October 2016

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Chris in October 2016.

October was the tenth month of 2016. At the beginning of the month, Chris made several misguided efforts to get himself unbanned from local stores, which unsurprisingly, did not work. His paid video requests petered out, and he returned to outright e-begging on social media. His hatred of Donald Trump also continued to grow this month

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Videos from this month


  • 1 October - Barb celebrates her 75th birthday.
  • 1 October - Chris posts a paid video request featuring himself singing a song.
  • 2 October - Chris whines on Facebook about the fact that he is still banned from Walmart and Best Buy. He accuses them of discriminating against LGBTQ and autistic individuals when actually they had banned him for, respectively, vandalism and attempted shoplifting.
  • 3 October - Chris expands his above diatribe to include GameStop, which had banned him for assault.
  • 4 October - Chris requests a subliminal hypnosis track in order to gain powers of telekinesis.
  • 7 October - Chris posts a fatuous philosophical question on Facebook. Kim Wilson is especially critical.
  • 7 October - A video is uploaded to YouTube in which Chris is briefly interviewed at Cville Pride about the number of genders that exist. Chris states that there are 58 genders.
  • 8 October - On Facebook, Chris links to a "Fluffle Puff Tales" video, calling it "Super Cute and Fun."
  • 12 October - Chris is amused that a college has calculated how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Center of a Tootsie Pop.
  • 13 October - The contracts which Chris wrote and took to GameStop and Best Buy, in which he demands to be unbanned from their stores, are leaked to Kiwi Farms.
  • 17 October - Chris criticizes Donald Trump, saying that he should have taken "a parody of himself in jest."
  • 17 October - Chris announces on Facebook that he has a cold.
  • 17 October - Chris expresses outrage on Facebook about the sexual assault allegations against Trump.
  • 17 October - Chris comments on a "Lizzy the Lezzy" Facebook post about the Confederate flag.
  • 17 October - Chris makes an association between the main character in A Girl Who Brought Down the World and Donald Trump, seemingly unaware of the irony that the character is meant to represent himself.
  • 18 October - Chris begs for donations in a Youtube video and says that he's sick from a cold.
  • 21 October - Chris tweets to "The Internet Ruined My Life" show, asking to be on its next season.
  • 25 October - Chris plays dumb word games on Facebook.
  • 28 October - Chris postulates that "Trolls," an upcoming children's animated movie, will do poorly at the box office because it depicts trolls in a positive light.
  • 31 October - Chris says that "Trump Would HURT America overkill" and suggests voting for Hillary "for Smarter and Better" to "tax the wealthy and fill the middle and lower class, and everyone else's, pockets."
  • 31 October - Halloween.