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The things described in this article are still happening, so it may be subject to frequent change.

The 2020s are the third decade of organized trolling.

2020 started things off with a pretty big clusterfuck with the coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc on the world, justifying Chris's further descent into his fantasies. For Chris himself, all hell is expected to break loose in the 2020s regardless of what else happens. Chris has been decaying - mentally and physically - well before the decade started anyway. Chris will be aged between 37 and 47, presuming that he makes it through the entire decade.


Events of 2020

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The Sonic movie was released, with Chris enjoying it despite his earlier grievances. President Pmurt lost his re-election bid to Joe Biden, whom Chris had endorsed until he claimed to have voted for Lisa Simpson instead. The coronavirus pandemic which began in the last few days of 2019, worsened significantly on a global scale, resulting in the cancellation of numerous non-essential events; among them was BABSCon, which Chris had been eagerly awaiting. To cope with this, he began body-swapping with Sonichu in April, which continued for the rest of the year. Chris's gradual mental decline continued, digging himself deeper into his delusions of the Dimensional Merge. He also made contact with Praetor, a gang of weens, and gave several Discord Q&As.


Events of 2021

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Events of 2022

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Events of 2023

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Events of 2024

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Events of 2025

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Events of 2026

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Events of 2027

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Events of 2028

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Events of 2029

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