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YES to #MLPFiMSeasons10to14 is an expansion pack of Chris's TSSSF cards, consisting of Chris and OCs from My Little Pony protesting Hasbro's decision to end the series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in favor of a rebooted My Little Pony series.


Card Name Type Icon Effect Description Date published
Kunprotestcard.jpg Kun In Protest Pony Male, Pegasus Picketing At Their Window (Replace): While this card is in your hand, you may discard a Pony card from the grid and play this card in its place. This power cannot be copied. "I am siding with my Sweetheart, Nightstar, because I do agree. "MLP Pony Life" is just a total "Teen Titans GO!" ripoff, and it just plain looks horrendous and misrepresenting of us. Listen to us, @Hasbro." -Kun Hanhphuc. 16 November 2019[1]
TSSSF MLPFim S 10 14.jpg MLPFiM Seasons 10 to 14 Goal Check Mark Win this Goal when: Nightstar, Kun, and Six Pony cards with the Mane 6 keyword are all shipped together in a chain on the shipping grid. "Here on Discovery Family, see the Mane 6 Return for more epic and developing adventures. See more Ponies come in from the background and beyond to make the Impacts. And see how came to be the Round Table of Friendship. Don't Miss My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Season 10, coming in April, 2020, only on Discovery Family." -Discovery Family Channel and @Hasbro, inc. April 2020?
Nightstarprotestcard.jpg Nightstar In Protest Pony Female, Unicorn Barring #GOPony (New Goal): You may discard 1 active Goal and draw 1 new Goal to replace it. "Okay, @Hasbro. Even I, and every other Individual in Equestria can only take so much fomr you greedy executives. But We Will NEVER Stand for this "Teen Titans GO!" Slander of Ourselves! You Read Our Comments, and You Hear Us from C-197's Equestria, Directly. We want to be Chronicled Properly and Accurately Correct, and so does Everyone, there, in your Dimension 1218." -Nightstar Sonichu 16 November 2019[1]
Hasbroprotestcard.jpg Protesting At @Hasbro, Inc Goal Check Mark Win this Goal when: You have at least four of the individuals at the Protest on the Shipping grid, shipped together either adjacently, or in a chain. Chris Chan, Nightstar, Kun, Twilight Sparkle, Luna, Cadence, Rainbow Dash, Lightweight, and/or Zap Note. **NO! TO #GOPony.** **Yes! To #MLPFiMSeasons10to14** Heed Us All, @Hasbro! 16 November 2019[1]
Executiveprotestcard.jpg Telling It To The Executives Ship Heart N/A "Now, Listen! We Know your game, your greedy Corporate Executives." Nightstar says. "Your little game of showing us crap work to delay the extension of G4 is crap. You think you can just buy and bide your time for money You Are Wrong and Messed Up." I chime in, "That is right. Even I Know of the Mane Six all becoming Alicorns for the Round Table of Friendship, and I Know that idea was streaming around your creative teams and all the offices for a long time now. And I Know Your Secrets; We All Do. So, cut the bulls*** and just make the announcement NOW about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic getting Five More Seansons." And the next day, after they agreed, a TV Announcment was publicly aired many, many times on Discover Family. 16 November 2019[1]


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People: ChrisBen SaintProjectSNTOpuscon789Jacob SocknessSarah and SteveHelena FiorenzaThe Sergeant at ArmsMultidimensional White KnightsMKRNightVeeNaughtGeno Samuel
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