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The things described in this article are still happening, or are still being looked into. As a result, it may be subject to frequent change, and the information provided may not be entirely reliable.

The 2020s are the current decade, and the period of time where all hell finally broke loose for Chris.

2020 started things off with a pretty big clusterfuck with the coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc on the world, justifying Chris's further descent into his fantasies. For almost an entire year, he pretended to be possessed by Sonichu.

Little did observers know, this was only the beginning. In 2021, Chris was arrested for incest with his own mother, shocking followers. This decade so far has marked a period of accelerated decay – mentally and physically – for Chris, and things have only intensified further as the decade has gone on. Chris will be aged between 37 and 47 - presuming that he makes it through the entire decade, he'll be spending many of these years behind bars.


Chris in 2020
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The Sonic movie was released, with Chris enjoying it despite his earlier grievances. President Pmurt lost his re-election bid to Joe Biden, whom Chris had endorsed until he claimed to have voted for Lisa Simpson instead.

Meanwhile, COVID-19 erupted into a global pandemic, resulting in the cancellation of numerous non-essential events; among them was BABSCon, which Chris had been eagerly awaiting. To cope with this, he began body-swapping with Sonichu in April, which continued for the rest of the year. Chris's gradual mental decline continued, digging himself deeper into his delusions of the Dimensional Merge. He also made contact with Praetor, a gang of weens, and gave several Discord Q&As.


Chris's mugshot, 2021
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This year, the shit finally hit the fan as it came to light that Chris had been having a sexual relationship with his own mother. This revelation very quickly destabilized everything about Chris's life, separating him from his house and mother, along with all means of income.

In early August, he was arrested on charges of incest and held without bail. He has yet to appear in court past his initial hearing, but it is clear he will likely receive serious prison time by the time this ends.


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