December 2020

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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

December was the 12th and final month of 2020. Chris uploaded more audio clips for the Sonic World mod this month, and confronted the creator of a mod that he had stolen content from. Chris also once again threatened that the Dimensional Merge would start after BABSCon 2021 was canceled due to COVID-19.


  • 2 December
    • In The Place, Chris mentions that Opuscon789 has blocked his Wattpad account which Chris was using to read SNT Vs Sonichu; Chris evades the block with a sock account in order to continue reading, despite hating the direction of the story. Chris further throws a tantrum over Opuscon, claiming that the events he has depicted in the SNT Vs Sonichu fanfic are a reflection of reality.[1]
    • MKRNightVee attempts to persuade Chris that he should "adopt" SNT, the OC of ProjectSNT.[1]
    • Chris draws artwork of his personal headcanon of the events of SNT Vs Sonichu, attempting to manipulate Opuscon789 into incorporating the lore into his story.[1]
  • 3 December - Financial problems plague Chris and Barb; Chris complains about it in The Place.[2]
  • 4 December
    • Chris answers more questions through Discord.[3]
    • Chris logs into Kiwi Farms to read Opuscon's posts and also to see if ProjectSNT has an account, though finds she does not. He continues to stew over Opuscon's fanfic, claiming him to be worse than Clyde Cash and BlueSpike.[4]
  • 5 December - Chris uses the Creamarina Twitter account to tweet to another blocking brony.[5]
  • 6 December - Chris continues obsessing over Opuscon's SNT Vs Sonichu fanfic, daydreaming about self-inserting into the story. MKRNightVee offers to help by role-playing that she could be a Pokémon trainer and capture a character from the story to influence it into being nice. Chris then asks her to speak to Opuscon to try to influence him.[6] However, Naught has other plans and DMs Opuscon to attempt to intimidate him with a dox file.[7]
  • 9 December
  • 10 December - Chris begs for money on social media[8] for the first time in 152 days.
  • 11 December - Chris advertises "personally approved" Sonichu medallions made by Praetor and sold on OfficialCWCmart.[9]
  • 12 December - Chris role-plays in The Place that Rosechu had recently joined Sonichu in possessing his body.[10]
  • 14 December - Chris records the Chris Chan Sonichu human form classic voice clips for the Sonic World Sonichu mod.[citation needed]
  • 15 December - Chris releases a Chris Chan Sonichu human form retexture mod on GameBanana.[11]
  • 16 December - An uncut version of The Create Unknown interview with Chris is released.
  • 20 December - Chris makes a public apology on Twitter regarding him stealing mods.[12]
  • 24 December - In The Place Discord server, Chris asks for The WCT to be unbanned. Chris discusses lore involving the Dimensional Merge and Santa Claus, and Chris and Naught talk about anime.[13]
  • 25 December - C-Mas, and probably the last time Chris will celebrate it at his own house.
  • 26 December - Chris comments about his belief that Clyde Cash and other notable trollsonas are alternate dimension chroniclers.[14]
  • 26 - 27 December - Chris confronts the creator of the Sonichu mod for Sonic World.[15]
  • 27 December - In The Place Discord server, Chris comments that Barbara is scaring him, and he also rants about Cirrusfire.[16]
  • 29 December - BABSCon 2021 is delayed to 2022 due to COVID-19. Likely as a result of this, Chris makes a cryptic tweet stating that "The Merge is on."[17]