond and connect with each other as friends. And she is literally thirty years old, despite the way - despite her physicality. I-

[sudden cut] But anyway, just pretty much straightforward right there, letting you know about that. And I just felt like I needed to say all of that, clear the air. There is nothing wrong with being associated with me, period. I am sick and tired of being blocked by anyone, including and especially by those of whom I appreciate. And I do have friends, that do have great appreciation of me. Of which more than I can say than some, I mean, you all, even Megan Schroeder, had your chance to actually be kind and compassionate and friends with me for the longer run. [pause] Cause that's enough said right there. [sigh] Just felt like I needed to get that off, otherwise I might have had a sleepless night. [deep breath] Ah. Thank you.


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