Happy Birthday, Martin.

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Happy Birthday, Martin. is a video uploaded by Chris on 5 April 2016. A fan paid Chris $50 to make a minute-long video wishing "Martin" a happy birthday. Chris accomplishes this by inanely singing and dancing in an appallingly filthy muumuu.

It should be noted that Chris is starting to look uncannily like an old lady - his messy and receding hair along with his long, blue blouse make him look anything but in his 30's.


Happy Birthday, Martin.
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Stardate 5 April 2016
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Hello Martin, over there in Australia. Um, sorry I'm a little bit, late, I've been- so busy with life changes and everything, but anyway, uh, your friend- paid for me to wish you a happy birthday, I hope you have a very nice and pleasant birthday. [Chris starts dancing and singing] You are a special guy Martin, duh-duh-duh [uncomprehensible singing] Everybody wish you happy BIRTHDAY! We hope you had a safe and pleasant one, duh-duh-duh, dun! Anyway, thank you for your support over there in Australia. Have a great and safe day.

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