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Chris demonstrates his customer service skills towards people who wanted more Sonichu comics instead of his homemade Shipfic cards.[2]
Sonichu and Rosechu attempting to understand the magnitude of this card game's autism.
Chris showing off some of his cards.

Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder or TSSSF is a fan-made My Little Pony trading card game that satirizes the Internet phenomena known as shipping. Unsurprisingly, Chris has latched onto this card game, presumably learning about it at BronyCon 2019, and has produced a number of original cards for the game based off of his Sonichu characters and those of others, not unlike his Wall of Originals. Like his attempts at making Yu-Gi-Oh cards, his custom TSSSF cards have lost sight of the original game's mechanics and have simply become another creative medium for Chris, arguably the successor to his comic books. He created at least 644 cards so far, many of which were seen in the numerous spreads on Twitter and in his YouTube videos.

Card production

Chris simply uses a template linked from the website of the official TSSSF page.[3] Consequentially, the card types (meant for pony characters) do not match the subject matter of most of Chris's Sonichu recolor cards and instead have types shoehorned in (such as Sonichu being typed as Earth Pony). For the physical cards, Chris uses a website called Make Playing or MPC, a print on demand site similar to Lulu but exclusively for custom trading cards.[4][5]

Custom expansion packs

All of the custom cards that Chris had created were found in packs.

List of packs


While at first these prices seem highly exorbitant, the prices were high for a reason. With shipping included, Chris was actually selling a few of these packs at a near-loss. The custom card printing company Chris used offered bulk discounts, however rather than taking in all orders (if there are any) and shipping them out at a determined point in time, Chris instead shipped out orders as they came in, adding extra and potentially unneeded costs.

Pack Number of cards Pack Price Price per card Chris's price per card
TSSSF Sonichu & Rosechu Expansion Pack 54 $41.00 ~$0.76 ~$0.27
TSSSF Nightstar & Friends Expansion Pack 45 $36.00 $0.80 ~$0.32
TSSSF Sonichu/Rosechu Super/Mega Forms Expansion Pack 19 $30.00 ~$1.58 ~$0.61
TSSSF IdeaGuy Corruptions Expansion Pack 15 $26.00 ~$1.73 ~$0.50
Sonichu/Rosechu OCs Expansion Pack 40 $36.00 $0.90 ~$0.32
TSSSF ArizonaSlime Expansion Pack 15 $26.00 ~$1.73 $0.50
TSSSF Sonichu Deck 172 $67.00 ~$0.39 ~$0.21
TSSSF Chris Chan Sonichu Expansion Pack 40 $36.00 $0.90 ~$0.32
TSSSF Samurai Pizza Bots Expansion Pack 21 $29.00 ~$1.38 ~$0.55
Sonichu TSSSF Promo Cards 1-18 18 $15.00 ~$0.83 ~$0.41
TSSSF Sonichu Villains Expansion Pack 45 $36.00 $0.80 ~$0.25
Total 484 cards $378.00 ~$0.78 ~$0.30


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