June 2014

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Chris puts his art up for sale on 1 June 2014.
On 15 June 2014, Chris remembers his father and Patti.
On 30 June 2014, Chris draws a new original artwork.

June was the sixth month of 2014. The month saw Chris's increasingly desperate attempts to sell a new piece of Sonichu artwork. Chris appeared to be in dire need of $1,000, so that he and his mother could "make a living." He made seven attempts to sell it on eBay, only for it to get removed each time for TOS violations; he earned two temporary bans for this reason. The GAMe PLACe also went out of business during the month. Chris would also begin posting about his anger towards Sonic the Hedgehog's arm color being changed from tan to blue in the Sonic Boom video games and TV show.

Events of June

  • 1 June - Chris puts up an auction on Ebay for an Original Sonichu and Rosechu Drawing. He announces this on Facebook. The auction is soon taken down after receiving over $10,000 in troll bids.
  • 2 June - The Original Sonichu and Rosechu Drawing is put back up on Ebay. He adds some information, including a different black-and-white picture of the drawing, a closeup of his signature, a closeup of Rosechu's crotch, and an alleged copyright page. Bidding reaches $15,000.
  • 2 June - On Facebook, it is revealed that Chris is confused about why the auction had been taken down.
  • 3 June - Chris takes down the listing yet again, only to replace it with an identical one. He also makes a Facebook post asserting its authenticity.
  • 4 June - A scant four days after the creation of the Original Sonichu and Rosechu Drawing, Chris accepts the "Best Offer" for his artwork. The dollar amount he agrees to receive is $1,000, lower than the $2,500 he was initially requesting. He rages about the stress this is causing him on Facebook.
  • 4 June - Chris completes a commissioned drawing of Rosechu and some recolor.
  • 5 June - Chris puts up yet another eBay listing for the Original Sonichu and Rosechu Drawing, because the person who agreed to buy it backed out. He complains again on Facebook.
  • 8 June - Chris relists the drawing on eBay and appears to be getting even more desperate to sell it. Later that day, it is again taken down, and Chris has his selling privileges revoked for three days. He urges people to pay him instead of donating to the CWCki, and asks that $1,000 be sent to his PayPal account.
  • 10 June - Chris thanks a friend for a Lego gift.
  • 12 June - Chris relists the drawing again.
  • 13 June - It gets taken down again, and Chris gets another three day ban. He makes a Facebook post saying that he'll sell it to the first person who sends him $1,000, and that if no one sends that to him, he will relist it after his ban expires.
  • 14 June - Chris draws "Original Sonichu Drawing: Sonichu's Zapping Boom, June 14, 2014."
  • 15 June - For Father's Day, Chris posts a photo of Bob (and one of Patti).
  • 15 June - Chris reviews Sheetz restaurant on Facebook.
  • 15 June - A CWCki Forums user begins leaking scans of Chris' high school homework.
  • 16 June - Chris relists his Original Sonichu and Rosechu Drawing for the seventh time. The price is lowered from $1000 to $500.
  • 17 June - r/ChrisChanSonichu is created. It ends up becoming the most popular subreddit about Chris.
  • 18 June - Chris makes a Facebook post claiming to be unable, rather than unwilling, to respond to questions and criticisms due to stress and his mind "blanking out."
  • 18 June - Chris adds the first photos of his Lego creations to his new Flickr account.[1]
  • 19 June - Chris announces that he has joined ReBrick.
  • 20 June - Chris takes a series of photos of Lego Sonichu character minifigures. He tells his Facebook audience to see them on ReBrick.
  • 20 June - Chris relists his violin for sale on eBay.
  • 21 June - Chris posts new photos of the violin on Facebook to counter claims about where it was manufactured.
  • 21 June - Chris completes a commissioned drawing featuring Sonichu and Rosechu eating with another couple in a mall.
  • 22 June - Chris complains via Facebook about Sonic's arm color in Sonic Boom and demands that it be reverted to its original color, and that he feels "very strongly pissed off of this change!!!"
  • 23 June - Chris threatens to boycott Sega if they do not fulfill his demands about Sonic Boom.
  • 23 June - Chris announces that he has added new picture galleries to ReBrick.
  • 23 June - Chris says that he has accepted an offer for the Original Drawing, and that the violin is still for sale.
  • 24 June - For some reason, Chris creates a new ReBrick account, re-adding the video of his Lego high school and dozens of photos.
  • 24 June - Chris makes a self-pitying comment about a Facebook photo by a high school gal-pal.
  • 27 June - Chris reviews a movie on Facebook.
  • 28-30 June - Chris begins a three-day chat with an unidentified person, hoping that said person will help him to pick up girls on OKCupid. During the correspondence Chris discusses losing his virginity to a prostitute.
  • 29 June - Chris completes two commissioned drawings, one of "Mazarea in a 'Flight Over Cwcville' with Angelica," the other of "Bananasaur play[ing] Scrabble with Punchy."
  • 30 June - Chris draws "Original Sonichu Drawing: Sweethearts Playing a Round, June 30, 2014."
  • 30 June - Chris states that the buyer of the Original Drawing "flaked out," and that he has relisted it.