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Images offered by Chris (on 29 July 2020).
The TRUE and HONEST shop of the creator of Sonichu, Christine Weston Chandler!
The shop's description

Redbubble is a company which offers custom-printed items for sale, based on sellers' images. In yet another demonstration of how big his ego is, Chris joined the site in October 2017, selling various pieces of merchandise with iconic pre-Tomgirl photographs of him and illustrations of his Sonichu self-insert emblazoned on them.

Available products

Chris's compromise for women to sit on his face.
  • Greeting cards, $2.40
  • Postcards, $1.92
  • Throw pillows, $20
  • Framed prints, $80
  • Art boards, $11
  • Stickers, $2.75
  • Art prints, $18.34
  • Canvas prints, $48
  • Photographic prints, $6.60
  • Miniskirts, $29


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