October 2016 Paid Video Requests

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This page lists the video requests that Chris was paid to do in October 2016.

Singing Ascension Millenium

Yet another unremarkable performance of Chris murmuring the lyrics of a song some jackass paid him to sing.

Singing Ascension Millenium
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 1 October 2016
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Performance Style ReasonReason Reason
Saga BusinessBusiness Business
Shirt Mighty LesbianMighty Lesbian Mighty Lesbian
I'm sick; we need money donations; no video requests for a while


via YouTube Capture


Chris: Hello everyone! and now, by special request. [Chris murmurs about half of the lyrics of the song "Ascension Millennium"]

Chris: Muh-muh-bul-blam. A sunshine. Muh-muh-bul-lah. Eh-sun-shaan. Muh-la-la-lah. Eh-sun-shayen. Muh-lah-blah.

[Chris half-assedly mumbles along to Ascension Millennium for about a third of the song, and then speaks off-beat for another third, demonstrating his musical prowess. The full song can be found here and the lyrics can be found here.]

[about 3 minutes into the video, Chris starts stops singing along and sits there breathing out of his mouth. After about 10 seconds, Chris mumbles through the song for about another five seconds.]

Chris: [looks at the camera] This song's hard to follow.

[he then sits there, mouth half-open for a few more seconds, and then sings the final 30 seconds or so of the song without the slightest bit of enthusiasm.]

[[as the song reaches its end, Chris pulls something out of his [hair], and then blows a raspberry. He sits there, dumbstruck, until the chorus comes back. He mumbles along, pulling his arms up awkwardly until the song ends.]

Chris: Wooh! That's over with. [high-pitched] Okay! [Chris gives a short salute with two fingers] Have a good day! [he reaches to turn off the camera] Thank you!

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